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Toyota 4Runner



  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The V6 is indeed all-new. I THINK it will be used in future cars/SUVs. Maybe the Lexus RX will have a similar engine design (but smaller displacement). Same goes for the ES or Camry.

    I am not sure why you would want Full-time over the multi-mode 4wd system?? The multi-mode provides FULL-TIME if you want it too!
  • Ok perhaps I was confused/misinformed. My understanding was the the only way to have the advantage of fulltime awd in the '03, regardless of how ideal or adverse the surface was to opt for the fulltime. If the multimode can in fact be driven in an awd configuration on pavement at all times then my concern was for naught.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Your concern is for naught! :) The multimode is pretty darn cool! I have it on my '02 4Runner. I run 2wd on dry land/weather to save fuel. I switch to 4wd whenever there is a chance i might need it (rain, weather changes, or impending doom!, etc.). Some people run 4wd all the time to get even tire wear (less need to rotate them). In my opinion, VSC is always on anyway to save my butt if i run into trouble on dry land.
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Intmed is correct. You can leave the Multi-Mode in 4WD at all times if you wish. If I owned one, that would be how I would leave it.
  • I took a test drive in an 03 4runner today. This runner has the best ride of any past runners. I have owned a 1991, and currently own a 1994 and 2001 4runner. I liked the acceleration, and the smoothness of the gear shifts. If I had not paid attention to the tach, I probably would not have known the tranny was shifting. It has a very solid feel, especially rounding corners. I know that some of the comments on the interior/exterior are subjective, but I liked the dials/buttons. I liked the way Toyota squared off the circles(or rounded off the squares) in the buttons, speedometer, tachometer, etc. The cladding on the limited is not too hard to swallow, but on the SR5, it is a different story. I did get in the back and saw waht everyone was talking about with the feet under the front seats. Most times, there are children in the back seat of my 4runners, so this would not be a problem.
    All in all, I liked the feel/quality, and am still considering it as a viable replacement for my 1994.
  • chidofuchidofu Posts: 21
    I got an average of 23 mpg (according to computer) driving to work today on a flat highway with a little bit of city traffic at the beginning and end of the trip.

    beercoll1 is right about the transmission. you can't even feel it changing gears it is so smooth. you should take the 5-speed transmission into account when deciding between the v6 and v8.

  • chidofuchidofu Posts: 21
    not only is the V6 brand new, my understanding is that it is the first aluminum engine toyota has ever built.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Good mpg for any SUV. Maybe you can double-check the computer next tank by figuring the mpg manually? Not that computers ever lie .

    Steve, Host
  • Thanks for setting me straight, but now I'm wondering what the difference is b/t the fulltime and multimode? Does the multimode just give you the option of 2wd if you want it? Seems redundant (more expensive) to offer 2 systems that pretty much have the same capabilities. In the long run I suppose it doesn't matter. My concern was having the advantage of AWD all the time. Now I just need to see if this new V6 will live up to the Toyota name.
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Multimode does offer 2wd mode. It also offers FULL-time mode. Quite frankly, i don't know why Toyota offers both types of 4wd systems.

    Also, there are TWO transfer cases. The 4Runner, Sequoia, & Tundra share the same transfer case (2.56 torque multiplication). The one on the 4Runner has Torsen...the other two does not. The Land Cruiser and LX470 has a different transfer case (2.49 torque multiplication), which does not have Torsen. Pretty interesting and confusing, huh!
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Jim Barkley Toyota of North Carolina just got in 2 new 4Ruuners. Their 4X4 Sport Model is $3,814 off and their 4X4 Limited is $2,885 off. They also have a 2002 SR5 for $3,485. Go figure.

    I have not seen any ads yet in the Atlanta, Georgia papers. I think it is a good sign for the customers to see some discounts on the new model.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Toyota builds lots of all-aluminum engines? This is just the first all-aluminum TRUCK engine they have developed. It might also be the biggest - is the LS's engine all-aluminum?

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    It may be the biggest V6 engine now. The old Land Cruiser had a 4.5 L 6-cylinder engine.
  • tfuzztfuzz Posts: 93
    After contacting numerous dealers within a days drive I finally found one with an '03 Limited 4x4 with the color and options I wanted (or so I thought) for a price I would accept ($1749 off MSRP). We decided to go for it and got financing today (4.89%). Planned to go pick up our new Runner Tuesday.

    However, after checking the "Build Your Own" section on the Toyota site just now, it appears that what the dealer really has is a Limited with the X-REAS suspension. I specified that we wanted the "Rear Height Control Air Suspension" (which includes X-REAS Sport Enhancement Suspension). The rear height control suspension is one of the primary reasons I want the Runner--otherwise I'd just as soon keep my Highlander. I have sent an email to the dealer to clarify, but he is closed until Monday. It appears from the website that the rear height control suspension may not even be available yet.

    Anyone know if the rear height control suspension is available now, and if not when it might be?
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Family Car ( has a good section called "The New Car Photo Gallery". Anyway, they now have some nice 2003 4Runner pictures, including a picture of the V6. I feel they always have a nice selection of pictures.

  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    This is already available. We have one in stock and I know many other dealers have them as well.
  • The X-Reas (cross-relative absorber system)option actually includes the rear-suspension lift adjustment as a package option for the LTDs, from my understanding and experience from a similar LTD model.
    Please let me know if otherwise.

    PS. Good deal on the MSRP (-1750). which dealership?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Actually, you have it backwards. You can get the X-REAS by itself as a stand alone option. When you get the air suspension, you also get the X-REAS.
  • Gotcha, Thanks.

    Yunno, too bad adjustable rear suspension isn't available on V6 huh? (LTD V8 option only)
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    I wish they put it on the Sport and SR5 models. Its a great feature for towing.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I am surprised they didn't offer the air suspension on all four corners. This would have addressed some of the clearance concerns of intermed and nippononly and others. Has Toyota ever offered rear air suspension on a vehicle before? Any reliability issues?

    The only other Toyota I know of that has air suspension at all is the Lexus LX470 and that is at all four corners.

    I guess it would be good for correcting the 4Runner rear end sag when the cargo area is heavily loaded. And for trailer experts, can this serve as some kind of compensation for a heavy trailer tongue?
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Toyota has never put the air suspension in anything other than the LX470. It isn't a real complicated system but it is slow. It takes about 2 minutes to fully raise and lower it. It uses an air compressor.

    Yes, it does wonders to stability with heavy tongue trailers.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    also use the compressor for the suspension to reinflate tires after being offroad!

    I am sure they made it available only on the limited to keep it "exclusive" - I bet you in a few years it will be on all trim levels.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • kavinkkavink Posts: 6
    After sitting in the 4 runner it was very obvious that the vehicle is built to accommodate short people. I am only 6'2" and had an unfortunate encounter with the headliner. I read Cliffy's note on how you can recline the seats and fit ok. Let me get this straight, I spend $35k for a car and then I have to drive around like a lowrider reclining back in the seats? The cargo space was equally unimpressive. Looks like Sequoia may be more up my alley.
  • tfuzztfuzz Posts: 93
    Thanks cliffy. There don't seem to be any Runners with air suspension in Kansas, Oklahoma or Colorado right now, or at least the 10 or so dealers I have checked with can't seem to find one (two have flat told me that it is unavailable--one said they could get it in 6-8 weeks--another talked gibberish about its availability). Too bad you aren't closer. And I was (and still am) ready to buy on the spot.

    Under Toyota's "build you own" website some zip codes have rear air suspension in option package 2, but not other zip codes. That website seems to have changing information from what it had last week, so maybe they are still updating it.

    I was going to go into a missive about how Honda and Toyota can be hard to buy from sometimes (Honda flat insulted me in 2000 when I tried to buy an Odyssey--which is why I haven't set foot in a Honda store since and I now have a Sienna), but my wife says if I don't come to bed now she is going to kick me in the taillights, so you are spared.

    4runnerpilot: Pueblo Toyota (CO).
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    The problem you are running into is the regional nature of Toyota's distribution system. There are 13 regions and each region is responsible for the vehicle orders for their dealers. If your region has not ordered any with the air suspension, you'll be VERY hard pressed to get one. Yes, the dealer can factory order one but that can take months.

    On domestic built vehicles, the order process is much easier. Before the car is built, we can have it diverted from one region to another or just have an inbound unit changed before it is built.

    I can't speak for all regions, but I do know what is coming to the Central Atlantic Region. About 10% of our Limited are coming with the nav system and the air suspension.
  • tfuzztfuzz Posts: 93
    cliffy: Thanks again for your usual clear explanation of the issues. I have always appreciated your posts in the Toyota forums. I see your point, and it now makes some sense why I keep getting different prices on the "build your own" site, and why I get different stories from different dealers. I hope Toyota gives you a little Christmas bonus for your efforts to provide clear, accurate information (maybe a new Runner!).

    Alas, it appears a factory order may be my only choice, although Toyota dealers have discouraged me from that in the past. I insist on having the rear air suspension, and I really don't want the navigation system. I was ready to buy a new Runner today, but it appears that is not going to happen. I just thought that by shopping Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Denver/Colorado Springs, and points nearby and in between, SOMEBODY would have a Runner configured the way I want. Guess not.

    Do regions expand the mix of options ordered as the model year progresses? If so, maybe I'll just wait to see what is available over the winter or order one next spring, or maybe order an 04 next fall.
  • steveb84steveb84 Posts: 187
    In the Chicago region we cannot special order a 4Runner until further notice. I'm not sure if this is a national policy or just for our region. Make sure you speak with a sales manager and find out if it's even possible. I've heard of too many stories where a order gets written up and 90 days later the customer is told "we can't get it"
  • cliffy1cliffy1 Posts: 3,581
    Steveb84 is correct. A better option is to e-mail dealers in other regions. The down side is actually picking it up. Some dealers will work out shipping but others can't. It may require a flight and a long drive home. I know Carson Toyota in CA has one of the best Internet Departments around and I also know that they can ship. That might be a good place to start, but check with others as well.

    It is possible that build orders will change. It might or might not. That is really a crap shoot.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    If we order something from Calif., how much different are the emission controls say than a vehicle that I purchase in Wash State? Someone once told me that the vehicles that are shipped to Calif have different emission standards?
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