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Buick Rendezvous



  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    CWJ (and others),

    I called Buick (866)515-5115 (it's the number in the pre-sell package). After about ten minutes with the two seperate customer service reps, I requested to be handed off to the manager. I asked the manager to locate one of the pre-sell games that Buick sent out and explaned my particular situation. For review, I am interested in purchasing a CXL AWD Premium Versatility (PV) Package and adding the tow/trailer package. The pre-sell package lists the tow/trailer package as a standard feature that comes with the PV. I am told by the dealers that it is an option that I must pay for.

    I did not get off the phone until the Service Rep Manager got his hands on the pre-sell package and looked at the same card I was looking at (orange with print on both sides). Then I asked him to read the PV standard equipment listed on the card and compare it to his source (which he did out loud). The light went on! He confirmed the card is misleading, that it appears as though the trailer/tow package looked like it was standard equipment on the card when in actuality, it is an option I must pay for.

    The Manager offered this conclusion (and likely HIS conclusion):
    The pre-sell package was created before the final decision on the packaged equipment was finalized. It is likely that, to stay competitive, the price for the vehicle was lowered by deleting some of the options in the various option packages. In my case, the tow/trailer package was deleted from the PV package. The manager said he would discuss this discrepancy with other managers and staff in the unit.

    CWJ: Trust the equipment that is listed in the option packages at Car & Driver and All of the dealerships I have dealt with come up with the same MSRP as those web sites and all must add the trailer/tow package as an additional option. I am concerned that you are dealing with a dealership that is trying to make you add equipment that you don't want so that they can increase their profits. Please call Buick and do the same thing I did. Get the name of the person you talk to (preferably the manager). Then give the phone number to the dealer and make them do the same thing. If the dealer doesn't back down, go to another dealer. Good luck to you.

    FYI: My lowest quote to date is $520 over invoice.

    Go Raiders!
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Dear Fedlawman,

    Please check out #245 of this thread. That gives the four options in addition to 1SE for which the I have a $32,500 quote. The MSRP is $35,132. Please keep in mind that if you get 1SE on a CXL, you do NOT get the third row seating as you do with the "Versatility" package. This is in conflict with what KBB says but is consistent with the caranddriver site and what came up at all three buick dealerships I've tried.

    General comment to everyone: Apparantly some of us got actual cards in the mail showing various presell options. I did not. All I received was an E-Mail with a link to the Buick Rendezvous Presell promotion page that gave me a PIN number to use and a Presell order blank. This blank lists a grand total of 3 packages from which to choose, and when I click on the details of each so-called "package" it gives me a list of what's included plus an MSRP total. The so called "luxury package" gives an MSRP of $35,152. The list of items included in the package indicates that what's included is what I listed in #245 above. Is this consistent with what everyone else believes or are there major inconsistencies between my information and what others think is the case.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Dear everyone,

    Please forgive my numerous posts, but my source of all info is When you go to this site you find a "packages and pricing" button to click and this will take you to the site with the three presell "packages," what's included in each and the MSRP of each. All my posts have been based upon reverse engineering these MSRP's and listed features in order to figure out which regular option groups and individual options make up each presell "package." I hope this helps everyone figure out what's what. (Ra1der5, I think that you'll find the the MSRP listed for the Premium Versatility Package is consistent with a CXL with straight "Versatility package" plus the towing package added on as an additional option.)

    Yours, Chris Jacobsen

    P.S. I go to ink the contract tomorrow morning at 11:30 so wish me luck. If all goes well, I'll have quite the story to share with you all afterwards. I don't quite believe what I'm being offered, so forgive me for staying quiet about it until the ink is dry.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    It's amazing how active this forum is all of a sudden. Nice to see lots of interest in the Rendezvous. I think I might pop into the local dealer and ask him when he expects to have one in. The pricing is available on the Canadian site which likely means the vehicle should be here soon.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Built a Rendezvous CX today. Black over Storm Grey with Oak interior. Package 1SC plus moonroof and CD/Cassette stereo. It came out to $24,500 (GMO). With $1200 GM Card earnings and $800 for my 1989 Ford Escort, that comes out to $22,500! I'm thinking I don't want the added weight, fuel consumption, and complexity of AWD. Also, since I have to order a CXL with 1SD to get AWD and a 3rd row seat, the car would cost an additional $3600.

    I still haven't ruled the CXL out completely, but here is my thinking. If I get the CXL, I pay an additional $3,600 and get: AWD, leather, OnStar, alarm, rear audio, power passenger seat, memory seats and mirrors, dual zone auto A/C, and more colour choices. I just don't think I need that stuff, so I might as well save the money...although, I do think that white over light sandrift would look great!

    I'll check on the option and colour choices with my wife today. If she concurs, we'll order the car tomorrow or Monday.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Unless you really think you will need AWD, go for 2WD. Extra cost/ fuel consumption is not wanted in the world of $2+/gal world we face this summer.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Dear Everyone,

    I've now joined Tony Bertoli in having ordered a Rendezvous. I went 180 degrees from Fedlawman and even though I complained about the extra options ordered the totally loaded CXL luxury package. Couldn't pass up the offer.

    Here are the numbers:

    Vehicle/Options MSRP Invoice
    Vehicle $27,452 $24,844
    Destination 575 575
    1SE Luxury Option Grp 5,015 4,313
    UC6 CD disc changer 395 340
    AJ2 3rd row seat 750 645
    AQ4 Captain's Chairs 250 215
    CF5 Sunroof 695 598

    Total $35,132 $31,530

    Add-ons to arrive at price quote
    "advertising" (whatever) 205
    "Profit" 100

    Total Price to CWJ $31,835!!!!!!!!

    That's over $1,200 less than MSRP for the 1SE luxury option group alone without the four other options.

    Folks, I don't care what trim level you're interested in, if you want one of these vehicles and have a PIN for the presell program you've GOT to get out there and take advantage of it.

    Fedlawman, sounds like you're getting what you want at a good price. Good luck down the home strech.

    Ra1der5, I wore my Packers sweatshirt to the dealership in your honor ("wink"). Go Raiders!
    How's your negotiating coming along?

    Tony, Now that we're in the same boat, anything new on YOUR Rendezvous?
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    If I hadn't ordered one yet, I'd be asking you where your dealer was so I could try my luck at getting such a deal!

    I must admit, I wasn't to crazy about Buicks pre-sell promotion at first. I mean who really buys a new production vehicle sight unseen? However, after keeping up with the progress of the Rendezvous as it neared production and liking what I saw, I went back and took a look at the promotion package. After asking a few questions here on the town hall and talking to the dealer, I realized that Buick had actually made ordering a Rendezvous through the pre-sell program worthwhile.

    Buick gave the pre-sell customer a pretty good negotiating position by giving us the opportunity to order a Rendezvous which didn't count against the dealers allocation. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I consider that a win for both the customer and dealer. I'm still keeping my option open to take a pass if for some reason I end up being disappointed in the Rendezvous, but right now I just believe it's going to work out.

    My only regret is not getting my order in earlier, my dealer says I've three to five weeks left to wait, order went in 4/10/01.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Actually, If you find a dealer who knows the score, as I did, it's a Win Win Win Win. Maybe I have it wrong but I'm guessing that the money works out something like this. My salesman gets the $100 (He's been Far too nice and helpful to me to be getting less.) The Dealership gets the $205 "advertising" to offset against overhead. The dealer himself gets whatever sugar (hold back,etc.) is hidden away in that invoice price on a vehicle he wouldn't have had otherwise, and I get the Rendezvous tricked out with literally everything other than trailer package and engine block heater at a price I would never have had the balls to ask for, much less expect to get. By my count, that's four parties who can count this a "win."

    Tony, this dealer is in a small town twenty miles away from Fort Wayne, IN where I live. I had a $750 over invoice offer from an out of state dealer, and the big Fort Wayne dealer copped an attitude with me negotiating against the out of state offer rather than simply making his best offer. He's the one who gave me the $32,500 quote ($971 over invoice)and must have figured that I wouldn't shop it for a "measly" $221 difference. If he had just matched it, rather than try to play the "how much is the difference worth to you" game, I'm almost certain I would have taken it.

    Instead, I was a little mad and took my PIN number out of town to the littler dealer in the small town. I was surprised to find that he was far more knowledgeable about the program than the in-town dealer, and he said that I wasn't first to come up from Fort Wayne with a PIN number to sell. I would have been happy if he had just matched my out of state offer, so I couldn't believe it when his offer ended up only $305 over invoice. Perhaps he's seeing this as an opportunity to stick a thumb in the eye of his big city competition. As he said to me, "just tell some of your friends to make the drive up so I can show them what I could do for them."

    Over in the Coupes area townhall they had topic titled "Cougar Support Group" where the unifying theme was those who had their Cougars consoling those who merely had them on order. No one to console us, but if a few more of the others activate their PINs, we may end up retitling this topic to Rendezvous support group. I'll let you know when I get a VIN and build date. I know we know each other's options, but what color scheme did you order. I went with Sedona Bronze, dark bronzemist, oak interior.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    In all the excitement and flurry of postings lately, I just realized that no one had welcomed you to this thread. That was rude of me. As I'm sure you've noted, we're all longer on belief than facts here, so anything concrete that you can share on YOUR Rendezvous will be appreciated. Welcome to the thread and please keep on posting. CWJ
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    I ordered the pewter exterior with the greymist lower panel and grey interior.

    Choosing the color combo was the hardest decision I had to make. I don't know how many times I mixed and matched the colors on the Buick/Rendezvous web site before deciding. I also looked around on the dealers lot to get a feel for what most of the colors would look like on a vehicle. Pewter seems to be a pretty common color that GM is using at the moment. Its shared among the the new Bravada/Envoy/TB and others.

    I know I'll like it. The wife *says* she'll like it, but then again she doesn't think we even need a new car...I know in most ways I'm lucky to have a frugal wife, but sometimes she can really squash a perfectly good impulse purchase..:).
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    It sounds like you got a really nicely equipped car...I'm sure you can't wait to get it! BTW, what colours did you order?

    I'm sure you know the "advertising fee" is a legit charge, so don't feel bad about paying it. That means you really are getting the car for $100 over invoice. Nicely done!

    On a side note, I hope the Rendezvous arrives soon for my wife to see. Our neighbor just bought a Dodge Durango with all the trimmings and my wife LOVES it. Dodge is offering 1.9% financing for 60 months which makes it very affordable. Maybe I'll have her read the Durango forums to help talk her out of it.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Interior and ride of the Durango are the weak spots. Rendezvous is just more refined. Have your wife sit in one and she will understand.
  • bertolibertoli Posts: 49
    Do we assume your wife okayed your choice of colors/options and you'll be placing the order for your black CX tomorrow..:)?

    I'm also hoping to see one at the local dealer, (not where I ordered from), soon. In fact, I stopped by there yesterday just to see when they thought one would show up. One of salesmen told me in about three weeks...he was probably clueless and I didn't feel like pushing the point to try and get a more accurate date.

    I was also hoping to grab an actual sales brochure for the Rendezvous but alas they don't seem to be at the dealerships yet. Isn't that a bit strange since it appears they should be arriving in a week or two at the most?
  • vigorous1vigorous1 Posts: 15
    Shares same chassis shared with the Buick Ren. Will carry powerful Saab engine and reputation for all-weather supremacy. Will be Saab from the ground up except for shared components.

    If the AWD drive Saab is ANYTHING like the FWD Saabs, this new Saab turbocharged SUV will handle mountain driving a Mountain Sheep.

    Anybody knowing a little about high altitude comparisons between turbos in Audis and turbos in Saabs will know what I'm talking about. You don't want to drive a wheezer in the mouintains.
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    After all was said and done, we received five quotes for the Rendezvous CXL AWD Premium Versatility with the tow/trailer package. One for MSRP (don't waste my time), the others were $700, $520, $300, and $245 over invoice plus tax & license, and fees (documentation and tire discharge are charged by all dealerships in California).

    We ordered today. Our CXL is bright white with light sandrift, dark oak interior, premium versatility package with trailer/tow. Although the Buick reps tell us that we have to add the trailer tow package (see previous post), there is still confusion as the "PREMIUM" Versatility package says it is included. So I went back to the dealership with the cheapest quote and told them I will accept it if they include the trailer tow package. The final documents include it as a seperate item.

    Glad THAT's done. Now, back to the Raiders draft. Oh wait... that's a different board!

    Go Raiders!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    dindak - You're basically correct about the ride of the Durango, although for a truck, I was fairly impressed overall. I did like the interior use of space and is well designed. I also love the horsepower; WOW! My real problems with the Durango are: Well established quality and mechanical reliability issues, poor crash test results, poor exterior gap tolerances, and no side airbags. I'm sure the Rendezvous will impress with it's "luxury car" appointments, but let's face it, my wife digs the Durango because it looks cool.

    bertoli - I ran the color choices by her and she prefers the red to the black (impossible to keep clean in the Pacific Northwest). If only I could get white/grey exterior with the oak interior on the CX. I hate myself for being indecisive but, I am really tempted to plop down the extra $80 per month and go with the CXL. I have good justification for AWD up here, the leather adds value and eases cleaning of chocalate milk spills, and I could order white over sandrift with oak interior (my wife likes that combo best), which would help sway my wife away from the Durango.

    ra1der5 - Congrats on your order. You picked my favorite colour combination! Now I'm jealous and may need to go with a CXL too. I noticed that the MSRP of the PREMIUM Versatility package is $32,402 and MSRP of a CXL Versatility is $32,057. Add $325 for the tow/trailer package and they come within $20 of each other. If you want the package, you pay the same amount either way.

    I really wish I could see a Rendezvous (or even a brochure) before I order so I can decide on the colour and seating materials. I think the "upgrade" cloth interior of the CX is supposed to be a leather/cloth, two tone combination...which sounds nice. What I don't know is if it has those silly "Buick" emblems stenciled all over it like the pre-production photos show.

    Am I the only one so frustrated by Buick offering a vehicle for sale without providing a clear picture of what they are selling? The dealers don't have all the facts, and the customers don't even know what the car really looks like! Some examples: What does the "Storm Grey" lower cladding of the CX really look like? What do the cloth seats look like? What about the upgrade cloth? If the CXL has a four spoke steering wheel, what does the regular wheel look like? Which model has the white instruments and which one has black? Does the "Premium Versatility" package include the Tow Group (thanks ra1der5)? A simple brochure would answer my questions.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    I did not even consider the cloth seats because I did not like the Buick emblem pattern and that seemed to be the only choice in cloth. Of course it was a moot point when I ordered because I went with the CXL. Anyway all I know is that it was built Tuesday of last week. Do not know when it will get here.
  • I went to the Auto Show in Bethlehem PA - a couple weeks back and the Rendevous was there! The "prototype" I should say - the Buick Rep - took away the rope and let me sit in it - it is wonderful! I did not go to the auto show looking for an SUV and yet once I started sitting in them -it was so easy to get into and out of! I currently have a 1997 Plymouth Breeze with 44000 miles and it is falling apart from under me! I am really disgusted with US automakers! I loved the Rendevous - but I also sat in the Mercedes SUV and although not as big and comfy as the Buick - the reputation of Mercedes and resale value is certainly good...
    Any comments? I am planning to by one or the other in August!
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    I feel your pain. As you know from my (many) previous posts, I'm just as confused as you when it comes to figuring what's in and what's out; what's required and what's not. I think it's the potential CX buyer who is going to have the toughest time for lack of information since as you point out in your steering wheel and color examples, you only know what you're NOT getting. Personally, the lack of CX detail doesn't surprise me. I think the CX exists to allow Buick to advertise a "can't pass up" price point and then leverage the buyer step by step up the food chain to the base CXL and beyond. (Gosh, who do I know who talked himself into options he didn't want initially? Oh wait, that was me.) I wouldn't be surprised if 80% or more of the Rendezvous' shipped were CXL's. I wish I could be more help, but at this point I believe I'm no more likely to be right as anyone else.

    I assume there are two sides to every story, but I find it passing strange that Woodybuick appears to have made no effort to give us the straight dope on the pre-sell program. We know he's still monitoring this thread because of his quick response to Studenut's suggetion that the Rendezvous might be a "Tahoe with chrome."

    I agree with your comments to Ra1der5. Buy the Versatility plus towing package, or buy the Premium Versatility including towing package, and you end up at the same place, both in terms of dollars, and the three digit option codes that his dealer will be using to build the vehicle. (Curiously and as you noted, the MSRP's of all three buick presell packages on the buick website are exactly $20 on the high side.)

    You asked me my color scheme. I ordered the Sedona Bronze with Dark Bronzemist and an Oak interior. My dealer had a copy (only one) of the 2002 Buick color chips and I'm happy to report that the website coloring page doesn't do these colors justice. Finally, you mentioned the "advertising" fee as being "legit," and I'll grant you that one. I'd only add that I've found that, unlike destination, no two dealers claim the same "advertising" number. It may be legit, but if your comparing "over invoice" prices to determine the best deal, it better be part of the "over" amount rather than "invoice" amount otherwise you may get a nasty surprise when it comes time to determine the "total" amount.

    Once again, good luck!
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I spent two hours with the fleet manager today and he had the new dealer 3 ring notebook cards with fabric samples and paint chips. I've got a lot to cover so bear with me.

    We called the Dealer Service Center and got some answers:

    1. The pre-sell package variations are simply due to the fact that it is old information. The information found on the various web sites and at the dealer ordering computer is correct. Example #1: Although the pre-sell package lists the tow group as included, it is not included and need not be ordered. Example #2: The tire inflation monitor is no longer listed as included in any of the packages because it is not yet available.
    2. The dealer service person e-mailed us a picture of the uplevel cloth/leather seats and they match the samples in the book...obscene Buick logos stitched into the cloth portion of the seat. The all-leather seats look nice with two-tone leather surfaces.

    chrisallen1 - Actually, the ML320 has been plagued with quality problems since it's introduction, although as a Mercedes, it is still a beautiful truck and holds value very well. BTW, my wife and I loved the truck but disliked the Mickey Mouse designed 3rd row seat.

    buzzbo99 - I hate the emblems too! I think Buick made a big mistake...or did they. CWJ made a good point about marketing the CX to reach a certain price point and tempt customers to move up to the CXL. It worked on me too! Please let us know when you take delivery...we are anxious to hear all about it.

    cwj - I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. I convinced the fleet manager to let me take his binder pages home. My wife and I went to dinner and decided that we want our SUV to have AWD for the Seattle rain and mountain snow traction. We like the leather and the additional colour choices so, we decided to go with the CXL. Tomorrow I will place our order for a CXL with moonroof (where does the overhead console go?). White over Sandrift with Oak interior (thanks ra1der5). Can you say Buick Eddie Bauer Edition? I realize now that I wanted the CXL all along and just needed to be pushed over the hump to spend the extra $ (which will be well spent and enjoyed). Thanks all!
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Wow, that puts all four of us in the pot doesn't it! Tony, Ra1der5, me, and now Fedlawman. I know "Fed" talked about how difficult it is to order one of these admittedly big ticket items sight unseen, and I have to agree. In my case, I was just fortunate at some point every step fo the way (so far). The biggest thing was actually seeing the vehicle at the Chicago auto show last February. It was completely open to the public and my wife and I gave it a real going over from stem to stern and were in agreement that 1. we had never seen anything quite like it before (I thought it was a concept vehicle at first) and 2. it fit our needs (and desires) exactly.

    I went back over a lot of these posts, and noticed that almost everyone who has seen the vehicle in person or had the opportunity to sit inside and check it out for comfort has had good things to say or at worst said it was better in person than in pictures. I can only agree. I know second hand recommendations are no substitute for first hand experience, but it's got to give folks like you "Fed" some small comfort.

    There's only one more day for the presell program (until Buick embarrasses me by extending it) so for the last time I can only recemmend people with an interest in this vehicle to get out there and see what you can do with your PIN numbers. If your dealer doesn't play ball, you've lost nothing.

    Congrats, Ra1der5. and Congrats to you Fedlawman. Let's all keep one another abreast of the progress of our orders. I'm really very excited. This should be fun.

    Best to all, CWJ
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Well, I can say I am getting excited about getting our new Rendezvous. I've been seeing more of them around here at work lately as some people are starting to get them as their company car. Yesterday at lunch I saw three of them. (They were Medium Red Metallic, Indigo Metallic and Black) All of them were looking pretty good. Last I checked our dealer was still saying ours could show up this week, so we're keeping our fingers crossed!

    Also, I noticed that Edmunds has some info for the Rendezvous under the Options and Colors tab, and for the 1SE package, it mentions a sliding rear cargo tray. Has anyone heard of that? I know the Aztek has one, but hadn't heard it mentioned for the Rendezvous. And the Detroit News review mention some plug in cooler that will be available as well (they called it the Coolatron), and I hadn't heard about that either. Anybody have any info on those?

  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    Well, I did the deed today. Ordered a White over Sandrift CXL with Oak interior. Option package 1SD and Moonroof. GMO price was $28,106.

    The dealer said they are getting their first Rendezvous on the 30th...he promised to call me when it comes in so my wife and I can drive it.

    bymclaugh - We called the Dealer Service Center and the representative said that there are two sliding rear cargo trays. A large one for cars without 3rd row, and a short one for cars with 3rd row. Still not sure what it is however. Also of note, the pre-sell packages are not even in the GM computer anymore. I did a regular factory order.

    I'll go check out the new Rendezvous info at Edmunds now.
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Congrats on your order, and thanks on the info for the sliding rear cargo tray. I'm real curious to see if we're getting that in ours and what it is. I've sen the one for the Aztek, but I've seen no info on this one even with all of the stuff we've been getting on the Rendezvous. Speaking of which, has anyone else received the Rendezvous scale model in the mail. We got one a couple of weeks ago, its a die cast metal scale model of a black CXL Rendezvous. I was wondering if they are sending them out to everyone or maybe just to people who've ordered a Rendezvous. I gotta admit that we thought it was pretty cool.

    Also, driving home last night I was behind a Sedona Bronze Rendezvous for about 10 miles. Kinda nice to see the vehicle in action (even if the lady driving was a pretty poor driver).

    Congrats again fedlawman! Now we're both waiting for that call from the dealer saying its in!
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    I went by my dealer yesterday and all he said all he can find out is the truck is in transi. I did look at the color chips and you are right. The internet and cards do not do these paint chips justice.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    I think you might be the first of us to see one on the road...where do you live?
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Dear "By,"

    Sedona Bronze is the color I ordered. So how did it look on the actual vehicle? Don't worry, I'll still respect you in the morning if you say it sucked. You certainly won't offend the "White" and "Pewter" buyers if you do. Thanks, CWJ
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    I saw the model at the dealership... same color. My 2 year old's bottom lip started quivering when he understood he had to give it back to the sales lady.

    I am thinking that some of those who ordered early are getting the model. My other thought was that perhaps all of us who order with the pre-sell package will receive one. When did you order?

    Go Raiders!
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Hopefully I can answer some questions (and in turn ask a few)...

    buzzbo99 - If yours is in transit on their status, that's pretty cool. Our dealer saw that for ours, and then a couple of days later they had access to the whole invoice, showing an anticipated arrival data of April 26th (tomorrow!), with an actual ship date of April 10th. If you're able to, see if they'll print out the invoice for you. My dealer did, and the invoice prices on ours are all less than the invoice prices on Edmunds,, etc. I'm not sure which one is in error, but I'm hoping the websites are wrong. :)

    fedlawman - Some might consider it cheating, but I live in Michigan and work for the General here in Pontiac. Even so, I've had little exposure to the Rendezvous as I actually work for what GM used to call the Truck Group, and the Rendezvous was done by the car group. (And, of course, the two groups didn't have much to do with the other) Luckily, however, some Rendezvous (gee, whats the plural of Rendezvous? Rendezvouses? Rendezvi?) have begun to show up as company vehicles in the area. I haven't gotten to drive one yet, but its still cool to see them start popping up.

    cwjacobsen - I thought the Sedona Bronze was nice. Personally, I have yet to see a color on the Rendezvous I don't like, as I've also seen Indigo Blue (our color), Medium Red, Black and Light Driftwood. What I'd really like to see is the Silverleaf, as I think that would look cool. Unfortunately, that color wasn't available in the pre-order, otherwise we'd probably be getting that.

    ra1der5 - Yeah, I first saw the model at the dealership too, and thought it was pretty cool. The dealer even said they were supposed to be able to order them eventually. I went home thinking it'd be cool to have one, and probably 2 days later it showed up in the mail. As for who's getting them, I'm thinking the same thing, that maybe people who pre-ordered are getting them, as we ordered ours in mid-March through the pre-sell option. (oh, and for what its worth, Go Lions! :)

    Lastly, anybody got a good nickname for the Rendezvous? Something nice, short and easy to type? :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    How about Rondy?

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86

    What kind of a name is THAT for a Raider?!

  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    There will have to be a name for this vehicle because even I agree the official name is stupid. Though if someone at the "General" cares to explain what focus group came up with it, I'll listen. I'll give our host his props for his lame attempt at a nickname, (Steve, I hope that your tongue was firmly in your cheek). But with all due respect, it seems to me that only us "idiots" who have committed to anywhere from $25K to $35K to purchase the thing have "bought" the right to nickname this brute.

    That said, I'll open myself up to ridicule by revealing the name I shall give my Rendezvous. (Yes, our family has named each and every one of our vehicles.) When the Ford Excursion came out, we enjoyed the Sierra Club's attempt to discredit it by nicknaming it "Fordzilla." In that vein we've decided to name our Rendezvous "Gammera" after Godzilla's radioactive spinning jet-propelled turtle nemesis. Ours is brown ("Sedona Bronze") and the vehicle is undeniably turtlish. "Mothra" just wouldn't cut it.

    Ra1der5, is "R5" acceptable shorthand? Likewise, Will "Fed," "By" and "Tony" do? I don't know who first referred to me as "CWJ" but it works for me. Something tells me we'll all be sharing one thing or another with each other over the next few months. May as well get the formalities out of the way.

    All my best, CWJ

    Let's see those nickname suggestions!
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    I too have named all my cars.

    '76 Merc Capri (worst car I ever owned): "Betsy".

    '81 Toyota Tercel: "Patty".

    '88 Chevy Beretta (170K and still strong): "Red Bret"

    The Rendezvous? We'll see.

    CWJ: I am affectionately referred to as "R5" by all my friends on the Raider Board.

    Go Raiders!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    lol, well my other thought was Ronda, as in "Help me Ronda, help help me Ronda...". (I prefer the original spelling instead of the later "Rhonda", fwiw)

    ok, I'll quit now :-)

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  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    OK - I'm not ready to commit to a name for my Rendezvous (I haven't named my cars in the past), but I'd like to know what you have all driven over the years. I am a lifelong car nut so I guess I'll open the discussion:

    79 Alfa Romeo Spider
    86 Honda CRX Si
    91 Nissan Sentra SE-R
    92 Pontiac Trans Am (company car)
    93 Honda Accord
    94 Mazda Miata
    95 Pontiac Trans Am (company car)


    Brian (aka: Fed)

    P.S. There is a passing resemblance to Gammera...but Mothra was the [non-permissible content removed] kicker!
  • ra1der5ra1der5 Posts: 86
    Regarding your singing... Don't quit your day job! : ) Good to see the board is being monitored. Don't be a stranger!

  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Wow... you get Trans Ams for company cars?? I want to work where you do!
  • dforrdforr Posts: 51
    Tigger. ok, ok. ouch! that shoe hurt.
  • fdogsfdogs Posts: 9
    Taking a page from the Acura naming system, I suggest the Rendezvous be known from this day forward as the Buick RZV.

    Let's hear if you like it better than Rondy.
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    I went by my dealer this morning and he said it was still in transit. Do you think GM sends them to Detroit. and then back to Texas :=). You are right about the name. I was not crazy about Rendezvous from the start. It took me a week to learn to spell it. Anyway I am giving up my Jimmy so maybe I will call it Tommy. I will have to see it in person first to see the turtle resemblance.
  • bymclaughbymclaugh Posts: 103
    Interesting tidbit that I just got regarding the pricing/financing of the pre-ordered Rendezvous. According to a friend of mine who's a car dealer, there's different financing numbers for the pre-ordered Rendezvous versus normal orders. According to him, the interest rate on the GMAC lease for the pre-orders is 5.5%, and its 8.75% for Rendezvous ordered the normal way. And now I've just talked to my local dealer and he said the interest rate is 5.25% for Pre-orders and he didn't have numbers for Rendezvous ordered normally. It may mean those of us who pre-ordered might actually get another benefit aside from getting one sooner.

    Also, regarding the nickname for the Rendezvous, how about Renny? (It may not be great, but its easier to type (and to spell) than Rendezvous.)

    Good Day all!


    PS. It is okay to call me BY or even BYM, as its just my initials. Of course, now what'll get your goat is what does the Y stand for? :)
  • akajoeakajoe Posts: 69
    I saw a Rendezvous at a local dealer. It arrived this morning, and the were still working on it to get it ready for show. The vehicle was a black CX with third row seats. They look much better in person than the photos. It is a very roomy car, and the third row of seats have plenty of leg room if you slide the second row seats forward as far as they will go. At this position, kids would feel comfortable in the second row, and adults would be comfortable in the third row. Push the 2nd row seats all the way back and even kids wouldn't be comfortable in the rear, but adults would have plenty of room in the second row.

    There is some point in between that would provide comfort for kids in second and third rows, and maybe some small adults in second row and kids in third row. Adults in second and third row - forget it, unless third row people have very thin legs.

    Car is nicely made, good materials. Engine compartment is clean, but still has distibutor'd ignition with wires to the spark plugs.

    Rear windows aren't as funky in person as in pictures - especially if the body is black.
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    Hi Brian and R5,

    Here are my cars. Try to figure out where the Rendezvous fits in, I can't.

    Cars past:
    '52 MG TD
    '55 MGA (right hand drive)
    '60 Rambler American (loved that car)
    '61 Plymouth Savoy (400+ cubic inch V8, great "sleeper." I bushwhacked many a 'vette with that car.)
    '69 American Motors Rebel (loved that one too)
    '74 Mustang II (see R5's comment re: Merc. Capri)
    '79 Jaguar XJ12 sedan (5.3L V12, if only they didn't rust, sigh!)
    '86 Pontiac Grand Am Coupe (stunning, but disposably shoddy. These would be potential classics compared to the overwrought modern pontiacs if even only one of them had held up over time)
    '89 Dodge Shadow (I can only hope the Buick proves as relaible and versatile, had a Neon for a rental and couldn't believe that THIS replaced the shawdow)
    '90 Miata (the original, my one overlap with Brian, though I suspect we may be close to soulmates on some or our vehicles)

    Current Cars:
    '90 Jaguar XJS (also the 5.3L V12)
    '97 Thunderbird (last of the cheap big coupes).

    Hey guys, thanks for the chance to walk done memory lane.

    Brian, Sure Mothra's totally cool but where can we justify the car comparison?
  • cwjacobsencwjacobsen Posts: 293
    All typos and misspellings posted by cwjacobsen in this thread are the responsibility of his evil twin, skippy. Remaining brilliant insights, if any, are solely due to Mr. Jacobsen alone.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Tell skippy he has 30 minutes to make any changes or fixes after posting a message. Just click on the Edit button that follows your message after you post it :-).

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  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    too bad there is no option to have the shifter on the floor.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    I think letter names on cars just suck. American manufacturers should stick with cool names. The Catera replacement is called the CTS. Not a good sign!
  • buzzbo99buzzbo99 Posts: 111
    Letters may suck but numbers are worse. I had rather drive a Rendezvous that no one can spell than an RX300 ;=) Too bad Outback has been used. I like that.
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