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    Not sure where you live, but I was at the Hyundai Dealer and saw someone getting a new window regulator. You wouldn't have been at Planet Hyundai would you?
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    Nope. twerent me!

    I am in Northern Nevada. I heard the parts guys say they had more failures of the regulators recently. Being the lazy one THAT I am, this was on my due bill SINCE last feb!...Oh well...fixed1. For some reason they seemed a bit twitchy about the emergency cable adjustmeny but it all workrf ouy fine.
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    Since I had the problem with the bolt that failed on the left rear control arm, I'm now getting a squeaky right rear suspension noise when slowly going over speed bumps. None of the other 3 wheels make that noise, just the right rear one.

    I now have to take it in for 3 more things to be fixed:

    1. Rear Leather seat covers will not stay attached to bottom edge of seat
    2, Loud vibrational/roaring noise when strating from cold (Could be noisy timing chain pre-tensioner as per TSB 06-20-002)
    3. Now the squeaky right rear suspension.

    Anyone else notice squeaky suspension????
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    Took my S.Fe 3.3 Ltd in to dealer for them to look at the pass.side rear suspension squeak and the roaring noise from the enginen on cold start up and of course, they couln't reproduce - it only seems to happen when the car is cold.

    Also found out that it can't be the timing chain pretensioner because according to the service guy, that makes a "clackety-clack" noise.

    It is only making these noises when it's been left standing overnight - when it' warm they go away. Hopefully they'll find it when I leave it overnight for the leather Trim attachment fix on the back seat.

    Anyone else out ther with the same issues/explanations???
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    We have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS 2.7 Automatic. Our problem: Frequently, when driving the car and attempting to make a left U turn or a 3 point turn from a stopped position, we hear an awful grinding sound coming from what sounds like the driver side wheel well area. At no other time do we hear the noise or at any time experience driving control problems. Anybody got any ideas? Thanks.
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    gizzer, try, on the 3.3 model there are app. 25 TSB`s so far, it will cost you $24.95 for the first year to have access to them. They list them but will not let you access them seperately. Good luck
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    Or gizzer777 could go to, create a free account there and look up any and all TSBs there for free. ;)

    You need to use Internet Explorer to be able to access all the info on that site and you may need to download and install the Adobe SVG viewer also. Here's the requirements from the site:

    Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
    Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP
    Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher
    Adobe SVG Viewer
    Macromedia Flash Player
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    Thank You tenpin228

    I was trying to use Firefox and that was the reason I was having trouble....God, I hate explorer!
    Thanks again
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    I think i have the same sqeaky problem you are desribing and its definitely coming from the passenger side rear wheel location. I'm 90% sure its the shock absorber as I crawled underneath the car while I had someone bounce the car up and down by pushing down on the rear bumper (make sure you really bounce the car hard up and down). I'm taking it back to the dealer for a 2nd look as they couldn't find the problem the first time.
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    MIne only does it when it been sitting for a while - it's really annoying going over speed bumps - 3 quiet wheels and one squeaker.

    When I asked the service tech if he'd had any others like it, he admitted that there was one, but it had been a pain to find - they stripped everything down and found it was a weld that sometimes hit the chassis.It needed to be ground down- That's why he is trying to blow me off and not deal with it - but I shall persist.

    I agree with you - it sounds like a bad shock absorber when it happens.
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    Sorry, I meant to say DRIVER side rear wheel.
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    I just sold my cherokee with 250,000 miles to buy a 2001 santa fe to drive and move to california. The trip was great, but now 2 days after arrival there is a squeeking sound. It does not happen at start up, idel, idel/revving, parked, or breaking. It only happens and is continuous when driving 10mph to about 45mph. What the heck?
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
  • affyadamsaffyadams Member Posts: 3
    :confuse: No, I don't think so... I thought I read something about a bad heating system or something along those lines when I was researching it before I bought it? Now I can't find that article.
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    I just purchased a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe SE last month in Massachusetts. I was in heaven until a few weeks ago, when I noticed that the driver's seat began to creak (that's only how I can describe it) in the backrest support. Would this be tied to a problem with the lumbar support, or even the airbags in the seat? Just what the heck is wrong?

    I thank anyone for any help that they could provide concerning this issue! :)
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    When does it creak? When you sit down? Intermittently? Does it sound like a motor sound? I know when I use the lumbar support control the motor makes a sound, which I first thought sounded like a motor not working smoothly, but then I listened to another SF on the lot and it made relatively the same sound, but I'm keeping my eye on it. I hope others have more ideas. I also purchased my SF in New England.
  • mistermattymistermatty Member Posts: 3
    It tends to creak when I sit down and when I am driving, usually when I am coming to a stop, accelerating, or turning. It does not sound like a motor at all.

    Thank you!
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    So it turns out I have a faulty transmission sensor. The sqeeking I heard was from the air flow to that sensor. I got a new part and had it put in Friday and by saturday night it was busted again :cry: They are checking it out again now and should have it fixed (?) by the end of the day.
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    Here is a quote from a new post in the Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+ thread in case you didn't see it. You can find the whole post there.

    I also had a creaking sound coming from the driver seat. It turned out to be slightly loose mounting bolts on the front two bolts. Tightened them up and it was gone (those have a very high torque!).
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    Thank you! I'll have to mention that the next time I go to my dealer!
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    An update on the engine noise (vibrational roaring) when starting from cold - it's still doing it, but now it;s moved and seems to be coming from the exhaust pipe - i'm wondering if it's something loose - the wheel noise on the right rear siuspension is getting worse, so I'm taking it in for an oil change and leaving it so they can find the problem. Will report back when there is a final answer to this annoying stuff.
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    I have a 2004 Santa Fe. Yesterday I noticed a loud squealing noise coming from the rear driver side. The noise only occurs when turning left and isn't consistent. Nothing when turning right at all. The noise varies in intensity. Oh, it only occurs when moving, I can crank the wheel to the left when idling and it does not make the noise. Any ideas?

    Thank you!
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    has it been hit?
    does the sound increase or decrease while applying brakes?
    is the sound there regardles of speed?
    does that vehicle have rear disc brakes or drums?
  • allhakaallhaka Member Posts: 2
    I can answer a couple of these.

    No, it has not been hit (to my knowledge).

    Applying the brakes does not affect the sound.

    The sound DOES seem to be there regardless of speed, but again it is not always consistent (however we seem to hear it more often than not).

    I will have to look that up on the brakes....(Edited to add: "I believe rear disc")

    Thank you!!!
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    If it sounds like metal on metal,then it could be several possibilities - I had a wheel bearing go on me on my last vehicle and it would make that sound - if they are defective or worn they can crack the ball bearings if you go hard over kerbs, potholes etc.

    I also had the same noise when a small stone wedged itself inside the wheel/brake assmbly . There was a burr from a scratch. They removed the wheel and turned down the rotors.

    I've also had that noise when the brake wear indicators rub on the rotor. Either way, the wheel and brakes have to be inspected.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    bearings usually sound like a moan or roar and intensitiy changes with speed...
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    i agree - check the brakes... wheel... and suspension...
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    OK - just got the S.Fe back from the dealer, yet again - they said the noises from the cold engine start and the rear wheel was from a LOOSE HEAT SHIELD - that might explain why it only did it when it was cold - everything tightened up when hot.

    They have tightened it, It seems OK, so we'll see how it goes.If anyone else has the same sound, check the heat shield underneath.

    Whoever frickin assembled this car obviously had a brain fart when it came to the back end of this vehicle - so far, there has been a control arm bolt that was loose and snapped, a detached rubber hanger connector for the exhaust, all the wheels were misaligned and had to be redone,and now the heat shield.

    They have also tried to fix my leather seat attchment 4 times now, and can't get an answer from Hyundai how to fix it. So it's still flapping in the breeze. They have also had to replace the brake switch,the outside temp.sensor,and the rear cupholder.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Well after all that, it did cure the heat shield noise on cold start up, bu did not affect the creaking and squeaking on the right rear suspension!!!. Took in to an actual HYundai dealer who has a much better set up than Chanpman Hyundai, and they were courteous ,helpful and did everything I asked them to do.

    It took 6-1/2 hours for them to disassemble the suspension, struts and springs, re-assemble, lube and re-tighten all bolts to specified torques - aaaand, so far so good. And they thanked me for coming in and offered a car wash, without me needing to ask.

    Either way, fixed or not, i know someone took the trouble to check it out right.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    pelican19 - FYI the loud vibration at cold start up turned out to be a poorly fitted heat shield.It was moved under warranty and solved the problem.
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    Glad to read it was resolved. I am now dealing with an unusual knocking sound when going over bumps when its cold. It seems to quiet down a bit as the day goes on. Very strange. IMO it sounds like a strut issue but on the last visit for srvice they could not duplicate the problem. I have asked one of the techs to allow me to pick them up in the morning and I will drive him to work so I can allow him to hear it first hand. I told management if they return it to me and the work order says " Could not duplicate problem " I WILL DRIVE IT THROUGH THE SHOWROOM WINDOW...I got the impression they thought I was joking...NOT!!!

    Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    The loose heat shield resolved the start up noise, but I'm still getting the intermittent "creaking" in the right rear wheel over speed bumps. Two techs. have now spent countless hours on trying to find the cause, which they all seem to agree is a "bushing" somewhere. Not going to waste anymore time or effort on this one, yet.

    Concerning your problem, I also had a similar knocking noise over bumps, which turned out to be a disconnected rubber hangar on one of the tailpipes.It hit the chassis over speed bumps. They hoisted it u and saw the loose hangar and reconnected it to the hook on the tail pipe.
  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    I picked up the tech this morning and drove him in. He first words were good morning - his second comment was what the hell is that. AHHHHHHAAAAA!!!

    Now they know I'm not nuts! I will mention the hanger in your case and see what gives. Thanks for the info...

  • pelican19pelican19 Member Posts: 323
    I got a call Saturday around 4 to come in and speak to the Sr. Tech. I have to admit while driving into the dealership I could not help but think they broke something or they were going to come up with some silly reason why they had my car two days and could not find the problem. Anyway, I get in there and they ask me to sit in the front passenger seat and allow the Sr. Tech to take me for a short ride. I agreed and off I went. What I heard the moment we hit a large bump was a loud sounding silence. Yep, he fixed it. 3 times a charm. Turned out to be the passenger side front strut. Rides like the day I bought it. Cost: $ 0.00. The clue they needed came from my explaination of when it would happen. I originally told them it would make the noise when I hit bumps but thats not entirely true. I then told them that it would make the noise over quick waves in the road at low speed. This gave them the idea that it was not the jarring of the strut as much as it was the travel. When they inspected the strut with weight on it from the pit instead of looking at it on the lift they were able to identify the defect.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Member Posts: 635
    Wow, that's great info, Pelican. Thanks very much for sharing.
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    We have a 2002 Santa Fe and are the original owners. It has been taken very good care of and has just under 60k on it. After had it for about 6 months I was hearing a sound from the front end when I was going up the curb onto my driveway. My husband told the dealership about the noise during an oil change and was told that this was a plastic part that broke and that if they were to replace it that it would just break again. I settled for that (who knows why) for 4 years and over that time the noise got WORSE! During the last year I would ask them to look at the vehicle to see if there was something more to it. Always was told that they could not replicate the noise. So when I noticed that I was 1k miles away from my warranty from being up I have insisted on them fixing it. Well they have replaced the ball joints, sway bar bushing, 2 front end adjustments and one more thing that I cannot remember and also them having it for the last month and a half the noise is still there! They have told me that ALL Santa Fe's and Tucson's make this noise. The Tucson's are worse they said. I was told that it is the frame of the vehicle torquing. That is why it is making the noise. Except I don't know how much torquing happens when you hit a pothole or pulling into my garage. I don't drive all over so I don't have a lot of examples of when it is making these sounds, but it sounds like a BIG spring that needs to be oiled or that is being over extended. That is the only thing that I can think to compare it to. I know that this was very detailed but I am so frustrated with having a car that I cannot stand to be in. I am being told that I am having one last shot at finding the problem. They have someone that works for the corporation come to see the problem vehicles and he is going to see if he can hear the noise and figure out what it is. Any help would be VERY appreciated!
  • erinrferinrf Member Posts: 7
    There is noise when turning, but not occur that often. The only time that I can hear the noise (every time) is when pulling into my driveway and going up the 2 inch height difference from the driveway and my garage. It does not do it over speed bumps though. It is strange how it does it all the time pulling into the driveway but any other time. I do not have a flat driveway. It does have an incline and the dealership was saying that the reason that my vehicle was making that noise is because of torque. but my wheels are straight when it is making the noise. The bushing were the other thing that had been replaced too.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    if it is not the front springs it is probably the bushings/insulators for the springs - doing that job they might as well replace the springs and struts too because u have to take it all out to correct - rubber bushings and pads that go between the frame of the car and the spring itself to prevent metal on metal contact - this might be the problem - any noise when turning the wheel? also - not sure if this vehicle has strut bar bushings - but they should just replace all the front end bushings to be sure... i am almost sure it is a bushing problem...
    also - not sure if this car has any points to lube the chassis...
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    I have had the same problem since I got mine last April '07(2007 Santa Fe Limited 3.3 auto) They took apart the whole strut and suspension assembly TWICE ( watched them do it) and it still made the same noise over speed bumps - like a creaking/squeaking sound - it more than likely is the bushings wearing and the annoying thing is, it is intermiittent - it decides to do it some times and not others - for now mine seems to have quit - why? I dunno!.
    If they replaced yours, It just could be the type of crappy bushings they use !.
  • erinrferinrf Member Posts: 7
    How did you EVER get them to fix the same part twice???
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    erinrf - I went to another dealer and told 'em what a bunch of idiots the others were. The second dealer did a much better job as they were strictly Hyundai, not Hyundai with 4 other makes at the same service department.They didn't replace parts, but did a thorough break down and inspection and rebuild to specs.

    Any dealer must do warranty work, not just where you bought it from. Still didn't fix it, though!
  • leemetalleemetal Member Posts: 1
    While driving on wet pavement, when I release the brakes at a stop light, I hear a clunk from the front end. If I pump the brakes, it will only clunk on the first release. It does not do it on dry pavement. The service dept. says they all do it. Never had a car make noises when releasing the brakes.
  • erinrferinrf Member Posts: 7
    Well let me pose this question........ I was told that ALL Santa Fe's and Tucson's have a torque in the frames and that is what makes the noise. Have you ever heard this before? I am NOT an expert, but I cannot imagine that my frame torques. Is that not what the shocks, struts and bushings are for?
  • funluvncwgirlfunluvncwgirl Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Santa Fe that does this too. I have taken it to the dealership a few times and they can never figure out what it is that im talking about... I now know what it is --THANKS!! :)
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    I'm almost certain that these creaking/squeaking noises are bushings in the control/suspension arms. Frames should not torque, unless there is a broken weld.

    First, I heard the service manager cursing "it's probably some stupid bushing somewhere!" after seeing 6-1/2 hrs. of work on my vehicle.

    Second, it comes and goes, even over the same speed bumps at the same speed.

    Third, I had the bolt fail that pivots the left rear control arms together - ( i don't know why)- the control arms control pitch and yaw for stability. That also may have contributed to too much weight on the other one, which is the one that creaks.

    I'd be interested to know if yours started after hitting a curb in a parking lot, a deep pothole, or some other obstruction that may have stressed the suspension.
    I notice that because of the traction and stability control, going round steep curves at speed belies the stress on the components.

    I suspect the weight of this vehicle (almost 4000 lbs) is greater than the bushing size/suspension components can handle. They even state in the manual not to drive the S.Fe off road.
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    My 2003 makes the same noise but from the back end. The problem is caused by poor quality bushing between the frame and body. Hyundai is a lower priced car and to keep the price down they have to use lower quality parts (no dealer will tell you this). The problem with getting it fixed at a shop is that they use parts from the dealer. If the noise bothers you that much I would suggest buying after market parts (if you can find the bushings after market) and install them yourself. We took care of the same problem on a pilot a friend had by making our own bushings out of thick nylon we got from a machine shop we worked at (not the easiest way to fix the problem) but it worked.
  • erinrferinrf Member Posts: 7
    Than you for all of your replies! I called my father in law tonight who is a master mechanic and asked him (again) what I should do. He lives in Iowa and I live in Arizona. I had called him in January to see if he could hear what the noise was. Not only could he hear it, but he told me that it was the bushings! I did not understand IF they had replaced the bushings why they would still make noise and neither could he. Granted he does not see many imports and is not aware of the problems that they may have. Like I have said in a previous posting, I am suppose to meet with a representative from Hyundai corporation in the next week or so. He is going to tell me that the noise that I hear is my frame torquing and the noise is normal. I wanted to be able to find out if there was an issue with these vehicles that they are just not telling us about.

    So how much would I be looking at to have the bushings replaced with a good quality one that will not make this noise? Is there any damage that can happen if we were to not change them out and just leave things as they are?

    THANK YOU all for your help!
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    Could this ABS self test happen when the car is still idling in the garage? I hear it about 45 - 60 seconds after I start the car, while I'm still sitting in the garage letting it warm up. (I only hear it when the radio is off - it's very soft). It sounds like someone is throwing a snowball against the rear passenger side panel of the car. I've never noticed it while the car is in motion - perhaps because of road noise/radio.
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    On our new 2008 AWD Santa Fe Limited at low speeds, like backing up, we hear swishing noises that seem to be the gas in the tank moving in the tank. Has any experienced this? I seems normal that gas will do this but why would we hear it in the vehicle. Could some insulation be missing. Any thoughts?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    I have finally discovered where the small vibration sound near the dashboard is coming from !!!!

    It is the small light colored plastic door panel just forward of the inside opener at the top of the door, under the darker panel below the window.. It's where the door and dash meet when the door is closed at the top.

    It is a separate small panel that is ever-so-sligtltly warped on BOTH front doors. I happened to find it when I pressed against the panel and felt it rub at the joint.

    When the temps. warm up or cool down the vibration from road variataions causes the panel edge to rub together and vibrate. I pressed some sticky tape in the joint with a pen knife blade and it cured it. Ha!
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