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Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee Brake Problems



  • scottyb77scottyb77 Posts: 2
    Hello rsjeep,
    I know this post is a few years old, but I am having the same problem with my 04 grand cherokee. It is coming from the drivers side rear wheel; like a squeeking and popping sound when I brake. Yesterday it became constant without the braking and then my caliper locked up. Replaced the caliper today and after a few miles, back again. I am just wandering if you ever figured out what was going on with yours. I was thinking maybe it was a berring or something.
  • lerxstrulzlerxstrulz Posts: 4
    Mine was a bad master cylinder and reservoir. I tried bleeding the brakes and on my front driver side no fluid would come out, just air. So I knew there were no blockages in the line. I replaced the master cylinder and reservoir (the reservoir was in tact but old) and the problem stopped.
  • ddietrichddietrich Posts: 6
    I replaced everything rotors,pads and calipers. All fine after that.

    Rotors on this model have many problems with warping.

    Maybe they are warped and putting odd amount of pressure on calipers ?
  • scottyb77scottyb77 Posts: 2
    I am thinking that is it. Its a timed sound so it has to be rubbing in the same spot each revolution. I ordered front/back drilled n slotted rotors with ceramic pads so I could cut out the heat problem a little too. Thanks for the help on this one.
  • Pulsating front brakes on my 2000 Grand Cherokee. I finally resolved this long standing problem. There was a campaign to replace the rotors, calipers and pads, and had this done back in 2001, but continued to have pulsation. This model has had continuous brake problems. The campaign resulted in new calipers which are silver in color which take the Akebono brake pads. I installed new standard Bendix brand rotors and Akebono ceramic pads. Well 10,000 miles later and still running good. I have installed Akebono ceramic pads on another vehicle, and what an improvement! Can't say enough good about these pads. They cost a little more, but well worth it.
  • Hey,
    What do you mean about a campaign? Did Jeep pay for rotors ?
  • Yes Jeep paid for the rotors too. The new calipers (silver) were redesigned for Jeep by Akebono. When they did the work, the new calipers did not have Akebono pads in them which is why I probably still had pulsation problems down the road. If you look at Rock they show two different calipers, silver and black, which is Akebono and Teves (ATE). The Teves calipers would twist when engaged which is why the campaign was initiated to replace them. The Akebono calipers replaced the Teves calipers. I am really happy with the brakes now. They work and feel great!
  • I have had this exact problem with my 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo over the years. I can't tell you how many times I've had my brake pads & rotors changed...MUCH more often than normal.

    This "campaign"...was it something you started, or is there a way for others with the same problem to go about getting Jeep to fix this issue? Can you give me some direction or who to contact? I looked everywhere and haven't found any official recall or anything.

    Thank you!
  • Hi Elizabeth, The campaign I mentioned is similar to a recall. Recalls usually notify the consumers with a post card. The campaign is more like, oh while you are here, let's do this for you. I had the "campaign" work done by the Jeep dealer 10 years ago. The service writer seemed like he was always an advocate for me whenever I had service and was questionable. You might call the dealer to see if it still available.

    The combo that I have done with Akebono pads in Akebono calipers and Bendix rotors have worked for me. Akebono makes pads for both styles of calipers. As I mentioned before these are not cheap, maybe $30 $50 more than other pads,but I think the extra is well spent. If you are using an decent independent shop, they will have heard of these pads. Log on to Rock Auto and you can see the different pricing.

    Good luck with your repairs. We really enjoy our Jeep and do the best we can to keep it running.
  • Can you give me some information on this campaign. I have a 2002 Grand cherokee and have been going thru pads and roters even 40000 miles. That seem excessive so any help would be appriciated.
  • I do not have any info on the 2002 models. My best suggestion would be to call a Jeep dealer and talk to the Service Writer. I do not know if there is a time limitation on campaigns or not, or if there was a campaign for brakes in 2002.

    As I have posted before here. the combo that I have used which is Akebono brake pads in Akebono calipers and Bendix rotors. These are working well for me!
  • Twice in the past couple of weeks I have had a serious failure of the brakes on my 1998 GC. Both times I was slowing down rapidly. the first time I was deccelerating hard onto an expressway exit ramp and I thought I had skidded off the ramp. I hit the brakes hard and after a couple of seconds I was skidding all over the wet ramp. I found it extremely odd as I have never slid in my GC even on ice, let alone light rain. This is my thrid GC 95-98 and I have never had this problem. Then it happened again as I stopped hard for a chaning traffic light from 45mph on dry pavement. I hit the brakes and initially the jeep slowed, then suddenly the brakes stopped braking and the car continued on. I had to turn abruptly to avoid going into the intersection. I did not feel the ABS kicking in so that isn't it; it was as if I had taken my foot off the brake, but I hadn't. I did not feel the peddle travel any differently or release under my foot either time. Dealer has had it a week and cannot find any problem, nor can the test driver reproduce it. Both times I had been driving constantly for over 3 hours when this happened, if that might matter in determining the problem.
  • My son's 1999 jeep cherokee has had brake failure 3 times. The latest incident was on thanksgiving night while driving to a sale at target. thank god I was going slowly because after i let my son out to wait in line, the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. There was a small child about to walk across the crosswalk when my daughter pulled the emergency brake and stopped us from hitting him. One year ago, the exact same thing happened while my 17 yr-old son was driving (thank god in a parking lot), and a few years ago we had the entire brake system replaced due to the brakes failing. Is this a defect with this jeep model? My husband has a 2006 model and he said the brake line is not rubbing against the inside of the ldft front tire like it is in the 99 cherokee. Is jeep willing to make any repairs due to the brakes failing? I can't imaging that this is an isolated incident with our jeep.
  • Brakes are pretty simple devices...cylinders and a master cylinder that pushes on mechanical devices to grab or push against the wheels to stop. You have either blown a seal in one of the cylinders or more likely have a really bad master cylinder. Modern brakes have sort of a back up when one of the wheel cylinders goes out there are still two wheels that work since they have two chambers in the master cylinder. Two loose the whole thing you must be having a bad master cylinder. Scary stuff.
  • Hello All,

    I just had my front brakes replaced on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport and am feeling a slight vibration on the peddle? I purchased Wagner brakes. Can someone provide any insight on what the issue could be? My jeep has currently 144,500 miles.

  • did you machined your rotor? that could be the problem
  • mab17mab17 Posts: 1
    Hi, why do my brakes, front and rear tend to lock my wheels into a slide when it is cold outside?
  • I had some issues with my brakes and replaced my mastercylinder which worked for a month now. Then today my brakes seemed fine then at a stop sign I just lost brakes. Almost hit another car. I pulled over, no leakage I could find, MC had fluid, so I decided to try and make it home. While driving brakes were fine. Soon as I was not moving I felt them start to slip and then Jeep started rolling forward. I bled the brakes of course when I replaced the MC and no issues until now. It is over 100 degrees today and my engine seems to be really hot, but gauge says 240 so it's not too hot. NOt sure if heat would do this. Maybe MC was faulty? If anyone has had a similiar issue please let me know. I live in the country and cannot do ANYTHING without my vehicle.

  • My wifes Jeep had the same issue.

    1. slides on the calipers were corroded along with the brake pads, especially on the rear brakes. cleaned up the slides and replace the rear pads

    2. flushed the hydraulic lines and put new fluid into the baking system. Brake fluid was very dirty. American car makers do not normally recommend replacing the fluid, but our Mercedes does. I took Mercedes lead and solved the problem
  • I have a 1993 Grand Cherokee with 136,00 miles. I have replaced master cycle, rotors, calipers, discs, ABS hydraulic pump and brakes still hang up after driving for some time. What do I do next?
  • maranda2maranda2 Posts: 1
    i have a 96 cherokee and ive replaced master cylinder, brakes, rotors, calipers and my front brakes are sticking. what could be the problem?
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