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BMW X3 hesitation on acceleration



  • markdimarkdi Posts: 33
    Well, I had the major update last year, which actually seemed pretty good. Not perfect, but maybe I could live with it-I thought.

    Hesitation was practically all gone. Lately it has gotten worse again.

    Almost got clocked while making left turn into gas station today. I had plenty of room to make left turn, but it lunged forward slightly, then nothing!!!!! Then the oncoming traffic was approaching, and beeping their horn. All of a sudden, I got power, and the tires chirpped!

    it is weird-you push the gas down, and it does not respond.

    Not safe!

    I am not happy. I bought it April of 2007. It has been in for this problem at least 5 times.
    It is going in again-this time for good!

    I want a new vehicle-this is a lemon!
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    I remember reading your posts yesterday.

    You previously mentioned that your jeep was better than the x3 and had starting problems so many times.

    So didn't the dealer take your car back?

    So what car will you be considering I am definitely thinking about lexus now how about you?
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    As far as I can tell, the problem is limited to some 2007(early) X3s. 3 series has the same trans and never had these issues the many times I had one for a loaner.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Still can't get BMW to admit there is a problem. They've had my vehicle for a week with the factory rep and all they can come up with is to wipe out the memory and reset all the "adaptive learning". My service rep told me to come back in 2 weeks to get a new update. Hope the rep is there when I pick it up today.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    Got my X3 Wed. from the dealer with the first "X3 specific" software change. I had an '08 X3 loaner for 5 days over the 4th weekend and it drove like a totally different car--and the transmission acted much more like I expected. Long story short, SO FAR, the new software rev has made a huge difference, right out of the box. It shifts more like the '08, and at this point, I'm ready to say 80% success. I don't like adaptive trans anyway, because they rarely do what I want......

    Repair sheet says "software update to DME with V30", so if you still have your X3, call your service guy and press to get this update.
  • emf17emf17 Posts: 1
    I leased a new X3 in January of 2007. I have experienced the acceleration hesitation on many occasions, and even mentioned it to the dealer. My husband drives the car as well and has never been able to duplicate my problem. So I believed the dealer (and my husband) when they said it must be peculiar to my driving style (although I've been driving for decades without issue).

    It happens to me about once every week or two. I'll be waiting to make a left turn without a light (i have a few of these turns on my commute) and when it's my turn I inch up, and, if I have the opening, I hit the gas. The car will go forward, but then give up; hitting the gas does nothing. This leaves me in the middle of the road unable to accelerate, cars coming at me in both directions. After a few seconds of flooring it, the transmission engages again and I lurch forward, out of harm's way, shaking a little.

    A new car (regardless of brand) should be responsive, no matter what your driving style, and under no circumstance leave you without power. I used to think I was the only one, but thanks to this forum, I feel a little less crazy. My lease is up at the end of the year, so it's not worth trying to get anything more than the software patch out of my dealer. I certainly won't be getting another X3, and I will add my voice to the NTHSB complaints list.
  • I just bought a CPO '07 with 8k miles on it.

    My wife and I have driven it about 1000 miles and it has shifted perfectly and predictably every time so far.

    I drive it with a very light foot and get good mileage and have found that heavy foot pressure is not required to make the 260 hp rocket take off.

    My wife drives with a heavier foot and has reported no issues to me.

    Just another data point.
  • Thanks for the information. I am having the same issue. Update after update. Helpful for a week or two but then back to herky jerky.

    How did the buy back with BMW go? My service director at the dealership made the comment "you really don't want to go that route".
  • My 2008 which I got after the buyout of the 2007 is even worse.

    BMW are a bunch of morons who refuse to admit there is a problem with the cars and their software fixes do [non-permissible content removed].
  • Did they give you the option of another model? I dont want another X3!
  • daddymandaddyman Posts: 14
    Ask for a manual transmission. There are a number of BMW websites that have AT x3 drivers reporting favorable comments after getting rid of their AT for MT's.
    BMWNA knows there is a problem and puts up barriers in hopes you will give up. If all else fails get a Lemon Lawyer. They are free for the consumer. Document everything down to the times you have called. Persistance is the key to resolution.
  • I am leasing bmw x3 2007; transmission problems, one accident: I was making right turn on red light, car started to move and then hesitated, car behind me hit me, his fault but .... , same problem almost every week, the car is currently in dealership they can not duplicate the problem so bmwna said there is nothing wrong.... i don't know what to do next, scared to drive it (I used to drive toyota 4runner, lost control of the car on the freeway and that was the reason i have x3 now, first one 2004 - problems, now 2007 - different problems .....
    funny part is, i have x3 2008 rental, drives great without any problem for two weeks now .....
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    There is an X3 specific software update that cures the hesitation problem you have. It is still not perfect and I don't think BMW will ever get it right. The first updates were for the transmission and/or engine management software, which were the same, evidently, for the 3 series and the X3, which made absolutely no sense to me. They are two different vehicles and why would you program the transmissions the same? I never had the problem in a 3 series loaner(and I've had quite a few). I finally asked the service manager, after he gave me the same runaround as you got, who did he think was liable if I got hurt due to the hesitation I'd reported multiple times? They kept it for a while and gave it back without fixing it, but I wasn't surprised. The latest V30 software update is for the X3 only. I had it done and it does not hesitate like it did before. I've noticed my gas mileage has dropped about 1.5mpg, so I wonder if not changing it was more about preserving gas mileage or even emissions-related rather than improving driveablilty. We will never know.....Get nasty with them and they will finally do something. My dealership keeps saying they have to get permission from BMW to do anything; I don't know if it's true, but I am starting to believe it. Good luck.
  • jimc16jimc16 Posts: 21
    I am going to down size my SUV, but I still want performance and luxury. I was seriously considering a X3, especially if they put the turbo engine in it. But after reading these posts, I have reconsidered. Any car can have problems, but it is sad to hear that the factory is so non responsive, and the problem still exists after several years.
  • You know... I've read a lot about this and I think I know what people are talking about. However, I am wondering if this is something they have improved over the years. I have an X5, and it is true that if you don't really put your foot on the gas it hesitates and then when you correct, it jumps. But as long as I am steadily applying my foot to the gas when I am taking off, the car responds perfectly and quickly. I just have to pay attention a bit or it is jumpy and/or it feels like hesitation. I absolutely love my X5 (it's the 4.8). It gets just under 18 mpg in mixed use conditions, and it is truly the fastest SUV I've ever driven. It's roomy while also small and it is a blast to drive. It makes me feel like I'm driving a stick. Anyway, I just had to weigh in because I do have the 2008 and have never noticed any hesitation unless I'm wearing shoes I'm not used to and don't press the gas consistently. If I press the gas, it responds. Period. Must be something they've fixed so I would hate for you to miss out if you plan to buy new and it wouldn't have that problem anyway.

    Good luck to you.
  • sorry, this is much more serious than the way you push the gas pedal ...... or shoes you are wearing......
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    This is about the X3 which has a different transmission than the X5 V8. Unless you have driven the X3 and experienced the thrill of another vehicle flying at you at high speed while you hear the Jeopardy music in the background(the theme of the ECM thinking about what to do next) and no matter what you do, sit still, press harder, change shoes, you really haven't experienced an X3 in all it's glory.

    I had an '04 325i and kick myself every time I get into my X3(not an easy task). I loved that car. It was everything I expected a BMW to be. Handled like a race car, not blindingly fast, but I couldn't keep it under 80, 25 mpg,,,ahhh The X3 is not. It handles like a car, rides like a truck and thumps across smooth pavement. I won't miss it when my lease is up. Thank God it's only a lease.

    I have had the latest software update, but it still does not shift like it should. BMW screwed this one up. I can't help but be a little suspicious of your comments about the shoes and pressing the pedal, since they were the first things my dealership accused me of....I've been driving too long to fall for such nonsense from someone like a service writer.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    RE: Daddyman

    Any resolution to your x3 problem?? I'm having the same exact problem with mine. This would be a fantastic vehicle if the tranny worked correctly. I've been in numerous times to have it "reprogrammed". I've have numerous 'near misses' with other cars and I've almost ended up on someones trunk when the car surged while stopped at a red light. The only reason I didn't get tossed into the side of a building one night is because my foot was firmly on the brake. How long have I been complaining? A year and a half! When it is "fixed" the "fix" will last for anywhere from 3 days to a month before it reverts back to it's old ways. I've spent two thirds of my lease driving the Ultimate Driving Machine with a transmission problem! BMWNA finallyyyyyyyyy got the district guy into evaluate the car. Good news is, they sent him in right after it was "fixed", so, " faults were found. The vehicle is operating as designed". Well dahhhhh. Of course, the dealer(s) are saying they're independent so this is BMWNAs issue. I went through an issue such as this 20+yrs ago. Here's my bottom line. NEVER DEAL WITH A CAR ISSUE WITHOUT A LAWYER! I've been stupid enough to think I would be delt with as a valued "customer with a real mechanical problem". Car companies do not deal with people that way, they wear them down through attrition until they give up. Then again, that's what I get for buying a "cheap" car, right?
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    try to get them to do the V30 update, unless there is a newer one--which I would like to know about if there is-mine no longer hesitates, but surges and jumps, slushy shifts, but when you step on the gas, it goes.
  • What is the latest software update from BMW for the X3 transmission and acceleration issue? It amazes me that you cannot smoothly accelerate from a stopped position with the thudding kick of the transmission upshifting.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    I don't know if there's one newer than the V30. I've given up on BMW, so I haven't been back to see if there's one that is improved.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    We've done all the updates. Here's the problem. BMW knows my lease is about up. This has been going on for over a year. They want the the problem, i.e. me, just to go away so they're doing what car companies do best....jerking me around. Unfortunately (or fortunately) my lease is about up. I've been driving this car with "problems" for two thirds of the lease. I never wanted more from them but what I already have. All I wanted was another vehicle rolled into the same lease more, no less. Unfortunately, there's something in the DNA of car companies that doesn't allow them to act like reasonable human beings when it comes to dealing with their customers once you get beyond the nice smiles you see on the show room floor. I thought it would be different buying a Premium car. I've found out they're all the same. I could have bought a Yugo and received this (or better) treatment. All they car about is me paying on time and the check not bouncing.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    Has anyone looking into the lawsuit option with the intent of trying to make it Class Action at some point?

    I'm also looking at the option of putting a sign on the side of my car and driving the streets in front of the dealership. I know the dealers are independent, but I really don't care anymore.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    RE: My 2007 X3 Transmission problems.

    I'll keep this short. Mine has almost gotten me in numerous accidents. Dealers have told me there's a problem with mine and other X3s (hell, we all know there's a problem). BMWNA says ***the vehicle is operating as designed***. I've done this there way for over a year only to be told (again) ***the vehicle is operating as designed***. I finally wised up last week and hired a lawyer. If you're having these problems get yourself legal help now!
  • To the poster that got a lawyer. Good thinking. It is the only way this will be resolved. And there is a HUGE amount of precedence by BMWNA swapping out these vehicles for manual transmissions at owners request or buying them back. To the person(s) that have waited all this time and then whine that nothing has been done the onus is on you. I got a lemon lawyer and this was resolved a long time ago. Document everything e mails, phone calls, updates, everything. Good Luck to those who got smart and got rid of their 07 AT.
  • Hi, joining late, but I have a problem with the front differencial on my '06 X3, automatic. I.e. It needs to be replaced. The car only has 12K miles on it. Is this the same type of issue as a "transmission" issue??
  • Hi, I know u wrote this awhile ago but I just bought a used 04 X3 2.5 8 months ago. I noticed the hesitation but rarely. Your post caught my attention because I wonder if it is a combination of ur post and the post from cincyart. Since u work for BMW is there any truth to his post that BMW programmed the trani's to start off in 2nd gear in drive mode and the hesitation is due to a soft depress of the gas pedal. If so I have noticed my hesitation comming out of my street on a slight uphill grade only about 3 times and when leaving two gastations, one of which it has happened twice. So this brings me to ur theroy that it is ethanol and/or low grade fuel. I have alos put low grade fuel in just to see the diff and did feel a lower performance at start. So those two gas stations that I had the hesitation from right out of the parking lot tells me the x3 is very picky about ethanol and low grade fuel. I guess we can deduct that thi would certainly potentiate the already obvious hesitation issue. I was worried it was a fuel system issue like fuel filter, clogged injector or something else. As long as it isn't something that is going to eventually break all togeather or cause damage to something else I'm ok with it, as I mostly drive in Sport Drive anyway. Thank you all for info.
  • Hi, has anyone else had a prob with their electric window, my L rear made a loud pop when rolling it up. It will roll down but not up and will stop about an inch from top. I have to manually push it the rest of way. I am not under warranty anymore and usually do own work if not too much. Any ideas?
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    I have some info for you....the 04 X3 DOES NOT have the same transmission as the 07-08. It is a 5speed. We have 6speeds. Mine starts in 1st gear unless I push the gear lever to w/s. Never burn cheap, low octane gas. You are confusing the ECU if you switch back and forth and this may cause your hesitation. Trust me, we aren't talking about hesitation, we are talking about NOTHING happening when you press the accelerator, mostly at the most inopportune when your life is on the line.....hope this helps
  • We bought 2007 328i; very similar power train as the X3, it now at 12K miles, it has been to the BMW shop 3X almost three weeks total days in the shop... problem - stalling and hesitation... they have not figure it our yet... BMW is the ultimate piece of junk driving machineI 'll never buy one.. EVER, I will not even take it even BMW will give it to me free... Stalling almost create a big accident on while making a turn on multi lane road.. it is so scary.. I bought a cheap Japanese car about the same time, put 66K miles in less than 2 years. NEVER BEEN TO THE SHOP...STILL RUNNING LIKE NEW..
    I urge you don't buy the BMW, your buying yourself a head ache., big time... I need a SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE CAR and DEPENDABLE... CAR.. BUT people buy BMW because they need a bigger halo...

    Our BMW still in the dealer, called us, coordinator said,, we can't duplicate the problem.. the've been saying that for a whole week...

    I buy a Chinese bike before buying another BMW...............
  • I so agree with you! This is my second X3, BMW bought back the first one - 2004 model.... mine was in shop almost a month, I don't have that problem now but the gas mileage is worse now... never again... expensive headache ....
  • Thank you, I will make sure i keep high octane in it now, I also think the ethanol hurts it too. There are some stations that don't use ethanol that I use when I can.
    I haven't had it happen for months now, so not worried. When you mentioned that the 07 has a six speed trany and starts out in first now makes me wonder if thats what they did to eliminate the hesitation in drive mode from starting in 2nd gear? but you still have a problem. If I remember rite someone has a post explaining that when your foot comes off the accelerator the x models are supposed to shunt fuel to save gas, I wouldn't doubt since the vehicle seems to run on more software than it should that the system could could be shunting more fuel in your vehicle, not an expert but something to look into.
  • On my 98 M3, there are 2 plastic clips that ride in tracks at the bottom of the scissor-like mechanism that drives the window up and down. Not too hard to change, but you have to deal with the door panel and air bag if it has one. Disconnect the battery, store bag up, etc. READ THE REPAIR MANUAL FOR AIRBAG PROCEDURES!!!!
    My problem was traced to extra force because of shoddily-glued felt strips in the guide channels on either side of the window (inside the door). Some contact cement and some bad words and that was straightened out.... Have fun! (the pop sounds like the plastic clip breaking or the metal arm popping out of it.)
  • This transmission issue is a very interesting problem. It seems to be that the transmission screws up in the learning (your driving style) process. Some people don’t seem to have the issue, others do. The curious thing is that after they re-load software, the car is OK for a while. Then its learning seems to get confused and this is where the trouble shows up. After reading it, I would be very careful buying one until I knew they had it fixed. Of course you could drive in manual/auto mode and not have the problem. It smacks of a nasty (buried in the code somewhere with a pretty dangerous, as the posts describe, stalling for a few seconds in front of oncoming traffic), failure mode) software bug. What BMW needs to do is upload the ‘learning’ from a bunch of complaint vehicles and use that information to track the problem down. This exercise will learn (punny) the ISO-compliant software developer losers, who trade common sense for regulatory compliance, some lessons in software development. This will mean sending said developers to the field with the tools to suck this information out of the cars (or training the update computers to do it), take it back to the lab, compare it with the virgin 'learn', apply the very well documented driver input that causes the problem, and fix the damn thing. Of course, they might have built the code on a MS Windows operating system which stalls when someone puts a CD in while they're trying to accelerate. Maybe its the communication bus hanging up? Who knows?
  • :lemon: Uncle Fester... as a software developer I recommended they "black box" my car and they declined. It only seemed logical that they could take the event logs from my car and cross reference them to a vehicle they thought operated correctly.That would mean they would have to admit there was a problem and thereby open themselves to a class action law suit. Easier for them to stall or buy people off. What they don't realize is by practicing this technique they lose 5 potential buyers for every PO'd owner who will bad mouth them like me until they formally fix and acknowledge the issue. :lemon:
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    daddyman.....I have the same issue. Are you in California, by any chance? If so, I'd like to get the contact info for your attorney. Name and firm would do. No sense reinventing the wheel. I'd rather have a guy who's been down the BMW trail with the 07 X3 tranny issue before.

    Even if you're not in CA, I'd appreciate the info.

  • I am thinking about a new '09 X3 but after extensive research I'm concerned the auto tramission hesitation problem has not been adequately addressed. My salesperson assures me the problem described in the '07 and '08 Steptronic transmission has been corrected and the new '09 transmissions are problem free. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks for the help.
  • Rule #1 Never trust a salesperson
    Rule #2 See rule #1

    I'm tempted to add a #3 don't trust BMW because they really distinguished themselves by never acknowledging the issue or ever fully fixing it for affected drivers.

    My best advice for you is to thoroughly test drive it. Politely ask the salesperson to remain silent if it's distracting and be sure you get more than a once-around-the-block chance to see how it handles. You would principally notice it has a hesitation in acceleration when starting from a dead stop or a very rough 'herky jerky' sensation when accelerating from low speeds. Mine also is noticable when slowing down to lower speeds then suddenly accelerating, as if you were preparing to stop for a red light then it turned green before you made it to the intersection.

    Best of luck, it's still a great car but you don't want to be surprised.
  • MLB6MLB6 Posts: 12
    I heard from another forum that the '09s are not immune. A thorough test drive won't help either. That's because the flaw could be with the transmission adaptation. So the problems would surface 2 weeks later. Buy a manual transmission or look elsewhere, like GLK or Q5. But, who can afford the X3 nowadays? with low resale value, and high monthly payment...
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    What I have learned from my experience is the following. (and by the way, the other poster is right. You may not experience the AT problem until after you have it...not necessarily during a test drive. I didn't)

    Now, back to my point. If your X3 has this problem you will not only be risking an accident, you'll be mad as hell that you're paying for something that's not the way it should be. As mad as you'll be over that it's nothing compared to what you'll feel after being tossed overboard by BMWNA once they tell you the vehicle is operating as designed when they know full well it's got a problem. All the forums on the web, the NHTSA site as well as local dealers who will admit there's a problem can be found with little effort.

    I've never seen a company put so much effort into driving people away from a brand. My opinion is to either have an attorney on retainer or go with someone else.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    You are exactly right. I've had every "software update" known to BMW and both my dealership and BMWNA tell me that it is supposed to drive the way it does. The last upgrade got me jerky shifts, slow shifts, no shifts. My lease is up in 6 months and my next car WILL NOT be a BMW. They've lost me for life. The last thing they did was replace the "mechtronics" and it is no better. The transmission is, I believe I read some time ago, a GM product they are trying to adapt. I'm not 100% sure that's true, but I've never seen a GM transmission operate this poorly. The real problem is the adaptive software. I don't see why they don't just scrap it altogether and get rid of the adaptive logic like the one on my '05 325. It shifted like buttah. Also, they tried to blame it on too high a concentration of ethanol in my gas tank--and would change the gas filter, clean the injectors and drain my tank (of about 2 gals) for $1000, even though they found no damage. I'm not that stupid. So, be prepared for grief until you can get rid of it.
  • I'm really not sure what the deal is about this transmission issue, so I'm very curious. Don't get me wrong. My first '06 with only 12K miles on it left the front differential on the side of I-25 in -5 degrees, so I am not saying I think this is the best, most reliable car on the road (tow truck driver told me they tow more BMW and Mercedes than anything else.) but I haven't had the tranny issues.

    I had just purchased it pre-owned and they said it was simply a "unusual mechanical issue" and the car was fine. "We've never heard of this happening before....." I still had almost 2 years of warranty left, but I was having nothing of that so they took it back.

    So in the mean time, I did more research and have seen many threads about this transmission problem, and I drove several more to get my confidence back. I drove a couple of 2007's and 2008's and never noticed this transmission hesitation problem in any of them, at all.

    What I ended up with is an '07 with 22K miles on it. It has the sports package with the M3 detailing and I'm thrilled with it. With the tighter suspension, it drives like an "ultimate driving machine" and I have absolutely no issues with the transmission or anything else for that matter. (Well, the "climate control" doesn't work very well as far as I'm concerned and the blue tooth sorts my phone book in a strange order, but other than that....) I live in Colorado so when it's really slippery, I use the manual transmission anyway, and it hugs the road.

    So a) they are not all like that, and b) if anyone has any input on the climate control and blue tooth deal, I'd be happy to hear about it.
  • kesnowkesnow Posts: 20
    You won't see the problem with the shifter in the "M/S" mode or shifting manually. That's now I drive mine to get it warmed up, then shift it back to full automatic. Seems to shift better then. The '06 had a 5 speed, the '07-'09 have a six speed, so that's why you didn't see the problem with your '06, plus it wasn't adaptive. All I can say is good luck.
  • I knew that the problem didn't present intself in the "M/S" mode or shifiting manually, but I have never had the problem when in full automatic regardless. Thanks for the good luck though. From all these posts, there must be something there, so perhaps I'm lucky......So Far.
  • BaitBait Posts: 12
    Well, mine almost got me killed again this morning. Heading down the freeway in the middle lane and needed to get into the left lane to avoid an old lady in a Toyota in front of me. Knowing the (non-existent) problem with this car I took extra care making sure the left lane was open. It was, I made my move and the car started debating whether it wanted to shift into a gear to do what I was asking it to do. By then I was already committed to the left lane. Again, this is a very old problem and one I've told BMW about for almost 2yrs....a problem that's extremely well documented as I don't throw away anything. The guy who came very close to ramming me in the rear didn't (at 70 mph) think this was very funny either, then again, neither have a few others who almost took me out (and my wife a couple times) while making a left through an intersection. Then again, I've told BMW about all those instances too and I still have the car and absolutely NO help on ANY level from BMW.
  • billmvbillmv Posts: 148
    kesnow.....Do you, or any automotive / transmission software gurus reading this forum, know if it's possible to disable the adaptive software which controls the shifting? If you can, would the transmission then operate like the '06 version, which doesn't suffer from this problem?
  • Haven't been in here in a while, but see nothing has changed. The only way to get this resolved is to get another vehicle. Plain and simple. There is no magic bullet. To do that you will need to get a lawyer. Lemon laws start from time of first complaint, and if you have made at least 3-4 attempts at letting them fix it they are done. BMW will never admit on paper there is a problem-----never! So you can either put up with the problem until the car is gone, you are dead, or get a lawyer. BMW does not listen to anything else. You put an American designed tranny, built by the French and programmed by Germans, of course they won't play well together.
  • 'Disabling' the adaptive function wouldbe difficult, baring extreme intervention from Dinan or some other tuner that has 'cracked' the transmission controller, and probably the rest of the engine/drivetrain controllers, who could disassemble the software, modify it and re-burn it. Further, its not clear whether the problem lives only within the transmission or has the other drivetrain controllers and the communication busses between them at the root of this problem. Its a complex system with a breakdown lurking somewhere and it is not clear where. While it sounds pretty straightforward to get rid of the adaptive system and go back to a economy/normal/sport shifting paradigm, BMW engineering is the place that this would happen most expediously in (to borrow FDA terminology) a safe and efficacious manner.
  • I hope this works for you all as it did for me. I have lived with this delay thing for about the first 3500 miles. Went to the dealership and he test drove it and said he could install the latest updates but he also said that he's had mixed results so I was reluctant to fool with it. So I found a guy online at another forum who said that there is a way to clear the adaptive memory by yourself and it worked for me ..... yahoo !! Here's what you do. Put your key in and hit the button without having your foot on the break (so engine does not start ) or in my case I hit the button twice such that power is on, radio is on even the charger for my cell phone has power then hold the accelerator to the floor for about 45 seconds then turn off the power and then start as normal & and that 's it. It really made a difference and has not changed at all in terms of reverting back to the delay. My cousin tried it and it worked for him as well in a 328i. Mine is an 2009 335i. Enjoy.
  • Check out message 154 it might help
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