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Pontiac Aztek



  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Hi guys,

    It's been a while since I've been on. I've been in Europe (currently in Venice... no cars :o( ) touring and found it very interesting that Audi makes a similar looking vehicle to the Aztek. It has the same type of back window (slanted with a small straight part that you can see through) The vehicle is smaller than the Aztek but is smoother looking all of the way around. When I was in London, I read an article about vehicle quality and the Vauxhall came in dead last.... a GM product. Seems they need to work on things here too. The Smart car is a "must have". You could probably put it in the back of an Aztek! They retail for about $10,000 US dollars and only seat two people. Happy Motoring! Mark
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  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    <<< Audi makes a similar lookin vehicle to the Aztek>>>

    Similar looking???????????

  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    It's breeding!!!!

    Oh, the humanity!
  • kissfan1kissfan1 Posts: 283
    You are right.....I truly enjoy the AZTEK. It has been and is ONE OF THE MOST ENJOYABLE vehicles I have owned.

    I also take issue with people who critcize a vehicle (or anything for that matter) with little or no real first hand experience.

    In addition, everyt time I sit in the AZTEK and drive it I'm reminded of it's qualities.

    When the TORONTO STAR says it is built for users they are right.

    ; ) ........wearing the AZTEK smile
  • tigerbtigerb Posts: 3
    Searching for any info on rumored end of mfg in 2003 for the Aztek if anyone has news. leased mine -- barring any horrendous mechanical problems I'd like to buy one -- it's working out very well.

    in case anyone's interested in owner perspective -- got my Aztek in Jan. 3800 miles to date - no complaints except for touchy rear door latch. drove it through major blizzards (NYC area) no problem with loads of snow & freezing rain. car rides very well. handles a bit mushy but surprisingly nimble when I had to veer around tire flying across the highway - was expecting a lot of body roll for such a big vehicle but, no problems. my friends & I are putting the car through its paces & so far car performs with flying colors. cargo hauling capacity is incredible. great car for tailgating & hauling everyone & their sports gear. decent gas mileage too.

    I researched & drove Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, Nissan Xterra and RAV before settling on the Pontiac - great choice for what I need (decent gas mileage, hauls stuff & people, not the usual run-of-the-mill look). the design is definitely polarizing -- part way cool and part what the heck is that? (esp the giant gap under the wipers & big-butt rear) but if my main requirement was hot styling, I'd get a 911. last car I drove that got as many "that's cool" comments was the 300zx.

    I'll post if anything goes wrong with it -- so far, so good
  • millergrmillergr Posts: 17
    Here is a picture of two of my toys. Love 'em both. Hope you all like!


  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Like that yellow Aztek. I have only seen one on the road so far. Yellow seems to be hard to come by. They should make lots more as it's the best color.
  • rickroverrickrover Posts: 602
    Yellow is my favorite Aztek color as well - I've seen lots of yellow Azteks here in the sunshine state. Still looking for a nice loaded used yellow Aztek GT.
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    I disagree with your view about that Toronto newspaper car reviewer who wrote an article about the AZTEK. You mention, Many of these things completely ignore vehicle shortcomings, and only trumpet strong points. Etc., etc., etc.....

    I am driving a yellow AWD GT AZTEK since April 12. I read that newspaper article, and ninety nine percent that reviewer is right. I am talking from experience. Today is the 27th day, I am enjoying my car. I have already logged in 3673 miles on the odometer. I will not say again how good the AZTEK is. Kissfan already did.

    Kissfan, please continue spreading the truth.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Smart Car Maker Faces Decision. Hope the pigeons didn't get you in St. Marks Sq.

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  • steveswstevesw Posts: 5
    I'm now in my 4th week of my bright red GT Aztek ownership. I, like, so many other owners, just love it! Just having a ball driving it, and showing it off to the want-to-be-initiated out there! I keep getting stopped whereever I park, with questions, encouraging comments, and longing eyes - maybe it's me - no, it's my Aztek!

    Even Scully is now a believer!!
  • kissfan1kissfan1 Posts: 283
    Was an acurate depiction. Particularly the grading. For those who forgot:

    Front Seats A
    Rear Seats A
    Cargo A+
    Performance B+
    Handling B+
    Brakes B+
    Ride A

    Certainly their were parts of the article where the writer had his tongue in his cheek. But ultimately the By Line says it all....... "Built for Users"

    Combine that with the ratings .....which were not in the LINK to the Article clearly see the advantages of the Tek as laid out in the article.

    All the best......... remember!! ; ) always wear that AZTEK smile!!
  • drzoom1drzoom1 Posts: 86
    Nice combination bike/'Tek. I have not seen a yellow 'Tek in person, but I do find the color apealing in the pictures I've seen. The color seems to magnify what an Aztek is all about. With that being said, I still must say I feel the Maple Red is the best color of the bunch :)

    19 days, 1,000+ miles and no problems (other than locking myself into the back seat while buckling in my boys...but that's another story). Anybody notice that the radio presets change based on who the driver is? Too cool! What a ride!
  • rrsmith2rrsmith2 Posts: 8
    My son and I went on our first camping trip last weekend. It was only to a state park 10 minutes from our house, but from my son's perspective it was like trekking in the Himalayas. We are planning on another campout this weekend.

    The car was very comfortable to sleep in - much nicer than my old 2-man Timberline tent. Based on this one little trip, I offer the following comments:

    1. It would be more comfortable if you leave the back seats at home (I couldn't since my son is too young to sit up front). With the back seats in, the tailgate end of the air mattress sits up kind of high. With the seats out the mattress would sit flat without any portion on the tailgate. We don't have the pull-out tray, so it might not be a problem if you have the tray.

    2. Getting in and out of the back door is awkward with the back seats folded up.

    3. Lights - Reset the light controls to keep the headlights off when you enter and exit the vehicle. Also, consider resetting the interior light turnoff delay so that the lights turn off more quickly after you get back in the car. As a wish list item, it would be nice if you could turn the overhead light on and off from the cargo area.

    4. I found it easiest to put up the tent if you install the hatchback strut support (that split white plastic tube) last, after getting the tent in place and strapped down.

  • gizmo15gizmo15 Posts: 22
    I live in Halifax and read the Halifax Chronicle Herald (or the Chronically Horrible as most locals call it). Even by this papers standards the columnist, Peter Duffy, is the worst. Besides being a lousy writer, the man wasn't had an original idea in years.

    Now for some real life experiences. Last Friday my teenage son went to get a haircut. The barber demanded a tour of this "awesome" vehicle. On Saturday, I took my youngest son to soccer practice. Parents I didn't know came up to me asking for a tour. On Sunday, my wife went to the garden store. The sales clerk and several customers all asked to look inside. And last night, when I went to Awl-Mart to buy some lawn furniture, the clerk who helped me take the boxes out to the car looked at me and said NICE CAR!

    So, is the Aztek the most beautiful vehicle ever made? Obviously not, but it's also not the universally damned vehicle many writers would have you believe.
  • gizmo15gizmo15 Posts: 22
    Great review on your first camping trip! Haven't had a chance to use ours in the woods yet, but last weekend we put it up in the driveway just to see how it worked. It was really neat!

    Next time we do it for real.

    Thanks for the tips and enjoy these great times with your son!
  • gizmo15gizmo15 Posts: 22
    Drzoom1 mentioned something about radio presets changing with the driver. Could you please give us some more information. I haven't heard about that one before.
  • kissfan1kissfan1 Posts: 283
    I believe this is the way they work. The presets are associated with the chip in your key (Driver 1 or Driver 2). Now if you set the presets with your key in the ignition...... those are the presets set for that driver......... Real COOL SWEEET FEATURE.

    Just another cool AZTEK feature.

    ; ).............. all the reasons to wear an AZTEK smile
  • drzoom1drzoom1 Posts: 86
    Kissfan nailed it. Not only do the presets change, but the volume returns to the last setting. For example, my wife drives the car and listens to a soft rock station at a low volume level. Next, I drive the car. When I click the unlock button on my key-remote, the presets switch to a classic rock station at a higher volume level. Automatically.

    I'm very sure this is not a 'Tek specific thing...I think GM offers it on other brands (Buick for example). Regardless, it is just another cool 2001 item that a former 1994 model year owner has not had the pleasure to see.

    Currently, I'm working on saving EQ settings for each individual type station. I think this can be done. In other words, if you click, say a talk radio preset, the bass would be minimized. Alternatively, if you click a rock station (say LAV), the bass automatically increases.

    Ten speakers fills the 'Tek nicely.
  • drzoom1drzoom1 Posts: 86
    Thanks for the review, good stuff. Can't wait to try it myself.

    Gizmo15, did you install the air mattress? If so, did you leave the rear tray in?
  • kissfan1kissfan1 Posts: 283
    Great to own this isn't it........

    By the way..... I'm worried. Maybe we should set up a committee seeking out Gonzo?? Has he fallen and not gotten up?? Do we miss his negative quotes or perhaps he visits under another name?

    No...... maybe he is shopping for a new AZTEK 2002 Salsa!! Hmmmmmm.

    Maybe..... as Arsenio used to say..... "Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm"

    ; )............ wearing that AZTEK smile!! 18,400 Kms and going strong...... No Recalls!! No Problems!!
  • zirconzircon Posts: 62
    Actually Exzur, I made NO COMMENT whatsoever in my previous post regarding the Aztek review. What I was trying to do was educate people who have never read the Toronto Sun that they typically post grades in a sidebar, and that people who followed Kissfan's URL to the paper may have been unable to find the grades since the sidebar stuff may not have been posted with the review. Some slammed Kissfan's interpretation of the article since the grades apparently painted a rosier picture than the article itself. Is this right Kissfan? I still have not read that review, so I did not then, and shall not now, comment on what it said about the Aztek.

    My other point was regarding car reviews in general. I agreed with the Edmunds participant (Steve?) that these reviews are often juiced up because car companies essentially pay for them to be placed in the newspapers - the comment had nothing to do with the Aztek review. I stand by this point. I have read reviews that said the biggest piece of junk was a great car...blah...blah... Very few of these guys truly tell it like it is (Edmunds and CR perhaps).

    Kissfan, you're really inviting trouble goading Gonzo like that. I miss the lad. Perhaps, like a good groundhog, he's show his head.
  • kissfan1kissfan1 Posts: 283
    Hi...... THe Article had tongue in cheek with some comments. In the end the article was positive due to the high grades.

    Regarding Gonzo.......he was great guy ; )....... just slightly mis guided ; )........ I suspect he may be visiting under another name........ ; ).........

    ; ) ........ wearing that AZTEK smile
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    You guys be careful what you wish for:-) btw, iirc, I posted the link to the Sun article (sans grades) and Drew initially chimed in about the vagaries of reporters. Then there was the hilarity about paper names (I used to read the Daily Disappointment and the Commercial Appall myself).

    Now, before we get back to Azteks, I must say "sorry" to Kissfan1 (go Devils!).

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  • aztekaztek Posts: 10

    My name is Joe and I have to say it is great to hear / read your posts. At one point the only thing being said on this site about the 'Tek was pretty defamatory.

    Anyway I wanted to tell you all, once again, about the upcoming Aztek Rally. It will be the 28th and 29th of July. We will be meeting in Paramus, NJ. For those who choose to, we will be spending the night at a campsite about 40 minutes away.

    If you want any further info, e-mail me at

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I think wife is warming up to the Tek. We saw a black AWD yesterday and she said it looked ok. This is down from "it's ugly". I still think I want a Rendezvous, but you never know. If the 2002 re-style is good, I may be in an Aztek next year.

    Mighty Leaf's crumbled last night. Sad. :-(
  • exzurexzur Posts: 166
    Since you put that, Re: honesty of newspaper car reviews, right after your comment about Kissfan so wedded to his AZTEK, etc. Plus this is an AZTEK message board. I assumed you were reffering to the AZTEK. If I misundestood you, I am sorry.

    Though a lot of people does not like the looks of this car. The silhouette of the AZTEK in yellow is the main reason I got attracted to this vehicle. The excellent ride and build quality, the versatility, the bells and whistles and good handling made me buy the car.

    The powertrain is good enough to propel the car. But, the AZTEK will do better with the competition, had it come with the Olds Intrigue V6 engine.
  • tonychrystonychrys Posts: 1,310
    Mark it on your calendar: There will be no MY2004 Aztek. I'll even go a little further and say the possibilty even exists for the vehicle to be dropped as earlier as MY2003, but a 3 year cycle is more typical.

    GM can't afford to be playing these games any more...
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 6,857
    Agree with you re. Duffy. However he has good taste in declaring the Echo and Tek as uglies of the year.

    I probably have to rent a vehicle next week to head to a remote spot in the country on business. Thinking of getting the slime green Aztek from Avis. The locals up there might think I'm from Mars. :)

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  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    What's the source of this "information"??
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