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Problems with 07 Dodge Caliber SXT



  • When I was sitting at a red light my caliber just completely shut down - lights and everything went off. Then it would not restart - just completely dead. I tried several times and then finally it started back up. Took to the dealer since still under warranty, and they said they could not find anything wrong. It has 30 thousand miles. I have had censors go out four times all seem to be electrical.

    I am not sure what to do about this.
  • glb3glb3 Posts: 1
    i have a 08 caliber. mine is doing te same thing. they said it needed to be serviced, but its not under warranty, it shuts the car completely down. when your own the interstate or on a side road. the manual says if this happens, tow it. well some one going to get hurt, when their car shuts down and you get hit from behind. why does this seem to be happening to alot of calibers, even different year models. hmmmm. . seems funny to me. the little flashing lighting bolt comes on and no matter where you are, the car just quits. that not good at all. i have little one in my back seat, but chrysler cont care about that. they just want you to let them do all kinds of work and pay them. wheb they cant seem to fix it.
  • 07lemon07lemon Posts: 2
    Good luck. I was dealing with the factory direct for the last 60 or 70 days before they finally fixed it. These are the parts that were replaced before they finally after 112 days fixed it. They replaced the Computer, Throttle position sensor, crank sensor, two cam sensors, battery, Complete wiring harness under the hood ( 2 peices ), spark plugs, replaced two plugs on the new wiring harness ( bad out of the box ) and the fuse box under the hood. My car was 6,000 miles over warranty. They stuck me with the first $1000.00 and after that the factory warrantied everthing. After calling and complaining everyday!! They had to have well over $8,000 in parts and labor. I will never buy another Dodge/Chrysler product! I now drive a KIA.
  • I recently took my 07 caliber in to the dealership because there was a knocking in the passenger side of the engine compartment and told them it sounded like one of the bearing were going out on either the idlers or the alternator or the water pump. The inspected and found that the alternator was bad. They explained when they took the alternator off the bearings just fell out. I have 63,000 miles and have only had a concerns. During this issue (n when i was hearing a knocking sound) the ETC light was on and the throttle has been acting up. The caliber seems to have a higher idle in all gears while driving. The car is noticibly louder. Im not sure if the alternator is related but hopefully i will find out today when i get it back from the dealer. Oh ya the total cost for the repair is $530.00. Ouch!! BUt i have an extended warranty to cover the bill. I will post my results.
  • Lexan, Let me know how that turns out.
    I took my 07 caliber in for transmisison flush / fluid change. The dealer told me it was a sealed transmission, maintenance free. There was no fluid to change.
  • frbutt2921frbutt2921 Posts: 2
    What noise is your car making? Mine just started making a pretty horrific rattling/ clacking sound from the drive belt side of the Engine. I thought maybe it was the power steering pump but after doing a listing test not so sure.
  • guest14guest14 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber about 6months ago right after the warranty goes the cars is making crackling and whining noise I was told that it was the alternator- This is a sucky car I wish I would have read the reviews before I bought it but as soon as I fix this problem this car will be gone I'm not dealing the a unreliable vehicle. Overall the Caliber sucks mechanically just looks good that's all I can say.
  • vanstephvansteph Posts: 5
    I'm having the same problem that is mentioned by others - engine periodically stalling when I come to a stop light. Doesn't matter what the weather is or how long it was driven. Contacted Chrysler Customer Support - that's an oxymoron. It's the same-o same-o -- take it to another dealer. Well I did - but they wanted $700 just to look at. Other than this problem, I love the car - but would not recommend others to buy a Caliber. Wish Customer Support would be more supportive.
  • Hello, I'm having similar problems with my 07, Caliber. We noticed a buzzing sound coming from the engine, then it got worse, a rattling sound. We we're driving on the expressway when the Transmission Temp light came on, then we heard the buzzing sound slightly as we continued to drive the sound got louder and louder until a sensor went off I guess that was to let us know the temp was getting too high. This happened on a Sunday, so there were no automotive shops open, or dealerships. we were traveling out of town and stopped at a walmart, we told the repair shop what was going on with the transmission temp light coming on and we found out that 2007 Calibers don't come with a transmission fluid stick to even check the fluid level, we were told by the repairman that there was a special fluid that only the dealership can replace if that was the issue

    We drove the car all the way back home which was a 7 hr trip not knowing if we were going to make it, home without serious car trouble. The light came on a total of 3 times on the trip. My question to you is: Did you find out what was going on with your caliber,Transmission or Alternator? The rattling noise is quite irritating. We took it in to the dealer when we got back in town, they test drove it and told us they didn't hear the rattling sound or that the car wasn't idling. Don't know what to do.
  • Should the Alternator go out on a 2007 caliber with 100,000 miles on it? We are experiencing a rattling noise in the engine. Has anyone had this problem?
  • I don't blame you, I know its been a long time since u posted this message, but I own a 2007 calibre and nothings changed. I belive I will get two bright yellow signs too.
  • I am having the exact same problem. I have had two pulleys changed as of tonight and it is still not fixed. i am so mad right now and i have only had this car for 9 months. i took it back the first few weeks after i bought it and the dealer stated they could not hear any noise, it was real faint at first. As the months have goine on it has now gotten ridiculously loud. i have already spent 130.00 and still no solution. I guess i will have them check he power steering and altenator next. This CAR SUCKS
  • vecsvecs Posts: 1
    I just received the same diagnostic from the Dealer, the only thing is that my Caliber has 41,000 miles!!! I sent it elsewhere for repair, hopefully this will solve the problem and I can live happy!!! I also changed the Fuel pump. :mad:
  • calibreationscalibreations Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I am wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem yet.

    My 07 seems to run just fine...really it's a nice drive and good on gas...except once a week or so... coming up to a light, about to stop, it will just stall. It will start back up no problem. I have noticed at times if I'm parked the idle will fluctuate a will drop and shudder like it's going to stall and then go back to normal, or even idle high.

    I took it back to the dealer and there were no engine codes and they are still trying to figure out what it may be. I'm just wondering it anyone else who has this issue ever found a fix?
  • The only problem with my Caliber is since Nov. 2010 when it rains the passenger side foot area in the back seat fills with water. I found were the water was coming from and repaired the area. I thought I repaired the area, when it rained this past weekend, water was back in the back seart foot area. Anyone have this problem? If so how did you fix the leak and were was the leak.
  • tb12tb12 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Caliber with 108,000 miles. I am the original owner. Recently, the engine sounds as if it is going to explode it is so loud. I feel I am driving a diesel with the additional rattling noise. Has anyone received a diagnosis that is accurate?
  • I suspect you have a bad alternator decoupler pulley. It's a high failure rate item.
  • i just got a 08 dodge caliber 2.0L and theres a ticking sound coming from the engine, is that normal?? and when im sitting and a stop light and the car is in Drive there a rumble the whole car rumbles, is that fixable??
  • Hi, i also have owned my caliber sence new i have 157000 miles on it and had to replace the TPS sencor and some minor stuff.
    the car started rattleing and pinging. Well no one could figure it out 7 differint shops! well one day last week the noise really got to me so i thought i would try to figure it out my self so i went to the autopart store to buy a stefscope to listen to all the moving parts. after about 2 min.
    i found out it was in fact the alternator i will replace it my self this weekend because it costs 900.00 and up for a repare shop to do it. i will keep u posted. ok so i replaced the alt. and now i have no prob. with the car what so ever. (do not buy a alt from the dealer) the alt. is a common prob. with the caliber buy a after market 115 amp alt. its been 5 months and i still have no noise works great!!!!! any more questions let me know
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