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Buick Rendezvous



  • boondocksboondocks Posts: 57
    Ok, I am not among the priveledged few who have seen one of these in person yet. If I were to choose captain's chairs for the second row, are they removeable like the bench seats? I need two carseats in my 2nd row, so I'd have almost no way to get people into the third seat without uninstalling the carseats each time if I went with the 50/50 bench. But I'd like the option of having the whole back available for those childless trips to the lumberyard, garden center, home depot, etc. I do tend to use my current SUV ('93 Bravada) like a truck pretty often.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Letters may suck but numbers are worse. I had rather drive a Rendezvous that no one can spell than an RX300 ;=) Too bad Outback has been used. I like that.
  • Yes, the 2nd row Cap'ts are removable just like the 2nd row bench.

    Cadillac is trying to copy the high end imports with their naming of cars. STS, ETC, DTS, CTS..etc. Cop-out in my opinion.

    About the pre-sell program. This is going to sound funny, but I have no idea what the differences are. We haven't had anyone attempt to buy one under that program. All I know is that Buick sent out playing cards. On the cards are a few different option packages. Other than that, you got me. On the flip side, I sold 2 "Gammera"'s on Saturday. For those of you buying them for 500 or less over invoice, CONGRATS!! Both of mine were sold for MSRP. I also happen to know that all the other dealers in the area are selling them for list. In fact, one dealer is pricing them at $1,000 over window and adding in the rust proofing for an additional $499 (cost is about $60). So, if you get a discount, you are doing well.

  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Skippy says thanks for the reminder. He's forgetful as well as sloppy.
  • fdogsfdogs Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if the RZV will be available with a rear seat DVD or VCP entertainment system? If not, can anyone suggest a QUALITY aftermarket system that can be added without looking like an aftermarket system.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I guess having a bit of French as a second language up here, Rendezvous spells easy for me. It's not the best name, but it's better than RX300 or CRV.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Our second language here in Texas is Spanish but I do not speak that either. Remember here in the deep southern United States we do not speak proper English either so that shold explain my spelling problems. Our math skills are worse than that so for get the numbers. ;=)

    I was remembering something my dealer told me when I first gave him my pre-order. He said it looked as if Buick was forgoing the destination charge on the pre-orders. Any answers on that.
  • pacinpelopacinpelo Posts: 142
    for this SUV attempt at Buick. Every reference by any material has been to the Aztek, but it is nice. I wish for a bigger engine with a little more pep.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    You must be among the first of us to have driven the Rendezvous! Tell us, what did you not like about the pep? Was it too slow off the line? Did you find the torque peaky? Maybe the gear ratios were not well placed?

    I haven't driven it yet and am really curious.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Having driven an Aztek, I find the power adequate. Keep in mind this is not marketed as an SUV but more of an urban recreation vehicle. One of the things attracting me to this vehicle is the gas mileage. If it had a 4.2L in it, I wouldn't be interested. Perhaps an optional 3.8 down the road would be good for people who want more power.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Dear Ruski, Why do you want a floor shifter?

    Hey, Woodybuick. Glad to see you back and congrats on the two Gammera sales. What trim level and options were they? Were they orders, or off the floor? Hope you don't mind the questions. I'm just trying to get a sense of availability, what people want, and how much they're willing to part with when paying sticker to get one. Thanks, CWJ
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    what the H3LL is a "Gammera"?


    What made you think about the Rendezvous? I looked at it because I have a two-year old and another on the way (October). We travel to Nana & Papa's house quite a bit and it gets crowded in our current car as I also like to take my golf clubs. We looked at vans and were ready to buy the Venture last year (until the dealer added a lot of "fees" to the price). I think I am the typical person Buick was marketing toward. My wife didn't really like the idea of a van, and the typical SUV is just too big for us. I also use the GMCard which limits our options. The RZV is the perfect compromise for us. So how does the RZV fit into YOUR lifestyle.

    With the pre-sell hype over with, the board has kind of slowed down. But I'm still here, lurking in the background... kind-of like our friend the host.

  • Neither was off the floor. My first "in-stock" RZV's won't be in until mid-May. The 9 coming in before that have already been spoken for. Here is what both people got:

    Diane- CX Opal Blue / Gray Cloth/leather. 1SD package. That's it. MSRP around $28,000.

    Bob- CXL Black / Gray Leather. 1SE package..6 disc, 3rd seat, Capt chairs, Moonroof. MSRP around $35,000.

    I don't have the exact numbers on my desk in front of me. I'll post a correction when I get back over here.

    CWJ, I don't mind the questions at all. I was visiting the Cadillac boards for quite sometime before I choose to come back to Buick. One thing everyone noticed is that I am not afraid to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, whether you like it or not. I prefer to be brutally honest than dance around an issue. Things never get confused that way. As far as deposits go, Diane is a past customer of mine, so she left me $500. Bob, someone I have never met before, had to leave me $2,000.

    One last thing. For anyone in the chicagoland area, my dealership is holding a special Rendezvous rollout party sometime in early June. Probably a wine and cheese type of party. If you are interested, you must e-mail me so I can send you out an invitation as we will not let anyone in unless you have one. I believe we are holding it on June 9th. Doors will open at 6:00pm and the party will continue until 9pm. I have been a part of one of these before and had an absolute BLAST! Of course, the free flowing chardonnay and pinot didn't hurt either 8P.

  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    Hi everyone! I am new to this board and will try to make this short. Important information: the sales manager (the salesman did not know) told me that the pre-sell period with the PIN number has been extended to May 31st with very attractive Smart Buy financing--but you must have the PIN number as it does not go against the dealer allocation. On April 27th I ordered my CXL loaded with a MSRP of $35,132--I paid $32,029 (or invoice + $500.00) and will wait in line. The dealer had just received 2 CX models that really looked great, and the sales manager said they would sell for MSRP as they knew they could easily get that much or more. As an aside, Buck PIN numbers are very valuable to those who received them--if you have one, check further and you should be able to cut an excellent deal now.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    Congrats on your order. I'm glad to hear that Buick extended the pre-sell program another month. Hopefully, it'll mean more people get better deals on the RZV.

    I'm curious, do you know the particulars on the Smart Buy financing? There were a couple of posts up topic mentioning lease interest rates of 5.5% or 5.25%. Are those numbers accurate and are there any "special" traditional financing rates that your dealer mentioned? I'm still considering a lease but leaning towards a traditional loan.

    Also, I'll ask first, what color combo did you order?

    I'm hoping that Buzzbo's or BYM's RZV arrives soon so we can at least get some real feedback on this critter.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    ra1der5 - You sound exactly like me! We have two kids and grandma and grandpa just around the corner. We didn't want a minivan (my mother-in-law has a Venture) but the Chevy Tahoe is too big.

    The Dodge Durango and 2002 Ford explorer were good competition but ultimately lost to Buick for more car-like interior, more features for the money, and better reputation for reliability. Also couldn't beat the GM Card bonus on top of GMO pricing.

    bertoli - I too would love to hear about low interest financing for pin number pre-orders...nobody told me anything at the dealership. Right now Pentagon Federal Credit Union is offering 6.49% for 60 months...which is the lowest I've found so far. Maybe Greenspan will help us out over the coming weeks?
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    No doubt... two kids, traveling to visit grandparents, we both order the CXL in bright white with light sandrift. Scary.

    We currently travel to my in-laws in an Accord (my wife's car before we married). I am able to fit the traveling playpen, high chair, clubs, and most of our luggage in the trunk but the room gets tight around Christmas time when we have to add gifts and we stay for a longer period. With the car seat in the middle of the back seat, it makes it hard to fit an adult in the back. It will get worse as we have the second child.

    The RZV will solve those problems. The cost is more that I wanted, but the GMCard makes it worth while. You got a GREAT deal with your GMO. I was $245 over invoice and you paid about $1,500 less... without the haggling I take it.

  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    Bertoli, I caught the sales manager at 8:00 P. M. as he was locking up, so we only had time to write up the physical order, and I did order an AWD CXL with the Black\Graymist option with the 1SE package, the 6 CD changer, the third row seat, a sunroof, and captain's chairs (I figured my 12 year olds would get a kick out of those). The sales manager, as best as I can recall, did mention 5.5% and SmartLease and SmartBuy financing, which he said was not available unless you had the PIN number. Apparently, this program is great for those who received them as not only do you get great financing but also your order is supposed to go to the front of the assembly line in Mexico. I hope this information helps, and if it helps any further, my dealer is in Dallas and was very eager to deal and be accomodating.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    I'll give my dealer a call this week and see what he has to say about the GMAC financing available on the Rendezvous. If they're offering 5.5% on the SmartBuy option then I may start kicking myself for not opting for the 1SE pkg. with the thrird row seat.

    Woody, so no one has brought a pin# into your dealership and you're in/near Chicago right? that surprises me but then again did Buick only
    give out 5000 pin #'s. My # was in the high 200's
    and I didn't receive it until early-mid March. It seems to be only a four digit number, not that it makes a difference but is anyone else curious about this.
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    Interesting, my pin is a three letter two number combo. We received ours in late March.

    Regarding the number of cars sold during the presell program, it appears that Buick was looking to sell 5,000. That's not necessarily the number of PINs issued. Statistically they would have to issue more PINs to reach their goal of 5,000 as some who receive PINs won't order. Likely, they would sell the presells to the first 5,000. If one of the previous posts is correct, they didn't achieve that goal and the presell has been extended to May 31.


    Regarding moving the presells to the front of the line, I wonder how they will do that knowing some will be AWD and others FWD... as well as the various options they must add. Buick said in the presell packet that our vehicles would be "slated for production BY August 1". Personally, I wouldn't mind waiting that long so that I can build up my GMCard earnings.


    Did anyone else see the note regarding the option packages at the bottom of the order card?

    "To drive a Rendezvous home early, you must pick one of the three option decks (deck of cards in the presell game). Your dealer can help you put together an option package customized to your specific needs, but only as part of an order scheduled for production after this presell period".

    IMO, this means if we ordered ANYTHING that was not on the presell cards, it doesn't count as a presell car.

    Go Raiders!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Talk about scary! I forgot we got the same color scheme on our RDV's. We also currently have a Honda Accord for a family car, which handily carries portable crib, stroller, and diaper bag to grandma's house...but no more than that.

    We live only five minutes from grandma so we often load up with them in their minivan and do things together. The RDV will allow the six of us to travel in high style and comfort now!
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293

    Leave Skippy out of it. He's my evil twin and I have enough trouble keeping his poor grammar and typos out of my posts without you encouraging him (see #301 above).

    Gammera is what I shall be naming my own Rendezvous (see #289 for initial reference and explanation). Woodybuick used the name in his own post #309. So I just repeated it back to him in my question.

    My story? We ski a lot, which means we haul a lot of equipment and go out in bad weather on purpose. This is a good mileage (for the type)all weather vehicle, that looks very nice, with lots of frivolous luxuries to help me forget I'm driving a van/truck hybrid that has a back on it long enough to throw skis in flat on the floor. Wife loves it as well.

  • Hi. We just ordered the FWD CX w/ 1SD package + 3rd Row seats. Dealer said program was 5.5% money factor and 55% residual under Smartlease (w/ 12k mi/yr). The rear seat audio that comes w/ 1SD should be great for our current 1-1/2 and 4 year olds for the next 3 years. We expect to get the To Production Date this week!

    QUESTION: Re: Heads up "EyeCue" display. I saw a 12/2000 dealer option listing that showed it as part of the 1SD. I then saw a more recent version that showed it as an option available if you get the 1SD. Finally, when we ordered it a couple weeks ago, the dealer's computer showed a "$0.00" price on it, couldn't include it in the car we built, and then was told that EyeCue was not yet available and they had no price on it.

    Does anyone have info on whether this truly is/isn't available?

    Thanks all!
    - Neil
  • We are a (mulitple time) past SmartLease customer. The dealer was pretty sure we could get the security deposit waived, which is a good deal. However, is there any way to reduce/eliminate the $525 acquisition fee they charge?

    Alternatively, would my dealer be willing/able to shop the lease to other leasing companies that might offer a better overall deal on money factor and/or residual?

    We've already negotiated a cap cost amount that we're all happy with.

    - Neil
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    In your "Note to all:" you ask if anyone noticed that if you tried to change the presell "packages" it didn't count as a presell car. Well, Heck, that's what I was trying to ask about and get at (obviously ineffectually) in my post #236! and several other posts thereafter when I said that these THREE so-called "pre-sell packages" appeared to be "written in stone." Are they? I honestly don't know. Neither all of you collectively, Buick, nor the three dealers I contacted gave me an answer I trusted.

    I guess I'm just surpised that this was news to any of you that the presell program at least SEEMED to include ONLY three very specific combinations of packages and other options. That's why I posted the website that was my sole source of information and asked if that differed from anyone else's information.

    What's the truth? Who knows? Obviously not us. That's why I decided to take no chances and order my Rendezvous exactly as the website suggested it ought to be configured? Was I taken? Again, who knows? All I do know is that the deal I got made the extra options worthwhile.

  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    The sales manager indicated that pre-sell orders are moved up in the production line, although I am not exactly certain as to the process. The sales manager also indicated it would make it to Dallas in 4-6 weeks which surprised me. Again, I believe it has something to do with the all-powereful PIN program which gives the dealer a lot better attractive financing options as opposed to not having one from the buyer and more conventional (e.g., higher) financing rates. I will keep the board posted as things progress.
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    I understood your questions regarding the differences in the presell options and the regular option packages. I had similar questions last week. The dealer and I tried to verify the differences with Buick THREE TIMES and received THREE DIFFERENT answers. I'm with you, I do not trust the answers I have been given. BTW; did you ever call Buick to try and verify the differences in YOUR package? Did your dealer?

    I wanted the trailer/tow. The presell info said my option package came with the trailer/tow, but the dealer had problems ensuring the trailer/tow was on the car. Taken literally, I didn't ADD anything. The dealer ordered my car EXACTLY as it appears in the presell package.

    The point I am making here is, if we added anything else that WAS NOT in the presell package, such as the 6 disc stereo or the second row captains chairs, it appears the order WOULD NOT be considered a presell.

    In that case, are those orders moved to the front of the line? Not according to the presell info it isn't. And if it isn't considered a presell, what is the dealer doing with our PIN? Is he ordering another RZV that will come into the dealership before ours? Is that fair?

    I'm just used to asking these questions in a business deal... especially when it comes to dealing with car dealerships. No offense to those on the board who are dealers, but we backed out of buying the Venture last year simply because the dealer was playing these types of games.

    Go Raiders!
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    Buick got the pre-sell program out the door and into the hands of the potential customer before they finalized the option packages.

    As someone mentioned way up topic, Buick may have had to juggle a few things in the option groups to make the numbers work, ie...get the pricing right.

    Obviously, this has led to a lot of confusion among us pre-sell customers, who are assuming the info on the cards and pre-sell web page is accurate. To add to the confusion, the dealers are pretty much clueless about the pre-sell program and as some have pointed out Buick is not helping clarify things either. Take a look at some of the web pages offering pricing on the Rendezvous, the prices for the option packages and other options may be close, or right on, but there are variations when it comes to what's included in the different packages.

    When I ordered with the PIN#, I asked for the CXL with the versatility pkg., 6CD changer and memory seats. The dealer plugged in the PIN# and told me everything looked good. I *assume* there would have been some kind of "red flag" if there were a problem with the order.

    It'll be interesting to see what we all end up with but I'm willing to wager I'll get the options that are included on the "Car and Driver" price guide for the CXL versatility pkg., minus the tire inflation monitor, which seems not to be available; the 6CD changer; and the memory seats.

    A couple of weeks ago I tried calling the toll free number listed on the pre-sell card to get some updated information. The Buick telephone drone told me to contact my dealer...sheesh, my dealer was amazed I could order one before he could.
  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    As I mentioned in an earlier post, my salesman (BTW, a GM "Professional Sales Guild" member) had no idea what the pre-sell or PIN program was about; the sales manager quickly told him about the program, and he (sales manager) seemed to know a lot about it. Therefore, I am not surprised to read some of these posts and understand all the confusion surrounding this program. Apparently, Buick did not do a thorough inundation of key sales personnel before the program broke and some confusion and/or lack of knowledge persists even to this day. And amen to Bertoli! The toll-free number is less than helpful, to say the least.
  • boondocksboondocks Posts: 57
    How did you guys get these cards? By being a previous Buick owner? Previous GM owner?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Some people got cards in the mail, although I don't know how they got them. I got "virtual" cards by registering at the Buick Rendezvous website several months ago.

    I received an e-mail from Buick with a link to a "pre-sell" website which allowed me to look at the cards and print a "Pre-order" form with a PIN number at the bottom.

    If you have read through the posts, you'll see it's all very confusing (more so to Buick than us).
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293

    Yep, like you I called Buick. They were pleasant and helpful but did not inspire confidence. Did my dealer call? Don't know. I didn't ask if he did or press him to do so since I wasn't trying to build the car in any way different from the website's $35,152? version (I've got a theory on this price, but would still like to know for certain from where the extra $20 comes on each of the three pre-sell MSRP quotes).

    Confusion or not, my sense is that the regulars, folks like BY, Buzzbo, Tony, Fed, you, and me have done the best they could to get the vehicle configured the way they wanted. We all have orders in at prices we are willing to pay, and second guessing the details of the program as to exactly when our vehicles are going to be built is not going to be productive. At worst, I have to believe we're no worse than anyone else putting in an order now and paying MSRP.

    Since I ordered my vehicle tricked out to the max, I expect everything that could be attached, added, fitted, installed, bolted, substituted, etc will be a,a,f,i,b,s,etc.'d. In my case, if my vehicle shows up without something, I've got plenty of amunition to say this is not what I ordered. I guess I'd only worry if I ordered something lower down the foodchain like "ingoldman1" did. There Buick and the dealer have the wiggle room to say that such and so was not included in the this or that package. So unless you have reason to believe that your Rendezvous may not arrive with the features you thought you were ordering, I'd sit back and relax. If you really, really, have to know whether or not your order is a "presell" order, then check out the order form your dealer submitted for you. I don't have mine with me, but your PIN number should be in the "DAN" field which I think is the "Dealer Access Number" or something similar. There should also be a three letter option code among the options indicating that yours is a special order. If you check out the dealer instructions on the pre order sheet on the Buick presell website, you'll see what I mean.

    Boondocks, I got my presell offer in exactly the same way as did Fedlawman.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    When I ordered my pre sale, the computer would not take any other options nor substitutions for what was on the pre-sale packages. That is why I ordered the versitility package because the towing package was my top priority. I think I will drop by the dealership today and see if they know anything.
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Well, we're still waiting for our RZV to show up. From talking to our salesman, he's still as much in the dark as we are. The est delivery date on our invoice is now blank, and it still shows it as in transit. So its on a truck or a train someplace. Too bad I can't track the thing like a UPS package.

    I'll post more when I know more...
  • dforrdforr Posts: 51
    ...that you change your mind after ordering. What happens then?
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    I asked my dealer the same question before I ordered, he said it wouldn't be a problem for me or him. He'll have a an extra RDV he can sell for more money.

    Also, in most situations, I don't think you're on the hook legally/officially until you drive off the lot in your new vehicle. I don't think many dealers would try and keep your deposit money if you have a legitimate concern/problem with the vehicle or deal.

    On another note, I tried calling GMAC and Buick today reference any financing deals on the pre-order RDV's. Neither GMAC or Buick was of any help, I guess I'll just sit tight for a few days and see what develops.
  • gtegte Posts: 1
    I have been reading about the Rendevous and wish to test drive one, but my local dealer has yet to get one in. has anyone test-drove this thing? how's handling on a AWD with tow package? Anyone in FL have one to test drive??

    FL Driver
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    I went by my dealership and he said it still said in transit so there is no way of telling when it will arrive. I should check with the local bookies to see if they are taking bets on the arrival date. :)

    Also as far as being committed when the truck arrives, my salesman said the same thing. "If you do not want it I have a waiting list of interested people." So he did not even want a deposit.
  • pacinpelopacinpelo Posts: 142
    I have yet to drive the Rendevous, I am waiting my dealer to call. After driving the Aztec I expect the difference to be Buick's cushy ride. I am not a fan of the engine GM is using in these vehicles. Call it an SUV or whatever but GM needs to get off this 185 hp engine, with the competition in this market being what it is. I do not know why the 3800 series engine wasn't used as this would be ideal....JMHO.

    I love the Rendevous and consider buying one as I will be in the market, but want to see what the buzz is after this is out a bit and GM decides to up the ante as they seem to do after the first model year or two based on consumer feedback, I can imagine a Motor Trend survey where owners are cited saying they would like more power especially when loaded up. GM has this now with the current minivan scenario, loaded with passengers and gear and you are not going anywhere.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    The greatest concern I have at the moment is whether the 3.4 is up to the task of moving the RDV with a bit of a load on it. Though you can't complain about the anticipated gas mileage as stated, at the moment I'd feel better if Buick had gone with the 3800 series as well.

    From what I gather from the Aztek crowd it doesn't seem to be a problem, but then again the Buick is heavier from the start...I'm going to take a close look at this when I finally get to drive one.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I think Buick should have used the 3.8L engine. After all it is a Buick's engine to start with.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    As I have mentioned before, I have a lot of experience driving the 3.4 L since my mother-in-law owns a Chevy Venture extended. To anyone who thinks the 3.4 L is lacking, put away your concerns. I routinely drive the Venture with 5 adults and two kids + gear (I estimated 1200 lbs. of payload during one weekend trip) and never found the Venture lacking. This minivan is very eager off the line, even when fully loaded, and never thinks twice about passing on the highway!

    Not that I race it often but, I have surprised more than a few kids in their Integra's and Eclipse's who thought they would shoot ahead of me from a stoplight, only to find that they couldn't...I especially enjoy the kids waving at them as they try in vain to pass me.

    By the way, compare the numbers to the Lexus RX 300 and you'll find they aren't too far off:

    220 hp vs. 185 hp
    222 tq vs. 210 tq
    3900 lbs vs. 4000 lbs.

    Of course the 3.8 L would have been a better performer, and I doubt it costs more to produce. I have no idea why they didn't use it, but I'm sure most people won't miss it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    With gas already getting near U$2 / gallon, I can live with out the better 0-60 times. We rented a 3.4L Montana in Chicago last year and it was fine with 5 adults in it. I'm not worried at all. I heard today that summer gas could hit U$2.50+ this summer. Yipes!
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293

    Since I see you're still watching this topic, I'm still curious. Why would you want a floor shifter? CWJ
  • wcammackwcammack Posts: 11
    My salesman telephoned me today to let me know my order was going through except as follows: if I changed the wheel selection on my CXL from chromed aluminum to brushed aluminum it would be in Dallas in six to eight weeks. However, if I wanted the chromed aluminum wheels, it would delay my order to September for some reason. I just wanted the board to know that the chrome wheels masy be in short supply for a while, and I went ahead and ordered the brushed aluminum wheels to expedite the delivery.
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    Which CXL option package did you order? Did you order anything extra or was it the straight package? Did you add the chromed wheels and now are reverting back to the original set? When did you place your order?

    Just curious.

  • johnl5johnl5 Posts: 3
    Finally got to drive and see the new Rendzevous. It was a CXL with everthing but a sunroof. The interior was well appointed, but didn't care for the use of cheap plastic on a lot of the dash components and the speedometer is labeled differently then any car and it was very confusing to read. The heads up display was very cool and makes up for the hard to interpret speedometer. I was waiting to see if this was the SUV to buy, but unfortunately the power was a huge disappointment. The 3.4L is way under powered for the over 4200lb vehicle. I drove it on the expressway and it had no passing power. My 1996 Grand Caravan with a 3.8L & approx. 164HP puts it to shame. I too drove a friends Olsmobile Siloutte with the 3.4L and thought it wasn't bad at all, but in the Rendzvous this engine is anemic. I also noticed on turns it leaned more than I liked probably also due to its weight. I was really hoping that this was the car I have been waiting for, but Buick blew it in the drive train department (They should fire the drive train team). This engine is not even updated with dual overhead cams. Why they didn't design this with at least their 3.8L when all their comnpetition has had a better engine for years is beyond me. They just made my decision easy. I will not spend 30K plus on a vehicle that is slower than my 5 year old minivan.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Have you driven an Aztek? The reason I ask is that Aztek power is very good and I find it hard to believe that Rendezvous can be that much different. As I said before, my main concern is gas mileage so I'm willing to give up some 0-60 time.

    I read in the local paper that a 3.8L option may be coming for 2003.
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Just got the call from our dealer that our RZV is in. So, we're going there tonight to check her out. However, here's the initial info I have. We ordered the CXL with the Luxury Package through the pre-sell program and we did not get the captains chairs and the third row seat. Instead, we got the bench seats and the cargo system. According to the pre-sell, we should have gotten the 3rd row and caps chairs, however, their district manager made some calls and it sounds like there was a rolling change to the program and those items appear to have been pulled form the pre-sell luxury package. However, contrary to some rumors, we did get the heads-up display, so that has not been delayed. And it appears that the pre-sell program did get us the RZV sooner, as the dealer hasn't even gotten any of their allocation yet. :)

    I'll post more tomorrow once I've checked it out a bit tonight.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    I ordered mine so long ago I was hoping to be the first, but it did not happen. I still have heard nothing from mine except "in transit". I wonder if there is anyone I can call to have them push the On Star button and let me know where it is.
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