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Volkswagen Beetle Transmission Problems



  • jubugjubug Posts: 4
    cutepieceofcrap, thank you for the information I am going to followup on it.
    My email is would like to swap information
    Mine has been sitting for 3 months now, 2004 Beetle Convertible with 95,000 miles and transmission is done! Problem started at around 76,000 had it to a lot of shops with the same answer, needs a new transmission $5000.00 minimum fix.

    As a normal consumer, who would know that the valve body would cause the transmission problems?
  • 2004 Convertible 2.0L manual transmission with triptronic
  • I will email you...
  • Sadly, I just bought a 2004 Beetle GLS Convertible.

    I was SO excited! Until my hubby said he thought the shifting felt a bit rough. So I went online and found this forum. Sigh.

    Has anyone here purchased a mechanical breakdown insurance policy? I'm told these cover a lot of transmission issues. I would just be surprised if it covered something I may really NEED someday.
  • Just like all others on here, I bought a VERY nice looking and riding VW Beetle used last year. Ran great for a few months, now having same issues. Sometimes wont' shift, jerks between shifts, etc. Is fine when it is cold, but when it warms up, the nightmares begin. I have taken to several shops, AMMCO, etc, all say the same thing. Needs a new transmission, but we won't work on the VW Beetle! Have to take it to a dealer. Price???? $6,000!!!! I ask, "have you had any issues with this"? No, we have not had any complaints to speak of!!!! Yeah right.

    At my whits end. Spent $6500 for a nice loaded, leather, VW Beetle, now it is sitting in my driveway of no use to me or anyone else.

    Thinking of buying a used transmission at a salvage yard, just to get it to run, then sell it, but don't want to do that to the next unknowing owner.

    Done with Volkswagen...........
  • @dougherty20

    Yep. I bought mine for $8400 (plus tax & license) - we just paid $6900 to get the transmission remanufactured.

    Seriously?? We've spent over $16,000 for a USED BEETLE?

    Do you know how nice of a used car we could have bought for that? One that actually worked to boot??

    VW is in denial of the fact that they produced many years of crappy, crappy transmissions. :sick:
  • something similar was wrong with my tranny in my 04 beetle. I took her in and it was the valve body in the transmission that needed to be replaced. the work was close to 1,500-1,600...mine was covered by warranty but that could be the issue with yours
  • Problem is, I think whoever had it before me drove it with a bad valve body for so long it completely trashed the trans.
  • Don't know what the issue is with this car got it for the wife cause she had to have it. So after 2500. in valve body repair it is starting to drop into neutral when going 60 mph for 2-3 sec then into 5th then back up to 6th and now it down shifted on me going up hill from 4th to 2nd and stalled and almost got me rear ended the issues with this car are so random but all point to the transmission or computer how much more is this car going to cost me. If any body has any info post here to helm me out and a random bit of info it would do the neutral thing only when lower than 1/4 tank. does this car have a broke driver meter on it. :mad:
  • My car does the same thing at a 1/4 mile, I haven't had it tuned up yet so I'm thinking that might be it too; I had to have the valve body replaced too but it was under the extended warranty, you ought to see if you are eligible and see if you can't get VW to pay you back. I found out that the transmissions came from Argentina and these cars are put together in Mexico and with so many postings it is clear that this was a huge mistake. I will NEVER get another VW and I will discourage anyone looking at one. My car sat for 1 1/2 years until the "extended warranty" came out because I was quoted $7000 for a new tranny which was more than the car was worth. Your back window motors will go out if they haven't already and I have some type of oil leaking from my engine that literally goes into the car underneath the doors. My mechanic will be checking into that too. VW told me it was normal...Really? Good Luck!
  • sep15sep15 Posts: 1
    My 2004 Beetle with 59K sometimes shifts very hard between 1st and 2nd (so hard you think someone slammed into the back of the car). It has the 2.0 engine and automatic transmission. Does anyone know if a new throttle body will fix that? I called the VW national number, they asked for my VIN, then asked a bunch of other questions: Do I own any other VW's? Do I bring my car to a dealer?...finally they came back and said yes they are fixing some Beetle throttle bodies for free, but based on my VIN number they would not fix mine.

    Should I bite the bullet and pay for throttle body on my own? It sounds like some people have done that and it has not helped. The car can go a month without doing it - so I could sell or trade it in - but unlike VW - I have a conscience.

    Has anyone been told "they were not on the list" and still managed to get this part fixed for free?
  • ibejubugibejubug Posts: 5
    Don't waste your money on the throttle body. Under lying problem is the transmission.
  • lovemybug1lovemybug1 Posts: 1
    Have your car scanned - 2004 Beetle Convertible with similiar issue but only on the downshift. Had the car scanned with computer software for VW, it came back as Tiptronic needs replacing. It's amazing what the right computer program can tell you about your car. It also scanned other issues on the car that I was already aware of. Austin VDub scanned my car for free, dealership want $95. Tiptronic part $600.

    Everyone else I went to tried to convince me the transmission needed to be replace. I took it to three different places and each had a store to tell me about how bad the transmission and cost range from $2800 up!
    I decide I wanted the real answer and glad I did.
  • vavvvvavvv Posts: 4
    I was told last Feb. that my 2005 New Beetle Automatic convertible with only 50k miles on it, needed a new transmittion! We religiously serviced the vehicle prior and did have other quality issues: The passanger window "fell into" the door; rear cup holder fell out; & some minor electrical issues. Its been sitting in our garage since - won't sell it (integrity) & think there's other manufact. issues like the recall for the valve cover (to the trans) that we never ever received notice of. I contacted the service manager again and he asked mew to bring it in for the valve cover recall which VW extended til this Nov. He also gave me (800) 822-8987 VW America direct line. I called, they listened, opened a case # to determine whether VW will "assist" in the repair. I am to bring it back to the dealer 05/15/12, give them the case number and let them review it again. Of particular interest is that when i recently called there was no "history" in the Feb. inspection notes stating i needed a new trans. I suggest all fellow VW New Beetle owners call the above number and get it going as well.

  • beicabeica Posts: 1
    I really really hope it works out for you. It angers me to hear you have all the same exact problems I HAD WITH MY 2005 vw bEETLE Convertible. :cry:
  • javidiazjavidiaz Posts: 4
    Really keep looking and do not buy any VW products. Here is my story..I made the huge mistake of purchasing a 2005 beetle convertible as a retirement present and since then I have repaired the following
    1) two windows regulators
    2) a Thermostat that activated the malfunction light
    3) and the catalytic converter
    all with in a year of buying this piece of [non-permissible content removed] and at the cost of $2500.00 in repairs. Now this blue piece of crap is jerking with only 70K. I will be joining any class action lawsuits available, contacting my Lemon Law lawyers and trading this car in for something reliable. You will lose money on repairs the instant you but this car. In a nutshell stay away from any VW products
  • The last time I posted about my bug was when it was going through transmission problems!!!! I paid 1800 to re-build transmission!! It didn't end there I've spend so much more money after!! I just want get rid of this car.. It's falling apart from the inside! The cup holder in the back fell out both rear windows don't work anymore! The cigarette lighter in the back came out and broke!! The handles that you pull to move the seats foward fell out on both seats!! I really don't want to spend anymore money!! Fixing this things!! I'm so over this car!!! But it's been a nightmare! I regret purchasing this 04 bug convertible!!! Oh! BTW it's starting to jerk again is just a matter of time when the transmission goes out again!! I'm saving up Money to purchase another car! Staying away from VW's!!!
  • vavvvvavvv Posts: 4
    I posted earlier regarding the trans on my '05 VW blue New Beetle convertible having to be replaced after 50K miles. NOTE: This same vehicle also had: Passenger's side window "fall into door"; Passenger's rear widow stuck in place midway; Cup holder in back fell out; And a variety of electrical issues. I contacted VW North America Customer Care who instructed me to take the car back to the dealer (it's been in my garage since Feb.) have them inspect it again for the valve body recall, and they would get back to me within 48 hours. It again was determined that the car needed more that the valve body / cover replaced - It did need a new trans. VW North America authorized that either they (or the dealer) would assist in paying half of the $5,400 cost. So its in the dealer's shop awaiting the new trans. I hope that there will be a recall or at least a resolution to the pending class action suit so that maybe someday I'll see that $2,700 + tax reimbursed. :lemon: :lemon:
  • javidiazjavidiaz Posts: 4

    I'm sorry your all dealing with this issue, on what seems to be a poorly engineered automobile. Last year I purchased a used VW 2005 Convertible Beetle and have had many repairs due to the problems this car suffers from, I have personally spent over 2,500.00 in a single year on this cars repairs. Volkswagon and Volkswagon of America only listen to 2 things, Legal action or Bad PR. This is why they have been sued in class action lawsuits over what they should fix as a socially responsible company. I recently read the story of the rusmackedvolvo website (don't know if we can post links here) and the frustrated Volvo owner who brought the company to their knees by hosting a website and posting humorous videos on her travails with a bad Volvo. After having dealt with VWOA to no recourse I am considering just that, A creative and legal way to get their attention. In the following days I'll see how feasible this can be and will be posting on this site to invite any frustrated VW Beetle Convertible owners to join in. Having been part in the Rutgers University protest against our NJ Governors attempted takeover this year, I can attest that a group of people can make a difference. Good luck
  • My wife has a 2005 VW new Beetle with 53k miles. It is currently sitting in the service center at my local dealership. About a month ago the transmission was shifting hard from 1-2, 2-3 gears. I recalled in 2010 I received a letter from VW stating Beetles in years 2003-2008 "VW had received customer complaints of affected vehicles that may experience a hard shift from 1-2 gear and 2-3 gear" VW offered a warranty of 7years 100k miles on the transmission valve body. I contacted VW of America and was told to take the car to VW auth. dealer to be diagnosed. I did and they diagnosed the problem was with the Transmission Control Module. I authorized the $952.00 repair, but later that day the service advisor called and said VW would cover 50% of the cost. Great! But after installing the new TCM the transmission was now worse, and the tranny now needed to be replaced. At a cost of $5679.00 I contacted VW of America and they will not offer any assistance with repairs. I've contacted 2 other national transmission shops, both have advised me to notify the Bureau of Automotive Repair because what VW is doing is illegal. I will gladly join any efforts to bring attention to the dishonest business practices VW is conducting. The major slap in the face was when VW told me that they won't be able to assist with repairs, but offered me a $1000.00 customer loyalty credit toward a new vehicle.
  • geogaldogeogaldo Posts: 1
    took dealership to court only to find out i should have went after corp. dealer only paid 1/2 cost of beetle had 55k. hard shifting. drove car into dealership and could not return functioning.
    now second fix on a rear window problem.
  • Hi Question, i thought the warranty for the valve body part was only until 100k or 10 years? you said VW extended until this November? i regret not taking mine in before 100k because it is acting up. Thank you
  • ibejubugibejubug Posts: 5
    I was told it varied depending on your VIN number. When I called about my valve body they only extended mine to 7 years. I am still under 100k and dead in the water, or at the curb, so to speak. It really sucks to see all these problems an watch VW brag about the new Beetle they just brought out.
  • vavvvvavvv Posts: 4
    Apparently the offer of the extended warranty was only extended to Nov. 2012 for the valve body. As of this writing I did just get my bug returned after spending $2,700 (1/2 of $5,400) for the rebuilt transmission fix and having to put a new battery in as well. So far I've had it back for 3 days and its running well. I was given a 12 month / 12k mi warranty.
  • gorjess87gorjess87 Posts: 2
    I am beyond frustrated with my VW beetle that only has 45,000 on it! I bought it in 06 with 25,000. The car functioned pretty well until I paid it off 2 years ago. I just use the car to go to school and work and back home. The dumb car can't go over 40mph without overheating! On my way home it started making a horrible loud noise, it sounded like a helicopter! Since march my stupid car has been parked in my driveway and I couldn't continue to go to school because I was taking night classes! Besides the overheating my pasenger window collapsed into the door, my radio buttons have caved in & my seatbelt malfunctioned and I had to be cut out of it. I've read many of the posts on this forum and its unfair how all of us have been taken advantage. Cute car my [non-permissible content removed], it's a stupid lemon :lemon:
  • gerrie3gerrie3 Posts: 1
    So have you learned.? it (the valve body) covered for 10years? or 100K ....
  • I have a 2003 vw beetle convertible and have the same story. My transmission had 75,000 miles when it started shifting hard. It sat in the dealership for 2 1/2 months trying to find out the issue. Luckily i bought an extended warranty when i bought the car used from a dealership and that it still had 2 months left before expiring or i would be paying $225/month for a nice looking piece of scrap metal. The part alone is around $6000 and if consumers knew they would be paying that kind of money to replace the transmission that would most likely stop working before 100,000 miles, i'm sure most would not make the purchase. VW needs to be held responsible!!!!! Beware buyers!!! Dont buy from VW!!!
  • How many things can go wrong with one car under 50k miles, unbelievable. Water pump, thermostat, window lifter, valve cover gasket, front cv axle assembly, timing belt,and finally a valve body replacement... About $7k over 14 months. Called VW Customer Care about the Valve body issue and found out there was an extended warranty that expired Jan 2011. My sister owned this car and she passed away April 2011, fighting cancer the whole time they had this extended serive warranty - she never received it and certainly was not worrying about her car while fighting for her life. Their Customer Care(less) would only let me speak to a "Supervisor" and said they had no other escalation process, but I can write to the President. So I will - all of you are welcome to do the same. Jonathan Browning, President, Volkswagon of Americas, 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr., Herndon, VA 20171.
  • Incredible how many things can go wrong...don't be surprised at anything. Our piece of junk continued to breakdown after repairing the valve body/transmission that included the shifting system, the passenger seat belt monitor chip, of course the "electric windows" don't work, the windows don't align with the convertible top anymore, etc, etc. The entire VW of America Board of Directors should be forced to drive this piece of junk and experience their poorly made product themselves. Thanks for the President's contact info!!!
  • 18 months ago, I purchased a 2005 VW Beetle Convertible for my daughter. I bought the car at an Acura Dealer. They recommended I purchase an extended warranty. I did, 3 years or 36,000 miles, through Acura Care. The car had 50,000 miles on it and today it has 60,000 miles on it.

    I too, experienced the valve body failure just two weeks ago. My car was put into service in September 2004, so the VW extended warranty was expired. To answer your question, Acura Care paid the repair 100% and I got the car back yesterday. I am unsure if you can buy Acura Care outside of a vehicle purchase at the dealer, but extended warranties are out there and I can attest I am glad I was given the opportunity to purchase it.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

    BTW- my transmission repair cost, a my VW dealer, for the transmission was $1,854. This included the Valve Body/Fluid/Internal Wiring Harness/Strainer. I mention this because many people are paying much more than my Dealer charged.
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