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Dodge Sprinter Engine Problems



  • We have a 2007 Sprinter box truck, bought it new thinking there would be few issues. We rely heavily on our truck, it is our lively hood as we do granite countertops. We have had several issues with this truck. Biggest problem is finding someone that can actually DO work on it. Go to Dodge dealership that handles Sprinter vans, etc., call truck companies...either the our truck is too big or too small. Problem now is our truck loses power and it won't allow you to go over 45mph and it's even worse when going up hill. Took it to the garage and we were told it is the particulate air filter which will cost us $3500 to take care of. Anyone else have this type of issue? This is alot of money we do not have to replace something and if this is not the problem and we fork out the cash, then what. I've been reading on here all the issues with these's kind of scaring me. I live in Fayetteville, NC so if anyone knows of anyone local that can help me...please share. Thanks in advance.
  • have read that there is some easy test i can do by removing the return lines but cant seam to find any details. been working through a hard starting problem that lead to vehicle staling when asked to accelerate under load. have changed primer pump and cam and crank sensors filters and the main injector pump was changed last year. love this van super on fuel just wish it would run.
  • lemon24lemon24 Posts: 1
    edited September 2011
    my 2003 sprinter 3500 which I've had since 2005, is shutting off on hills,as well as on the highway when the engine has been running for awhile.This is a very dangerous situation! It was happening occasionaly- 1x/yr until later in 2010+ summer of 2011 till now. It's presently @ my mechanics after trying to get a dodge dealer to resolve problem. dodge has now sent me to Freightliner who in turn said they no longer have a contract w Dodge!!! $$$$ to much has been spent on this vehicle for numerous problems. It also is rusted thru, all over the vehicle. this vehicle has a $35000.00 conversion for my buisness so I'm not happy! I'm very interested in anyone who wants to pursue the party's responsible!
  • apitapit Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem, head gasket changed, oil cooler and still not fixed, also coolant gets hot often! Have you figured a solution yet,

    Sacramento, CA
  • apitapit Posts: 2
    check for a vacuum leak with your hoses, I had the same loss of power twice and both times hoses were found to be leaking.

    Sacramento, CA
  • That is caused by the injector seal being bad and that black caked on mess is diesel fuel and oil . on the 2.7 sprinter you need to reseal the injectors every 50k . most of the time the leak is cylinder number one. and will wash out the cylinder and ruin the engine.
  • My 2006 Sprinter 2500 would start up fine and driver fine until the temp gauge reaches about 185 and then the turbo would stop working and the van would lose power. If i shut the van off and start it back up everything would work fine for about 2-3 mins before it loses the power again. What might be causing this problem?
  • I have the same problem and it is being fixed as we speak, it was the engine controller covered under warrantee (99,655 Miles)
  • Had same problem and is being fixed, was the engine controller, under warrantee (99,655 Miles)
  • Hello I had a 2007 Dodge Sprinter with same Problem your having, first it wasn't bad, but kept getting worse also fuel economy got really bad like 14MPGS, and i was told it was Particulate Filter 3500 like you was told, here's what I done, I did not want to spend 3500 so i removed that unit and installed a straight pipe, i had one made to fit clams it was easy just buy a pice of pipe about 2inches wide and have the ends stretched out at like a muffler shop, takes 5 mins to install, when i did it my power returned to the Van like new and fuel economy went up to 20+ MPGs so try it hope it works, afcorse the dealer told me this wont work
  • fedexgirl- did you ever find an answer for why your sprinter was using so much oil? mine is doing the same thing.
  • fiteqprprfiteqprpr Posts: 12
    I have found a site that gives the best price on a replacement turbo with electronic actuator For Phone order call 818-506-8005 1-877-42TURBO(TOLL Free) Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Us!
    954.34 shipping included 100 dollars core charge.
  • shawn727shawn727 Posts: 1
    What unit were you talking about that I need to change to enhance the fuel mileage? I am talking about the Pipe that you connected from what to what parts? I am thinking of getting a sprinter but when hearing this, kind of scares me. Thanks
  • greg_kgreg_k Posts: 1
    I also had problems with my 2008 Dodge Sprinter losing power on the highway several times at high temps after many hours of driving, and then the problem correcting itself after being turned off and restarted, some users here reported an ECU re-flash to fix this. Another issue was that the air intake hose on my 2008 popped off at high temps and high RPMs, so the turbo cut out immediately. Got the hose back in place and fixed the issue.

    I have almost never heard of the turbo itself being the issue, but there's plenty of possible causes of power loss problems (hoses, sensors, EGR, DPF, turbo actuator), I've written up a post on my Sprinter RV blog discussing how to troubleshoot Sprinter loss of power problems: e-problem/


    Greg Keith
    Boulder, CO
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