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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GLK-Class Prices Paid



  • phxsuns1phxsuns1 Posts: 12
    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  • blackglk350azblackglk350az Posts: 3
    edited June 2012
    I actually took delivery of the GLK350 yesterday. All the fugures I gave were based on what was agreed upon. There were no surprises yesterday. All went smooth.

    A couple of additional points.
    1) They credited the unused portion of the Registration on the EX35, so it ended up being $422, not $750.

    2) Ther Finance Manager offered 66 months at the same 2.99% rate, so I took it.
  • trblmkrtrblmkr Posts: 8
    Any idea how long this conquest incentive is good for?
  • sbpwjmsbpwjm Posts: 15
    What is everyone hearing about the 2013 GLK?

    I am hearing they'll be showing up at dealerships in mid-August.

    I also e-mailed Mercedes and asked when the "Build Your Own" 2013 GLK would go live and they said mid-August.

    We are shopping at 2013 X3 against the new GLK... and are waiting to see the car before deciding.

  • cjbrowncjbrown Posts: 22
    A minor facelift, same basic car. Where did they put the shifter????? LOL!

    20 months and 15K, mine has never been back to the dealer. Just a fantastic car, still love it to death. Would love to have a crd diesel. We may end up buying ours at lease end - 39mo.

    The bimmer is a nice car, probably a little more performance oriented (we have a 325) while the benzo is more luxo oriented. To me that's the basic difference in philosophies of the two companies, not that either is completely one way or the other.

    Our 325 'vert is a '01 with 106K and is still a very nice solid car. Not recommended though unless you can do your own maint and repairs. It has been said that owning any of these cars out of warranty is suicide. I survive as a shade-tree mech.

    My money would be on the GLK. BTW, lots of leases coming back, so if you want to save about 40% and get a great car, a CPO might be something to consider.
  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    I dropped by a dealer here in SoCal yesterday and they had just received a few 2013's in the past week. I took one out for a short test drive and thought it drove pretty well. It was very quiet, handled road transitions well and felt solid. I'm not sure about the steering feel - seemed a little vague. They only had the RWD versions on the lot.

    I will be comparing this to the X3 and Q5. I drove the SRX but didn't like the overall driving position and size. I'm driving a BMW 135i convertible now but am thinking about getting into something higher off the ground and more versatile for carrying things around and going into the mountains during the winter, etc.

    Let me know what you think after you've had a chance to test and compare.
  • cjbrowncjbrown Posts: 22
    Wished I could talk the wifey into a 1-35i. She's stuck on the 3-series.

    Keep in mind the GLK is not a sports car. Definitely a smallish SUV. It drives like a Mercedes Benz, good or bad. I would guess both of the others are going to handle a little better.

    Personally I would not own an Audi. I will never forget the 100LS or the 5000. Will never forgive them for those abominations.

    The bimmer is a great car. You really just have to decide if you're a Mercedes guy or a BMW guy. For me it was a no-brainer, I'm a Mercedes guy. The wife? She's a BMW gal, so that's what she would choose.

    They are both great cars. You really can't go wrong either way.
  • leeshuckleeshuck Posts: 73
    edited August 2012
    I must be a BMW guy as that's what I've been driving for the last ten years. The Mercedes would be a first for me. I'll take a look at the X1, too.
  • I purchased a 2012 GLK350 (2 wheel drive) with Premium 1 Package (the MSRP of which was $41,425) at $32,100 (this included the destination / freight and it included 3 years maitenece package $700 value). The car is Iridium Silver with black interior. I bought this from Mercedes dealer in Alexandria, VA. Please talk to the management straight for a better deal. They have 1 more left but with more options. Dont know if there is better out there but I am pretty happy with the purchase deal.
  • MSRP $41,000 (Heated Seats)
    Purchase Price $35,500 (discount of $5500)

    Traded-a 2010 GLK with $12k miles for $23,800. KBB Trade-in is Excellent: $27100 Very good $26600 good $25700
  • Sounds like they gave you a good discount off the price and took it back with an under-allow on your trade. Oh well.

    I've got a '11 with 19K I might put up for sale. Trying to decide. It's been a fantastic car, love it for sure.

    We liked it so much she got a C250 Coupe last month. Nice driving car loaded with nice touches. Definitely sport luxury. And it's fast. That little 4-banger is smooth and turboed out for power.
  • rerebrereb Posts: 1
    Just picked up my glk this week

    Premium pkg, nav, appearance and heated seats

    Absolutely love it!

    Lots of hp too
  • I am shopping for the 2013 GLK... my local dealership in Raleigh, NC offers me $3000 off the MSRP.

    Can someone please let me know the recent prices paid ,if you had purchased around neighboring states such as NC, SC or VA
  • what type of discounts are available in january? what should i expect off of msrp?
  • We got our 2013 GLK in Asheville NC about 7 weeks ago. We put down just $300 for doc, tags etc... and got a payment of $498 per month includintg sales tax. The car is a 4matic, steel grey metallic, hitch, premium 1 pkg, heated seats. 36 month lease w/ 10,000 per year.
  • Can any one tell me how close doe dealers come to matching price with true market value? Never use this before.
  • jaycee74jaycee74 Posts: 5
    edited February 2013
    Just pre-ordered my wife's 2013 GLK350 on 2/2/2013 just made the February window and should have it by April. Here are the options:

    Pebble Grey, Leather Pack "Mocha Leather", Prem Pack, Multimedia Pack, AMG Styling, Lighting Pack, 4MATIC Pack, Driver Assit Pack, Parktronic, HK Sound, Keyless Go, Heated Seats, Brushed Alum. Run Boards, and Trailer Hitch.

    MSRP $59685

    Purchase Price $53975

    9.5% off MSRP in Northern California (SF Bay Area). I'm pretty sure, I could've gotten a better deal, if I would have dealt with multiple dealerships. But, the salesman we first dealt with, made things so easy, wasn't pushy or tried to sell us anything, answered all out questions, and let us test drive several cars that day.

    I did a lot of Internet research prior to meeting with him for the 2nd time to negotiate pricing. I decided just to deal with him because he went out of his way several times to make us feel like a true customer. Really made out first MB experience an excellent one! Overall, we feel we got an excellent deal.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Did you buy a GLK or a GL? i love my GLK, but couldn't imagine paying $54k for it! There are too many bigger, better options at that price.
  • +1
    $54K for a GLK? OMFG.
    I paid about $20K less for mine and today it's worth about $27K with 20K miles on it. Just plan to keep it awhile. LOL. In two years figure it will be worth about $30K.
    It's a nice little car, but not much different than a RAV4. For that much I would have gone ML350 BlueTec.
    I'm seriously considering trading mine off for a Silverado pickup.
  • bwaabwaa Posts: 13
    You should have just gotten a used GL at that price!
  • Yup, New 2013 GLK350W4 fully loaded just the way my wife wanted it. Adding the options adds up. Bigger and better options cost a lot more. She like the look over the GL. To each their own.
  • jaycee74jaycee74 Posts: 5
    edited February 2013
    Not looking to buy used. New 2013, with similar options the M class (same engine size and it has similar int. dims) would have been an extra 6.5K and the GL (bluetek) an extra 17K, that's including the 9.5% off MSRP.

    I appreciate everyone's suggestions/bashing but if I wanted to buy something bigger, I would have gone with it. But, this purchase is for my wife and this is what she likes over the others and feels comfortable at the wheel. A happy wife, is a happy life!

    I posted this so others can see what type of pricing is going around the bay area.
  • Do you mind posted price details?
  • jaycee74jaycee74 Posts: 5
    edited February 2013
    You have a 2013 version? Compare options to options and then tell me if its $20K less. A Benz is no Rav4, lol. An M class with similar options would have cost me 6.5K more, that includes the discount msrp prices. Plus, my wife liked the GLK over the M class. After all, it's hers!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    I figured it was a typo but I guess MB will load them up any way you want them. You might want to wait for the fire sale on Silverados this summer. When the new one arrives, they'll be giving away the 2013s.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Sorry, I wasn't trying to offend you. I just hadn't seen a GLK cost that much. When I bought my 2012, I cross-shopped BMW, Acura, Audi and Cadillac. I also looked at the ML but liked the smaller size and better performance of the GLK. I got about 12.5% off on a $45k MSRP. Are you sure they won't go lower?
  • I am getting ready to purchase the GLK hopefully in March. Can you give me some tips how you get such a good price? Someone told me to avoid the salesman due to automatic marked up
  • bwaabwaa Posts: 13
    agreed, I was confused at seeing the price of a GLK at 50,000!
  • You must have been confused by my post. No, mine doesn't have the same options, and it's a '11 not a '13. I'm just saying $50K-plus for a GLK is a LOT, regardless of how it's optioned out. If it makes the buyer happy then it's all good.

    And yes, the GLK is more similar to a Rav4 than different. People get all hung up on what options they THINK they have to have. In the end it's still a little SUV car that will be worth half in a few years.

    The GLK doesn't have an overly high rating by any professional reviewer. It's a nice little car but it's no panacea in 4-wheel motoring. Again, if it makes you happy then it's all good.
  • Finally got my GLK today..Polar White, Mocha/Almond. Pano Roof, Heated Seat, Keyless-Go 15.5% off MSRP...based on what I saw here, I think I got pretty good price. I drove over 45 miles to get it...tried to deal with local dealers, but since they will not disclose price over internet..I had no choice but to deal with someone who would even if I had to drive far. The whole process was a little less than 2 hours...not bad.
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