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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair



  • hi nissmazlover you mentioned to change k&n air filter what is it (k&n) thank
  • Yes, I am now having the same problem with my new 2011 SL Rogue. I have talked to them and they told me the sunroof gets out of line. I am setting up an appt to have them fix it. I love this car, but can not tolerate wind noise like this.... I have also noticed the blue tooth does not listen very well. Everytime I say someones name and use "cell" behind the name it cancels the request... I guess it does not do well with southern accents.. LOL.... And I notice it is worse when you first get in the car and it is cold outside. Works better once the car gets warm inside. anyone else have this problem? :sick:
  • I have had this problem a few times and finally figured out that the key insert was in the wrong position. Next time it happens check where the key insert is and make sure you have it in off position.. this should help. It took me forever to figure it out.. Hope this helps you..
  • K&N is a brand name. This company makes air and oil filter for most of the cars. K&N's air filter last for many years, you only need to clean and re-oil the filter once every 2-3 years. A normal air filter is made by paper so it cannot be re-used. Shop around, many local and online stores carry K&N's. Visit here for more info -
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    K&N makes no general fuel economy claims about their air filters. I run cheap Frams in my Nissan minivan and just toss the filter when it's time - no messing around with oiling it or worrying about messing up any sensors from the oil.

    I get better than EPA mileage. I tossed a seat I don't use, don't drive like a demon, keep the psi checked on the tires, don't haul extra gear in the car, don't race up to stop signs, don't idle and I track every tank of gas as a way to generally tell how the systems are running.

    My van started getting better mpg around 5,000 miles, but didn't really hit its stride until ~10,000 miles and kept inching up incrementally from then on.

    What Really Saves Gas? And How Much?

    Save Gas with Smart Driving and Slick Aerodynamics

    One other thing you can do is use "pure gas". It costs more but the increased mpg that people typically get may offset the extra price at the pump.
  • I just passed 1000 miles on my 2012 SL-SV AWD Rogue. I know, she's just a new baby. This is actually my second Rogue, I traded in a 2009 SL AWD to get her. (I was wickedly upside down when I bought the 2009...I didn't really NEED a new car, but I cut my monthly payment in half by upgrading). Anyway, no problems yet. MPG is averaging about 19.5. I primarily drive city, my commute is literally 5 minutes. (I'd walk if I didn't have to take my son to school, which is a little further down the road). That's pretty similar to what I had with the 2009. I never had any issues with the 2009, it had 45000 miles on it when I traded it in (was almost 3 years old to the day). Well, I did have the constant tire pressure light issue, where the light would come on even if the tire pressure was fine.

    I obviously love the Rogue enough to have gotten a second one. When I was looking I test drove a Sportage, Rav4, Tuscon, Soul, CX-7, and CRV. Came right back to the Rogue, which honestly shocked me.

    My only gripe is the lack of a pull-down cup holder in the back seat (like the Murano), and the GPS. My parents have a 2009 Murano and we always called the GPS Witch Hazel. The 2012 GPS is not any better. The routing it takes you on is absolutely insane at times. I'm keeping my Garmin for backup if I'm going somewhere unfamiliar.
  • I have taken my car to two different dealership to get this problem corrected. The first dealership told me that it was the aerodynamics of the car caused this but claimed that none of the servicemen heard the wind noise. I took it to the second dealership and they replaced the seals around the front door. If someone has had this problem fixed, please let me know what the dealership did to resolve the problem.
  • Dear Mamisme:

    I have not been able to get a resolution on this issue, but it is a known defect. Nissan sent an engineer out to inspect my car in January, and they have now had the opportunity to correct the issue five times.

    I experience the popping noise, and my navigation reboots itself. The console has actually shut down entirely at some points. Nissan has tried to work with me by offering me free services for my patience. As I stated initially, this problem has been ongoing since I was driving the car home from the dealership that first day. I find the popping noise, and the rebooting to be a substantial impairment to the use and the value of my automobile. I'm really considering pursuing a lemon law claim, and have a call into that same Nissan engineer to see what my options are.

    You need to follow-up with this. Nissan knows it is an issue, and they are willing to attempt to accommodate you. I'm looking for the fully functioning car that I spent my good money on - which as of this date I have not been able to realize or enjoy unencumbered by this issue.

    Also - I'm curious what state you are in because Nissan states that this issue is specific to Florida.


  • roguemanrogueman Posts: 4
    I finally took my 2011 rogue in and they had to reallign it. it is fine now, but waiting to see if it happens again. They had to replace the front rotors on the brakes while it was in the shop due to a vibration I had when braking. Man wish I did not buy this car. :mad:
  • suziie26suziie26 Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 SL rogue. Has anyone had problems with their vent control valve?

    My service engine light came on, took it in. They told me it was the vent control valve. I have yet to get it replaced, mostly because I'm sure I can find a mechanic cheaper than the dealership.
  • pbergnpbergn Posts: 4
    It is the air-conditioning vents -- not the door insulation or the sunroof. Mine – I have a Rogue SV SLP 2011 -- was doing that with AC on and with the fan at higher RPM's, as well as when driving on a freeway at higher speeds when there was high frontal air intake, especially noticeable on windy days. I took it to the dealer and they found there was nothing wrong with the AC per se, and recommended me to re-adjust the vent fins (flaps) to wider angled positions. I wound up doing just that, and the whistling noise went away... I still can hear the noise come back when I keep the flaps ajar -- they need to be either fully opened or closed, or carefully positioned at a certain, wider angles. Hope this helps...
  • angienpangienp Posts: 1
    I have the exact same car and have just been told the differential needs replaced at a cost of $3000.00 installed. Not covered under warranty. This vehicle has been a lemon since day one.
  • I'm curious, how many miles are on the vehicle? I would think the differential is part of the drive-train.
  • hybiscushybiscus Posts: 4
    Nissan dealer did take care of the differential problem, no charge, thank goodness! Mileage was 43,000 when we purchased from the dealer.
  • Update - In March of this year I was able to have my radio replaced - Nissan stated that this was a manufacturer defect in the radio. I have not experienced the same issues with the radio, but now have a popping noise when the radio first initiates. I have a meeting tomorrow with a Nissan representative who is meeting with me at the local dealership. I'll have to see what he says about it tomorrow, and report back. All in all, I regret making this purchase, and wish that I had bought something else. I will obviously stay the course with this car, but will take more time test driving and researching the next car when that time comes. This situation has been an absolute nightmare. But/for the people at Nissan's corporate office, I would have been done with this car long ago. Nissan Consumer Affairs has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, very responsive, and they really attempt to make it right for the customer. This is just a case of a bad apple off of the line.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    The nissan rogue i purchased 3 months ago has grumbling noises and vibrations coming from the rogue cvt transmission. I brought it back several times to garden city nissan several times.the explanation each time was that they could find nothing wrong. Finally on my last visit i was told that these issues were normal for the rogue. The cvt transmission does not run as smoothly as a regular automatic transmission. This makes for a terrible driving experience. If i trade this car in now i would take a huge financial loss. I do not know how any one could be comfortable driving this car. Please people do not make the same mistake, find something better.
  • 5 years ago, I drove a 1998 Ford Contour and it stalled (no gas), I was stopped at a red light. Blinkers on. Car behind didn't move, 30 sec later honking start, the dude get off his car approaches me to argue, REALLY. Told I ain't going anywhere w/o gas. He didn't offer to help but left. I later notice my hazard light was blinking red which is less visible then orange.

    Similar thing happened with my Rogue. I signal ahead to switch from left turning lane to regular lane. The other car was 300 ft back when I switched lanes. As I was turning (Rogue hesitated a little - next post) the b*tch behind honked continuosly, cut in front me and kept staring at me from her rearview mirror. I later on checked my turn signal and darn it blink RED !!! Also on other occasion when I signal car behind don't slow down, they do when I drive my '02 Accord.

    Comments ??
  • I noticed about a 1 sec hesitation from a dead stop which partly explain the incident in Post #202.
    I am driving the car easy since it is still new so it could just be me but I highly doubt it as others also reported CVT trans being stuck sometimes.

    There is a O/D button besides the Sports button. I will try those next time.
  • I have a 2011 krom and am experiencing a "rotten egg" type smell when I accelerate rapidly. Has anyone else had this problem? I have an appt next week and want to be prepared! It has 65,000 miles on it. Thanks!!
  • I got a quote today for $425 to change the transmission fluid in my 2008 Nissan Rogue. I think that is ridiculous!
  • I'm so glad I found this forum. I have a 2008 Rogue SL that I got last December with 50miles. Recently I noticed a noise every time I hit the gas only. My brother in law works for Honda, so I asked him to checked out the car fir ne. He told me he scanned, but no cide error was found and told tgat I should take tge car to Nissan because he thinks is the transmission.
  • I've been having the same problems with mine, I live in WA state. Nisssan of denies problems with the unit as well as the Bad CVT's that should have been recalled long ago, You can't just extend the warranty of the CVT to 120,000 miles..there is a defect that will only get worse over time..
  • My daughter just had her 2009 Rogue, 90,000 miles, in to replace split inner boot on front right axle. Took my mechanic over 5 hours to remove the rusted/frozen bracket located mid-axle. $500 bill.

  • 2011 Nissan rogue awd with sv and sl. which one iso Better. Or loaded

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