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Porsche Cayman Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • johnzeejohnzee Posts: 9
    I came across the Porsche Cayman Lease offer. I called two dealers one in Salt Lake City and the other in Las Vegas, BTW I assume no S becasue it is $85K:

    MSRP $47965
    Money Factor - 0.00186
    Mileage - 12K/year
    Residual - 50%
    Cap Reduction - 3000
    Porsche offers the lease payment offer of- $529/month.

    But I am not able to calculate this payment unless I put about $7500 down, Which sounds ridiculous to me. Does anyone know what the details of this lease offer really means.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    You are missing one part of the equation: The selling price!

    If your calculation shows $7500, instead of $3000, then $4500 is the discount from MSRP, resulting in a sale price of $43,465..

    But.. a Cayman starts at $52,350 MSRP.. ???? :surprise:


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  • johnzeejohnzee Posts: 9
    Thanks for your reply.

    The Porsche Dealer in Las Vegas quoted me the MSRP at $47965. This price is obviously for a base Cayman, or an invoice cost but certainly not for an S. But if I use your MSRP number:

    I know by talking to the dealer that the Money Factor is currently at - 0.00186.

    Selling Price - I will use the number of $44500 because it is the only one that makes sense in my lease calculator. I dont know if I would actually get this price.

    My desirements are to have a annual Mileage of 12K/year (this is what the Gaudin in Las Vegas quoted to me)

    Residual - 50% (?)

    I am using a Cap Reduction of $3000. But if I want the payment number to come down to $526.02 per month, and by using an arbitrary selling price of $44500 then I will need to put down $5K, but there is no guarantee that Gaudin will sell the car for $44500.

    The odd thing is that Porsche is now offering lease payment of - $529/month for a Cayman.

    So I can't understand what the deal is here.Yet I see others in this forum have advertised that they have received screaming deals on a Cayman S lease. I dont know where I am going wrong, Can you break it down?

    Thanks again!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    Well... I think you'll have to get some real numbers from the dealer... starting with the actual MSRP of the car..

    Otherwise, we are just guessing...


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  • nieceniece Posts: 2
    i just leased a $60,100 ( msrp ) Cayman , $1800 down $775 / month , how did i do ?? 10,000 miles ( i don't drive more than that ) and 36 months .....only paid a deposit so far , so i can back out ....thanks for any input ....having buyers remorse ...
  • donc6donc6 Posts: 16
    I agree that you need to look at the MSRP... but $60K for a base Cayman seems a bit high... unless it is totally loaded with extras... I bought my 2007 base Cayman for 54K and it had 18in wheels, a lot of creature comforts, etc.. but no leather or nav unit.. even with a lot of such options, doesn't sound like much of a discount...
    Just my opinion.. D
  • nieceniece Posts: 2
    thanks , it ' is ' loaded ...and it still seems like a lot for a monthly lease payment , but if anyone has done a 2010 recently i would be interested in hearing ....thank You
  • anijhawanijhaw Posts: 24
    I found a 2010 Cayman S in the area with all of the options I am looking for. MSRP is 74k. Is it possible to get a car like this for 60k given its a year older?
  • I'm guessing you are talking new. $14K discount of MSRP seems unlikely. $10K off is probably your best deal. Otherwise, you can find used 2009 Cayman S in the $50K's and 2010 Cayman S used for around $60K. At $74K, I'd say your car is pretty loaded and it'd be hard to find another like it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You can look up MSRP and invoice right here on Edmunds. Porsche had $2k in dealer money on left over 2010 Caymans, so invoice - $2k would be POSSIBLE. Anything less is losing money on the deal for the dealer. If / when Porsche increases the incentive the lower prices would be possible.

    I have seen some dealers with new 2009 or 2008 models still stuck on the lots. They don't want to lose money on them and can't sell them for what they have in them.

    Loaded up cars seem to be the most likely to get left behind.

    My 2010 S had a sticker of $64.5k or so and I think I paid $58.2k or so for it (dealer invoice).
  • rw3wrw3w Posts: 1
    BTW, just curious can you give me the dealers have left over cayman from 2010? I wouldn't might getting a cheap brand new Porsche.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Go to the dealer locator page title. Put in your zip and find dealers, click on each one and choose new vehicles and then "Cayman Inventory" and it will show what each dealer has in stock. Change your ZIP pr state to widen the search.

    I think you find that most of the left overs are now gone, but it certainly easy enough to check. Normally once the final buy down is done all discount loans and leases go away. So unless paying cash you have to watch that the discounted car and non-discounted money costs you more than buying or leasing a 2011.
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