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Mazda MX-5 Miata (2005 and earlier)



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    And dont' forget to bury that tachometer needle, or you won't get the full Miata experience!

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  • x2ski2, I had a 97 Del Sol VTEC until recently (girl ran a red light in her Buick at 60+ mph and totaled it), and speaking from experience, I’d recommend the Miata as long as you enjoy driving it (and don’t have to buy groceries for the entire family). I think it’s one of the best looking cars out there and was ready to replace my Del Sol with one, until I took a test drive.
  • jim32301jim32301 Posts: 7
    Anyone in this forum have an 99 Anniversary or 00 SE? I'm wondering how you like it & how much you paid for it???? I'm starting to shop as the lease on my 98 Acura CL 3.0 is up in a year. I really want an S2000 but just don't think I'll be able to lease or find one & am not willing to part with $1000 deposit in the fall for a car I won't get till Aug. Choice #2 is either an Audi TT or the SE Miata. Thinking I may have the same probablem with the Audi as well. So I'm shopping the Miata. I read that Mazda will be upgrading horsepower to 155 for m.y. 01. I'm going to be looking for one at the end of m.y. 01 & beginning m.y. 02. I've shopped & found that right now they have 00 SE's for UNDER invoice. Any input would be appreciated. You can e-mail if you prefer @ Thanks!!!
  • x2ski2x2ski2 Posts: 5
    got a chance to test drive a 2000 Miata last night (I am assuming the 99 and 2000 drive the same) - both one with and without sport suspension. I can clearly tell the difference between the two, but I am not sure if it is so much of a difference that I have to have one or the other. Otherwise, the car handles great! I think I scared the salesman though.

    For those out there like me who are wavering, I am leaning strongly to the Miata now, for sheer fun factor. There is absolutely no storage though, that is a downside. Oh well, there are some things you have to give up. I would rather it be storage!
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Acutally, the miata is a mini-van of storage compared to Miatas only competition - the MR2.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    And the MR2 is a Ferrari in terms of performance compared to it's only competition, the Miata. Which would you rather have, a mini van or a ferrari?
  • mustang76mustang76 Posts: 6
    Ferrari in terms of competiton? not hardly.It may be a ferrari if your calling the miata a porsche turbo...
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    MR2 is a Ferrari in terms of performance
    compared to it's only competition, the Miata.

    I take it you can back it up? other then 0-60 acceleration I haven't seen any proof of that.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Mustang, the Miata isn't a minivan compared the MR2 either, is it? So it's got a few more cubic feet, big whoop, this is a performance car, not a station wagon, and I'd be happy to sacrifice the small amount of storage for the mid engine performance. And it's you're not your.
    Handling numbers are similar, but the couple comparisons I've seen favor the MR2 in terms of handling, citing better balance and quicker turn in as the two main aspects. Acceleration is obviously no contest.
    The bottom line is I'm sick of people bashing the MR2 for it's lack of storage. Who cares? That's not it's intent. It's the same as Consumer Reports bashing the Wrangler because it doesn't have a nice highway ride. If you want a nice highway ride, buy a Lincoln Towncar, not a Wrangler. If you want a lot of storage, buy a minivan, not a roadster. I wouldn't buy a MR2 for a primary car because it doesn't have much storage. I also wouldn't buy the Miata for a primary car because it doesn't have much storage.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    Bashing? I think it is actually a benefit to the car. But some people, especially those who drive it as an only car, need the storage space. It is sometimes a necessity.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Alright, we agree. I was just getting tired of hearing people say 'Don't get one, it doesn't have any storage space' rather than 'It's a great car, but it doesn't have any storage space, so if that's a major concern, don't get one'
  • tiltboytiltboy Posts: 63
    I just got in the shopping market for a new Miata. I see that Mazda is offering $1500 rebate right now. What kind of prices are the going for in relation to invoice? I only have one dealer in town, but they have 8-10 on the lot. I like the L model and the sticker is about $24,500. I think with the rebate and getting close to invoice should be around $21,000. Any comments or help much appreciated. It will be a third vehicle so storage not the issue. I like the look of the MR2, but not for 4-5 grand more and limited availability. Miata would fit my needs of a conv. sportster a great price. Thanks for the input.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    If they've got 8-10 on the lot I definitely wouldn't pay more than 300 - 500 over invoice, tops. Start out at 100 over invoice and stick to your guns until they're about to kill you. Then leave. Come back the next day. Go for the 100 over again, if they still don't go for it start creeping up. There are plenty of Miata's out there, and the MR2 is taking a chunk out of their sales.
  • dgraves1dgraves1 Posts: 414
    I'd be a little bolder. I'd say offer $20K (under invoice). You can order one anytime you want from for $21K. The dealer down the street from me is advertising $5K off MSRP on all Miatas in stock. Last thing you want to happen is to have them take your first offer.
  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    I don't think people are really bashing the trunk space of the MR2, it's just that the MR2 has surprisingly little compared to the previous skimpy storage space champ, the Miata. I know the Miata is small but I've actually managed to pick up a reasonable amount of groceries on the way back from a spirited country drive (hungry after all those top-down miles). But the MR2-S's 2.3 cubic feet is really really stretching it for anybody who is going to use it as a primary driver and not just a Sunday toy.
  • mustang76mustang76 Posts: 6
    Well as long as were a correcting grammar, my name is mustang76 not Mustang. And i would'nt exactly say "no storage space" is a insult. It's part of the roadster tradition; no storage. But insulting a cars' performance with no facts or personal experience to back it up, thats a bit too far :) And the the MR2 is hardly taking any "chunk" out of the miata's sales with only 5,000 going to be made and sold. Have you actually driven one? O and pleese feal freee to corect anie of my gramer.
  • C13C13 Posts: 390
    I am the undisputed master, and I say that correcting the grammar, syntax or spelling of your fellow posters on an internet bulletin board is for dorks, dinks, dildos and amateur grammarians.

    They're like kids in Civics who want to street-race against experienced geezers in M3's and 911's.

    Buzz off, sonny, before you hurt yourself.
  • mustang76mustang76 Posts: 6
    thank you C13. Maybe judas is a kid in a civic?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    You'd better be nice to each other or I'll institute that male bonding sensitivity weekend I threatened you all with last time.

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  • paige5paige5 Posts: 1
    Hi Mazda Lovers. I'm looking at a 1995 Mx-5 M Merlot with tan leather. I love this car...took a test drive last night. Haven't driven a real sports car since we put the '58 MGA in storage (about 25 yrs. ago). The asking price is $12,995, which doesn't seem too far off...but it doesn't seem to have the original wheels. Any chance I could ever find a set? It has gold-tone trim instead of chrome. Is this proper? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • karl1973karl1973 Posts: 89
    The M-edition of 1995 should have 15 inch BBS mesh style wheels. I think they were silver, and they are some of the most desirable OEM wheels for the Miata. They are light and they are 15 inches, with correct offset. I remember someone mentioning Mazda asks $800 a piece for these wheels. Anyway, it can be difficult to get originals if they are not on the car already. You can use it as a bargaining chip :)
  • monty44monty44 Posts: 2
    I bought a 99 Anniversary Edition last May. With hardtop and ABS brakes we paid just over $25,000. Ok, call me crazy. This is the third Miata in my garage, a 93 Base model that is pretty modified a 93LE and now the 99 AE. Both 93 have over 60K miles on their clocks. ZERO mechanical problems. NOT ONE! So far same on the 99. SO go for it buy the 2000 or 99. Or take a look at a good used Miata. It will be the best car money you have ever spent!
  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506
    do you like the Miata? :)
  • monty44monty44 Posts: 2
    Sure but only on days ending in "Y"
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    Now i HAVE to check one out. I might just HAVE to trade my camaro in on one!
  • karl1973karl1973 Posts: 89
    Good thing the Miata is a car. It would be illegal if it was a drug. So addictive.
    Wait... maybe it is a drug. It causes me to have a silly grin each time I go for a spin :)
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Posts: 956
    The gold stuff, paige55, is a dealer add on the original buyer got stuck with. Not a problem unless you don't like it. The wheels may be a different deal -- the BBS rims were quite light and kept the unsprung weight of the car down. They were also v. attractive. At one point some of the aftermarket dealers @ carried the OEM replacement wheels ... don't know if they still do, but it's worth checking. And BBS used to have a very similar wheel available for consumer purchase -- try their web site.

    Looking at used Miatas is a good idea to keep the price down. I always think of that when people post here worried about how much they can "save" on a new one when there are a lot of great used ones on the market.

    blackcurrent, unless you like to go straight ahead all the time, I suspect you won't believe the fun you'd have in a Miata. It's a MUCH easier car to drive, btw ... I mean to drive quickly. Let us know.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
  • blackcurrantblackcurrant Posts: 152
    It's just that i haven't had an opportunity to check out the miata. I love the new styling! I just need to drive one.

    Problem is, my wife, who's very understanding about my sportscar interests, isn't receptive to a two seat car. Oh well, i guess i don't blame her. Those little jump seats in the Z sure come in handy with the kids!
  • plastechplastech Posts: 1
    Hey, to anybody. I've never been one to jump into online discussions, but recently took the plunge on a 1990 miata and am looking for confirmation that i've done a good thing.
    So far I love it. At $3,800 I'm in the midst of a 4-wheel brake job, complete, and new exhaust as well as new rubber.
    Just put some decent tunes in it but they seem so much less impoortant in this car than in a sedan.
    I've been reading through the postings this morning and wanted to weigh in with the people looking at brand new ones as a third car.
    DON'T. seriously, simple economics and depreciation should have you scouring the paper for several weeks. (I've been checking every week for a couple years before i found one that'll fit my criteria of being tip-top for about 5k)
    Any of you more experienced miata-heads care to confirm or trash my thoughts?
  • WarpDriveWarpDrive Posts: 506

    The Miata and the Z28 feel are just about the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of performance/sports cars.

    My friend who owns a '99 Z28 drove mine. He felt uncomfortable with it and didn't like it. He really thought it felt anemic (I can understand that) and thought the ride was too stiff and jittery. He thought it was way too "toy-like" feeling. Oh well, I guess not everybody is smitten with the Miata charms upon the first drive. Going from my Corrado, even I felt some of the same things but I have come to prefer the Miata-feel over just about anything else on the market.
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