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    Yes, please, do!
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    Paint started peeling about a year ago and is really bad now. As I look at other Hyundai autos in parking lots, I see others in same condition and will start taking pictures. My car is garaged every night since I bought it when it was a year old. I contacted Hyundai and was told the paint is only under warranty for 3 years. Class action suit seem appropriate.
  • santafelinda1santafelinda1 Member Posts: 2
    At 59,000 miles, valve burned on 2005 Santa Fe. Car perfect just until out of warranty and fell apart. Hyndai said they are not responsible for the defect. I will never buy another and will tell everyone I know not to do it.
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    I will sign up! I have paint chipping and every other Hyundai I have seen like mine has similar issues!
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    Count us in on the class action. Issue reported to dealership, denied as being "corrosion". I, too have seen other Santa Fe subs with the same problem. Has there been reports of a similar problem with other models? I also own a 2011 Vera Cruz & worried that it will look like the Santa Fe in few more months.
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    I too have a Sante Fe where the paint began to corrode about 4 yrs ago. Spoke to dealership too no avail. If there is a class action suit please add me to it
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    Same issue. My '04 Navy blue Sante Fe's paint is peeling/corroding. It looks awful now. I have seen many of the older model Sante Fe's like mine with the same color doing the exact same thing. I am in for a class action law suit. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    Note everyone keeps saying they are all for a class action suit, but nothing will happen unless someone throws down -- someone has to hire a lawyer and sue Hyundai. Just sayin'.
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    Then you have to cool your heels for about three years and hope for a settlement.

    After all that you get a $500 coupon toward the purchase of a new Hyundai. The lawyers buy a new Mercedes. :-)

    Better to find your own "lemon" lawyer and try to work something out yourself, but no one wants that hassle or stress.
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    True even if you start a lawsuit doesn't mean you'll get much out of it, though certainly the lawyers will!.
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    i am trying to find out if my sante fa maybe recall for the paint that is coming off
    and making it look very old
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    there is no recall Hyundai is denying fault my 2011 started to peel off just months after buying the truck they blamed me when i had a detailer come to the house once a month they claimed they were washing and waxing it wrong get that [non-permissible content removed]Been looking for a law firm ever since having a hard time trying to get one to take this on anyone know of a law firm willing to do this class action post in here give them this site
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    I just took my 2009 WHITE Santa Fe into a body shop to have them look at some paint peeling. They said they've seen the same thing in Santa Fe's. Two guys at the shop said get rid of it as soon as you can. They told me the dealership would tell me a rock did the damage. And sure enough, the dealership said it was caused from a rock. I will be getting rid of my Santa Fe ASAP. NOT dealing with this.
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    I just wanted to add myself to the list of people experiencing these problems. My white 2007 Santa Fe's paint is peeling like crazy. Don't know what to do.
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    I now take pictures of other Santa Fe's in parking lots. I swear, 75% of them have a similar if not exact same issue as mine. I've loved this car('03 Santa Fe, merlot color). No major issues, but I can not in good conscience ever purchase a Hyundai again. I feel like white trash, but will drive this thing for at least another 2 years. No choice. I've looked into paint jobs, and that route just isn't feasible. After finally overcoming a horrible reputation, Hyundai needs to not only recognize they have a major problem, but they need to make it right.
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    Funny I started this tread years ago. My Santa Fe paint has been pretty much stable. I have no peeling, only clear coast scratches that nomidea how they get there. I do however never use automated car washes. I always wash by hand. This is still not acceptable, I had a scratch on the rear when I bought the car I swear was done while they washed it before I picked it up for purchase. Anyway they had their paint repair guy fix the scratch and he did a really good job, I asked him about the paint being bad. He said all paint is bad now, also that you can scratch the clear coat with your finger nail, thanks to the environmentalist. I cant accept that answer because I have seen Fords and other cars that have paint that stand up over time.

    This car has been good so far almost 100k but I wont be buying another. I dont like the way the Hyundai corp deals with this issue at all.
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    Hi All,
    I see that I am one of many. I own a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe. My clear coat has peeled off down to bare metal in areas like roof, top of doors and top of door panels, anywhere that the sun always beats down. I just thought it was because I didn't take good enough care of the care. However, as I look at the posts it seems that it doesn't matter all that much, that this rash of paint failures happens even to Hyundai's that were garaged. I never thought about it being a fault on the Hyundai Corps part. Well at least I'm in good company. Maybe if enough of us post on this site, it will help someone ambitious enough to start a class action suit.
  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    9 years old when did it start? sun will do this, i have a camry had no issues with paint, it started peeling around nine years, Had it in the very hot fl sun for two years at 9 and 10 years and it started.

    Just depends on when it started? Also its too old for lawsuit. You can thank the greens, for forcing car companies to change paint to the current junk they use.
  • gunga64gunga64 Member Posts: 271
    I was looking through some youtube videos, and there is this guy that shows how to plasti dip your car.

    It very interesting and can be done on the cheap. I was thinking this would be a good way to
    fix the issues some Santa Fes are having with paint.
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    My Santa Fe has paint bubbling on the hood, above the windshield, and along the driver side door. I spoke to consumer affairs today and they advised me to take it to the dealership and have them look at it and they said whatever the dealership says they will honor. Well I took it this afternoon and three different managers said the same thing....looks like a bad paint job!!. So they put a claim in with Hyundai and we play the waiting game. However, after reading all these posts I think I have some leverage. I too would like to be apart of the class action lawsuit.
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    :cry: My white 2008 Santa Fe just started to peel on top like overnight!!! I am so upset, as it started peeling just a few weeks after purchasing a 2013 Tuscon.......this is not fading-I had a Jeep Cherokee for 12 years and it did fade from sun-this is not the same frustrated!!!
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    I have a 2010 red Santa Fe. The clear coat peeling started with one door handle at about 30K miles. I did not realize the white-ish spot on the handle was a bubble in the clear coat. At 42K that bubble started to peel and then a 8" by 2" strip on the driver side quarter panel started to peel. I called the dealership and they said bring it in. I got there only to be told that the warranty expires at 36K miles. I told the tech on the phone my mileage reading while making my appointment for their viewing. I was very angry for making an unnecessary trip. Today I noticed at 48K miles that all the door handles are bubbling/peeling. I called the dealership again and was told they would talk to the district manager and get back to me in one week. If I get blown off this time, I will be taking this to the local Dallas new channels. This is unacceptable. I have purchased at least 6 brand new American made cars in my life time and this has NEVER BEEN AN ISSUE. Normal wear and tear on a paint job should not result in peeling clear coat. This Santa Fe is my first foreign car purchase - it won't happen again!!!
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    I watch scotty kilmer on you tube. He says if you want to avoid peeling clear coat, you need to wax your car once every three months. The cheap clearcoat and paint hey use cant handle the suns rays.

    Make sure you wax those cars.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Clearcoat is just paint. I wash my cars maybe twice a year and rarely wax them. Don't see what good waxing would do if the paint was bad from the factory.
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    The wax blocks the ultraviolet light from deteriorating clearcoat and paint. I am just letting you guys know of a way to perhaps stop this inferior paint from getting worse.
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    Too much work for me. :-) The Michigan rust is going to get my cars in a few more years anyway but they are both over 14 now. Kind of surprised that the paint has done so well actually.
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    My 2009 Santa Fe started to peel back in December.I was washing it and noticed about a 1"spot of paint coming off on the hood just above the headlight.I took it directly to the dealer and was informed that with 38,500 miles it was out of warranty. I painted the spot but it has since grown to about 3" x6".Two more spots on the hood have started to appear, Did I HEAR CLASS ACTION.
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    We got word today from the dealership that the Hyundai rep said the charge would be $1100.00 and they will pay $400.00. They were not going to fix the side panels like their body shop manager said needs to be done. I can get my entire vehicle painted for $1600.00. I will never buy another Hyundai. They don't seem to care about the loyal customers. We have purchased 3 Hyundai's since 2006 (over $50,000)!!
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    I was told by their body shop manager that eventually the entire cars paint will bubble if it is not fixed. My husband found on consumer reports that Hyundai models up to 2010 had paint issues. Now, you would think if this many people are complaining about the paint, they would have recalled them. No, they are only interested in get your money then they are done with you.
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    Do you have a link to the Consumer Reports article on the paint issue that you mentioned above? I'm sure many of us would be interested to read it.
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    As I have posted, my 1987 Hyundai Excel peeled paint on the bumpers. They still peel paint over twenty years later. Mine is a 2007 and it isnt peeling, but the paint is still not up to'par with other manufactors. I get told paint is made poorly nowadays from everyone that owns a car. But Hyundai is unacceptable, I havent seen this tyoe of problem on even stinky Chevys. Their clearcloat is so light its missing on some parts of the paint.

    The way they keep saying your warranty is up after 36k miles, and they know they have a problem will prevent me from ever buying another.

    I must say I have had warranty work done on my car since owning it, and the dealership has been good at fixing the issues. Last month at 96k, my throttle sensor went out and they replaced the and the entire throttle. I know that would have cost over $600. I did have to pay $100 under my extended warranty and the throttle wasnt covered under the 10 year/100k warranty, what crap that was too. Its an engine component and should have been under the 10/10.

    My issue there is they couldn't just replace the $25.00 sensor, supposedly its not replaceable. Thats what will keep me away in the future as well.

    Other warranty work, valve cover leaked, so gasket replaced, leaked on alternator so alternator replaced. Drivers seat switch broke and replaced.

    The car has been alright overall, and should last me years more, but its my last. You dont back your product you lose business period. You may save like 3k on a twenty thousand car but its not worth it.
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    I left work at 5pm tonight with a few small chips in the paint on the hood and roof of my white 09 Santa Fe. An extremely hard Houston rain (raining sideways at times) pounded the car for about 8 - 10 miles. The rain, with thunder and lightning, was so hard I could barely see my wiper blades. Then I began to see swatches of something. Irregular shapes splattering the windshield along with the rain. To my SHOCK when I reached my destination and exited the car, HUGE patches of primer are now very clearly visible ALL OVER the hood and roof. I drove straight to the dealership to show them, but because I have 68,000 miles on the car, they said there is nothing they can do. Several of the bare spots are larger than my hand. Sales people looked at it in awe saying they'd never seen anything like it. This is CRAZY!
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    We bought a new 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe four months ago in Toronto, Canada and have less than 6000 km on it. We discovered a chip in the driver's side paint a bit smaller than a dime but going completely through the paint down to the metal. We took it too the dealer who said there was a dint there -- if there is it is almost impossible to see -- and they would not fix it under warranty. I have owned many cars over 50 years and kept each of them for years and never once have I seen this type of damage. I will pursue this with Hyundai but am not hopeful based on what I have read. I'm all for a class action suit on paint quality.
  • fenixrizefenixrize Virginia beach virginiaMember Posts: 2
    I have a 2011 Santa fe the door Handels and a very very big spot on the hood peeling it's embarrassing !!!. They said they will only cover if under 36,0000 or 3 years. I have 22,00o miles. Still making payments and pissed. There's gotta be something we can do.
  • fenixrizefenixrize Virginia beach virginiaMember Posts: 2
    Has Anyone received any results or started any action about paint 2011 Santa fe paint on hood pealing and on door knobs also blk paint peeling off metal piece between windows
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    So did anyone find a solution? I am just now becoming brave enough to bring the issue to the dealers attention and needless to say I am not feeling very confident that they will take care of business. Any advice is appreciated...that karen
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    I am the owner of a 2009 Santa Fe. I am sorry to report that the paint is coming off in big chunks right down to the metal. I have taken the car to two reputable body shops which concur that there is a manufacturing problem with the paint. So far I have gotten nowhere with Hyundai. I am in the process of filling out papers with the Better Business Bureau. This is sickening to say the least. I can't believe all the people that are having the same problem. I will never again buy a Hyundai. I think the consumer needs to be warned of this HUGE problem.
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    My 2009 Sage Green Santa Fe has been peeling for a few years now. Mostly on the hood and around the windshield. The paint doesn't stick to the primer at all. I had read somewhere that some EPA rules put restrictions on the chemicals required to make the paint stick. Why Hyundai and not others??? I just got done a wonderful job of plasti dipping the affected surfaces but when I peeled the overspray tape off, the Hyundai paint came off with it. It simply isn't stuck at all. Will try again with Frog Tape for Delicate Surfaces. Have my doubts there is a way around it. Hoping to get lucky.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Everyone always like to point fingers at "regulations" but obviously not all cars have bad paint. Not even all Hyundais. Looks like there's something wrong either with their supplier or the application.
  • LeesLees Member Posts: 1 On August 21, 2017, a California federal judge dismissed a proposed class action claiming that the paint on certain Hyundai vehicles would start to peel too soon after the cars were purchased. cars came with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Backing this up, the dismissal notice said, was the fact that most people’s paint peeled after the warranty period had expired – and that paint shouldn’t be expected to last forever.
    I have a 2014 Santa Fe (pearl white), paint is flaking off. A body shop wouldn't re-paint it because he said it was a hyundai defect & would continue to happen. Hyundai dealer say's there's no problems reported. Just wanted ppl to know there was a class action & it was dismissed
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    I have a 2013 white Hyundai Santa Fe sport. Same issue dealer said it’s rocks and salt. The paint is peeling off the front end,hood,and recently the roof.
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