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Chrysler Pacifica Oil Problems



  • Everyone, lets keep the discussion in this section restricted to «Pacifica Oil Consumption Problems» as this is the proper section for that. Any other problems with your Pacifica (and there are many others) should be inserted in the appropriate section, not this one. I wanted to follow-up on my last post in December.

    I have not witnessed any further oil consumption problems since they opened up my engine, told me that I needed to change the block, and changed a few oil rings, gaskets, etc... I also understand however that I simply put a band-aid solution on a very serious problem and its just a question of weeks before I start seeing the problem of oil consumption come back again.

    While the Chrysler garage mechanic opened up the engine in December, he discovered worn oil rings, gaskets, etc... due to damaged cylinders. Fixing the cylinders problem would mean changing the block which would cost about $10,000 from Chrysler, so I asked him to simply change the rings, gaskets, etc... and I made the decision on the spot that I've had it with Chrysler and I'm going to a trouble-free Toyota Highlander.
    Note that Chrysler is not accepting any responsibility with this engine defect. What a waste.....
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    I am Sooo glad I got rid of my 2005 Pacifica 3.5 as the engine oil consumption was 1 qt of Mobil 1 per 1000 miles, and this is completely unacceptable for a modern, well made engine. The net result would have been engine damages, exhaust system damage, and extraordinary costs... I sold off at 45K miles back to my dealer in place of a new 2008 T&C, he got stuck with a vehicle he couldn't sell for more than the trade value, and I got a decent engine and ride that so far has had small issues, not these large issues. I can't see buying another Chrysler product under the present company, that is sad...

    :D :confuse: :lemon: :sick:
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    I am happy to have the 4.0 Liter, 6-speed combo in the 2008 Pacifica. These are still production products in Chrysler's present line. I am also happy to have the lifetime powertrain warranty. I would not own anything other than an '07 or '08 Pacifica with this powertrain combo and the lifetime warranty. Everyone else, good luck!
  • From the comments in this forum, I've concluded that the PAC pre-mature oil consumption problem seems to be with the 3.5 L, and not the 4.0 L. In fact, Chrysler advised me in December that I cannot replace my damaged short block (cylinders scorched) as Chrysler is no longer selling it anymore; I have to buy the long block instead (I think they are referring to the 4.0 L). Anyways, if you have a 3.5 L that is pre-maturally consuming oil, I suggest that you get rid of it ASAP as you are probably hedding for major trouble. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to lead a class action (although I firmly believe we have a strong case) so I will just have to sit on it and accept what has happended to me.

    Signed, another lost Chrysler customer for life......

    ps: trust me, I will also make sure that everyone I know will be well advised of how Chrsyler has handled this situation.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    These are terms within the car industry for the difference between selling you the engine block only with its built-in internal parts, stripped of all external components needed by an engine in chassis, like the accessories that hang off it, or a long block, which is essentially a complete engine ready to be dropped into place on motor mounts and driven away after set-up.

    It is bull__it... that's why I got rid of the car, which was the best choice I ever made with a car!

    Sorry for your loss, pacman2009 - whoever gets on the class-action bandwagon, please count me in!! :(
  • Gpower
    Thanks for the clarification with respect to the short vs long block. I also decided to sell my PAC, just like you have done and just like many others in this forum will be doing. If anyone decides on organizing a class action, please count me in. Good luck to everyone in this forum discussion.
    Cheers from Canada.
  • I too own a Pacifica. I can tell all of you the 2007 is no different. I also have had oil problems and just had a transmission replaced. I also have a noise in the front end that don't go away. They told me the oil consumption is normal. They also several times said they could find nothing wrong with the tranny before they had to replace it. They also had to fix my transfer case already. I was told the day I got my car back that another Chrysler Pacifica 2007 same as mine came in the day before with the same problem, and needed a tranny. One of the worse things they could have done was put a cap on the fluid holder so a comsumer cannot check their own fluid. Although my car had just been checked and low on fluid according to the dealer and refilled just 5 weeks prior to my transmission going. I really think chrysler messed up on these cars and should be held accountable.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    It appears these issues are more with the All-Wheel-Drive version of the Pacifica than the Front-Wheel-Drive. Please differentiate which version you have when posting. The AWD version seems to put more stress on the drive-train components. There seems to be a lot of Canadian posters here with problems related to their weather extremes. I have never had a problem with my '05 and '08 versions of the FWD Pacifica here in St. Louis where the weather isn't as extreme and mine is garage kept.
  • I live in Montreal (Canada) and I drive an AWD, however I doubt if it makes any difference with respect to pre-mature engine oil consumption - note that this section of the forum concerns oil consumption issues only. I do also have serious suspension problems with my PAC, probably related to my AWD, however I will post these comments in another section of this forum, so that others with similar suspension issues may follow. Cheers from the far north.
  • bob502bob502 Posts: 1
    My 3.5 liter Pacifica spun a bearing. Low mileage with proper maintance. It does seem, now that I think about it, that I had to add oil on sever ocassions. Never got more than a qt low. The engine always seemed weak on the highway/passing situations.
    I heard this particular engine is weak and that there have been many problems however I can not find data online to back it up, only word of mouth. Any one have facts and numbers on this problem?
  • I am so glad I looked for others who have had the same issues we're currently having with our 2005 3.5L Pacifica. We were informed last week that our engine needs to be replaced completely because of damage due to "the engine being run void of oil". Chrysler has been completely uncooperative as have two Minneapolis Chrysler dealerships.

    Has anyone pursued a class action lawsuit against Chysler related to the oil consumption problems discussed in these posts? Even the dealer mechanics agree that a 5 year old vehicle shouldn't need a complete engine replacement. If anyone has tried a class action lawsuit and failed, could you please tell me what the reasoning was?
  • Pacman 2009,

    Have you initiated a class action lawsuit against Chrysler? If so, how do I get in on that? Our 2005 Pacifica is in the shop now with a $5,000+ engine replacement.
  • qpowerqpower Posts: 34
    Unfortunately, you need to have established a history of losing oil with the dealer to even have a good chance at prevailing with Chrysler. Their warranty is only as good as the paper its written on, because the driver can usually be found at fault for letting the oil run low. That's your real problem!

    You let the oil run low - you didn't check the oil every fuel fill up, as recommended. This is the rubrik all manufacturer's will use. You are solely responsible for the maintenance of the vehicle.

    I do not believe that Chrysler can be found with out liability for these troubles, but it will take a class action to pursue this and with Chrysler's financial problems, you may have trouble finding a good lawyer to pursue this.

    i owned the exact model you do - I got rid of it two years ago at 45K miles with 1 qt of Mobil 1 synthetic oil running through it every 1000 miles! That's daft!

    So I sold it back to the dealer in trade of a T&C minivan, which uses an older technology 3.8L pushrod engine. It hasn't been trouble yet in 33K miles of use, so I took a discommedation for the value of the Pacifica and got out! Cost me about $15K for three years of use, so in line with expectations.

    I would Love to be a part of any class action suit over the oil troubles as these are clearly Chryslers faults and omissions.

    But I feel a bit like the veritable Dutch boy putting my fingers in a dike!
  • I have a 07 4.0 Pacifica and just had to replace the engine. I have only had it for a year and half. I hav an extended warranty on it but was not honered because they said it was due to running with low oil. I have properly maintained my vehicle so i was shocked by this and had it towed to a garage where i new the owner for trust reasons. But what was weird about the garages diagnostic was they didnt even look at the engine. and now i know why. A car burning this much oil is not right. Ive diven old and new and never had a problem unless there was an oil leak. Even the mechanic that replaced my engine said it was wrong. I personally am gonna try to fight this battle and will keep u all updated but first i have a question for u all. Did any of ur oil lights come on to notify u that the oil was low? mine never came on and i would consider that a defect. well wish me gl and gl to u all.
  • You are definitely correct. Although I haven't had the engine replaced, I too have under-gone arguments with Chrysler technicians and such and am still going with it for electrical problems(lights flickering ) but the oil light has NEVER came on. I have been careful to check each fill but this is not even a sure thing because if we drive over 300 miles one way, when we get there THERE WILL BE NO OIL IN THE CAR! Smart of Chrysler to design this issue and then not be willing to do anything about it when over 100 folks start complaining. I will never buy another Chrysler product. Trying to unload this one, but as you may expect, we're under with the loan. Go figure. It ain't worth the money you spend to purchase it. Good luck and keep me posted.
  • Our oil light never went on. The "check engine" light flashed a couple times over the course of a month or so but never stayed on. When the mechanic ran the diagnostic, they were not able to pull any "codes". So they continued to drive the car over the course of a few days trying to identify the issue. I am going to start making a few calls to lawyers on 2/22 to determine whether or not a class action suit is appropriate or not.
  • I have an 04. Since day one it has gone through a quart between oil changes which I do every 3 to 5k. The ngine has a rap that sounds like a tired engine with 300k. I have inquired about this problem with my local chryler hacks. I have been told that this is normal. For the record. I bought it used in 07 with only 10k on it. I have replaced both tie rods, Both headlamp bulbs twice. The powerhead froze up, so the heater controls do work. It just leaking tranty fluid. Chrysler ought to be ashamed of themselves for selling this piece of junk to us.And to think We had to bale them out ! What a joke. I am now a Ford man.
  • This too is true of my '05 PAC. The oil light has 'never' came on and we are currently just 'driving it' until it dies. We still suffer with the intermittant flashing of all interior and exterior lights and the occassional 'bell' when the ABS light flashes. The oil consumption is still the same and we have found that as long as we drive it in the city( I drive 20 minutes to and from work each day round trip and the occassional trip to the grocerers or mall) we have no problem with the oil, but the minute we drive 300 miles(from our garage to the Tennessee border) we are completely out of oil. They have changed everything they could think of and are basically stuck. Let me know about that class action suit. I'm alllll in!!!
  • I am going to court next month to argue against Chrysler. When I turned in my leased Chrysler for which I had to replace engine at 47,000 miles, I told them to subtract my cost to purchase new engine out of what they believed they were due.

    They are suing me and I'm countersuing. Wish me luck...
  • woywoy Posts: 2
    Am lucky I check my engine oil...found I need to add a quart of oil every 1000 miles. My Pacifica has only logged 60k miles...would assume the engine seals are shot and engine is burning oil. I have always been good at getting my oil changed and have not had any problems until the last 6 months. Does it get worse?
  • cyberbcyberb Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. My Pacifica has 37,000 miles on it. Last week it started knocking loudly. It was completely out of oil. The dealer estimates it will be at least $7200 to repair it.
  • grugergruger Posts: 15
    If you feel its burning oil more faster than the 3000 mile checkup, every time you change the oil, you can ask the attendant to fill it 1/3 above the normal filling line which will give you more time and less worry when you are ready to change the oil. I have a Pacifica 2005 touring AWD 80,000 miles with no problems but of course we do not drive it much unless its a snowy day or family outing.
  • I am in middle of countersuit with Chrysler over this issue. I'll keep you posted...
  • I'm glad I stumbled on this discussion. I own a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica AWD Touring. After reading this discussion I started keeping a watchful eye on the oil consumption. It is consistent with other posts on here... If I take a road trip, oil consumption is RIDICULOUS! I lose 1 QUART PER 1000 MILES. I've had cars in the past which burned oil, but this is horrible. Class Action Suit sounds good to me!

    Can I do anything other than keep the oil full? What's next... Trans fluid?

  • Well just an update my 05 Ltd. After a couple years of mild bliss (As you recall the dealership supposedly fixed my old consumption problem in Aug of 07) we are back to burning it like the gov't burns through money. Just took a spring break trip of 1500 miles and it toasted a full quart. I am trying the Lucas oil additive, but no major improvements. Help!! This is my fourth and last Chrysler product.
  • I have a 04 FWD Pacifica 6 Cylinder and it burns oil as well. It started going through the oil when it was about three years old. In fact every vehicle I have owned that were Dodge/Chrysler and even Chevy cars with 6 cylinder engines, they all burned oil after a few years. Some I had the engines worked on, ring jobs, etc, but it did not seem to make much difference. My father taught me cars need gas, oil, water, and air to keep running, so I know to add oil if it needs it.
  • Our problem was that the engine was doing this from the beginning. To make it worse the check oil and check engine lights never came on so you have a car burning crazy oil and no warning that's it happening. After the new engine was installed all these warning lights started working. Chrysler stopped making that car and installing that engine because they knew both were pieces of crap.
  • mysailboatmysailboat Posts: 3
    I am so glad to read this forum about the oil problem. My 05 3.5L Chrysler Pacifica have the same issue with high oil comsumption. Without the warning light put a lots of us in danger of flying the engine. I do notice the exshaust system seems to be louder and louder each day. I was alway afraid to pass another car fast on freeway because it doesn't have the power to excile. I only have the car for 6 months, 82000 miles now haven't need to go to shop to replace the engine or tranny yet. The discussion and warning from other pacifica owners are enought to make me want to get rid of this car ASAP.
  • jtg61jtg61 Posts: 43
    edited May 2010
    Probably a good idea to read these forums before buying a used car, not afterward. Sorry you got stuck with a used Pacifica. I wouldn't wish one on my worst enemy. The 3.5L has been rife with problems and the 4-speed transmission is a dog. The only Pacifica models worth owning are the '07 and '08 with 4.0L 6-speed combo and lucky original owners with a lifetime powertrain warranty. I wouldn’t recommend any used Pacifica ’04 through ’06 model year.
  • nopac4menopac4me Posts: 1
    '05 pac cpo vehicle 8/80,000 powertrain warranty. Rod bearing went at 84k. A modern day engine, short of neglect, should never go anywhere near 84k. Oil changed regularly and Chry won't do a thing! Thank God the thing went close to home, can you imagine had it of been on a trip somewhere far? This is why Chry is in the position they are. I can deal with the little gremlins that pop up in vehicles, and all cars have them, but when your engines blow (the main component) and then you don't even stand behind your customers or what you sell?!! BTW did you know there's a TSB that states the rod bearings are bad and may lead to engine failure! Now what kind of mess is that? BMW, Porsche, Audi, Chevy (corvette) just to name a few, would never dream of putting out such crap of an engine and then putting out a TSB. They would be falling over themselves to replace that motor. Those engines are their rep.
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