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    If it's been several days since the light was on, I think I would wait until it comes back on before I go through the hassle of making another trip to the dealer.
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    Weird one here....got home last night and as i was walking in from my garage i detected a burning smell. I thought it was coming from in my house, or that my garage fridge was burning up, but it was coming from my 2006 Torrent.

    I looked under the hood and didnt see anything obvious (nothing like a plastic bag or anything else stuck underneath), and the smell got less and less strong as the engine cooled down.

    Smelled it again tonight as we drove (could really smell it when stopped at a light)....ate dinner in the car and didnt smell anything.

    Started the car back up and now there's no smell, but now the check engine light was on for the 30 minute drive home. Checked all fluids and everything is fine there....no weird noises or handling problems.

    I dont think it's a stretch to think that the smell and the light are related....maybe some kind of plastic sensor got too close to the engine block and melted.

    I'll call the dealer in the morning, but wondered if anyone else had the same problem....thanks.
  • tim1021tim1021 Member Posts: 14
    Update from my previous post. Took it into the dealer and they found an air inlet hose had become disconnected from the rear rocker cover.

    Apparently there's been enough of these to issue a Tech. Service Bulletin.

    Problem solved.
  • eheleneehelene Member Posts: 2
    My 2007 makes a clicking noise deep in the steering column area, perhaps into the dash when turning. It makes the noise about 75% of the time. It has been to the shop six times, they have told me everything from dirt betwee the brake pads to it needs a new steering column. Everytime they have said it is fixed, I drive it and the noise is still there. It is a clicking when making hard turns such as pulling into or backing out of parking spaces.
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    :confuse: Hi everybody, I live in Mexico and I have the same problem with my Torrent 2007, I haven´s gone with the dealer because I don´t trust them, I don´t know what to do, I´d like to fix the problem, what do you recommend me, It´s two years warranty, and in November expires the warranty :cry: , greetings from Colima, Mexico.
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    Sounds like the clock spring could be messed up - it's a switch that enables the air bag, horn, etc. to work while letting the steering wheel turn. Not something easy to fix unless you have a steering wheel puller and know your way around explosive airbags.

    Can you drive down to the coast to another dealer, maybe in Manzanillo?

    It's been a few years - is "La Villa" the little town nearby where everyone goes for drinks and free bar food?
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    My 2006 torrent is in the shop right now getting its right hub bearing replaced. i never had a vehichle that had a hub bearing go bad. the problem i sthey cannot get he old bearing out. hey say this only happens one a year. Do Torrents have a major problem with hub bearings?
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    No Steve, maybe you´re talking about Comala, it´s 6 km from La Villa (or Villa de Alvarez), and those restaurants are called "botaneros", because you pay only the drinks and the food is free.

    About your comment, I took my Torrent to the Pontiac dealer, last week, the service manager told me that is a common noise in Torrent, G5 and G6, for the electro assisted direction system, that in some cases the noise is louder than mine, he told me that the GM plant is going to make a new steering column that is going to avoid that noise, and I asked him, what is going to happen with us, GM is going to replace the steering column or what, he didn´t know.
    But he told me that my Torrent is safe I wont have problems with my steering wheel if I travel on it, I´m not convinced for the answer, and I´m going to visit another Chevrolet or Pontiac dealers, because the Equinox is the same system than the Torrent.

    Greetings and I hope you visit Colima again. :D
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    you pay only the drinks and the food is free

    I'm sure the drinks are why my memory is foggy. :shades:

    Good luck with the noise.
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    We've had our 2006 AWD Torrent for 20 months (bought new in Jan 2007 as a dealer close-out on the lot). We have loved the car for handling, power, decent gas mileage (28 on the highway) and hauling capacity. However, I notice some of the problems we have encountered seem to be stardard from reading forum entries:

    1) Noise from steering- Our dealer says it's a rubber boot on the steering colum and they lubricate it and the noise goes away until the lube wears off.

    2) Loose panel sounding noise from front right- this was our radio antenna mount, as if you leave the antenna in place for even ONE car wash, it will break the plastic fender mount and then rattle in the fender. Thank goodness they fixed this in the 2007 models (no big fender mounted antenna!), but for 2006 models it's a problem.

    3) Click/clack noise from rear end when backing down a hill (our driveway!). I always thought it was the drum rear brakes, but it ended up being a rear axle/differential problem that, thank goodness (since we currently have 26,000 miles on our car) they fixed it under warranty.

    Our warranty ends at 36,000 miles and GM thinks I should pay them $1800 a year to extend it....I don't think so, as if this car becomes a perennial problem, it will quickly become someone else's problem!

    Now, here are questions I'd like to pose to the forum:

    1) We just had to have a brake job done. The pedal starting having "feeling" in it (I could really feel the brake [pads on the disks) and they noted we were due for brakes. Said they were worn down and glazed, so at 26,000 miles we had the rotors/drums resurfaced and new pads installed. Yeah, they work great now but I am VERY disspointed in the brake life (mileage-wise). Have any of you encountered this?

    2) The automatic headlight sensor seems to be very insensitive. I back out of my garage in the middle of the day and plenty of sunshine (we live in the desert in Las Vegas, NV) and it will take 3-4 miles before the sensor finally turns off the full-on headlights and goes to daytime running lights. Unlike our 2003 Bonneville, the Torrest does NOT provide a method for by-passing the auto headlight sensor-it's always in the circuit and in control of the headlights. I asked my service rep at the dealer if there was an adjustment for this sensor and he said "no." Just curious-any of you noticed this or have an answer as to an adjustment?

    I have really enjoyed reading this forum since buying our car last year, but this is my first post.

  • gabriel2608gabriel2608 Member Posts: 7
    I have the same problem in the point number one, noise in the steering wheel column, I´d like to know how to fix that problem. Does somebody have a how to... about that? greetings from Colima, Mexico.
  • eheleneehelene Member Posts: 2
    I took it into the repair shop six times for the noise in the steering column. They replaced the steering column assembly, that didn't work, then they greased up some components, that didn't work. Then they just kept saying they didn't hear it so I took it in while it was making the noise and made someone ride with me, they heard the noise, took it back for three days and gave it back saying they don't know what it is. Someone at the shop also put in the paperwork that they did a ride-along with me prior to the one that I insisted on, but they didn't.
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    I had a burning smell in my 06 Torrent driving from Chicago to DC. The back of the steering column was heating up. I moved the position of the steering column to the next level and it stopped. I figured there must be a wire that gets pinched in that position.
  • jcu_grad_97jcu_grad_97 Member Posts: 1
    I have an '06 Torrent and have recently been having a strong odor, a mix between windshield wiper fluid and dead fish coming from my vents when I have the defroster on warm to hot. I've had it checked by my GM dealership, and they claimed that they fixed the problem by flushing my wiper fluid. This did not work. Any suggestions or anyone else having this problem?

    Also, whenever I use my wiper fluid, I can smell it very strongly in the car. I don't believe I've ever had a car where I was able to smell the fluid so strongly.
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    My mom-in-law has a 2006 Pontiac Torrent that has stopped playing the radio and turning on the interior lights once the ignition is turned off. Not sure if it is a sign of something bigger or not. Any idea's on things to check prior to taking it to the dealer? Doesn't seem to be the fuse, because the radio and lights work any other time.
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    I am having trouble getting the headlight changed in my torrent. I unscrewed all the screws (that I could find), but it still seams to be stuck. Any help on removing the old light so I can get the new one in would be great. :confuse:
  • scottaudioscottaudio Member Posts: 2
    Our '06 Torrent suffered from a very musty smell from the vents after starting the A/C unit. We live in Las Vegas, NV where our humidity stays around 6% to 9%, so rust or excessive humidity is never a problem!

    Consulted with our dealer, and since our car has 33k on the odometer, he checked our hepa cabin air filter and it was quite dusty. We replaced it (very expensive!), but that cured the problem.

    He did tell me that in the future (since our car will be out of warranty in a couple of weeks at 36k miles), that I should get a can of Lysol, and then turn on the A/C with outside air selected, fan on high, and then spray the Lysol between the windshield wipers on the air intake vent. This will draw the Lysol through the air vent system and take care of any mold, mildew, etc that might have accumulated during rain or car washes.

    Maybe this might help.......
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    Another thing that will help is to turn off the air conditioning for at least a minute or two before turning the engine off. That gives some time for the condensation to evaporate.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Well I was commuting to work for a while...got the Torrent in August '07 with 14K...but driving from PA to NY during the week..I'm up to 88K now. Had to get the front right hub assy replaced...started making a winding sound as you drove..was getting louder and louder...around 40MPH was really loud...its good now but I still hear it ever so slightly...may be the left side starting to go.

    There's a weird sound I hear from the back when just sitting there sometimes...almost like a click-clack that happens 2-3 times really quick and then nothing anymore.

    Overall I like the truck...the turning radius does stink though. I kinda tinted mine out and looks pretty cool...but I think come spring I'm gonna have to trade it in...i'm not liking the AWD at all...after driving 4WD, AWD pretty much stinks.

    Here's a pic of my Torrent...or as friends call "The Tourettes" cuz they think they're funny...i photochopped the wheels though. Actually bought an extra set of rims to get powdercoated but never got it done...so now I have an extra set of rims sitting in my garage...waste.

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    You should unscrew 2 top screws and one bottom (it is between headlight and front grill and has access from top). Headlight body has flange which goes to fender screw. That flange needs to be pulled up a little and whole headlight needs to be pulled to the front. The headlight body has plastic latch at the back which give you filling that it is connected to something. Do not be afraid to pull headlight out. Apply moderate force and get headlight unlatched. After that just try to turn headlight body and out move from its place.
    I have changed light bulbs and it definitely works.
    It does not take a lot of time.
    I may take pictures for each step and send it to you if you want.
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    hi: i just got my torrent 2006 on december 2008. Everything is good with the car except that every time i get off the car it gives me an electrical shock and it is pretty strong one. It is happening all the time with the passagers also. Does somebody have the same problem? can somebody help me.
  • rlt2rlt2 Member Posts: 13
    Same problem here. Everytime I get out of car I get a shock when I touch the door. I have to close the door with my foot to avoid the shock! I think it's the material on the seats.
  • bg3075bg3075 Member Posts: 7
    Where in the heck are the other three spark plugs located? If they are behind the engine, in front of the firewall, they would be impossible to get to in my opinion. Anyone ever changed their plugs themselves in the 2007 Torrent?
  • ellengelleng Member Posts: 33
    This weekend I found out that my 3rd brake light (high mount one) is out. I've been told that only dealers have the part but I'm also trying to find out how involved a repair it is. (time and cost wise). Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  • gabriel2608gabriel2608 Member Posts: 7
    Hi guys, I´d like to know where is located the fuel filter, because I want to make the tune up to my 2007 Torrent, I found the spark plugs, the air filter, I know how to get empty the coolant liquid to replace it, but I don´t know where is the fuel filter located, greetings from Colima, Mexico, I´ll wait for your answers. :lemon:
  • cyclebikechickcyclebikechick Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2007 w/ 31,000 miles. There is a constant pinging noise (spaced about 5 seconds) coming from what seems like the rear of the vehicle. The dealer said it was because the converter got hot. Heck, I only drive 4 miles and it was making this noise. Just very concerned that it's a problem....Maybe it's normal...is this common on all of the Torrents??
    You can only hear it if the window is down or from the outside of the vehicle. It will continue for about 3 minutes.
  • gabriel2608gabriel2608 Member Posts: 7
    Hi, sometimes I hear a litlle noise similar in the rear too, I think is normal because the converter gets hot faster, the noise is not only in my torrent, also in my VW Jetta 2002, that´s because I think is normal...
  • ellengelleng Member Posts: 33
    What is the number of miles on a 2007 torrent before a timing belt replacement is necessary?
  • swantonbobswantonbob Member Posts: 3
    dannyd3, I noticed the same problem but, also noticed a screw fell out of the left side from inside the tailgate which holds it on and the left is where I am seeing the rubbing. I am not sure if that started the rubbing or I just didn't notice it earlier.
  • swantonbobswantonbob Member Posts: 3
    I purchased an extended warranty through the dealer and the warranty says it must be replaced at 50,000 miles.
  • samiamlsamiaml Member Posts: 10
    So for the last month or so my check engine light comes on, stays on for a day or so then goes off for another day or so then comes back on ect...I really dont have any symtoms other then when i start it usually just 1st thing in the morning it will sputter until its warmed up and idels then its fine.. well my husband ran a scan on it and it came up p0301 cylinder 1 misfire. So we looked up the causes of this code and the 1st one listed was spark plugs so we changed them reset the code and within a few days the lights back on... so the next thing it listed as a cause was spark plug wires... so we changed thoses and reste the code... few days light back on... its already cost us almost $100 and apperently we're fixing things that are not needing to be replaced... So i was told the next thing to replace is the ignition coil pack of which is $100 id rather not replace it if thats not the problem either... So i called a parts store and the man who ans the phone said instead of paying another $100 get some injector cleaner and put it in the gas tank wit a full tank and see if that helps it may be the injectors are bad... It makes me nervous to put stuff in my take... anybody know if its ok to do??? And other then the wires and plugs anybody else have this problem or know what we can do next????

    Thanks, Samantha
  • bg3075bg3075 Member Posts: 7
    OK, found them. The problem is they are unaccessible from under the hood, but are from under the vehicle. They are between the engine and firewall. Quite difficult to get to and change, so I made sure to replace with quality, anti-foul plugs so that I will not need to change them again for a while.
  • smb4738smb4738 Member Posts: 1
    Hi Samantha,

    It seems I am having the same problems. Did you find a resolution?

    Thank you,

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    It's about -25 degrees Celsius outside right now, and my mom just went to try and start her Torrent with no success, she just drove it yesterday not even 24 hours ago. She tried to jumpstart it, but the battery is fine, my friend who knows quite a bit about cars suggested we plug the car in to an electrical outlet because the fluids in the engine could be frozen, but I can't seem to find the plug in the engine to do so. Any suggestions would help, a tow truck should be here in about an hour or so but we really don't have the money to be going that route just to get it to the mechanics to tell us nothing's wrong with it. Help!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    If your Torrent came with a block heater, it should have a 3 prong plug somewhere in the engine compartment. But they can be well hidden and they blend in with the other wires, especially when the car gets older and the engine gets dirty.

    Often there's a protective cap over the prongs so there's nothing shiny to look for with a flashlight.

    On my cars, the plug end of the block heater wire was tied off near the radiator, but well away from the fan belt.
  • dareme103dareme103 Member Posts: 1
    Looking for information or links to a site that has directions on replacing a fog light bulb on a 2006 Torrent. Is it a simple crawl underneath and maneuver up to try to get to them, or a take the housing off deal? Thanks
  • vice86vice86 Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2011
    Just a matter of taking out a few of those push pin things right underneath the fog light area, pulling the plastic back, stick ur hand up in there and twist the back out so you can swap bulbs. No need to jack up the car but it would prob make it a little easier
  • steelers6paksteelers6pak Member Posts: 19
    Reply to bq3075

    07-09 Torrents with the 3.4L LNJ (Chinese Engine, what a shocker) chew through plugs and wire sets. Read through the posts on Lurching on Easy Acceleration. Hopefully in addition to the better plug you put on a set of good wires with improved insulation.
  • ozwaltozwalt Member Posts: 1
    2006 Torrent. When I get out of the car and lock things up, the security warning light some on steady for several seconds, and then it flashes the entire time I'm away from the car. Does this type of flashing mean anything in particular, like the anti-theft system is not operational? When I unlock the car, the light shuts off, the car starts like it should, and there are no apparent side effects. Should I be concerned about this? Is there something I should do to fix this?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 207,786
    I don't have a Torrent, but that seems like normal operation, to me..

    The flashing light means the security system is armed. A warning to would-be thieves, not to bother with your car..

    If someone knows different, please speak up!


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  • hexoblivionehexoblivione Member Posts: 1
    I was wondering if anyone could help me locate the cylinder associated with bank #1. I've had what feels like an intermittent misfire during acceleration, and there was a misfire code for bank 1, but I'm unsure which cylinder to inspect, and from the looks of things reaching the plugs in the "back" is going to be a real chore from the top down, so I'd like to avoid doing a full plug and wire job. Plus, I'm not sure it is a plug or wire.
  • steelers6paksteelers6pak Member Posts: 19
    Bank 1 is on the back; sandwiched in by your firewall; absolutely a chore and a typical design on most 3.1 and 3.4 L GM engines. I assume you, like me, are unfortunate enough to own a Torrent made between 07 and 09. Save yourself some time, it will need new plugs and wires. Read through the posts, these cars have a horrible record or damaged wire sets leading to failed plugs, leading too... you get the idea. Replace the wire set with a good aftermarket set with superior insulation and better plugs. GM issued a "partial recall" on these through a service notification, but only sent it to "certain" VINs. I documented my failed claim on the lurching on easy acceleration post here.
    If you plan to get GM to cover it, take it to a dealer, you shouldn't have to but I am fully convinced it weighed into their decision not to cover my car. And don't bother corresponding with the phony customer service reps on this site they are just here to post messages to give the impression GM cares while doing nothing for you. If you want any shot deal with customer service reps by phone, likely the same result but at least they'll have to listen.
  • maceman5maceman5 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I am a ftp. I was wondering about a old rag smell coming from the vents when I run the AC. The smell goes away after the AC runs for awhile, I have checked the internet and not having much luck so if any 1 has had a smiular problem I would be very greatful if anyone can help, Thx The Maceman

    2008 Pontiac torrent, 70000 KM.
  • hammerjayhammerjay Member Posts: 1
    I have had an 06 Torrent for almost 6 years and that has never happened to me. When I lock my door from the remote, the headlights flash once and the interior lights stay on for a few seconds. When I set the alarm (2nd click of remote), the horn makes a short beep and that's it.
  • aquiaqui Member Posts: 1
    just have ithis problem could you post pics or a vid?
  • reiersonreierson Member Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Torrent that show the needle gage as overheating and the temp light comes on. i've changed the thermostat but that's not the issue. I've heard of the coolant sensor temp being a problem or needing to add antifreeze to the system? I don't know has anyone else had this problem and if you did what fixed it? THanks
  • cmecanniccmecannic Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2006 pontiac torrent. 46,000 miles, just had it inspected. told it needed barrings changed in passenger rear which they did. Now since they rotated tires, checked brakes, and fixed wheel. I now have a dry grinding noise with vibration in the steering wheel. good ties, oil changed and tires rotated like clockwork. This happened after they touched it. The noise is very loud and the brakes are making a noise. They do not need changed just thought it was dirt from them removing to check drums and pads but the squeaking brakes have not quit so don't think it is dirt? what now? is this hurting my car?
  • bg3075bg3075 Member Posts: 7
    I would definitely take it back and make sure they look at it.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Member Posts: 1,964
    Good morning cmecannic,
    Was this work performed at one of our GM Dealerships? If so, we're happy to follow up on this with them for you. Please let us know via email at [email protected] (include more details like your name and contact inforamtion, a summary of the situation, last 8 of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership).

    GM Customer Service
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