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Buick Rendezvous



  • sr_bodysr_body Posts: 23
    ...but it's not a duck. Classic Aztek/Rendezvous marketing department mentality. It's built on a minivan platform but they still call it an SUV. Why?

    Apart from the fact that the Aztek/Rendezvous has four forward-hinged doors, they are no different from other GM minivans. They (Aztek/Rendezvous & the other GM minivans) all have the same ground clearance, none of them can tow a decent sized boat, none of them have standard-sized truck tires, and none of them have off-road capable suspension articulation. Other than that nifty AWD option (lots of cars have this too, but they're not called SUVs) there's nothing on them that says "sport" or "utility".

    At least the Buick is decent looking. Even trendy-ish. It would blend in on a lot with other luxury SUVs.

    Next thing you know, someone's going to take an ordinary car, give it some ground clearance, and call it an SUV. What? Someone already has? Honda CR-V & Toyota Rav-4? Oh yeah, I forgot about those other SUV wannabes...
  • lbthedoglbthedog Posts: 198
    Next thing you know, someone's going to take an ordinary car, give it some ground clearance, and call it an SUV. What? Someone already has? Honda CR-V & Toyota Rav-4? Oh yeah, I forgot about those other SUV wannabes...
    <<<Don't you mean "Eagle" the late AMC? Is it the trucks are turning into cars or the cars are turning into trucks. Maybe some people don't want either and want something in the middle. Hey if you want to pull big boats, this isn't for you. But if you just want to lug a family of four (or five or six) you can't get a wood grained Country Squire any more. Sure hope this board doesn't get as mucked up as the Aztek one did.
  • rkuehnrkuehn Posts: 120
    Aztek apparetly has an interior bike mount available, though I've never even seen a picture. Does the Rendevous have one, or will the Aztek's work?
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I am glad that these "crossover vehicles" are becoming so popular and I believe that they are being designed and manufactured in response to consumer demand.

    I am considering the Rendezvous for my next vehicle because I NEED a minivan but WANT an SUV. The Rendezvous fits me because it is more rugged and all-weather capable than a minivan (good for Seattle winters), yet more economical than a full-size SUV...and it will even fit in my garage!

    On a recent trip to Southern California, I saw a multitude of Suburbans, Expeditions, and Sequoias with gold fenders, running boards, chrome wheels, etc., and not a single trailer hitch to be you think they ever leave the macadam?

    If a person wants to purchase a $35,000 truck, insure and maintain a 4X4 transaxle, and guzzle a gallon of gas every 14 miles, more power to them...especially if they actually use it off-road and/or tow a trailer. Personally, I prefer to spend about $27,000 (invoice) for a nicely equipped AWD minivan alternative and put the savings into my 401K and kids college funds.

    PS: dindak - my mother-in-law has a Chevy Venture and you're right, the 3.4L is plenty powerful...even loaded with the family. In fact, I have surprised more than a few people at stoplights and on-ramps with the Venture's acceleration (it has a nice growl at full throttle too).
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    dfwsunset : I think it may be time to take your bitterness somewhere else. You really are adding nothing to this thread.

    fedlawman : After sitting behind the wheel and having tested an Aztek, I'm pretty sure I will like this vehicle. No it's not really an SUV, but I like it anyway. It doesn't look like a van and that is key for my wife who will likely be the primary driver. 3.4L is a very decent engine and compared to those 4 cyl RAV4s and CRVs I'm sure it will rock.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Well, I just spent the weekend driving my mother-in-law's Chevy Venture and critically evaluated it pretty much all weekend long. It is the extended version, purchased new through GMO in 1998, and has 53,000 miles on it. Here are my observations:

    1. Great power! Even loaded with 4 adults, 2 kids, and luggage, it has quite impressive acceleration down low. It fizzles out at high RPM and above 3rd gear, although it downshifts smartly and accelerates with authority when passing at freeway speeds.

    2. Smooth and serene ride, numb steering and road feel. Although it corners like a sedan, it feels disconnected from the road a little (although I am used to driving a Firebird and a Miata).

    3. Build quality. The fan doesn't work at setting #1, the rear wiper makes a moaning noise, the left front brake makes a clicking sound, and a piece of plastic trim is broken near the sliding door track.

    4. The body feels just a little loose when going down the road, as though the van is not quite as heavy as it should be. As the helicopter pilot saying goes, it feels like "a thousand parts flying in loose formation."

    I wonder how many of these issues (ride and body integrity) are related to the increased interior and exterior dimensions of an extended van and whether the Rendezvous will have more sound deadening, structural integrity, etc. I am also concerned about the annoying foibles that GM seems to be famous for...especially in a new model. I imagine that the Aztek posts might be a good place to gather information.
  • I took a little vacation...

    Let's see if I can remember most of the questions

    Trailer Hitch: Yes, you will need to have one installed. The wiring for the trailer will be there.

    GMO: Normally, we will never turn down GMO or GMS orders. This vehicle is a special case. Buick has given us 98 redezvous's for the entire 02 season. Can we get more..hopefully. Come August when I have a few on the lot, we will start to honor GMO and GMS pricing.

    GMCARD: Warren is right. On the Rendezvous yuo have the amount based on the type of credit card you are using..either $3,500 or $2,000 (I mistakenly said $1,500, I apologize).

    Now, on with my rant...

    Fedlawman: Your numbers on leasing are quite accurate except for one thing. The lease rate. MB and Acura do not incentivise their rates, GM does. That makes up the difference in the residual. One more thing. 70% of the buick population pays cash for their vehicle. What will most likely happen is that Buick will up the residual when it sees how many people are coming over from MB, Acura, BMW, etc. When you combine these two things, buick will have a hit on their hands.

    To whoever said quality on the GM products is terrible: What do you mean Buick hasn't built a quality car since 1990??? Does the fact that Buick is the highest quality car out of all GM impress you? Probably not. Does it impress you that Buick has a higher quality rating than any other american car? Again, probably not. What about Buick being better than BMW? we are talking. Oh yeah, it's better than MB also. The LeSabre is the best selling full size sedan for 9 STRAIGHT years. Yeah, the quality on that car is terrible. I see them in the shop CONSTANTLY!! I wonder what they are doing with all that used up oil coming out of them. Wonder why people keep buying them. BTW, the brakes on the regal and century were changed in the 97 model year. The brakes on the Rendezvous are different from them. GM learned from their mistake. They paid the price, but they learned.

    Rkuehn: Nope, no bike mount. Aztek is marketed as an all purpose vehicle. Rend is going to be your traditional luxury x-over vehicle. Different markets

    dfwsunset: Ok, ok. The brakes on the w-body cars sucked. Everyone knows this. Rendezvous is not a w-body car. It is a whole new product using parts that have been out for a few years on other models. The only new "concept" is having Motorola design a new electrical system for the car. However, this new system has been used in planes for almost 30 years. It involves a central cable rather than 500 wires wiring everywhere. Everything plugs into the cable. One computer handles most of the operation of the car. I guess my advice would be to wait for your settlement check. Also wait on telling everyone the Rend is a piece of junk before you have even ever sat in one.

    Disclaimer: It is quite possible that I confused some of the names with their prior statements. If I used your name in error, it was just that. Please let me know so I can take you off my hit list on the next set on rants =)

  • The CXL model will be available in a cloth seat also. In my opinion, it is ugly, but to each his own. I hope that eases the pain of leather on a Texas summer day!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I have been roaming the Aztek forum for a while. The owners are finding the Aztek to be very reliable and fairly problem free. I think the Rendezvous should be a quality product from the start.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Since the trailer package does not include the hitch. Does Buick already have one I can buy or do I have to go for an aftermarket? My build date is one day this week but I do not know when it will arrive and I would like to make it ready to pull my boat as soon as possible.

    I think you misunderstood my leather seat question. The one I ordered has the versitility package (1sd I beleive) with leather seats. In the summer I get a lot of salty sweat on the drivers seat and I would like to cover it for protection but do not want to put something that looks like the sale pages of JC Whitney. Any suggestions?
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49

    I received Buicks promotional package on the Rendezvous which included an option to pre-order and what Buick claims is a priority build time.

    My questions are this, would this promotional order count against a dealers allotment for the year and do you think the priority build claim is valid or just a marketing gimmick?


  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    At first I thought it was a sales gimmick but as I have said earlier I was overdue to trade waiting for the Rendezvous to come out so I pre ordered as soon as I could. Now according to my local dealer, my vehicle may arrive before his and he wants to let it sit on the floor for a few days. I did not ask whether it would count toward his allocation. When I see him again I will ask. Hopefully he will call me in a week or so to tell me it is here.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    You must be getting excited as your build date is this week. Very exciting!
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Since the time is finally getting close I am getting excited. When I called the salesman he told me the build date is the week of April 9th instead of the 2nd. So he says we should see it around April 23rd to the 1st of May. That was the bad news for me.

    Now the good news for bartoli is the salesman told me the per sell did not count against the dealership's allotment. The 5000 per sale units were separate from the dealer allotment production. But I wonder if the dealer allotment will increase with the increased production caused by the stall in Aztec production.
  • Buzzbo: You would need to hit the aftermarket store for the hitch. It is a class III type I believe.
    As far as the seat covers go, I honestly don't have the foggiest. Buick doesn't make any seat covers for any products that I am aware of. I have had a customer go to a custom trim shop (like one you would go to for repairing a seat cushion on a boat) and have the shop custom make one for you. Pros: great fit and finish, you decided on the color and quality of material. Cons: Might be cost prohibitive. Again, I have most of the answers, just not all =)

    Bertoli: Even I have conflicting reports on this. Some of the material I haved received say that any "pre-order" cars won't be built until early August. Others have said right away. In either case, non of these sales go against dealers allocation. My first five are being built as we speak. 2 weeks and they should be in. I can't wait to try this thing out!
  • hiker1hiker1 Posts: 9
    I'm concerned with some comments that a GM card cannot be used for more than $3,500. My current earnings are $6,300 I jumped on the GM card when it first came out, moved up to the Gold card when it came out and maxed my purchases every year. I actually reached $6,990 in earnings several months ago and have gradually been losing earnings because I've been using the card for more than the 7 year earnings limit. (I've always paid off my debt every month and have never paid GM a dime in interest) I plan on using the earnings in one shot on my next purchase (Rendezvous? Envoy? Trailblazer?). I don't recall receiving anything from GM stating anything to the contrary.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I'm not sure about the American GM Card, but the Canadian one is limited to $3500 per vehicle. I have redeemed twice so I'm only at $900 at this point.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    All I can tell you is that I have gone to and sent them questions via email (contact us) and they have answered every question incredibly fast. Good Luck. I wish I had gotten the care as early as you did. I only get to redeem $1500.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    I think I'll go see my local dealer and find out
    what kind of deal I can make with the pre-order option.

    Since the pre-order doesn't count against a dealers allotment I would assume I might be able
    to negotiate a decent deal....

    Woody, one more question, if I order and then for some reason I want to back out of the deal after delivery to the dealership, I am committed or would a dealer consider this an extra vehicle he can sell...tho I guess there might not be holdback available on that vehicle?
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I was checking out a new 02 Envoy a couple of days ago and I asked the sales man when the Rendezvous was coming in. He said he thought it would be in the fall. GM Canada web site says spring. I bit my tounge.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    My local dealership did not even want me to give them a deposit. They felt if I backed out of the deal there would be no risk of being stuck because it would sell quickly. As far as the deal I am paying sticker because I did not have the time to wait.
  • Hiker: $3,500 is the max you can use in one shot. $500 per year for 7 years. It sounds like you have the other card (accrue as much as you want), but the timing isn't right. GM Card may have screwed up somehow.. I'd e-mail them.

    Bertoli: You can pay for the car, sign every bit of paperwork you want, drive it around on their lot for 200 miles, and still not be obligated to the vehicle. Once your taillights pass over the curb, it is your vehicle. That is the law in Illinois anyway.
  • fdogsfdogs Posts: 9
    I see in the "Interesting" post that the Rendezvous is scheduled for Mid-May arrival at dealerships. Everything I had heard to this point indicated Mid-April. Anybody have any more information on these dates?
  • yachtieyachtie Posts: 29
    I checked out the Rendezvous at the auto show here last week and was disappointed with the finish of the vehicle.
    The chrome above the grille was all wrinkled and creased , obvious for anyone to see and the finishing of the rear side windows/rubber misaligned. I did not take a very close look at it as these items initially put me off.

    It never ceases to amaze me how GM can show such shoddy products at an auto show where they are in competition with the world. They did the same thing last year with a terribly flawed Chev Malibu
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Check out message 65 about the Detroit auto show. Apparently there were two Rendezvous there which one may have been an early prototype with poor fit and the other with good fit. I have no idea why GM would do this but I can never figure why any bueracracy does anything.
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    To all who use the OLD GM Card:

    I have used the OLD GM Card since January 1993. Currently, I have over $4K earnings toward a new car. After seeing some of the posts on this board, I sent an email to GM Card (using the web site), informed them of the earnings reported on my statement, and asked if I was able to use ALL of my earnings to purchase the Rendezvous.

    Answer: YES! OLD GM card earnings ARE NOT limited in any way. If you have $6K of earnings saved, you can use them all toward a Rendezvous.

    My advice; send an email to GM Card yourself and receive a reply via email. Then you have something in writing if there is a dispute.

    Go Raiders!
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    The show Rendezvous is a prototype only. Fit and finish is not up to par and there was a disclaimer stating that fact. From what I have heard, quality on the Rendezvous production has been very good so far.
  • robsmithrobsmith Posts: 71
    I've just discovered this site and it was nice reading through all of the messages picking up some info I didn't know.

    I received an early order package and went to a Buick Dealer in the Cleveland, OH area. He told me the dealers have decided to charge sticker for the Rendezvous. They are hoping the Rendezvous will be just like the PT Cruiser.

    Has anyone been able to negotiate a price besides sticker for the Rendezvous.

    I was so disappointed I almost bought a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. I can get one totally loaded for less than $1K over sticker. This will allow me to purchase a Mountaineer that has a sticker over $36K less than a Rendezvous.

    I was thinking of contacting a Buick dealer outside of the area or even out of state to see if they are willing to deal on the price.

    Any thoughts?
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49

    I ordered a CXL from my hometown dealer today through the Buick pre-sell promotional program for $500.00 over invoice.

    I sure wouldn't pay MSRP, and I would think you may/should be able to do better than what I paid.

    The reason is that a Rendezvous ordered through the pre-sell program does NOT count against a dealers allocation. So if you order one with your pin# the dealer is selling you an "extra" vehicle that he/she wouldn't have received anyway.

    In my way of thinking, they can crow all they want to about selling their allocated Rendezvous for sticker but if they want your order they should be willing to give you darn good deal and be satisfied with a couple hundred bucks in their pocket with little hassle.

    In my case, I made it clear with my dealer up front that after I actually got to *see* and test drive one that I would take a pass if I didn't like it. He said no problem, he'll turn around and sell for more than I'm paying.

    They seem to think these are going to be decent sellers...we'll see soon enough.


  • robsmithrobsmith Posts: 71
    Thanks Tony. I'm considering going out of state if I can't find a in state(Ohio) dealer will to come down from MSRP. Are you anywhere near Ohio?

    Does anyone have a dealer they would recommend?
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