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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • Has there been any person that has received a reimbursement from this "form" letter regarding the transmission? It is insulting - they "apologized" for the inconvenience..and I got NOTHING they have got to be kidding! SOMETHING has to be done on their part - the car has a design flaw, but VW will not admit it...we are all being swept under the rug....they show that commmercial during the superbowl, such a caring company! ??
  • I had the repairs done about 2 1/2 years ago. Luckily for me, the transmission was rebuilt and billed to me separately from the valve body being replaced, so I did not have to send them the bills I got for the transmission, which seem to have caused some other people problems. The valve body was $1200 to purchase and then the transmission shop charged me $300 to install it.

    I submitted copies of my paid receipts for both the valve body and the installation. I got back a letter in the mail that said:

    "In order to properly look into your reimbursement request under the VA (Valve Body) Warranty Extension further, we are missing some required information. Please send the following information to either the above address or fax it to (248) 754-6504:

    Proof of payment such as bank statements, credit card statements, the front and back of a check, a repair order stamped paid, or a statement on business letterhead from an independent repair shop signed and dated by the owner/manager"

    Unluckily for me, I paid cash. The VW dealership stamped their receipt for the valve body paid, but the transmission shop simple wrote "Cash. Paid in Full" and signed their name. I guess that wasn't good enough.

    I returned to the transmission shop this week and the owner got all grumpy and said, "I WROTE PAID on it! What else do you want?" The most I could get him to do is write 'PAID CASH' on it again, with a date and sign his name. I sent that to them and am hoping that's good enough.
  • Same problem with us. Beetle exhibited exact problems in warranty letter, VW dealer said they don't rebuild trans, just replace them for $6,000.... then vw denied our request for reimbursement because warranty only covers valve body. Can you say CLASS ACTION anyone?????????
  • Daraqu2, I had the same problem and it is a joke with the customer service at VW. They will not back up their product. I had my 2003 VW Beetle repaired from a private mechanic. The dealership said it was the transmission, but the mechanic diagnosed it to the transmission valve body. I received the same warranty letter and submitted it for reimbursement ($2000 as opposed to the original cost from the dealership that would be $6000). VW denied reimbursement because the mechanic finished repairs a month beyond the warranty extension, even though the dealership diagnosed it 6 months prior. I have been bantering back and forth with the customer service department at VW, but have not been successful. Have decided not to purchase another VW after dealing with a company that will not back up a warranty when it is a known problem within the company. Sorry to hear you have the same issues, and I'm just as aggravated as you are!
  • erinlaura1erinlaura1 Posts: 2
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    Wow- this board is really heating up. I've been reading for months, but finally decided to chime in. I'm in the same boat, I'm currenty within the valve body warranty extension, but my Transmission Powertrain is conveniently out of warranty. I had been having the hard shifting problems, mentioned it to dealer service when I had other service done, but he couldn't find any problems. This is my one and only car. I am an outside salesperson and must have a car to earn any money at all. I drove it with it's hard shifting issues. Then in December came the letter! Merry Christmas to me, right? NO! They denied the valve body repair due to the fact that the entire Trans needs replacing. How could I have possibly destroyed the trans on my 5 year old automatic? SO, your faulty valve body has nothing to do with my failed transmission? From what I understand the valve body is within the transmission! I feel like this was VWs way of rooting us out of our holes and now attempting to get us to pay more than the car is worth for this repair. NUTS!! Well, I guess we WERE dumb enough to buy this car, so we might go for this too. I am currently asking for EVERY decision made regarding my case be sent to me in writing for future fighting for reimbursment as the car must be fixed. Please if anyone has any info at all regarding a lawsuit, or something please advise!!!

    Erin :lemon:
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    The Edmunds forums can not be used to organize legal actions, so please don't make posts along those lines as they will have to be removed. Thanks for your cooperation on this.

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  • vw_johnnyvw_johnny Posts: 6
    edited March 2011
    Is the transmission slipping or is it just shifting/down shifting hard? Do you have another VW dealer in the area you can go to? 90% of the time, the problem is the valve body unless the transmission completely fails. What is the harm in just replacing the valve body and see if that works? Mine was running so bad that I for sure thought I needed a new transmission, took it to a third party tranmission shop and they told me it was only the valve body and they were right. Unfortuately, mine was out of warranty and paid $1200 to get it fixed, not bad, and it is running great. Good luck.
  • My case already went all the way through VW of America. I asked about taking it to another dealer and they told me that now that I've opened a case with them, no dealer will authorize the repair. They flat out denied the Valve Body replacement because the transmission is ruined and needs to be replaced. The harm in just putting in a new valve body is if that doesn't work then I have 1200 in a valve body and still need the full tranny repair. My transmission is being repaired now as we speak. My dollar, though sadly. I appreciate any and all responses though!
  • I have a 2004 vw beetle convertible. I thought when I bought it I was buying my dream car boy was I wrong. I have had nothing but trouble with from day 1. I can’t count how many times the air bag secncer has come on and I have had to go back and have it turned off. I have had to have all 4 window regulators replaced. And it seems that every other week I’m having to replace a light that has blown. The seat belt has broken 3 times and the silver flap that come up when you let your top down has broken and had to be replaced 3xs now they don’t even put them on the car anymore due to the fact that they continue to brake but yet they won’t continue to fix the problem. I have had to have the transmission worked on 2 different times then we got the recall on the value body part so I went and had that replaced in Dec. I went to go somewhere last night and My transmission jerked an made a loud popping noise when I put it in reverse. Then the check engine light will come on and then the "brackets" come up on the gears and it will not tell me what gear I am in. It continued to down shift very hard and slips going up into drive. I get in it this morning to take it to the dealer and it seems fine the lights are back on an the transmission is working like there is nothing wrong. So I’m not sure what to do next. I also called the VW of America customer service and of course there is nothing they can do.
  • erturnererturner Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2000 Beetle (56k miles, manual) that got the all clear from the mechanic. The car drives just fine but once it gets above 65 mph in fifth gear, it kind of sounds as if it needs to be shifted. Of course, it only has five gears, so I can't shift it again. The car responds well in high speeds, I don't have any problem actually going faster, but it just sounds almost as if it needs to be shifted. I don't think it gets higher than 3 rpms when I am hearing that sound, however. Any comments would be appreciated!
  • I believe your New Beetle has the 2.5 engine and of course 5 speed manual. Interesting that you think it revs too high in 5th gear. I purchased a 2009 Jetta (same 2.5 engine), and when looking at the Jetta, I drove a 2.5 manual (5 speed), 2.5 automatic (6 speed), Diesel (6 speed manual) and Diesel (6 speed automatic).

    I thought the exact same thing of the 5 speed manual. At highway speeds of 65 - 70, the car felt like it needed an extra gear (6th). When I drove the diesel with the 6 speed manual, it did not feel that way. The 6 speed automatic in both the 2.5 and diesel were also fine. My 2009 2.5 has the 6 speed automatic, and at 70 mph, it revs about 2600 rpm.

    I don't believe there is anything wrong with your New Beetle's transmission, it is just the gearing ratios VW set up on that particular manual.

    P.S. I also own a 2008 New Beetle convertible (2.5 and automatic). They are a fun car and I know you will enjoy yours!

    Bel Air Car Guy
  • justitia1justitia1 Posts: 2
    edited March 2011
    To those looking to research further on this (like me) you might want to read at 3.4 of the following: Wikipedia VW Audi TT
    They seem like nice friendly folk who may appreciate an email.

    Also, more reports at consumeraffairs
  • pplautpplaut Posts: 4
    Try cleaning out the the transmission pan, change the fluid and filter. I had great luck doing this 7k mi later. It still get jiggy once and awhile, but it is so much better, i am going to haventhe same procedure done again.... I think this will make it work like a dream car should.

    Btw- to het this done is about 350.00. Anything less is not getting this above done...
  • khaotik1khaotik1 Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Beetle GLS Turbo and the transmission is starting to slip. How are you filing your complaints with VW? I want to file one.
  • Me too. I have a 2006 New Beetle with tranny issues. 2nd and 3rd gear band streching. To the point that we feel it will be locking up soon. I am out of work and can't afford to get the thing fixed. Does someone have to die or be seriously injured before the dealer takes action with a recall? And, does VW even look at these?
  • I, too, have had to replace the transmisson on my VW New Beetle 2003 with 80,000 miles on it ( $6300.00). The VW company sent the letter out in Dec. to extend warranty for the Valve. I sent in all my papers & they are sorry but will not re-imburse me bacause it is for the valve NOT the transmisson. I want to be involved in a class action laesuit. I talked to an attorney today & he said 'yes' get on the net & find if a law suit is out there. Count me
  • I just wanted to add that I called the national VW org.on the 'sorry' letter that I recieved & the man was very adamant that I would get no sympathy from them because the valve causes the transmisson to jerk hard when shifting (which mine did) & that the valve doesn't cause the transmisson to go out. What? Am I a moron? It DID jerk when shifting. It just so happened that that valve, causing the jerk shifting, is what caused the transmisson to blow up. I WANT in on a class action lawsuit. What do I need to do?
  • YES! Class action lawsuit!. It sounds like the same thing happened to you as did me. I hate it that this has happened but I'm very glad there's a lot of us out here with this complaint. Let's NOT let them get away with this. Tell me what we need to do?
  • I'm sorry. I didn't know this. New today via advise from an attorney. I will learn!
  • erturnererturner Posts: 2
    Thanks for this! This makes me feel a bit better. I have read that you can do a 5th gear swap that will reduce the rpms (and the noise) and so I'm looking into that option now.

  • :lemon: I stood in the showroom of Gossett Volkswagen in Memphis, Tennessee, looked the salesman in the eye, and asked, "Have you worked on the issues on the tiptronic transmission? These have been bad in prior years; they are bad in the Audi; and they are generally bad transmissions." "Of course, don't you worry one bit, these have been redesigned and this is the most reliable sealed unit transmission in the world." As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!" We have been back and forth to this dealership over and over from the early days of this car--the service department pretended they couldn't duplicate the transmission "bump" in shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Finally they "flashed' the shift points later in the game. Not fixed. This in the midst of numerous visits for window regulators; convertible top malfunctions; airbag problems; on and on and on. These b*stards lied over and over again and documented our transmission visits as "check ups" not documenting the stated problem. My poor wife (her car) has had to pull over to the side of the road as the transmission problems have grown worse; has almost been hit by people as she tries to start up at red lights; etc. When we got our valve body letter we got excited. Don't. They checked the fluid in the transmission and said it smelled burned. They said there were metal filings and that the trans was shot. Well, there are metal filings in the bottom of almost any transmission with over a 1000 miles on it; and though burnt smell isn't good, it's not an accurate way to diagnose. Gossett refused to replace the valve body that caused the jerking to begin with because the trans was "failed." Volkswagen of America has decided not to honor our claim because the transmission has failed; claimed a failed valve body doesn't cause a transmission to fail. They offered us a $1000 discount on a new VW. ROFLMAO! Sooooo, we've filed a NTHSA complaint; we've filed a Tennessee Consumer Protection Agency complaint. We're pending a lemon law suit by Kahn and Associates out of Cleveland, Ohio. In the meantime, I checked VW's price on a remanufactured transmission that I could install myself (I have skills). PRICE? $4600.00. For a "sealed unit" transmission remanufactured from a transmission with a design flaw. Maybe if you guys get in touch with Kahn they'll do a class action. I've asked them to just get the car fixed for us. BY THE WAY, the salesman came along and whispered, "Just buy a new one--I'll make the trade work--then you'll be free of it and they'll be stuck with it." Let's examine that: The dealer gets my car back for a song, fixes it inexpensively; sells me another. Hmmmm. Then I've got another VW and I'm out the $24K I spent on this one. Arggggggggh. BTW, this thing is sitting in my driveway, and I'm SUBARU shopping (Outback) for my wife. In the meantime FILE COMPLAINTS and if you find counsel to do a class action, CONTACT ME! Thanks for listening. Grrrr. :mad:
  • It will cost 6 grand to fix it!
  • You will want to call as well as email Volkswagen then also file with the NTSB, if you had any type of near miss. For me, my tranny slipped out of gear while I was entering a tunnel at rush hour....thought I was going to have an accident for sure! My car is now sitting at the dealership getting a diagnostic; I am pretty sure they are going to tell me I need to replace the tranny but I am going to insist they do the valve body since it's under the extended warranty. Guess we'll see how far I get..... On Monday, I am printing all of the postings done so far and sending off to VW of America and taking a copy to my dealership. Maybe with enough people being vocal, someone will do something!!
  • i had the same problem. I just got my third letter from volkswagen and nor reinbursement. I am with everyone else and ready for a class action lawsuit.
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    I know people get frustrated when they're having problems with vehicles, but the Edmunds forums cannot be used to organize legal actions, so please don't make posts along those lines as they will have to be removed. Thanks in advance for staying within the rules of the road on the forums!

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  • rdyapordyapo Posts: 1
    VW 2000, Turbo GLS 1.8
    160,000 miles
    I've had the transmission leak for 4 months. Dealership says nothing they can do because it's a sealed transmission. Advised not to replace oil. Says that someone put different transmission oil in it when in reality, I've never had issues with the transmission. I've only had the VW serviced by the dealership and a Certified Foreign Auto shop. Says that if he adds or replaces the fluid it may cause issues. His advice was not to do anything. Says once it starts shifting on it's own, then come in and have the fluid changed.
  • :lemon: We are all in the same boat here!! The same thing happen to me. My VW has less that 70,000 miles on it, I thought once I received the letter this was the answer to my problems, but just as all of you I had taken my bettle to the dealship, and they told me my trasmission needed to be replace but, what was so suprising to me was that and what pissed me off was that the tech, comes out tells me I need a new transmission no explaination of what is wrong with mine just that it needs to be replaced at the cost of $6000. So I told him that I think these transmission were no good from the begaining and VW knows this our they would not have sent this letter out. I contacted VW corp office and received the same run around as all. They offered me $1000 off the purcharse of a New VW or discount towards replacement of my transmission(really) I would not purchase a new or used VW again. I had told the service person if you feel you are not a fault why offer me anything. No one should purchase any VW as you can see the new ones (2011/12) have already had recalls. I will be contacting an attoney regarding this. I would rather pay $6000 for an attoney to make VW pay for all of our vehicles.
  • I too was just brushed off by VW corporate. After purchasing this car new, we treated it very carefully, keeping up maintenance, garaging it and keeping the mileage low. I assumed that their proclamations of quality engineering and technology would allow for a long term relationship with this car. Can you say MISSTAKEN!?! Without question, I feel I was duped, played like sucker by an auto manufacturer that has no hesitation blowing off purchasers of their product. The whole valve body thing could be a "campaign" (using Leslie word's, the local VW customer service case worker) to cover up a lemon transmission, a feigned attempt at making themselves look like they are taking care of their customers and their product. In the end, it appears like they poorly designed a transmission, engineered it even worse, and finally put it into production as what would resemble a $6000 time bomb. How classic is it that another big business gets away with their mistakes at the expense of the tax payer…oh, I mean consumer in this case. VW’s behavior is reprehensible in this…in my opinion.
  • VW has no intension of helping anyone. They are playing with all of you. I traded my POS in and took a hit and will never buy another VW anything for as long as I live. It is really unfortunate how big business can screw with the public and get away with it. On this website you cannot organize any legal action, so what is one to do? The other thought is if it were not for the internet, how would any of us even know how wide spread the problem is? Someone out there that has the power and resources needs to come up with some way to make these dicks pay. Include me if you can. Don't bother calling them and listen to some corporate bimbo who has been instructed to give the same line of BS to everyone who calls. How do these people sleep at night, Jerks!!
  • You wouldn't believe this folks!!

    So I did the whole flywheel assembly/clutch thing at 88,000 for $3,000 or so. STILL wasn't right. DIED AGAIN at 108,000.

    UNbelievable. They (dealer) just said I need ANOTHER clutch - not sure about the flywheel - and now "pulling out" the trans to see "what's going on"?????

    YOU'RE SH------me????

    I've driven clutches - and VW - over 35 years. NEVER A CLUTCH EVER BEFORE. NOW in under 20,000 miles I need TWO???

    GET A GRIP VW. Time for a bonfire. Can't fix - don't have the $$$$. Cried so badly couldn't even catch my breath......
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