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Toyota Highlander Tires and Wheels



  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I had a similar situation. I think it was on a Corolla. After rotating, there was an annoying vibration. My mechanic felt the tires and said there was a smooth spot as if I had braked hard enough to leave rubber which was plausible. So I rotated them back and sure enough the sound disappeared though I could still detect it although very faintly. So I just left them that way.

    I ended up selling the car before I needed new tires.

    I don't see why the sound would be "worse" if you rotated them back. However why not drive them that way for a few thousand miles and see if it goes away and rotate them back if not.
  • nosdivadnosdivad Posts: 14
    thanks much. that sound feasible to me. i had thought about that also.
  • rapriderraprider Posts: 42
    I swapped out the OEM Bridgestone tires on my 2002 Highlander about 3 years ago, at 45K, for the Yokohama GeoLander G051's and have been pretty pleased with them. I now have just about 90k on the truck, and have just started to look at new tires, leaning towards the Fortera TripleTreds.

  • nosdivadnosdivad Posts: 14
    did you rotate them every 5/6,000 miles? did you experience any cupping?
  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    I had OEM bridgestones on my 2003 HL and they lasted for 29,000 miles
    I changed to Michelin LTX MS and got another 66,000 (changed them at 95,000 for another set of Michelin LTX MS)

    The Michelin LTX MS handle great on dry roads, in the rain and on snow. Best tires I have ever had
  • I have a Highlander 2004.
    I just want to know- my Toyota dealership wants to replace my tires with Goodyear Integrity tires at $152. a tire. I said "no" after reading reviews. I think the Goodyear Triple Treds are considered better and they say they cost $190. a tire. Is it worth it?
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 321
    I just bought the Triple Treds after finding out that they are snow rated. The OEM Toyo Transpath tires were lousy in anything but light snow. Sears sells the Triple Treds in Highlander size for about $150 and may have a sale this week.
  • Help me out here, folks. Time to get some new tires for my '04 HL AWD. I've read the reviews and they seem pretty favorable for this tire, plus not overly expensive. My priorities are dry and wet traction, road noise and comfort. Anybody else please throw in your 2 cents worth about them. I'd appreciate it. Regards, BGood
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    your ABS system may be malfunctioning. Simple dragging will not cause a lot of heat, you need to have some pressure being applied to make them heat appreciably.

    A previous vehicle of ours (not Toyota) had an issue where one wheel would slowly lock up, eventually so tight that the car would not move and the rotor was actually glowing red! Turning off the car reset the controller and released the brake.

    the root cause was the ABS controller was snockered.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,786

    I fitted a set of Yokohama Geolander HT/S to my Kluger twelve months ago and have been extremely impressed by their performance, particularly compared to the original Toyos which had worn out after 45,000km (28,000m).

    I have now put about 25,000km (say 16,000m) on them and they are about 30% worn. I would estimate life at about 80,000km (50,000m) and there is currently no indication of degradation in performance to date.

    Traction and lateral stability are excellent. They are excellent on dirt and particularly in mud where thay grip well and clear the cleats very cleanly. In Australia, we would typically use SUV's a little more off bitumen than in the US and I have been very impressed to date with off road performance. When mated to an excellent traction control system, as exists in the Kluger (Highlander) where it is interlinked to the ABS system, the ability to reach distant farmlands has exceeded a tractor with locking differentials under muddy conditions. However, this does not imply outright rock hopping ability which is beyond a Kluger's capacity.

    On road performance is excellent although there is slightly greater road noise than the Toyos (the tread is harder) and this, coupled with the even tread block size, can lead to a very mild phasing effect on slight turns where the vibration from opposite tyres are rotating at marginally different frequencies, the harmonics shifting rhythmically in and out of phase. The effect is however imperceptible unless you search for it.

    Performance under wet conditions on bitumen is superb, with excellent water clearance, certainly under torrential conditions beyond 110kmh (70mph) and superior traction on greasy roads.

    They seem particularly well suited to the Kluger's stabilty control and braking profiles, markedly reducing the tell tales for loss of lateral stability.

    I would strongly recommend them, but you should think about your own usage. This is an on/off road tyre, biased toward on-road performance. If your usage is purely on-road, a different tyre may be more suitable.


  • Graham, thanks very much for your response. Wow, 'phasing effects' and 'shifting harmonics'!? Seriously tho, do you have the G051, G052 or G053 version as I believe the higher the number, the more off-road oriented the design is. My use will be strictly highway (bitumen) and the wife demands a nice quiet ride. Regards, BGood.
  • thanks much.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Although I considered changing brands, primarily due to everybody's complaints about the OE tires, I ended up replacing the tires on my 04 Highlander Limited with the original tires -- Michelin Energy LX4. I got 57,000 miles out of them and never had any problems here in Michigan. Another major factor that induced me to stick with the originals is that Belle Tire, a local chain, matched the warehouse club sale prices for these tires so I got all four installed for just under $600. This includes free lifetime tire rotation.
  • i didn't know michelins came with 2004 limited highlanders. i bought mine in feb 04 and it did not come with michelins. i must assume toyota utilizes several brands on the same models for any given year???
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Hmmm I don't know. Maybe it depends on build date or vehicle configuration. Mine is the V6 Limited w/ Nav & JBL audio.
  • thank you. i have the same equipment.
  • I just got back to West Vancouver from Tofino - twisty, windy, rainy highway and no problem with my 06 HybridHighlander, almost new in May 07, on cornering with Michelin AS tires. My wife, in the passenger seat, complained a bit on some corners but that probably comes with the height compared with our old Subaru Legacy. If you want a sports car, get one, or at least, a Subaru AWD Legacy or Outback.
  • Almost 3k miles on my HL and loving it. It's a loaded Sport (no Navi.) I added a Valley hitch, OEM wiring harness, and roof rack.
    I'm hoping the stock Toyo tires are good for snow but out of curiosity I started looking to see what might be available in 245/55x19. Next to nothing!!
    I'm wondering what alternate wheels/tires I might get that would open up my options. Anyone given it any thought or have any ideas? TIA
  • I just traded my 01 highlander with the OE Goodyears on it. They were the original tires with almost 89,000 miles and still plenty of tread life left. Though I wasn't crazy about the tires in the snow they performed yoeman's duty since the day I picked it up. I replaced it with an 08 that has Dunlops(sp?) as the OE. Sure hope they last as long.
  • I am considering buying an '08 Toyota Highlander. they are having a decent lease deal going on right now for the base 2WD . However, is it true that it is hard to find replacement tires for this vehicle? One blog that I read said that you cannot find 245/55R19 [2WD] anywhere in the US. Does anyone know if that is also true for P245/65R17?? [4WD]
    Thank you
  • I think there are lots of choices at the 245/65 17. I'm considering going to new 17" wheels and those tires myself (on my Highlander Sport). Google tires wheels and check out any of the online vendors -- you'll see MANY more choices on the 17's than 19's.
  • I had a 2005 Highlander Limited and had to replace my OEM (Goodyear Integrity) tires @ around 21,000 miles. I boughtthe Goodyear Fortera triple tread (60,000 mile rating) I have about 14,000 on them and notice they will be worn out around 25,000-30,000 miles MAX. Dealer says normal for this vehicle. (heavy) I think something else was wrong. I traded for an 08'.
  • wgraferwgrafer Posts: 592
    I agree - after sliding across a rainy Alligator Alley with hardly any traction on my Original Toyo's with 29,000 miles I realized it was stupid to try to 'wear them down to the nubins'. I put a set of Michelin LTX MS on (2004 HL 4 cyl) and wow, what a difference!!! Quiet, handles WAY better, and no more sliding :blush: Of course the old Toyos looked good enough for about 10k more miles...but don't be fooled.
  • After reviewing the diaster Toyota has accomplished with the tires and size(19") on the '08's, I decided to get a new set of rims and tires for my new Highlander. Several things need to be noted for those thinking of this "solution"
    1. 17" Toyota rims are $1700 a set, and Toyota dealers do not stock replacement tires. So if you have a destroyed tire you will wait wherever you happen to be until they get one shipped in!
    2. Aftermarket rims are $175-$200 each
    3. 19" tires are only made by Bridgestone both types OEM quality(one soft rubber for snow)and really hyproplane and don't last(20K miles).
    4. I think Toyo(or some Japan mfgr.) makes a good 19" tire that fit's but they are $300 each!
    5. when you put on new rims(17" rims will not fit must use 18" to get tire selection) and tires, Toyota will not reset the "computer" to make the antiskid system work correctly. "It can't be done" is what I was told. Thus all the mpg and other calculations will be off. As well as the VSV system will not work.
    6. Since you change out of OEM rims and tires Toyota will not honor the free front end alignment, anytime within one year. Which they use as a selling pitch.
    I am still happy I changed the tires and rims out and have Goodyear Forturas on it now. At least I don't slide through the puddles anymore. But watch out if you want anything from Toyota.
  • Why do you say that 17" won't fit? The Highlander standard comes with 17" wheels/tires.
    Who told you that the computer had to be reset to make antiskid and VSV work? When I have time and get a few more miles on my HL, I'll be doing this change so I'm curious.

    BTW - there are or were some steel 17" rims on ebay -- new Toyota steel rims for $55 ea w/$15 shippng. Plenty of alloy 17" rim choices at less than $175 ea as well.
  • I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander and had a tire blow out recently. However I was unable to figure out how to release the spare tire. It is some kind of spring loaded mechanism. Can anyone help explain the procedure?
  • I purchased a 2004 HL AWD from the local Saturn used car dealer two weeks ago. The car had brand new BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/A tires so I thought nothing of it. When I had the car home I gave it a close up inspection. I discovered the OEM size is 225/70-16. The tires on the vehicle are 225/75-16 which means they're 1/2" taller. I revisited the dealer this past Friday and the sales manager sent me to the service manager who stated that due to liability issues "they" would not put a non OEM size tire on a vehicle. I was given an option by the service manager to purchase a new set of tires at dealer cost. He spoke to his tire vendor and gave me a choice of four tires. I went home and weighed my options. On Monday I returned to see the sales manager and inform him as to what had transpired with the service manager. When I told him I did not want to pay for the replacement tires he stated that the tires had good tread depth and would not be replaced at their cost.
    I have an appointment on Thursday to get the tires replaced at my expense but would like any feedback on how I could approach this situation.
  • Hi,

    I don't know much about what the tolerance is for putting different size tires on, but I am not 100% sure that the tires you have will be a problem. I have an AWD with 17 inchwheels and 225/65-17 tires. I thought I read somewhere on these forums that a 225/70-17 would work okay too, but I may be wrong. Maybe Toyota could let you know if that 1/2 inch is going to be a problem. It is a shame to spend the money if you don't have too.
  • I found out by using the tire spec charts at that the height difference between the 70 and 75 in this tire is 1"(overall diameter). The 75 will work but clearance is less than 1/4" over the rear tires by the shock.
    Although I don't think much of the BF Goodrich Long Trail tires based on comparisons at Consumers Union and Tire rack I'm going to keep them on and see how they perform. I highly suggest Tire rack for anyone who wants to get educated on tire info.The 75 is not only taller but also has .2" narrower section (tread) width. This could result in less rolling resistance to assist mpg on the highway. I do wonder if the taller tire will corner more poorly though? I can hear the tire noise if I corner more aggressively than normal and see the outside edge of the front tires being scuffed.
    Thanks for the reply.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    I hope you realize your speedometer and odometer will not read true with the larger 75 series tires. You be going faster than the speedometer states and you will be travelling farther than the reading on your odometer.
  • I am aware some error will be introduced, 3.01%. 60mph indicated will be 62.5 actual plus the odometer and gearing difference. I need to determine if the dealership installed the tires after trade in which may not be possible since I don't think they'll confess to that at this point. I may end up biting the bullet and paying for a new set of tires for my own peace of mind. I should be able to sell the take offs which only have 600 miles on them and retail for about $100 each.
  • grahampetersgrahampeters AustraliaPosts: 1,786

    A bit confusing isn't it.

    Open the rear hatch and lift the lid over the tool tray. Toward the right hand side of the tray is a circular cover about two inches in diameter Lift this cover up and you will find a five sided bolt head. In the tool tray is a five sided socket with a loop fitting on its top. There will also be a very thin offset tool which is supposed to slot into this socket. The five sided bolt head is mounted to a long scew that lowers a tray, holding the spare wheel.

    Great mysteries of life number 43- Why a five sided security bolt given that the lowering mechanism is inside a locked luggage compartment?


  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 573
    I think new tires is the way to go. The 75 series that are now on the Highlander are just too tall for proper handling and ride. The rear clearance is very tight as well. The dealer should not have installed anything more than a 65 or 70 series. Good luck on your upcoming tire swap.
  • my_mr2my_mr2 Posts: 23
    I have a 2005 Highlander 2WD with the 225/70 -16, and use snow tire in the winter.

    I am looking for fair weather tires, for Hwy use only with comfort and noise as the priority. Do any of you have info, or use Kumo Solus KH16 or Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred tires?

    What do you think of them, and do you like them?

  • I have a 2004 Highlander Limited that I purchased new. I noticed recently that the finish on the rims is starting to bubble up and flake around the inner lip of the holes in the rims. This is occurring on all 4 wheels. I've never used anything to clean them other than good old car wash soap liquid. No other finish on the vehicle seems to be affected. Anyone else out there having problems with the finish peeling off their rims?
  • Did you decide on new tires yet? I have a 2004 4-cylinder 2WD that came with Bridgestone Dueler H/T 687's -- P225/70R16. Now at 51K it's time to replace them. I got good wear out of the Bridgestones and liked the ride when dry, but I would like something that is better in wet conditions.

    Dealer gave ballpark figure of $600 for a set of new tires (installed) comparable to the Bridgestones (presumably rated 50K or 60K). Are there better tires for the same price or less? I have had good luck with Yokahamas on other vehicles and might consider the Geolanders, but I don't want to reduce mpg.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    If you have Toyo tires, which my new Highlander 08 has, check for defective tires. I have one on the front. Has a big gash line that goes across.
    It is not certain, but I think it came with a defect. I did not notice it until this past week. I have had the Highlander for almost a month. I have not run over anything that sharp that I'm aware of, so the dealer agreed to order a new one at no cost.

    Others have told me that Toyo Tires are not very good. I wish they had put Mich. tires on the new Highlanders.
  • I went with Cooper Discover tires. I live in an area that gets a lot of snow in the winter and the roads are often snowpacked and icy. I have AWD, 05 Highlander and these tires perform well. I do think my mileage has gone down a little. I get about 20 mpg average. Stock Bridgestones did better but only lasted 18,000 miles. Have Yokohamas on my 01 Chevy truck and love them.
  • Thanks for the info. I checked with the parts department at my dealer. They can sell me the same Bridgestone Duelers for $129.99 per tire uninstalled. I asked about something that would be better on wet or snow, and they mentioned the Michelin LTX that others have mentioned in this forum, for $171.12 per tire. Time now to investigate some indpendent tire retailers.

    Which Bridgestones specifically lasted only 18K for you? Just wondering if I got lucky with the Duelers that came on the vehicle in 2004, or if it's generally considered to be a good tire....
  • They were the Duelers original equipment and from what I hear that was par for those tires that year. I think I will go with the Michelins next time around. The tire dealer I have used for years for all my tire and alignment work does not sell Michelins and due to loyalty to them, I went with Cooper Discover ATR's. As I mentioned, they are a great traction tire but they are noisier than Duelers were. I drive on a lot of mountain highways that have a lot of curves but despite regular rotation @ 5,000 and careful air pressure checks, the Duelers were gone at 18. I was astounded frankly. Never had such a bad tire. You were lucky or you drive in warm climate with straight roads. I will never risk running a Bridgestone tire again and when I buy another vehicle I would trade out original tires no matter what they are.
  • I'm in northeastern Massachusetts near Nashua NH. No straight roads and warm winters here. So I'm astounded as well. Your AWD would maybe cause a bit faster wear. But 18K versus 51K for the same tire??
  • Does seem odd that yours went as far as they did. May have been a different tire batch that was bad. I had a problem with a vibration in the car and I do think it is related to the AWD. Dealer can't find anything wrong with system but I still notice the vibration at 75 to 80 mph. If these tires don't last, I am going to have a long chat with Toyota. The vibration is on record under warranty so will be interesting.
    I suspect I will never get the kind of mileage you got out of your tires due to the AWD. Good luck with your next set. I love the Highlander. Never owned a better car.
  • my_mr2my_mr2 Posts: 23
    Not yet... I am still having a hard time deciding weather to go with the Kumo Solus KH16 or Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred tires. As I said, I am looking for a quite tire that will give me good fuel mileage. Snow tires are the way to go in WI....
  • Where is the tire jack located in the highlander 08 limited?
  • ronnronn Posts: 398
    It is in the back to the right under the back floor mats. There is a section you open up there on the right. It is in there with the lock nut etc.
  • my_mr2my_mr2 Posts: 23
    Sorry... I ment to say I use snow tires in the WI winters, but I am looking for Summer tires. Has anyone used Kumo Solus KH16 or Goodyear Assurance ComfortTred tires? I am looking for a quite tire that will give me good fuel mileage.
  • herzogtum71herzogtum71 Posts: 470
    I decided last week on the Yokahama Geolandars. Various tire people assure me there should be no reduction in gas mileage versus the Bridgestone Duelers. I'll report on this after a few fill-ups. They were about the same price as either the Bridgestones or the Comfort Treads, and somewhat less than the Michelins.

    The Bridgstone Duelers btw are available at the independent shop I used. Found out they actually are rated at 60,000 miles. So my 51,000 isn't anything spectacular. Getting only 18,000 from them would indicate a problem either with the tires or with something else that affected tread life.

    I went into the shop thinking about the Michelins mentioned by several in this forum, but decided that the ride would be too different (those are rated heavy truck & SUV). I thought about the Goodyear Assurance Comfort Tread, but the tire shop didn't think they would provide the bite I was seeking on wet pavement. If you have 4WD they likely would be a good choice and would provide a very nice ride like a typical upper-end passenger car. My Geolandars actually are rated 'light truck.'

    After a week I like the ride. It may be a bit firmer than the Bridgestones, but it's hard to compare worn tires with new ones. The Geolandars definitely provide more bite on wet pavement than the Bridgestones ever did, even when they were new. They also seem to have more capability on snowy slush, but it's an all-weather tire and in my case on a FWD vehicle so it won't perform like a snow tire.

    Decreased fuel efficiency would not make me happy, so I'll let people know what I find in another few weeks.
  • cabinjjcabinjj Posts: 11
    I think you will be happy. Have the Yoko's on my truck and they are great. I will be watching to see the mpg.
  • my_mr2my_mr2 Posts: 23
    Thanks herzogtum71.... I also have the Duelers, and use them as my good weather tire, but I will need new tires by May. The Duelers are Okay, but still looking for more comfort, and better fuel economy for the long trips we take in the summer. Traction is not that important for me, as the Dunlop snow tires I use in winter are very good. You will have to let me know how you like the noise level at speeds over 60 MPH, and how smooth of a ride you are getting?
  • cabinjjcabinjj Posts: 11
    Cooper Discovers are most noisy around 35 to 45. At higher speeds it is not that noticeable. They are an all season tire so hence the noise I guess. If I used winter and summer tires, I would be seriously looking at the Michelins for summer. Just my thoughts. Years ago I put speed rated Toyo's on my 92 Cutlass Supreme and replaced Michelins. Biggest mistake I ever made. Toyos were stiff and made the car way too firm. Cornering and all aspects of Michelins much better. There are so many tires out there now it is hard to know what to get. This forum may be your best resource to find out what other people have put in Highlanders and the successes or failures they have had.
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