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Buick Rendezvous



  • My 2002 CX with 28,000 miles has been great. No problems, has never been back to the dealer for anything. The 3rd back seat comes in handy. I usually get 20 - 21 MPG around town.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A newspaper would like to interview current and former owners of Buicks. Please respond to before Tuesday, March 7, 2006 with your daytime contact info, your Buick's year, make and model, and a few thoughts on the subject of interest.


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  • have new seat covers how do I get the headrests off? Drivers & passengers side. Thanks :confuse:
  • Just as the subject says I'm looking at 02 or 03 models. They look the same but the year alone tends to give it another $2000 or 20% value....

    Is it worth it? Anything I should look for?

    PS> I'm getting a CXL with sunroof.
  • rick4rick4 Posts: 14
    My oem Firestones are just about gone. Can someone recommend some good replacements. I am looking for a quieter tire, the firestones were pretty noisy. They lasted about 39000 miles.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    I have on a set of Michelin LTX (passenger) tires and they are great. Definitely much more quiet than the original Firestones and with better handling too. They are pricy though.
  • I had a 2002 CX that I traded for a 2005 last December. We enjoyed the 02 much more than we have the 05. However, the 02 models have had a lot of problems. Consumers Report has the 02 on its' 'don't buy' list. Suggest you buy a copy of the April issue of Consumer Reports and read the comments there.
  • ttop72ttop72 Posts: 4
    Susan: I just purchased a 2006 Rendezvous CX. The color is Cashmere which I wanted, However the ONLY Interior color issued with this color is also very light Tan. Seats will be VERY EASY to get dirty. I also wanted to install seat covers and I had to go to the Buick dealer and have the headrest removed. The Tech looked the headrest up on his computer and removing the headrest required (2) two special tools which they had, so they remove them for free. Good luck
  • I saw this on the news yesterday it is something not only Rendezvous owners but GM owners alike should know.Check out the link 0406/20060406/
  • gail414gail414 Posts: 2
    Where did you find seat covers to get around the side airbags? My car is navy outside, and horrible, light grey inside...........same issue with cleaning!! Thank you, Gail
  • brentbbrentb Posts: 8
    I just sold my 2002 Rendezvous CXL with 103k miles, and thought I'd share my ownership costs. This includes everything including purchase price, trade in price, insurance, repairs, and gas.

    Total cost to me averaged $0.42 per mile. This consists of
    $0.25 per mile for purchase price minus trade in value ($7700... not worth much, is it?)
    Gas cost averaged 10.8 cents per mile @18.3 mpg
    Insurance was 2.6 cents per mile and repairs were 4 cents per mile.

    I bought the extended warranty for $1795, and it saved me $1000. Major repairs included left front wheel bearing/hub, a/c condenser, air bag control module, BCM twice, O2 sensor, mass air flow sensor, transmission pressure control unit, and fuel tank sending unit

    My impressions of the vehicle: A lot of bang for the buck, feature wise. Very comfortable for tall people, not really a replacement for a minivan if you're hauling 4 adults, a great center console, poor heating/a/c to the back seat..may as well not have had rear vents at all, loved the backup sensors and big mirrors, I thought the vehicle seemed a bit noisy in its later years.

    Hope someone finds this useful!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Thanks Brent! I love posts like these.

    Funny, Edmunds' True Cost to Own tool says the average cost per mile for a 2002 Rendezvous CXL is .42 a mile too, for my zip code anyway.

    Did you plan it that way?

    Steve, Host
  • tbullingtbulling Posts: 1
    My power window is not working. I hear the motor but the window does not nove. Could I get some help in how to remove the door panel? I have taken out a couple of screws but am afraid to pry/pull too hard! Help!
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Can anyone tell me if they have had a noise under their hood like a soft grinding noise from 0-30MPH? I have been to 2 dealers, they hear it, but haven't a clue. Finally, one got some report from GM that mentioned Camshaft issues, but rept. stated "Not an issue, won't affect performance or Safety." This car has got to go and I'm working on selling/trading it as it's been a year of much unhappiness as my posts indicate. Putting that aside, I'm wondering if anyone has heard of this? I can't drive the car in traffic w/o radio on, as the noise is more like a tea kettle on high boil sound. Air throttle came up on computer at dealers, so they replaced it, and guess what??? It wasn't that, so now they tell me they don't know, and to "ignore" it until it gets unbearable. It is,and they still don't know. Thank you in advance, gail :lemon:
  • jdksjdks Posts: 42
    It could be the wheel bearing!
  • mztrsinbadmztrsinbad Posts: 1
    Did you get any help with this question? I have the exact same problem.

  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Thanks for your response, JDKS. Funny thing..4 wks after buying this lemon, the actually had to replace the left front strut because it was slapping in the front! I'll keep that in mind next oil change to bring it up. Very frustrating vehicle for sure. :lemon:
  • mtrunzmtrunz Posts: 1
    Can I still get a copy of GM service bulletin 02 01 39 008?
    I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Is it true that production of the Rendezvous model has ended? Has anyone had any experience with the '06 RDVs? I'm thinking of trading in my [so far = 25K miles] trouble-free '04 on a new one before they're all gone. Thanks.
  • jb7227jb7227 Posts: 86
    Not true about end of Rendezvous production. The model will be out for one more year (2007) - I believe that the new Buick Enclave will replace the RDV for the 2008 model year. I am picking up my new CXL (FWD) tomorrow - cant wait. Got it in Cappucino Frost w/tan leather, navigation, 3.6L engine.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Thanks for the info, jb227. It sounds like there's no need to rush into a new RDV. Your new RDV sounds like a clone of the car I'm thinking of getting, an upgrade of my current ride.
  • red927red927 Posts: 118
    I have had an 06 for about 10 weeks. Black, AWD, grey leather, sunroof, 3.6 liter. Very comfortable ride, looks better in black than any other color (just my opinion). Nothing has gone wrong so far.

    Phil :)
  • dpullen4dpullen4 Posts: 12
    Is yours a CXL w/ captain seats by chance? If so, I'd be interested. I'm in Indianapolis.
  • Finally got my 2004 repaired today. We had a grinding noise in the steering column and "rub" from the right front of this junk pile since last year. When we took it in for service they found nothing wrong. It continued to get worse, and developed a rear end hop when driving over a rough patch at highway speeds. Today, they replaced the rack and pinion and the left front wheel hub. Fortunately, all under warranty, 31,515 miles. It has intermittent electrical glitches, nothing that can be reproduced when in the shop or shows up in the diagnostics. Lease ends in Sept and can't wait to get rid of it.
  • gail04gail04 Posts: 51
    Hi...I wish my 04 was a leased vehicle! I'd have a better chance turning it in than selling it! Just recovered from yet another leak due to sunroof tubes!! 3rd leak since Oct! GM pays, but that means nothing to me at this point-given days missed from work, rental car, delays and totally owning untrustworthy vehicle! We had the floods in NE, & the car has this issue. A whistle-tea kettle noise (incase others hear this) was finally resolved after months of 2 diff. dealers and threats! Air throttle valve was the first thing they thought to replace. It did resolve. This time, I told them I was leaving the car there & they could do whatever with it, given it was in for the leak in roof! They called GM, adivsed they replaced air throttle valve & was told it was a fuel regulator! This, was AFTER they tried to convince me I had Exceptional hearing, & to just LIVE with the noise, from 0-30MPH...Just a note to beware! This is an 04 w/now 10K miles. I can't stand to look at it, yet to trade, I will loose money. To sell, I'd have to be totally honest with buyer on the roof issue, as it's bound to come back again. Maybe you can turn it in ahead of time given it's not only a lease, but a LEMON?? :lemon:
  • roadkill57roadkill57 Posts: 1
    Now that my 2002 RDV is in the shop, today, and needing over $1600 in repairs for a leaky head gasket (yep, overheated and such), where do I tell my friendy Woody Buick service man to stick that bill? I thought I was going in for a new t-stat, flush and fill for about $200 bucks, wasn't expecting this. Please advise, thanks. Roadkill57
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    Just thought I'd share my experiences. In late 2003 I bought a very low mile used '03 AWD Rendezvous. I kept it until 72,000 miles. The problems I had included replacing the steering rack & pinion as well as the turn signal module under warantee. Out of warantee, I had a problem with a corroded wiring harness that apparently shorted out a couple sensors. Took two trips to fix, and a total of about $400. Maintenance included oil changes, a rear brake job, and new tires. I averaged 21.5 MPG in mosty highway driving, and had a total cost of ownership of 0.35/mile. I changed oil every 4000 miles, it never burned a drop and still looked clean when I drained the old stuff out. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with that vehicle.

    Last October I traded the '03 in for a very low mile used '05 AWD model. I now have close to 30,000 miles on this one and it hasn't been back for any repairs. Fuel milage is a little less, just over 20 MPG (my guess is that is due to the wider 17" tires on the '05). I'm using synthetic oil in this one, and changing it at 8000 miles, unless the oil change light comes on sooner (the oil life monitor usually goes about 10,000 miles in summer and 8000 miles in winter before it lights up - based on my driving conditions). Once again, I am very pleased with my second Rendezvous.

    I am tall, so I need a lot of head room and leg room. And due to back/hip problems, I need to have a wide seat that has a high, upright driving position and good back support. There is simply no other vehicle out there that has the combination of features I need with the possible exception of a few of the full size SUV's. But I can't afford the gas or the monthly payments on those.

    If you like the features of the Rendezvous, don't pay attention to the magazine critics who drive the vehicle for a day or two before telling you "everything there is to know about it". Listen to the people who have lived with the vehicle for many months and many thousands of miles.

    I would however, make a few recommendations:
    1. Stay away from the '02 models due to the sheer number of complaints.
    2. Buy an extended warantee.
    3. If you drive in the mountains regularly, look for one with the 3.6L engine.
  • eagle76eagle76 Posts: 2
    If anyone can respond as soon as possible, I'd really appreciate it. Does the 3rd seat in the 2006 CXL FWD fold absolutely flat away into the floor? Thanks so much.
  • Ok guys and prolly some Gals you guys have me scared as heck LOL I jsut bought a 02 CX with 48K on it. After my intrepid was a victim of the 2.7 sludge problem and now i read all these horror stories and have me nervous once again. are they really that bad?? I got the service record from buick on this car and its only been in the shop for some rear hatch release recall and its predelivery deal. what should i be worried bout i plan on switching to synthetic fluids at 50K and then hope the car last a while it will sit for 2 weeks at a time so not drivin much. i am sure that people concentrate on the negatives and not the positives but can someone giv eme some more insite thanks :)
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652
    I have the Pontiac version, but they share some of the same troubles. First thing if it has any kind of warranty I would wonder about the lower intake manifold gaskets if they were never changed. Feel free to send me a e-mail and I can send you a couple pics (or maybe I have it online somewhere and can send a link) that show what you may be able to see fom the outside to indicate leak. AC condenser may be a problem as well as BCM issues and wheel bearings. I think those are the most common items.
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