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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • elwoodazelwoodaz Posts: 7

    The CX-9s have an aux input port inside the center console. Its very well located and well designed for cell phones and iPods. When you install the iPod converter without intalling the switch box, you lose the aux input in the console.

    For many buyers (including myself) the confusion begins there. The switch box runs an extra $113 or more, plus installation.

    On the bright side, I bought the Mazda self dimming rear view mirror with compass and homelink, and installed it myself yesterday. After a few moments of apprehension pulling apart such a new vehicle, all went well.

    For those interested, make sure you buy the correct installation kit! My vendor recommended the wrong kit, and I had to run all over town locating the correct kit.

  • Brad- Did I read you went to Wayne Mazda? If so, can you message me the sales rep? I'm in Mahwah and can easily take a drive down rt 22. In fact I purchased a Tribute from Wayne Mazda - that one had to go back under the lemon law - that horrid story is for another day and another thread....
  • elwoodazelwoodaz Posts: 7

    Nope - bought it in AZ - but I bought some accessories from Wayne Mazda.

  • Oh well, thanks for the tip info anyhow... I'll update if/when my deal is had.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    Ah. Sorry to add any confusion myself. I guess the aux jack is better than nothing - and a must if you have a "pod" that is other than Apple.

    Even so, I've gotten used to controlling my iPod through the steering wheel controls, and have even become "playlist-centric," because that's what seems to work best when one has the quantity of songs I do.

    "On the bright side... self dimming mirror" If that's not a pun, it should be. Good stuff. ;)
  • elwoodazelwoodaz Posts: 7
    No sweat on the confusion. Ideally both inputs would be available! I could learn to use the Ipod integration, or just use the aux jack.

    But since I am a 90% podcast listener, I was worried about using the integration exclusively and not being able to navigate the podcast menus on my iPod.

    sometimes the best puns are unintentional!

  • just_philjust_phil Posts: 86
    That's funny, I bought the mirror/install kit from them too, and they sent me the wroing install kit as well. I had to mail it back at my expense, but other than that their prices combined with free shipping are the lowest I could find.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    Hot off the press! CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash can be used toward the purchase or lease of a new 2006, 2007 or 2008 Mazda from dealer stock by July 31, 2007.

    This program does not include MAZDASPEED3 and MX-5 Miata PRHT vehicles. Used, F (Fleet), Insurance vehicles, Dealer Daily Rentals, Buy-back vehicles, vehicles intended for export or brokered units.

    Limit one CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash Purchase Incentive per vehicle. The CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash Purchase Incentive CAN be combined with other private or public purchase incentives including but not limited to customer cash back, lease and APR incentives/offers.

    Program Period: July 3, 2007 through July 31, 2007.
  • bigsbigs Posts: 4
    My salesman said it only applies to the special lease offers listed on the Mazda site which would be the CX9 Sport FWD. I am looking at a GT AWD and he said it doesn't apply. I didn't see anything on their site?

  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    You sales is Bsing you. Here is the term: CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash can be used toward the purchase or lease of SELECT new 2006, 2007 or 2008 Mazda vehicles from dealer stock:
    $800 CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash on 2006 or 2007 RX-8
    $500 CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash on 2006 or 2007 Mazda6 (Sedan, 5-Door, Wagon and MAZDASPEED6), 2006 or 2007 MX-5, 2006 or 2008 Tribute, 2007 or 2008 B-Series Truck, 2007 CX-7 and 2007 CX-9
    $300 CLOSEOUT Bonus Cash on 2007 or 2008 Mazda3 and 2007 Mazda5
    Offer available 7/3/2007 - 7/31/2007

    Never see that it only applies on the FWD not on the GT AWD. Find yourself another dealer.
  • bigsbigs Posts: 4
    Thanks for the response. BTW, these forums are great, tons of useful info. We cleared it up. Just had to go to the Mazda site, build the vehicle and the Closeout Bonus Cash pops up. Had to click on, fill out the info, print out the certificate and bring it when i pick up the car.
  • markmark Posts: 16
    With the list's and moderator's consideration, I am posting this question once again as I did not receive any replies. With all this talk of CloseOuts and various discounts X plans S plans, the following is the vehicle configuarion I'd like to buy at this time. I have no relatives working for Mazda or Ford and am not active nor retired military. Of course I'd like to get the best OOD price and will take delivery preferably in CT but am willing to travel to MA or NY for a significant price difference.
    Prices are MSRP as listed:

    CX-9 Grand Touring AWD $33,875

    Destination Fee$ $595

    CARGO MAT $77
    CARGO NET $40
    ROOF RAILS $250
    Total MSRP: $40,332

    Do we qualify for these X/S Closeout pricing? How?

    Has anyone purchased in this configuration and can advise on a price or price range we should try for? Located in the Northeast (CT). I'm willing to take delivery in the NY-NJ-CT-MA area for the best price.

    Mark Levine, D.C.
    Torrington, CT
  • imamgimamg Posts: 136
    RE: x and s plans... you have to be an employee of mazda/ford or for the s plan reffered to by one. X plan is more restrictive... any vehicle will qualify for those plans...
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    Here is the S Plan price on your configuration:

    CX-9 Grand Touring AWD $31,322

    Destination Fee$ $595

    CARGO MAT $77
    CARGO NET $40
    ROOF RAILS $200
    Total S Plan price: $36,891

    Remember you have extra $500 off from Mazda (You can get more detail on the mazdausa website). Start your negotation on the S plan price. Told dealer you get a quote on this (of course don't tell them this is the S plan price) and work from there. Do not satisfy with the first offer. Good Luck.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442 if you can find one like that this late in the season you are lucky...I was looking for one similar in NJ and never found it..and you engine start option better be from factory, otherwise the only dealer that will guarantee that is the selling dealer...
  • dma123dma123 Posts: 4
    What state did you purchase? What is the "S Plan"? Also, I am looking for a Touring AWD with rear entertainment system. Dealer initial price was about 1500 over invoice, which I won't pay. Also claims a NY assessment of $404 in addition to destination fee. Anyone have to pay this?
  • dma123dma123 Posts: 4
    I am looking at a Touring AWD w/ rear entertainment system. Dealer initial price was about $1500 over invoice (way too high). IN addition to destination fee, wants to charge a $404 NY assessment fee. Anybody hear of this?
  • dma123dma123 Posts: 4
    I am also looking for a touring AWD with rear entertainment system in central jersey. did you buy and what was the price?
  • jmailjmail Posts: 20
    could be the advertising fees. I'm not sure if dealers will give on this but you could definitely try.
  • dashbbdashbb Posts: 119
    It seems there is some dealer incentive now available on the CX-9's or they're ready to cut into their holdback.

    Here's a dealer ad for $3041 off MSRP which is $863 below Invoice.

    Remember, you can also add the Closeout Bonus Cash of $500 and get the 0% APR for 36 months.
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    Recently almost purchased a CX-9 in North Jersey. Was charged $364 for a 4-year registration fee. Does this sound right? Also, was charged $269 doc fee.

    If I transfer the plates from my trade-in instead of getting new ones should I be able to get a break on reg/title fee?

    What kind of fees are people seeing out there?
  • trini5trini5 Posts: 3
    I am looking to buy a CX-9 Sport 2WD :confuse: within the next 2 weeks and was quoted the following:
    Original price - $29,630
    less discount - $ 2,000
    ====> $27,630.
    I got the salesperson to give me the options at invoice price.
    Moonroof/bose - $1514, Remote start - $280, Splash Guards - $100, All weather mats - $100, Alarm - $160, Roof Rack - $200. Total : $29,984. I assume I can also get the $500 mazda cash back. Has anyone gotten a better deal out there? Thks Trini5
  • trini5trini5 Posts: 3
    I went to the site and builtmy car and filled in all the screens to get a quote from a dealer, but the $500 certificate never popped up. Am I doing something wrong? Trini5
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    The dealer was Wayne Mazda right?....$364 is the charge for 4 years that DMV is trying to get all involved in...if you are transfering your plates then your registration will be only for 1 year and not for 4 years which what the state would like to have. The $269 doc fee is outrageous plus the $200 stching have people walking right out on them regardless of how nice of a price they got.
  • I got quotes from a few central NJ dealers and all gave the $364 charge for four years and all were in the $269 range for doc fee and the one that was "$500 below invoice" was really at invoice, as the $500 covered the "NY ASSESSMENT" and something else. That dealer was invoice on options, and I went over tonight, but they did not have _any_ GT AWD w/ Assist package left in stock. (I am looking for Blue car and it is hard to find a blue GT AWD w/ assist, moonroof/bose, and i really want the roof rack and it would be nice to get remote start along with mats and cargo mat/net..
    Any suggestion on NJ or Langhorne/Philly dealer that may have that configuration in stock at a good price? - Thanks!!
  • todostodos Posts: 13
    I am in North Jersey. I traded in a Ford Explorer for a Copper Red CX9 Touring with Nav, moon roof, remote start, roof rack etc., Bought it through Ramsey Mazda after much searching..

    PLease note that Ramsey Auto Group including Mazda has a $500 off (new or used cars)coupon on their website. I used this to my advantage when purchasing, and this was before the new $500 incentive from Mazda. I just checked the website and its still there at on the right side.

    I did not go for the 4 year registration through the dealer. Instead I transferred my plates from my Ford and it cost only $73 for the first year's registration. My sticker is good through 2011 and all I have to do each year is log on to the DMV site and pay $41 per year for registration.

    So you figure I paid $73 for the first year registration plus another 41 per year for three additional years, thats only about $200 bucks out of pocket for 4 years as opposed to paying these dealers $364. I just saved myself a bunch of money on car registration i.e., $164... Hey I should get Geico.

    One thing i was keen on doing because i had a trade in was inquire of the difference between their full fees and transfer fees, which is what I opted for.

    Most fees are within the $250-299 range... The cheapest fee I encountered was $125, yes $125. But here was the catch. The dealer charged $115 to "clean and prep the vehicle". In other words there fee ending up being 240. But they made it seem that it was only $115.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    I think that either you will compromise on what you get in a CX 9 07 or you will have to wait for the 08...there were very few GT AWD to begin with and epuip the way you wanted there are more difficult to find. If you get a remote start make sure it came with the car and it is not dealer installed otherwise your guarantee will be limite to the dealer where it was installed...besides you are opening yourself to a whole lot of electrical problems (and I don't care who says what...youa re playing russian roulette..)
    It also appears that the $269 doc fee is becoming customarily...
    I can't understand since I know that Dayton Ford got sue over this and they return monies to their customers as part of a settlement with 2 lawsuits...maybe the situation was different than it is now...I was their customer for 15 years..they just went out of business with FORDS...
  • x5savx5sav Posts: 45
    svofan2, there is a member at giving out S plan pin.

    Good Luck. :shades:
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    Great tip.

    If I want to transfer my plates do I first call DMV to do that or do I just mention it to the dealer?
  • njdbonjnjdbonj Posts: 11
    I looked into it some more. You are right. I think most NJ dealers will be in th $364 range for reg fee. This is from the state. They want four years up front. Transferring plates from a trade-in is definitely the way to go if you can.

    And I called my insurance company about etching. As long as the car comes with an alarm, window etching is worth zilcho.
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