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  • ozziecadenzaozziecadenza Member Posts: 2
    Wife's 2005 3.5LV6 60,000 miles had major warranty repairs to engine. After the repair, it runs fine and drives fine, but there is a whine that is too loud to ignore. The whine is at or proportional to the engine RPM, rising and falling with engine revs. It is apparent upon starting with the car not moving.

    The whine was not there before the repair.

    When accelerating, the whine is very noticeable, changing pitch as the transmission shifts. Applying power makes it louder. At cruising speed >45 it begins to disappear in favor of wind noise.

    Dealer initially identified it as coming from the power steering pump. They flushed the pump, no joy. They replaced the pump, no joy. The whine is still there. The dealer consulted engineering, and they are now saying that this is something to do with the "steering rack." This does not seem plausible as the whine is there when the car is in neutral and not moving.

    Any help or advice appreciated.
  • jlandwehr1jlandwehr1 Member Posts: 1
    Sounds like what we had. A steering rack will set you back $1000, sorry to say. Hyundai wouldn't cover it as part of the extended warranty. Now, just this week I sunk $1300 into it for a Fuel Pump Regulator and a complete exhaust system. We're right at 100,000 K miles. I don't think we'll buy another hyundai.
  • bb32152bb32152 Member Posts: 9
    It might be your transfer case. I had a 2002 with the same problem only mine occured at 150000 mi. The whine was dependent on motor RPM

    The dealer told me that a rebuilt one would set me back $1500 and a new one $4000. I did neither and got another 85000 miles out of it before I sold it. I had no other issues
  • ozziecadenzaozziecadenza Member Posts: 2
    UPDATE. Hyundai factory guys told the dealer to replace the power steering hoses, and that did it. The whine is gone. All in all, good experience due to persistence of service advisor advocating for us and keeping at it until problem was solved.
  • jleaskjleask Member Posts: 1
    Werring sound on smooth roads on 2007 Santa Fe sounds like a wheel Bering going bad
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