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Nissan Rogue Real World MPG



  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    every 3750 or even worse for those that don't drive a lot - every 3 months. Unusual and quite excessive IMO - but I have a feeling that this all ties back to some oil consumption problems Nissan had back in 06 with the 2.5.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Well, the Edmunds Maintenance Guide says the normal service oil change interval is 7,500 miles.

    There's no time interval listed in our guide. Oil is so good these days it's hard to imagine changing it every 3 months unless the miles were up there.
  • talked to a local dealer before I bought my Rogue... he was telling me that while the manufacturer might say 7500 miles, the dealer will "recommend" something far lower, like the 3K or 3 months we are all used to hearing, since that is direct revenue generation. that is the general reply I got from most of the folks I know that are in the business.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Follow the money. :)
  • current mileage: 7204
    Purchased in April of 08.
    SL AWD, all options.
    did a full tank on the highway going up through Ohio and back home to Kentucky, averaged 27.6 MPG figured manually. trip computer was saying 28.3.
    average over last 3 tanks of normal driving, 60% in town and about 40% highway averaged 24.2. I have had no issues with the vehicle and the AWD has been nice in the rain as it feels very secure. oh, and I drive moderate.. not a heavy foot, but not feathering it either.
  • @60mph on interstate=30+/-mpg. around-town 26+. mobil 1 (their top premium, 15,000mi) 40psi in continental tires. great car BUT it's my wife's. lon frank
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited July 2010
    Well, I read entire post and he never did answer your (what I also felt were good and valid) questions.

    The Rogue does seem to get quite consistent mileage given the variables of interpreting the varying driver habits and terrain and season etc. If one is drastically different than the other, then usually it could be traced to a bad sensor somewhere, or even as drastic a measure as a tranny problem. He mentioned he was going to have his replaced. But a simple answer to even your one question of how many rpms did his car show in OD at 70 mph would have garnered up at least some credibility with the complaints to the car and help substantiate if he actually owned one.
  • We have 2 '10 Rogue FWD SL's, one which is largely driven within a short radius of home, the other a bit more on freeways. The "local" one gets around 20 mpg around town, the "express" about 22 overall. Both are under EPA estimates of 22/27 ... not that it's a big issue; Nissan didn't conduct the tests, the government did ... and you know how that goes!
  • I've had my 2010 Rogue for a little over 6 mos. Getting from 24 to 26 MPG city and highway. Live in Canada and see a drop to very bottom end during winter, but easy top end of that in summer with highway driving...
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "I've had my 2010 Rogue for a little over 6 mos. Getting from 24 to 26 MPG city and highway. Live in Canada and see a drop to very bottom end during winter, but easy top end of that in summer with highway driving... "

    Would that be imperial or US gallons?
  • That would be US gallons. At least according to my iPhone app anyway.
  • I would think that the mileage differential between TX and Canada has much to do with the a/c. We're in the midst of one of the hottest summers on record, and we keep the thing on max ... all we change is the fan speed. Don;'t get me wrong ... it's a very efficient unit. I'll continue to track the mpg when the weather breaks, and will post my results ... probably sometime in October or November.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Having your A/C on "max" does not affect your fuel mileage at all vs having it on normal. MAX, simply means that you are recirculating the already chilled air in the car's interior, thereby allowing an even cooler evaporator air-temp.

    The A/C compressor (which affects MPG) cycles the same amount of time. Only when it is off altogether would your mileage be better.
    This has been hot in Cda as well this summer. No matter where you go it is A/C weather except for now. Yesterday in fact I went to town and didn't have to run the A/C. (and I love my air conditioning) Had it been 'free use', yes I still would have used it though.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    If you are pumping from Canada gas stations, I would expect it to be Imperial. The iPhone app simply does the math, but an imperial gallon is larger, and would skew the MPG.
  • I am pumping from Canadian gas stations and I'm measuring the fill in litres, not gallons. The app I use is doing the calculations.

    When I set the app (Roadtrip on my iPhone for those interested) to use MPG (UK) I end up with over 30PMG. If I take the 9.31 L/100km that I'm getting (and my odo is in KM and I am pumping in litres) and use Google to calculate that in MPG - I get 25.26 MPG. So I'm pretty sure that I've got the right numbers.

    I noticed in a local newspaper ad for the Rogue, they were putting forth some relatively low numbers for L/100km (lower is better) like 7.0 but I'm assuming that's the FWD only.
  • what is the true miles difference for a 2WD and a AWD? the epa says 22/27 and 21/26 respectively. I am wondering if it is true before getting one.
  • I have a 2 WD, and the answer is "it depends"

    During cool months I have hit 28 mpg a few times, mostly 26 - 27, in the summer when I run the AC it's usually in the 24 - 25 mpg range. This is in rush hour traffic with stop and go for roughly 15 - 20 minutes each way in Memphis where it gets hot and steamy. Since I am mostly on the highway those are the numbers I get. I also drive in the mid 70's to stay with traffic.

    City I can only go by what my wife did when she had it for 2 months in the summer, and she was between 21 - 22 doing mostly city driving while pregnant. But she also has a quick foot since she drives a mustang.
  • We have 2 '10 Rogue SL's. Overall, we're about 20 city, and got as high as 26.8 on a long trip. Our salesman told us to realistically expect about 19 city and 25 hwy. with AWD. Given that we live in an area where snow is not an issue, we opted for the FWD. The cost differential is around $1500.
  • I didn't make myself clear about the a/c settings we use here in the oppressive Texas summers. By "max. a/c," I meant that we run the units on the coldest setting, changing only fan speed ... the compressor doesn't get much of a break down here. Still, we're Ok with the mileage, since the vehicles are such a pleasure to drive.
  • ken75ken75 Posts: 52
    This may be in the wrong spot and if it is please move to correct area in the forum.
    I am going to upgrade from an Altima to the Rogue SV with SL package. With the Altima, my mpg started at about 27 hwy and increased to about a steady 32 mpg. The Rogue has the same motor with some different gearing I would imagine. Can I expect to see somewhere in the 28 - 30 mpg region with old person driving habits. You folks that have had the car for awhile may be able to give me an informed answer. Incidently, I am getting the car for about $26,880. Is this in a reasonable price for the St. Paul area? Thank you for any reply.
  • g6leaserg6leaser Posts: 145
    We've had our 2011 Rogue SV SL for about 3 weeks now and wanted to give our MPG estimates. So far we're getting 23.5mpg on average - mostly urban and city driving. A few highway trips here and there will raise that mpg, but overall we're happy with the mpgs.
    Still need to put more miles on it before we get a true picture.
  • I have 32,000 miles on my Rogue 2010 AWD. 80% of my miles driven are highway miles. I am in sales covering 3 states. from the get go...I avg 27 mpg and I am THRILLED!! I drove a Volvo sedan prior...getting the same mileage.

    I track mileage/mpg. every week btw. AND I carry sales samples (4 filled suitcases plus misc binders, etc...front seat and cargo is FILLED!) one passenger/me.

    Very happy w/my Rogue. Purchased April 2010.
  • circi2000circi2000 Posts: 2
    edited August 2011
    Only 800 something miles so far. 80% city with lots of hills, 20% freeway and usually in traffic (it's construction season!). A/C has been on constantly in this heat and since I'm a smoker, the driver window is always halfway open. SV SL AWD, averaging 25.6 mpg according to the onboard computer. Very pleased!
  • rogue2012rogue2012 Posts: 3
    Last tank on a long highway trip my 2012 FWD averaged 28.5. Thats with AC on and using cruise on 70mph 50% of the the time. Om board said 28.9 so it was pretty close to the actual. I think I could average 31mpg or so in the cooler months without AC and not using cruise......but Im happy with 28.5 using some cruise.....much easier drive.

    Ive averaged 26 mpg in the suburbs of North Ga with is very hilly. Thats according to the on board so real mpg is probably around 25.5. Not too bad for a vehile of this type.
  • tigerducktigerduck Posts: 1
    We are puzzled. We had a Rogue rental in Yellowstone last summer and got 44 mpg, no kidding. We thought the gas gauge is broken because it would not move and upon returning were told, that the car gets 44 mpg. That's what we came up with, but couldn't believe, being used to a 2001 Odyssey ;-) Can the driving style make that big of a difference? I guess we drove mostly longer distances and mostly around 55 mph or lower.
    We are car shopping now and I'm very annoyed that the posted mpg does not seem to reflect real world mpg for any given car really. Mostly being worse of course than better.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    I recently purchased a 2012 nissan rogue. Within the first couple of days i felt vibrations. The dealers states that this is normal for the cvt transmission in the rogue. The sales rep. also told me that other nissan owners have similar complaints. This vibration makes for a terrible driving experience. An automobile should run smoothly. It would appear that i am stuck with this car. Please people do not make the same mistake, find something else.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    I recently purchased a 2012 nissan rogue. Within the first couple of days i noticed a terrible vibration coming from the car. The dealer told me this was a normal part of the way the cvt transmission in the rogue operates, he also said other new owners have voiced the same complaint. How can vibrations be an expected part of the way a automobile operates ? This makes for a terrible driving experience, its impossible to get used to something like this. Please people do not make the same mistake, find something else.
  • mx6bfastmx6bfast Posts: 11
    Not normal. Take it to another dealer. You shouldn't feel the CVT.
  • driver735driver735 Posts: 14
    I recently purchased a 2012 nissan rogue. The next day i noticed vibrations coming from the car.I brought it back to the dealer several times. Finally i was told there was nothing they could do and that the vibrations were normal for the rogue cvt transmission. I was permitted to drive two others in their inventory, the vibrations were in those cars as well. I am presently stuck with this car. people stay clear away from this car, find something else.
  • sandygirlsandygirl Posts: 2
    My 2010 Rogue has 71000 miles on it. I experienced the "vibration" of the CVT early on but honestly, I don't even experience it all now. Maybe being broken in helps too. I LOVE my Rogue and would buy another one in a heartbeat. I have the base model.
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