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GMC Envoy Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning



  • I'm gong to take it to the Toyota dealer and trade this POS for something that I don't have to worry with every day. Old GM, New GM doesn't matter. Still the same people and the same problems. No sense of responsibility. You design lousy systems and don't back them up unless someone forks over big bucks. I also have a 2002 Toyota Avalon with 172,000 miles. Been in the shop for one recall. GM has created more terrorist than Ben-Laden.
  • My 06 Envoy Denali's AC blower stopped working completely. However, ever so often it would start working again out of the blue until it finally stopped working altogether. After reading through all the posts on this forum et al, I still could not find the answer until I found a You Tube video which pinpointed the problem and showed me how to replace it in about 15 minutes. The culprit, come to find out, was the Blower Speed Controller which can be purchased online at for $70-$90. If you want to see how to replace it go to and start watching the video at about 3:25 minutes into the 6:51 minute video. Apparently, this little culprit of a part goes bad in many GM cars because water seeps down into the electronics and shorts it out. Good luck
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited September 2011
    Maybe I'm missing something but the pics look like what some of us call Blower Motor Resistors. Is the controller something different?

    I just did the resistor on my minivan - part from was around $35 with shipping.
  • No, they are one and the same.
  • I love my 2003 Envoy! I have less than 61K miles on it and my heat just stop working. I have replaced the fuse and the blower. It worked for less than 24 hrs and stopped. When it did work it wouldnt turn off and seemed to be uncontrolled by the car control panel. Please help!!!!
  • Replaced the Blower Motor resistor December 2nd, worked for a month and stopped all together again!

    Is this normal? Could it be a faulty part?

    After reading these posts, I really starting to regret buying my 06 Envoy!
  • GM parts have their own warranty - did you work with a dealership on this? We'd be happy to assist!
    GM Customer Service
  • Sarah, I did not work with a dealership on this. With the lack of assistance that we have received so far, it isn't worth the time or frustration.
  • labagainlabagain Posts: 2
    I just purchased this Envoy and I enjoy it... minus the little issues I am having. 1) The front drivers side light has a short or something, when the lights are on, the front turn signal wont work, when the lights are off it works perfectly. Lights are also very dim compared to the passenger side. I have changed the turn signal light, but same issue. I checked the connections and they seem to be fine. When I move the wires for the lights there is no change. Any suggestions on where to start looking. 2) The AC was not working, so we purchased a can of recharger for it. the compressor would start to come on, but makes the Envoy stall out. With give it gas the compressor will start, then stop, start, and stop, and still wanting to make the envoy stall out. Suggestions?
  • djaesdjaes Posts: 1
    I started having AC problems with my 04 Envoy last year while I was on vacation out West. Timing could not have been more perfect summer in the west with no AC
    The AC starts off cooling and then quits, the blower works but no cold air. We have replaced the ambient the sensor which worked several months last summer but not this year, replaced it again, replaced high and low pressure switches and the fan clutch this year but still no AC. this week they will test the compressor and the heads. Anyone have any more suggestions.

    I am not too happy with GM at the moment and am planning to trade my vehicle in sometime this year but I don't think it will be another GM product.
  • jme72jme72 Posts: 3
    The a/c in my 2005 Envoy is gone crazy! I turn it on and sometimes nothing..other times I turn it on and it stays on for a few minutes then quits..then comes on again and quits.....

    The air is cold when it comes out.

    The fan does not come on without having ac button pressed..

    Does anyone have any feedback on this issue please??? We are having 90-95 degree temps....
  • hundley68hundley68 Posts: 1
    last year i replaced a front end on my 2003 gmc envoy my ac worked until then i have replace more freon where i can't get anymore in it what could be my problem?
  • 2004envoyboy2004envoyboy Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    2004 GMC Envoy XUV. I purchased the vehicle new in 2004 with 4 miles on it. No problems with the A/C until 2008. In the summer of 2008 the A/C did not work at all. The fan/blower motor worked, just no cold air. I did nothing to correct the problem.

    In the summer of 2009 the A/C worked fine.

    In 2010 at 235K miles I replaced the engine and transmission with matching units that had 47K miles. The A/C worked fine in 2010.

    In 2011 the A/C began working intermittently. The fan/blower motor worked, but sometimes no cold air.

    This spring it did not work at all for the first week. The fan/blower motor worked, just no cold air. Then it began working, blowing cold air. Then it began working in the morning, sometimes for 15 minutes, sometimes for an hour, the fan/blower motor work. When it works, it blows nice cold air.

    When the day gets warm, above 76-78 degrees it does not want to work, it just blows ambient air, no cold air. When it works, it blows cold most of the time, then sometimes not so cold.

    In the afternoon, If I park it for about an hour or more, then drive it, the air will come on for a few minutes then blow ambient air again.

    I have not had anyone look at it. No repairs have been made yet. We are planning to drive to Orlando May 30th. CAN YOU HELP?
  • I'm having similar problems on my 2006, 2004envoyboy. Did you get your fixed? If so, what was the problem and how much did it cost?
  • i have a 2004 Envoy. until recently the A/C has worked perfectly. 2 days ago i turned the a/c on and had it blowing out of the vents. it blew fine and cold for about 30 seconds, then switched to blowing on the floor. the a/c controls still show that its blowing from the vents though. it will continue to do this until the car is turned off. after i turn it off and back on, the car will do the same thing, blow from vents for around 30 sec, then back to the floor. i have tried changing on the control where its blowing from, and it remains blowing from the floor. a few other times, it will blow from the vent, then switch to the floor, and after a minute or so, switch the the defrost.

    i live in MS and its freakishly hot here and i work outside. nothing worse than driving home from work with the air only blowing on my feet. ha ha. any help is greatly appreciated. Please Help!!!!

  • Air conditioner would not turn off even when car was turned off and key not in ignition. So i replaced the resistor to the blower which fixed that but now the car idles up and down continuously only when the A/C is turned on and the A/c also shuts off for a few seconds then turns back on. it keeps doing this all constantly. does anyone have a clue what could be the problem.
  • Can anyone please help me?

    My drivers side window control will not operate any of the windows in the vehicle. The seat heating control does not work as well. I can lock the windows and the doors with this control so i know it is working to some degree, but no window control.
    Anyone have any tips, the dealer said to replace the entire control it would cost $314 plus programming. I am hoping for a simpler solution.
  • budellabudella Posts: 1

    I have 2005 Envoy & AC works sometimes & most of the time not. I replaced blower motor & it worked okay for a very short time. When the AC works it blows cold air. When you stop AC stops blowing & when you press the gas it blows again. At times it sill blows when the vehicle is off & key removed. Also you cannot change blower speeds it blows when it wants at what speed it wants. very hot in Orlando, FL. I can't afford dealer prices for repair either.

  • a9fingdada9fingdad Posts: 1 believe there is a recall on some of the stuff u have listed as wrong well 2 i know for sure

  • I have two questions i live in washington state drive a 03 gmc envoy 4x4 slt. The first question is i need to do a 165,000 mile maintenance how much would that cost. The second question is my ac, heater, and defroster dont work, at times the motor would work but nothing would come out of the vents other times there would be no sound. What is wrong. I want to find out so i dont have to pay for an inspection

  • I have a 2004 Envoy SLT the HVAC lights are on when ignition is turned on and none of the buttons work How no heat no air do I solve this
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