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Jeep Liberty SkySlider Roof



  • Do you have your wind deflector in production? If so, where may I purchase one?
  • I purchased a 2010 Jeep Liberty with the skyslider roof less than 2 months Ago and once I drove over 60 mph on the highway the wind noise disturbed me inside the cabin Immediately .. I have gone to dealer twice for the wind noise (only wednesday because is when the specialized mechanic is at the dealer) First visit the guy ordered some parts and scheduled another visit to install it. After the second visit, some parts were installed then wind noise got really worst right by the passenger side. I called dealer once I noticed this fix did not really work and they made another appointment to drive my noisy car with the mechanic. This is the third time that I have to go the dealer with the same problem. I google this problem then I found out that many people have complained abouth this same issue but here it's where most people have left messages online. I really liked this SUV because the skyslider roof but now I can't handle the wind noise and wasting time spent on every visit at the dealer trying to fix this problem. I am thinking about Lemon Law and have my car replaced or exchanged for another without this roof.. What a nightmare
  • cmoa84cmoa84 Posts: 8
    edited November 2010
    I purchased Liberty Limited with Skyslider on 2008. They NEVER found out what the problem was. I went to the dealer like 20 times and they never found a solution and always said that it had a "normal" wind noise for the type of roof. Basically they were calling me a liar since I know that when I bought it, it didnt have that wind noise. Well, I ended up trading in my Liberty for a Murano (Nissan paid off my debt) and Im happy now :)
  • I went my third time to the dealer and drove my Liberty 2010 ( 2000 miles ) on the highway with the Specialized Mechanic and he told me that this wind noise IT IS NOT FIXABLE. Service manager, sales person, and even the owner of the dealer recommended me to file for Lemon Law because this problem has not solution at all. One of them told that this type of roof it's not for sensitive people which I think it's just an excuse for not Stoping selling this roofs on the market. This roof needs to be out of the market because it does not fit right on the vehicle and it is very noisy and disturbing inside the cabin. Now I am ready to do the Lemon Law and return the noisy Liberty back to Jeep. Let's see how this thing works out to solve my problem.. PD It is very important to TEST cars on the highway over 60 mph before you buy them
  • Where do I find these TSB's? What did they do for repair? I have a Skyslider that's noisy. I don't mind so much, but my wife hates it.
  • Please tell me more about the header kit. What is it, and is it aftermarket? Where can I get it?
  • gguc75gguc75 Posts: 4
    I recorded a video on youtube as proof for Lemon Law on my arbitration case please feel free to drop your comments and complaints as it helps everybody to stop buying this specific type of noisy roof on the Jeeps Liberty
  • jt1058jt1058 Posts: 1
    We have 2010 Jeep Liberty and have had it back twice for a noisy skyslider roof. The noise on the freeway is terrible and is very similar to yours on the sides. I will be going back to the dealer again and will continue to look at your postings.
  • My 2010 Liberty also has noise issues. Had it at the dealership once so far and all they could come up with was cabin pressure was causing the noise. Let me know how your Lemon Law case goes..... Matt, MA
  • 2008 Jeep Liberty with Skyslider roof. As I posted earlier my Jeep Dealership did a couple of fixes to my skyslider. 1st - they repaired the material where it was pulling away from the metal bar in the front, when they did that, oh my god it was so noicy you could not talk to the person next to you. The dealership thought that the rods may have gotten bent so they put in new rods so now while my top is not as flat as before, kinda arches but at least it is quieter. We drove our Jeep to Las Vegas Nevada and back (4,000) miles and it was still quiet. When mine gets louder I usually open from the back and then open the front and it again gets quieter. I am told that the fix may not last for very long, we will see how it sounds after the winter since my jeep sits outside. My jeep was worked on in September, 10. The way I see it, is my Jeep dealership is going to fix and fix and fix, with or without a warrently. I will sit outside the dealership with a wind machine to demonstrate the noice issue, I won't take this quietly...All owners need to speak up besides this forum.
  • All you have to do is google the TSB numbers above and you will get the service orders..
  • jamie77jamie77 Posts: 2
    I purchased the 2008 Jeep Liberty Limited Last year. Love the look of the vehicle, but when I got on the interstate the noise is horrible , like previous people I have had to blare the radio to make it not as bad, my poor baby is going to go deaf. Now My SkySlider has jumped track and they say , we havn't seen this it will cost 180 to just look at it, before we know what is wrong and how to fix it. Come on I already paid for the stupid tape problem from the liner drooping and now this, whats next? I want a refund! Does anyone heard of it jumping track?
  • cmoa84cmoa84 Posts: 8
    It is a rip off since they should now by now what is going on with the Sky Slider and they know how to fix it. It has been a problem since the beginning and I dont know why they continue making them.

    I bought a Liberty Limited on 2008 (first year of the Sky Slider feature). After 3 months, I went back to the dealership since it started doing that horrible noice at speeds of 40mph+. They were not able to fix it until after like the 5th time I went to the dealership. And even that they fix it, you were able to still hear a noise a normal car without a cloth sunroof will not have. But well, I just assumed that since it was cloth, I was going to hear some noise.

    Well, to make long story short, my warranty was going to expire on April 2011 and I was not willing to pay a dollar everytime the Sky Slider get loose (or whatever was going on with it.) ...

    Last year I went to Nissan dealership and they paid off my auto loan and now I have a 2010 Murano. I will never ever will buy another Jeep.

    They should not be asking you for $$ to check what is happening with the Sky Slider since Jeep already knows that the Sky Slider has a manufacturer defect. I would call Jeep Coorporation and would explain the situation and tell them that you know that Jeep 2008 came with that defect and you are not willing to pay a dollar to get it fixed.

    If they are not willing to help you, go to a Jeep dealership entrance with a big banner saying that people should not buy Jeep cars!!!!! Im sure they will help you once they see that you will be affecting their sales.

    Good luck to you and to everyone dealing with this same problem. I had to deal with it once and it really is a pain.
  • There are so many of us out there with the Skyslider that I really think as a group we could be heard. If you have any issue with your Skyslider I would notify Jeep first and give them a chance to make it right without cost to you. As far as I am concerned my Skyslider was worked on by my dealership they bought this thing until I sell it. My next step would be a local TV station and show them this blog....Bad PR would not be good for Jeep nor the dealership you bought it from and if we can force them to pull the Skyslider from the market, we would have a class action suite against Jeep. I like to hear from
  • We purchased a 2007 Liberty with Sky Slider right off the showroom floor. The wind noise was minimal for the first few months but started getting worse. I took it in for repair too late to fall under my state's Lemon Law. We had it in for wind noise 4 times and the last they flashed the computer and changed the headliner per the TSB. Problem is after 3 years and now out of warranty, the Sky Slider broke! We got home after a ride to the store about 3 miles away with the Sky Slider open. I was closing it and as soon as it sealed up it started making a horrible grinding sound and the motor didn't automatically stop. I let go of the button and tried to open it but it wouldn't do anything. The next day the back passenger Sky Slider corner came open while driving about 8 inches. I looked at the track where it came open and could see small bits of plastic and the rear metal bar is just loose in the track. I was able to side it closed. I removed the headliner and manually turned the motors to open the Sky Slider all the way, and was able then to close it with the motor so the motors still work fine until it seals down and starts that popping noise again. I can only guess that the computer doesn't know the Sky Slider is closed and it is still trying to close it which broke the plastic that attaches the bow to the track. Either that or the extra pressure that the computer reprogram per the TSB to keep noise down by putting more pressure on the rubber seal has caused the Sky Slider to fail much faster than in their factory tests.
  • I would call the Jeep Manufacturer directly and see if they will assist. My Skyslider was fixed and they bent the bows...the bows were replaced and while it is still not quite, it is much better. I don't use my slider very often since this is really my first summer using it, I guess we will see how it goes. My vehicle just ran out of manufacturer's warrently but I have an extended but it is now my understanding the the slider is not covered. So if I have any problems I will be at the dealership where I bought it or on Jeep and the Channel 2 News team. The problem with all this is the bad publicity will only make the value of our vehicles unsellable.
  • jamie77jamie77 Posts: 2
    I posted earlier, upset about the 180 they where going to charge me just to look at why my slider roof jumped track, and the motor also starting making that same noise and wouldnt open or close. Luckily the dealership called me with some good news as far as the cost goes. They said I may not have to pay anything that an adjuster would be there to look at it , so it turns out my cable snapped, they didn't tell me about the motor, but the good news is my part is only 50 dollars. Wish it was nothing, considering I didn't make the dang cable snap. They called today after having it for almost 2 weeks and left a message that they were unable to fix it their selves and had to send it off. Hopefully it will be ready next week and I am thinking maybe I should not ever open the thing again. The part itself was 2700.00. Scary...Maybe some of the noise problem will be fixed, my understanding is they are replacing the entire skyslider. Wish me luck. I would trade it in, but paid over 23000 for it used less than a year ago and its value today in excellent condition is only 15000 down to 13000. Guess since its paid for I will keep it. Jeep needs to make this right.
  • apodapod Posts: 1
    I have an '08 Liberty w/ Sky Slider roof as well. About a year after I purchased the car the closing mechanism broke. I took it back to my assigned warranty dealrship to have it fixed and told me they couldn't get the part for 5 days. Luckily I purchased a rental option for repairs and had a loaner for the 5 days they needed to havere to fix the car. They replaced the roof and ever since then I have also had bad noise problems AND a constantly leaking roof. My side panels on the passenger and drivers side have water stains. I also have water stains on the roll bar and back window frame. I have had this car back to the dealership 5 times to have the leak repaired which, of course, they can't duplicate the problem and do absolutely nothing to fix it. So - every time I wash my car or leave out in the rain - it leaks. Every single time.
  • gguc75gguc75 Posts: 4
    Lemon Law worked out for me very well .. It is a long process but finally I was approved by Florida State to returned car to chrysler of course after many time spent at dealer, inspeccions, repairs, arbitration, hearing, final attempt to repair, court etc Chrysler just like to see if you give up and keep the vehicle as it is saying that this wind noise is normal for this type of roofs .. It takes time at least 5 months to have everything done just because chrysler will refuse to cooperate with the return then they might take it court as they did to me but I was able to win case at hearing and proofed that the wind noise it is not normal because in my case is only on the right passenger side so how can it be just normal only on the right side because Left side is really quiet .. I feel bad for people that cars are out of factory warranty because this is a problem that gets worst everyday . Jeep should stop selling this type of roofs.. After 5 months of litigation with chrysler and returned my Jeep Liberty 2010 I bought a 2010 Grand Cherokee .. very happy now ..
  • I bought this awesome car for my wife back in 2008. She loves the skyslider. We have been to the dealer a handful of times to fix this problem. They did all od the fixes the knew about even replacing front bow adding lube to the front and reprogramed the motor with new software. Works great for a couple of months then goes back to the noisiest thing in a car i have ever heard. Man does any one have the fix. I called jeep and going back to the dealer on friday this week to see what they can do. Keep your fingers crossed. :P
  • My wife just bought a 2008 with the "Sky Slider" roof and found that not only is it noisy, at 65 mph, but it bulges a little on the sides and allows air to blow in. After checking with the dealership where she bought it and being told that it was a design problem, I contacted Jeep and Chrysler directly to see if they had a solution. Still waiting for the solution.
  • I have been dealing with this problem since we bought it. First they fix it so you think and then it gets bad again. For what i have heard is that most but not all 2008's have problems. the newer years are much better. I'm talking to chyrsler now and they said..."we sill do any thing to fix it no matter how many time". which mean you screw and deal with it bring it back and will put a band aid on it. Yesterday i got it back AGAIN but this time they put ugly double sided foam tape under the weather seal. To lift it up to make a tighter seal...... still noise a little better. But is a jerry rig the fix for my 29000 dollar no way. i just filed out the paper work for lemon law. Good Luck with yours.
  • cmar531cmar531 Posts: 1
    Has any one came to any resolution with the wind noise on the Sky Slider? I just bought a Liberty and I was not aware of these issues. I like the truck, but I would like to hear when the roof is closed.
  • cp331cp331 Posts: 3
    Jeep dealer had to order a new air deflector along with a new liner as water stains inside have shown that after 4 repairs, my skyslider roof still has leaks! Both service manager and the general manager suggested I finally call Chrysler regarding a possible buyback. As much as I like this vehicle, I cannot tolerate another repair to only see it fail. 100 miles shy of 30k is unacceptable!!!!!

    I followed up by reporting to Chrysler a formal complaint only to be told that a "file" would be created? I refuse to allow my warranty in 1/12 expire and I am left with a LEMON.....

    Chris in Delaware
  • samf76samf76 Posts: 2
    Same problem here ... took to shop 3 or 4 times and they said it was just bad glue and would have ot live with it...
    then roof track broke.... $2900 repair... can you say "Class Action"!
  • samf76samf76 Posts: 2
    Is there still a way to get a copy of the TSB?
  • jlorjlor Posts: 2
    My Jeep has been at the dealer since July 1st (and today is July 24th) because the sky slider would not close. Finally, this past Friday they called and said they didn't know how to fix it. I filed a complaint with Chrysler to investigate because i feel that 24 days is an unreasonable amount of time. I am just going to trade it in as soon as it is done (if ever). I am just wondering if anyone else has been told that the problem is "not fixable". And I am not referring to the noise issue...I am referring to having a functional top on my Liberty. At this point they cannot even accomplish that.
  • jlorjlor Posts: 2
    What was Chrysler's response? Were they willing to buy it back?
  • cp331cp331 Posts: 3
    Chrysler was not willing to buy my '09 back as the best they offered was an "incentive" to trade in for another vehicle. This turned out to be merely a "friends" discount which amounted to a small value. Fortunately the dealership made me an offer for a new '11 Liberty with a solid top (well, moonroof) and I quickly without a nickel from my pocket traded away my problems. As much as I loved the skyslider feature, there was no way I was going to continue dealing with leaks. Best advice I can give is to register a case file with Chrysler and continue to be a thorn in their side until they make an offer to make yourself happy. Thanks to all who replied to my original posting and good luck!
  • My jeep went in July 5th cause it "jumped the track". Was told the entire frame needed to be replaced. Got it back on the 15th. They had to send it to another dealership cause they were not familiar enought with the skyslider to fix it. It worked at the dealership when I tested. Didn't touch it for a week, tried to open the other day, back opened fine, front opened and then died. Had to keep hitting the close button to get it to close all the way. Just took it to the dealership today, am told they replaced the passenger side, now the driver side needs to be replaced. Not sure how they can replace the whole frame, but now have to replace something on either side. Will get more details later. I also had to have the motor replaced a year ago last year. Since I live in Vegas, I don't use it that much, but the few times I have - bam! at the dealership. There is something seriously wrong with this thing. I have the 2008 model.
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