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2001 - 2006 Honda CR-Vs



  • k6ncxk6ncx Posts: 10
    Wow, what part of the country are you in? Dealers around here (SF Bay Area) are wanting about $2K over MSRP...
  • say pamo
    where are you from
    that seems like a grat quote
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I can't see the CR-V going for that much in any part of the country, or any country for that matter! At this point of its life cycle, the CR-V is just not near the front of the pack anymore. Lots of newer, superior competing models.
  • I echo other's comments. Where do you live Pamo? I felt pretty good getting a price quote for the 2001 EX at $21,040 4AWD, auto, w/ roof rack, fog lights, passenger arm rest and tinted rear windows. Priced the SE at $21,700 (w/o need for tinted windows add-on). Still haven't purchased or leased. Hoped to lease but no dealer incentives so 3 year lease is at about $370 versus 5 year purchase at $410. I'm hoping for a deal like Pamo now!
  • hhlshhls Posts: 10
    I thought the deal I'd found ($19,999 - 2001 CR-V EX w/Automatic INCLUDING Dest. charge) was good until I saw pamo's message. I also notice the dealers in my area (Dallas) have large inventories of CR-V's so it seems they'd be willing to deal even more. What price do you have them down to now, Pamo?? I may hold off and see if the area dealers come down some more.
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    Final price - $19,600 EX automatic, including destination charges. Other dealers would not match that offer, and told me the offer was not bona fide. Car is now home in my garage! I'm in Milwaukee, WI area.
  • Hold all my calls........I'm headed to Milwaukee
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Way to go, Pamo! That's a great deal. Maybe I'll buy another. :-)

    For those of us who are Honda fans in general, check out this link:

    Given how few models Honda sells here in the states, the fact that they won 8 categories is pretty good.

    On topic note: The CR-V rates top of its class (SUVs under $27K).

  • I live on a (now muddy) dirt road. The front wheels coat the side of the car so that when I get in/out I coat my pants. Is there any recommendations for BIG (ala DAKAR) mud flaps?
    I'm not so much concerned with looks as functionality.
  • hhlshhls Posts: 10
    Now another local dealer is advertising $19,670 CRV EX w/dest. chg. Guess I should sit back and see how much further they drop. I'm just anxious to get one now that I've made my decision. I see all you CR-V owners on the road and I'm very envious!!
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    hhls - where are you located? I thought I had such a great deal - but sounds like I bought too soon.
  • New dilemma. CRV 3 year lease puts monthlys at $370 (approx 20k). 3 Year lease on Passport (approx. 26K) is $299 under a new offer of Honda that runs through the end of the month. Deal info is available on Honda's site at special offers. I like the CRV better but like the pricing option of the Passport better. Difference is due to the money factor used on the Passport in order for Honda to move them. CRV's still hot car in Columbus, Ohio and dealers are still getting a premium. Any thoughts on this deal and the two vehicles? Thanks
  • hhlshhls Posts: 10
    Pamo, I'm in Dallas and there is no shortage of Honda dealers in the area so that probably helps with the prices here. I went to another dealer yesterday to see what I could get on my trade-in... it turned out to be a high volume, high pressure dealership... there must have been 40 salesmen (or Lot Lizards as my friend calls them) there. I couldn't wait to get out of there. Really made me appreciate the more professional dealerships.
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    Let us know what price you finally negotiate. Just for the record,I am very pleased with my purchase. I bought the car for my daughter - so she is spoiled for life, but I feel she is in a safe, reliable car which I will have hopefully no problems with. I am hoping to get a chance to drive it soon! We are putting the car to the test today - rain, ice and snow all scheduled for this afternoon.
  • A week ago, my son (driver) and daughter (front-seat passenger) had an accident in my CRV. (The other driver ran a stop sign.) The car was demolished. My daughter walked away with little more than a sore sternum from the airbag deploying, a fleeting soreness in her neck from the shoulder belt, and two slight bruises from the lap belt. My son bruised his pinky! When I arrived, I was in worse shape than they were because I saw the car before I saw them.
    I really liked my CRV before the accident. It is (was) comfortable, agile, and just plain fun to drive. I will be leasing another CRV as soon as the insurance company settles the claim!
  • hhlshhls Posts: 10
    I'll definitely let you know the final deal. I'm glad to hear your happy with your CR-V. I'm really looking forward to getting mine, but I'm also enjoying the "hunt". By the way, Pamo - what color did you get?
  • Got a car accident yesterday -- my CR-V was hit by a tire which came off from another car running at the opposite direction. Both air bags blew and the fender of left front wheel was broken. How I loved my CR-V! I heard people say that the car will not have the same safety again even after it is fixed since the air bags are no longer factory installed. any idea if it is true? Insurance company insisted to repair my car (it is pretty new only got 3500 miles in 5 months) without caring about my safety concern.

  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    If they replace the airbag with a new genuine Honda airbag, then I wouldn't think the safety of the vehicle would be compromised. BTW, that must have been one HUGE tire that hit you to cause the airbags to deploy and to cause that much damage!
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    Satlas31 - that is my worst nightmare, and I am glad that your two children walked away from the crash. I can't wait for my daughter to get out of bed(it's a Sat. a.m. here) and have her (and her brother) read your story. She is a good driver, but I can't overly impress upon her how many idiots there are on the road. By the way, what happened to the passengers in the other car?

    And HHLS - bought the blue! and it handles great in snow, sleet and rain.
  • Thanks, Pamo. The only passenger in the other car was the driver. He was in an '87 Sonoma GMC. He was taken to the emegency room with a shoulder injury. My son hit the passenger side of his truck as the truck went through the stop sign at the intersection. I imagine he had additional injuries, though I can't be sure. He was not wearing a seat belt. Both of my children had theirs on. (Thank goodness that message got through!)
    By the way, just got a quote for a 2001 CRV 2wd-LX at $17,777 plus destination, tax, and fees. What do you think?
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    I didn't price the LX model - wanted the ABS and 4wheel drive that the EX offered - I live in cold, snowy, icy Wisconsin. The more I read on these message boards, the more I think car dealers are going to be negotiating - market is really soft right now. I'm thinking that used car prices and sales will be hard hit soon as dealers continue to cut new car prices. Not sure that the reality of the market has hit home yet.
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    Satlas31 - Sorry to hear about the accident, but I'm glad your loved ones are okay. Maybe they should be driving one of these.
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    $17,700 isn't bad, but you might be able to get it lower. I'd expect that with all the competition out there you should be able to get $17,500 or possibly lower.

    It never hurts to walk away from a dealer. When I was shopping for my wife's TL, we walked away from a fair deal. The salesman was telling us that we could make this offer because he had the car in stock, but the deal only worked if we signed that day. Nope. Went back 2 weeks later and got an offer $200 less from the same guy.

  • Thanks for all of the advice here, sent some internet inquiries and received a great rate of 19585 destination included for CRV-EX. in Maryland. Bought today!!!
  • My wife and i are looking at the crv se and can probably get it for about 23000. does this sound like a price anyone else might be getting?
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    Great price! Automatic? Enjoy your new cr-v! Only problem is I no longer have the "low price" honors!
  • Does any know if Honda is going to come out with new re-styled CRV for '02? I read some where it would be new engine still 4cyl but 2.2L, 160HP. Was it a rumor or confirmed by Honda. Any "official" info would be appreciated. I need concrete info, not just speculation or rumor since I don't know if I should buy a '01 CRV or wait for new '02. Thanks.
  • When I bought my CR-V in July I had the same delema about what to buy. I was comming off lease of a Pontiac Grand am Gt. anyways here is why I choose the cr-v.
    1. Its a Honda (not a rebadged Isuzu)
    2. Back seat space to me was better in the cr-v (even though the passport it was a-little bigger a vehicle)
    3. Ride was better on the cr-v
    4. Gas millage was poor on the passport
    5. Have heard of some problems with them
    6. Power is fine in the cr-v. (granted passport has a bigger engine).
    7. This might sound weird but, the tire on the back of the cr-v is lower so it made reward visibility better.

    Basically I considered the whole honda line when buying this vehicle. Since July 20th 2000. I have put over 20K miles on it and not one single problem with the vehicle. Only routine stuff.

    I live in the cleveland ohio area and if you don't mind a little bit of a drive call

    Jim Kvanska
    Sunnyside Honda
    Middleburg Hts. Ohio

    (Easy to get to right off 71)
    Tell him Jack Egan sent you.

    I shopped almost every honda dealership in the area and was VERY VERY impressed with the level of service. It was the most pleasurable dealer experiance that I had ever had. AS Ive told people I've shopped the rest and head straight for the best

    any questions e-mail me at


    Jack Egan

    BTW I do not work for or related to anyone at sunnyside. Just extremely happy with my dealership experiance and my car. (This guy can also sell you a audi,porsche, saturn and toyota and think that they also own a dealership in michigan that sells acura). Awile back a women came down from sandusky to buy a cr-v and had 2 dealerships on her list and sunnyside was the first and the last.
  • pamo---I am in rockord area..what dealer did you get the price from?
  • pamopamo Posts: 39
    I dealt with Wilde Honda in Waukesha. Joe Guess was the sales agent. Let me know what they say.

    good luck!
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