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Audi A5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $1500 is for repeat buyers only?
  • I bought my A5 on 1/15. I paid $800 over invoice.
    MSRP $48,115 I paid $45,384. Savings $2731.
  • Did your $2731 in savings include any type of rebate?? Also, do you mind if I ask which city you purchased it? Thanks.
  • No rebates.
    I live in Rochester, NY.
  • nxphamnxpham Posts: 13
    Local casino gave away a 2009 A5 - 70 yr old man won it so he sold it back to the dealership after driving it for a couple weeks. The manager then drove it for a week. I went to the dealership to buy a new one but couldn't resist a potential deal on a slightly used A5. Ended up paying $45K OTD ($43.5K before TTL):

    2009 A5
    ice metallic silver color
    1024 miles
    S-line package
    Premium package

    I figured I saved $7K off MSRP by purchasing a "used" A5.
  • cdunn2cdunn2 Posts: 2
    There seems to be a lot of inventory in the Los Angeles area right now (but not San Francisco).

    Anyone buy/lease an A5 in California recently, dealer recommendations? Experiences?
  • 140joe140joe Posts: 1
    :) Just bought a Black A5 for $52,000 in western suburbs of Chicago, I will not pick up until 4/27 though. I am tying to figure out if I got a decent deal. Sticker was $53,065 and has the S Line, Technology, Navigation and Premium packages as well as the B&O Sound System. I know stock is low especially with the S Line package. The question is did I get a decent deal.
  • rockshocka1rockshocka1 Posts: 310
    You've pulled the trigger, why worry about it now?
    Hopefully you'll enjoy the car enough for the price paid.

    Your Chicago market is bound to have more than 1 dealer I have in my area (no competition). I ordered an S5 last Aug, arrived this past Jan. No deal whatsoever, in fact, paid a premium.

    Regrets? None! Car I wanted = car I got & it's been superb 1st 3k miles.

    Basically, I wouldn't waste time worrying about a deal that's already done.

    Hope you enjoy your car as much as I do!
  • dupree4dupree4 Posts: 2
    Just picked up a Meteor Gray A5 yesterday at FSK Audi in Frederick, MD. Sticker of 48,080 and I got it down to $45,600. Did well with my trade in as well. They matched the trade in from Tyson's Audi after their initial offer was about $1500 less. Love the car, but it's definitely different after driving a BMW X5 for almost 5 years. I'll be happy when the initial jitters go away and I can just enjoy the car.
  • Purchased an Audi A5 S-Line Brilliant Black, Premium, Nav, B&O at the end of the month. MSRP $50,865 Paid $46,500 including the $1500 loyalty cash. Great deal and seamless process with Santa Monica Audi. Good luck!
  • Bought my A5 - black, leather seats, premium, navigation, 19" wheels, B&O - for invoice at $46,300. MSRP was $49,800. Additionally, got $1,500 cash from the Loyalty Program for a traded in '05 Audi.

    The whole process took a few hours especially on the trade in but worth it since the initial numbers they came back with were way too low. This forum helped in giving me guidance on the numbers when negotiating.
  • bandfanbandfan Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info. I live in the DC area as well and ready to purchase an 09' A5 with just about the same specs, except I want mine in a manual transmission. Could you email off this board as I have a few more questions for your purchase? It would greatly save me a lot of time (and hopefully money!) Thanks!
  • bandfanbandfan Posts: 10
    Anyone know how much these go for on the street if I wanted to swap out the 18" tires with the y-design rims? The A5 I'm planning to purchase doesn't come with them, but I'd love to pick up a set.
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    I know it's only speculation, but what are opinions for the incentive terms applicable after the current Summer of Audi expires? Audi sales seem very positive, suggesting after the 6th, finance rates go up & lease terms are less attractive. Any insights or guesses?
  • Can anyone share recent prices on A5s in Chicago area, or even midwest? I'm just starting discussions but would appreciate info on pricing for recent sales. I'm ok with dealers making a little money but I'm not sure what holdbacks or other dealer incentives may be in place. I'd estimate the entry point for negotiations is at invoice but real world agreed prices and OTD costs would be really useful. Thnx in advance for info on prices or holdbacks, etc.
  • atl area: 09, A5, 3.2, Auto, Gray, premium pkg, Navigation, 42182 USD, plus 399 fees, excluding tax,lic,tag. This is approx 2K below invoice.. took me a while but got it.... the new A5 2.0 are going at MSRP so they told me A5 2.0 auto i think starts at 37000 without any pkgs..
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    Got an offer for 09 AT with premium, nav and B&O system for $45,900 but am unsure if the 2010 model isn't a better buy. Anyone have experience in purchase prices for '10s?
  • packrfanpackrfan Posts: 50
    so i did pull the trigger on a new A5! 2010 2.0T Prem Plus with nav, full leather, B&O for just under $45k w/o ttl. msrp is $46,350. Deep sea blue and cinnamon looks very cool - imo, of course. somewhat disappointing a simple thing like auto-dimming mirror is only on prestige but the new gen nav is huge improvement. so far, so very good but need more than 50 miles to reeeeealllly enjoy!
  • Just picked up my A5 Premium plus, Auto. No BS just did the deal and got me out of there within 30 minutes.

    Final price before tax was $39,875.

    Anchor Audi in Lynbrook
  • shravshrav Posts: 1
    Did you get a 2010 or 2009? What was the MSRP?
  • I just closed on a 2010 Quartz Gray Audi A5 Premium Plus + Nav + Wheel Locks + Mats MSRP $43380 for $41796.. I think dealer invoice was $40,800!!!!!

    Dealer is Legend Audi in Long Island, Fast quick deal..
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • Did you take a lease or was it a purchase? What were the lease payments and did they include the state tax?
  • Purchase, and the damn financing went down to 3.99% like a week after my purchase :( I got 4.84% for 60 months, didn't ask about lease deals and state tax not included in price.
  • bsum70bsum70 Posts: 37
    Just order a Meteor Gray/black, Prestige, Driver Assist, Walnut wood trip. MSRP $46900(inc dest charge), invoice $43676. The dealer accept my first offer (which make me think that I can do better than this deal!!! well...) $44699 plus TTL. They just change one of the A5 on their order list which should be in production on the 47th week (11/16) and ETA 12/28/09!! Can't wait
  • Sitting on an offer for a 2010 2.0L Manual Prestige Package. Deap Sea Blue Pearl Effect, Light Grey Interior. Was originally told by one salesman that they could do 2000 off MSRP, but later told the next day they couldn't... Anyway, MSRP is $44,775..
    the out the door offer including delivery is $44,020 before ttl.

    Is this a good deal?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Sounds like a great deal...I'm happy, as well...just got a pearl blue 2010 cab with nav, prem. plus, milano (but unfortunately no wood & comfort package--but, is it worth 2400 to have a/c seats and neck heater??).....msrp 51050, got it for 47000k, plus a 1500 rebate from audi (traded in an 08 TT), i think this was a terrific BS from them
  • go8go8 Posts: 58
    FYI, just leased a new A5, ($38,275 MSRP, 2.0, bluetooth, heated seats, ipod interface) for $1,380 over invoice in NJ.
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