Buick Rendezvous

shane2shane2 Member Posts: 8
Has anyone seen any more info than is available on
the Buick website?
It could be a cheaper alternative to a Lexus RX300
if the interior materials a not too cheap and if
it has a quiet and refined ride.
It had better be MUCH cheaper than a Lexus RX300
or it will fail.
It is not nearly as ugly as the similar Pontiac
Aztek though.


  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Looks like it will be out in the spring as a 2002 model. From what I have read in car magazines, it looks pretty good. My thoughts are to wait and see as our next lease comes up in early 2002. The other one we are interested in is the Saturn SUV which will be out in fall 2001. Check www.saturnfans.com for a preview.
  • big_guybig_guy Member Posts: 372
    If I am not mistaken, isn't the Rendezvous the same vehicle as the Pontiac Aztek with different sheet metal skin and a more upscale interior?
  • mark189mark189 Member Posts: 107
    Both vehicles are built on the GM minivan platform. For that reason, I would be concerned about their safety and reliability. GM minivans consistently rank near the bottom on all crash tests.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    I have not researched the reliability of the GM minivan platform so I know nothing of its reliability. But since the Montana is made in GA and the Rendezvous is going to be made in Mexico I wonder if there are any differences in tooling or build quality? I suppose only the Aztek owners could shed any light on the subject.
  • mark189mark189 Member Posts: 107
    The fact that they'll be built in a different plant is a good point.

    I think the Silverado pick up is also built in Mexico and has low reliability (per consumer reports). The new Tahoe/Yukon is being built in Mexico and Wisconsin so reliability at each plant would be hard to pinpoint.

    However, almost across the board, GM reliability is poor, with the exception of Buick. So, maybe this will be one of the better ones.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    I have the brochure and have seen the website, but I have only seen one small glimpse of the interior. I drove an Aztek and bucket seat was narrow with deep side bolsters. It reminded me of a Fiero I used to have.

    I also cannot get a clear picture in my mind of the rear window angle. (Does it slope like the Aztek.Does anyone know of another source of pictures?

    I believe early projections were for it to be on the market around next March? Anybody hear anything new?
  • masboot1masboot1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 94 Buick Roadmaster SW which is presently losing its second driver side door panel. This is an extremely expensive item to replace and I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems with this car.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    nothing's falling off on the Rendezvous, because they are not building them yet.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    I was looking at the 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada on www.bravadasuv.com and found a list of shows it will be displayed at. One of them will be at the Texas State Fair for a month starting next week.

    Has anyone seen where a Rendezvous will be on display?
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    But I'm sure Buick'll bring it everywhere to get the word out. I'm looking forward to seeing it this November at the Tampa Auto Show.
  • koolguy123koolguy123 Member Posts: 37
    Hey everyone! Here's some news about the safety of the Rendezvous. Today on Edmunds I read that the Rendezvous and Aztek have a strengthened steel safety cage. As everyone may recall, the problem with the vans is that the safety cage buckled in a crash, hopefully the Rendezvous and Aztek's will improve crash test safety.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    its front grille looks like a dog's nose.

    It also looks like a rounded Mercury Mountaneer's grille.
  • bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    The Buick Rendezvous will debut in the spring of next year. It is built off of GM's minivan platform,which means that the only engine available is the 3400 V6. That engine produces only 185hp and 210 lb ft of torque. A little slow for my tastes. The Rendezvous will be offered in two trim levels with AWD standard in the top line trim, but available in the base trim. It will seat seven people and will have a fold flat rear seat. Buick has said this SUV will ride like a family sedan. It will have an independent rear suspension,and easy entry.
    As usual GM will have some gimmicks to attract some people to buy it. IMHO this seem like Buick really gave it some thought with th exception of the engine. Sorry this is long.
  • barresa11barresa11 Member Posts: 277
    Regardless of how one feels about the Rendevous, you've got to admit it looks better than the junior high sketch book penned Aztek. It will be interesting to see how the Buick fares against some of its stated competition; Lexus RS, Acura MDX, etc. It will also be interesting to see how it fares against vehicles such as the redesigned GMC Envoy and Olds Bravada. I'm sure it will be cross-shopped w/the Envoy and Bravada. It's interesting, just when I thought GM designers were hanging out in opium dens, they come along and design a couple of well styled SUV's, the 01' Envoy & Bravada.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    The Rendezvous will be powered by a 3.4 Liter V6. Is this engine currently used in any Buick? If not what is it used in besides the Aztek.

    By the way after the comment about the grille looking like a dog nose I have noticed a resemblance to the dog van in the movie Dumb and Dumber. I thought that was a cool van.
  • ratoxratox Member Posts: 12
    The 3.4 is not used in any Buick. It is a larger displacement version of the 3.1 used in the Century. It originated in 1980 as the 2.8 in the GM X-cars (Citation Skylark, etc). The 3.4 is currently used in the GM minivans (Venture, Montana, etc), and is the base engine in the Monte carlo and Impala, and optional in the Grand Am and Olds Alero. It's been around.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    Now I will know what to look for. I have never owned any one of those vehicles.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    I am not crazy about Rendezvous' rear. Not the view from the rear. Rather the way rear looks when one looks at the vehicle from front 3/4. It looks like it has a chopped off back - the line where metal ends and dark glass canopy starts is pretty unattractive. If you pretend that the rear glass canopy does not exist, the rear looks like a big Yugo.
  • cwmartincwmartin Member Posts: 89
    I have added pictures of the 2002 Buick Rendezvous to my "Unofficial General Motors SUV Information Site". The photos can be found on the 'Photographs' page of the site at http://suv.s5.com
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    In one of the pictures I could the back of the second row seats. I cannot tell if they are like the seats in the Aztek or not. For what I need the cargo space more than the seats.

    Does anyone know if the seats fold away or not?
  • bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    I know the third row seats will be able to fold flat,and I am pretty sure that the second row seats would be able to fold. I hope this helps.
  • cwmartincwmartin Member Posts: 89
    I just went to the GM media photo site to see if there were any more photos of the rear seats or interior. Sorry, but there is no other interior photos that I haven't already posted on my site. When Buick releases more photos, I will post them.

  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    I went to the Buick website, followed the string to the Rendezvous section. There was a statement about Florida State University setting up a Rendezvous website and a link. At the FSU Rendezvous website there was a showroom link. There I saw pictures of the back seat folded flat like my SUV. I expected the seat to operate like the Aztec, but it seems to be more conventional.

    Also I went back to the same website 2 hours later and did not get the same pictures so good luck.
  • js25js25 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know the base price for the Rendezvous?
  • camaclecamacle Member Posts: 15
    I remember something in the Lexus range, like 35K.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    A target price that I saw somewhere was to be under 30 thousand. But there are going to be three trim levels and I am sure the target price is for the lowest.

    I feel that it will have to be less expensive than the RX 300 because if they are the same price, the Rendezvous would not entice new customers. But GM has not called for my advice yet. Also the new Oldsmobile Bravada is going to be on the market in January for the 35,000 dollar range with its 270HP six cylinder as well as all the gadgets as standard equipment.
  • gmdronegmdrone Member Posts: 78
    I have been working on the Rendevous for the last year and a half. We completed the prototype build last spring, and in all honesty, the vehicle went together better than any other program that I have worked on in 20 years at GM. It is so much better looking and riding than the Aztec, you wouldn't believe that they are based on the same pan. The four inches of wheel base, and Buick's ride tuning make the two vehicles COMPLETELY different. The only complaint that I have, is that I'm not particularly fond of the way the grille and headlights fit into the look, but that is nitpicking, and as an engineer, I'm always looking for a way to [non-permissible content removed] at Styling. I hope that the price does come in significantly lower than the RS-300, because Buick will have a winner here!
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    As you can tell by my posts, I am very interested in the Rendezvous. I am ready to trade now but I am going to wait for the Buick to see the Buick. I think Buick already has a winner because I called my local dealer yesterday to see what news they had. I found out they already have a list that I could get on, but they did not know when they would get one. The salesman talked like he was selling snowballs in hell. If I have to wait for summer I do not know if I will make it.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    hey engineer, how come these cars (Aztek and Rendezvous) have engines produce only 180-something horsepower? Where were you when they were making the engine decistion? Why didn't they use the 3.8L engine? What about Olds 3.5L?
  • gmdronegmdrone Member Posts: 78
    You know, I wish someone had asked ME about using 180 ponies in a 3000 lb.+ vehicle! Unfortunately, I work in the Manufacturing side of the house, and they don't ask US about what we WANT to build, they only tell us WHAT to build. It reminds me of being in the service, do what the commander says, and for God's sake don't question his orders! Seriously, though, it has been explained to me that the decision to use a particular engine over another is usually a financial and capacity decision, and as most of our divisions are now run by the BRAND MANAGEMENT school of philosopy, all run by financial people. I and others like me at the General, often wonder where we could go, If we only had a "car Guy" running the company. The last car guys we had were Stempel and Reuss, I'm sure you know what happened to them! I have just been re-organized again last week, for the third or fourth time this year! If I had to make the decision, I'd stop sending so many 3.8 pushrods to Holden in Australia, spin up Flint Engine, and start installing the supercharged version into all these Aztecs, Rendevous, and the new Saab! I think it would be fun to race soccer moms down I-696 durning rush hour here.
  • barresa11barresa11 Member Posts: 277
    Hey, being that you were involved w/the engineering of the Rendezvous, could you address the concerns about the potentially devastating crash test results. I say this because both the Rendezvous and Aztek are based on the Montana/Venture/Silouette minivan platforms. These vans did horrendously in the crash tests and frankly GM should be ashamed. Afterall, these vans are marketed to families. Based on my limited (admittedly) knowledge of the structural integrity of the Aztek/Rendezvous, I couldn't, in good faith, recommend these vehicles to people that I care about.

  • ronhoovronhoov Member Posts: 1
    A couple of notes...I read in an auto magazine that the Rendezvous will be in the $27,000 price range. Does anyone else think GM needs to put larger wheels on this car? I think the ones they show now look a bit small, especially the rear ones. Larger wheels, IMO, would look a lot better and more distinctive.

    PS Does anyone know if OLds is going to get a version of this car? Yes, I know Olds has the Bravada but I'm thinking of a scaled down sub-Ute like these based off the same platform.
  • bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    From what I have read, there will be no Olds version. There may possibly be a Chevy version though.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    gmdrone, thanks for the honest update on the Rendevous! It's nice to get a "balanced" view from an insider. Like many of the others, on paper, this SUV looks like a perfect fit for me, but I'm concerned about the rediculously low horsepower engine for a 4000 pound, all wheel drive vehicle, along with the miserable crash test results of this platform's minivan. It's hard for me to imagine a corporation with century old brands like Buick and Oldsmobile, letting them continue to go down the drain by offering a new vehicle with an engine completely outclassed by the competition.
  • bporter1bporter1 Member Posts: 229
    I agree with that statement 100%.
  • gmdronegmdrone Member Posts: 78
    In all honesty, I cannot address the structure of the platform from a standpoint of crashworthiness. I CAN say that the Rendevous and Aztek have shorter wheelbases than the U-van (Montana, etc.. That in itself would say that the structure is enhanced, as well as the new reinforcements necessary to handle the all-wheel drive option on both of these vehicles. Remember that the Insurance Institutes tests have some serious real world problems, that is, no two collisions are the same and there are some non-survivable scenarios out there that just don't ever make it into the testing field. That said, I drove a pilot Rendevous the other day, with all-wheel drive, and I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the 3.4. It rode 100% BETTER than all of the Aztecs I have been in, and seemed to have more oomph as well. I'll keep you people updated as I drive more of them. I hope the Buick gets to market with as few quality problems as the Aztec, if it does, (I'm pretty sure it will), we should have a nice alternative to the mini-vans.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    gmdrone, if you're still out there, do you know if the SAAB version of the Rendevouz is going to have have the GM Europe 3.0L engine and if it is going to be built in the US or Sweden? Also, have you heard how assembly of the 2002 Envoy is going? As well as you said the Aztek was being assembled? Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • gmdronegmdrone Member Posts: 78
    Manke, as far as I know, the only engine available will be the 3.4l. The Saab will be built in Ramos, alongside the Aztek and Rendevous. It will not be marketed in Sweden, only in the USA. Speaking of the 2002 Envoy, I have recently been assigned to the extended wheelbase version of that vehicle, to be built in Shreveport, LA. This will be my first experience with a truck platform, so stay tuned for further developments...
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    Thanks for the update. In the brochure I've got, the '02 Envoy looks good. Since two out of the three kids are now on their own, we don't need the extended length.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    Does anyone know when the 02 Envoy is coming out? All I have read says early spring. My local Buick dealer says March would be the absolute earliest that he might get a Rendezvous and then mentioned his waiting list again. I was content the Rendezvous would satisfy my needs and I would wait. Now I may have to compare it with the envoy. The new Envoy/Bravada engine sounds evolutionary. My Jimmy loves gasoline and gas milage is a very important factor in my selection of its replacement. Does anyone know the city/hwy milage for the Envoy? All I read is 20.6 average.
  • deerlake7deerlake7 Member Posts: 176
    I think the milage for the Envoy is suppose to be 16/21. I was told that the Envoy is to go into production in January with actual vehicles hitting in February. It appears this will be the first of the Envoy/Bravada/Trailblazer trio to arrive.
  • bowtiebillbowtiebill Member Posts: 17
    Where is the place the Aztec/Rendevous are being built? Email me please.
  • brehmer1brehmer1 Member Posts: 5
    Two weeks ago I saw a Rendezvous at our local Buick dealer in Madison WI. I was very impressed!! It had a lot of head room in all the seats (3rd row seating was not in the car I saw) and the second row of seats were very comfortable. More length to the seat itself which has been absent from other GM SUVs. It sounds like it will have three option pkgs and it will come with AWD or just FWD and all leather or a leather/cloth combo.
    All in all it was a sharp looking car with a lot of functionality. I hope to be in one sooner rather then later.
  • woodybuickwoodybuick Member Posts: 33
    What is the name of the Buick store in Madison..does it begin with a Z? I am very curious to see one up close and in person..
  • brehmer1brehmer1 Member Posts: 5
    Yes, the Rendezvous I saw in Madison was at the "Z" dealership. They only had it for the one day that I saw it and it was only a touring display model. Talking to the dealer rep it sounds like there won't be any ready for delivery until this spring or early summer. However, if you are in the S.E. Wisconsin area I'd recommend going to the Chicago auto show in mid-February at the McCormick Place center to see a Rendezvous up close.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    This weeks Auto World has a front cover feature story on the Rendezvous. Very positive article and there were also some Buick sponsored advertisement in the issue. Highly recommend picking up a copy if you are interested in this vehicle.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Member Posts: 111
    I never liked a column shift much either. But the GMC Jimmy I now drive came with one and I have learned to appreciate it. I have much more room in the console area for storage, cup holders, etc. I now believe it not nearly as sporty but far more functional on the column.

    I do not know why Buick made the choice to put it on the column but the first thing that comes to my mind is that it may be cheaper to produce
    staying as close to the mini van format.

    Anyway those are my thoughts.
  • woodybuickwoodybuick Member Posts: 33
    Thanks for the info. Actually, I will probably get to see one up close and personal before most as I work for a buick store in chicago. When you said Z had one, I almost hit the roof seeing as we are one of the largest dealers in the zone. If they got one before us, that would not make me happy. Anyway, for those interested, I have some preliminary pricing on them. Base model will start at about 28K. The fully loaded with moonroof, chrome wheels, versatrac, etc. will come in about 34K. More info as I get it.
  • brehmer1brehmer1 Member Posts: 5
    What dealership do you work for?? When the Rendezvous comes in let me know... maybe we can work something out. I am interested to see how this car will stack up against the new Envoy, Bravada and Trailblazer. Do you have any idea how these will compare?
  • ninajalheninajalhe Member Posts: 3
    Is Rendezvous currently being production?

    When will it show up at dealers show room?

    Will we have a long wait list like MDX?

    $29~$34k is a little bit high than expected,
    any chance to be lower?

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