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2013 and earlier-Mercedes Benz GLK-Class Prices Paid



  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Would you mind posting the numbers and dealer info? Thanks!
  • rivieraranchrivieraranch Posts: 28
    edited March 2013
    I am getting ready to purchase the GLK hopefully in March. Can you give me some tips how you get such a good price? Someone told me to avoid the salesman due to automatic marked up

    You can't circumvent the salesperson. If you approach upper management they will assign a salesperson at some point.
  • The MSRP was $43045 and I got it for $36800 at Laguna Niguel. Too bad it's quite a distance, other wise i would be getting free car wash
  • rupirupi Posts: 5
    Great deal!! Was it through the internet dept.? Any other clues :) ?
  • Yes it was. The operator didn't do a good job or send me email confirmation of the sale person after 3 requests, and I couldn't under her on the phone. When I arrived, they assigned another internet manager to do my purchase. He started out only taking about $1500 off the MSRP then I told him I already had a written quote...within 5-10 mins, he came back with the price I want to more negotiation.
  • igrin52igrin52 Posts: 2
    leadfootow - I want to buy a 2013 GLK 350 with MSRP of $43045. Did your 15.5% discount include any incentives or trade ins? I am in Houston and am looking for the right price. I am not doing a trade in. Thanks
  • Hi Igrin52-No, there was no discount or trade in. I sold my 2004 Jeep to CarMax and that was also a great experience, super quick and easy as well.
  • yplumaayplumaa Posts: 1
    Hi igrin52, I am also in Houston looking for GLK350. Could you please share your price with me? Thanks.
  • igrin52igrin52 Posts: 2
    I'm still shopping. However, I saw on a previous post from the "car man" which stated $3000 off retail is a good deal and $3500 is the maximum discount. Based on what I am seeing, I think this is correct. If I were you, I would jump on a deal with these numbers.

    All bets are off if you have a trade in. Then the games start.

    Try shopping the last 2 days of the month. The dealers get more flexible when trying to make their monthly quota.
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    $3500 discount is nowhere near the max. Go back a few dozen posts and you'll see people paying $6-7K off sticker. I got about $6K off and about $1K more in extra trade value. Then I got the first two payments made by MBFS free. Don't fall for a $3K discount on a $40K car!
  • toddy333toddy333 Posts: 1
    edited May 2013
    hi all,

    i'm looking to lease a GLK from a MB dealership in SoCal. found one with premium 1 / appearance / keyless go packages.

    MSRP was $44,700, 'true price' is $41,800.

    wondering realistically what is the best price i can walk away with?

    am i in the right area with trying to hit $36k?
  • leadfootowleadfootow Posts: 7
    Check with Walter's Automotive in Riverside. Not sure about leasing program, but purchase price are very good.
  • I recently bought a GLK 350 from Hoehn Mercedes Benz in Carlsbad (north of San Diego) at a very attractive price. Didn't have to negotiate much because their initial offer itself was lower than anyone else within 50 miles.

    Talk to Saad or Vas from the internet department and they will work with you.

    awesome vehicle.. and i'm enjoying it on my drives along the coast/ beaches!!!
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    In the end it's still a little SUV car that will be worth half in a few years.

    Might not be as severe depreciation on the GLK250. That's what I'm counting on anyway.. Apparently the oil burner makes the GLK very very unique in its class.

    369 ft lb of torque at just a bit off idle..and terrific real world FE. Sounds fine.. :shades:
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I think it is time to start a thread for the GLK250 Bluetec. It promises to be a big seller for Mercedes.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited June 2013
    I hear ya, Gary..there will be at least two regulars if it appears, haha..

    I still can't find time to get down to test drive..the salesman must think I was just phone-tire-kicking. Just as I was headed home from town today I spotted one so parked the CRV beside a 350 for size comparo. Wanted to peek inside to see the dash live, which I think I might like a lot better there in front of me than on the PC. Guy and his wife came out before I could do any comparo at all. It was 3 years old so dash was different. They LOVE the wheels off the thing. And have had no trouble with it..Mind you, I would put money on this GLK being their first 4 WD so in that way of course they are easily enamoured come every winter. Nonetheless I have yet to see anyone not impressed overall..

    Sure hope I can make a proper decent deal if I like it, in lieu of all this hoopla nudging full List assumptions...cuz it ain't gonna happen for me if they hold out..
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    edited June 2013
    If it is a possibility to transfer a vehicle from CA to Canada, I would consider a vacation to buy. Not sure how the dealers here would treat you. But our prices are lower than most of the USA. Lots of competition in So CA. Put in a CA zip code and check the Edmunds TMV for here. Dealers in Oregon, Utah and Nevada are also good to deal with. Easier transfer laws than CA.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Yes, I have thought about it. If I did go that route, to be honest I'd be tempted to do that come winter. Just come home well south so that I could extend the warmer season before having to work my way north.

    Thanks for mentioning the other 3 States. I really would love to travel out west..have never been west of Winnipeg to the north and Tuscaloosa to the south.
    So much landscape that is used in so many famous movies comes form so many of your States out there. Just beautiful country. I wonder how much of that is affected though in winter? A lot of it is desert though right? So only cold at night. Snow free roads so the sights can still be scene.

    In thinking that whole process through..I do wonder how well received I would be by a dealer here though if I had some wty work. I know there may be legal policies that would cover me through MB, but that doesn't take the 'human nature' element out of the equation. "Oh....Mr Steve..didn't someone call you? We weren't able to get to your car so it will be another 3 or 4 days. Sorry you wasted your 3 hour return trip for nothing."
    And that's if I used the nearest dealer..the one that would surely recall they didn't sell me one yet somehow I ended up with one with the speedo in mph. Busted. Which is a different scenario than if I showed up with a used 1 or 2 year old USA car..that they can see that I did not purchase new.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I forgot that Canada uses those old KMH numbers. :blush:

    I wonder if a dealer would be able to order a vehicle that is correct for Canada. Might be worth an email.

    As far as winter weather in the SW USA. It can be 80 or 20 any given day. You can be assured to see snow above 5000 ft. The Interstates across the Southern USA are kept pretty clear of snow. I40 can be bad where it gets pretty high altitude. The high desert with a dusting of snow is beautiful. If you want winter sun stay on I10 down through TX. I wouldn't send my worst enemy on 120 through Dallas Ft Worth.

    So CA
    MB of Escondido
    Hoehn MB
    Walter's MB

    There are 22 Mercedes dealers within 150 miles of me

    I have talked to the MB dealer in Medford Oregon and MB of Linden Utah. Both seemed willing to deal. I do understand dealers wanting to work on their own sales. I was use the CA prices as a bargaining chip. Ask them why you can buy a Mercedes in the land of Fruits, nuts and flakes for less than the land of the free?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    edited June 2013
    All good info, Thanks Gary..
    I have a feeling as soon as they punched in my VIN, they'd know it was in sold from the USA from new even if I could order it in KPH. That part doesn't bother me in the least as I can think in both spur of the moment. In fact I prefer having my Temp gauge read in Feh. I miss the old days..still only know about 4 Celcius temps. 100 is boiling. 0 is freezing. 5 is 40. 20 is 68. Don't ask me why I can remember the 5 and 20...I think because I really drilled myself one year being tired of never knowing really what temp it was as the radio and TV never use Feh anymore :(

    But for a temp ga. the Cdn car will likely start showing the higher temp red area as 95- 110 or so...but that's just it...the only time I'd actually know the temp was when it was at 212 equivalent.

    Same with the outside temp displays, altho those may be switchable?

    I wouldn't send my worst enemy on 120 through Dallas Ft Worth.

    Because of road quality, congestion or?

    Ask them why you can buy a Mercedes in the land of Fruits, nuts and flakes for less than the land of the free?

    LOL and darn good question
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    I prefer Fahrenheit to Celcius for the closer accuracy factor. That and because we won the World Wars. :)

    We just drove Interstate 20 on our trip East. The road is fine and you can maintain 80+ MPH without fear of being stopped. It is a boring ugly drive and the hotels in most of the cities are dirty and way over priced. Towns like Midland and Odessa are booming with oil business and the hotel operators are making a killing. Just not much to see crossing TX on I20. Stay North or South. Depends on your time limits. When you are getting 38-40 MPG in a new GLK250 BT what's an extra few hundred miles?
  • glayfan40glayfan40 Posts: 33
    Just finished a deal for a 24mo, 12K mi/yr lease. Details below:

    Steel Grey - $720
    Premium 1 - $3450
    Heated seats - $750
    Becker Pilot Map pre-wire - $200
    Destination - $905
    Total - $44615

    Sale Price - $40,000
    RV - $32,122.8 (72%)
    Cal. MF - .0020
    Mo. Payment = $514 (incl. 6.25% tax)
    Total Out-of-Pocket: $1750 ($441 tag/doc, 1st payment, acquisition fee)

    Hope this helps!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,178
    Looks like a nice vehicle. If you get the Becker NAV let us know what you think of it. One of the vehicles I am considering has the wiring for a Becker NAV. I would really rather have a NAV with Google Maps. That would require an Internet connection and the monthly cost associated. A lot of people have that on their Smartphones. Built-in NAV is somewhat redundant.

    Be sure and let us know about your mileage.
  • valleyguy408valleyguy408 Posts: 70
    edited June 2013
    My brother just bought an MB with the Becker Map Pilot. I like it better than my MB Navi!!

    IMHO: Easier to use, easier to read, and has a super cool feature of constantly displaying the speed limit in a little speed limit sign in the upper right corner.

    Once you use Map Pilot with the route2benz feature, I'd be shocked if you ever use your smartphone again.
  • Not sure why no one uses as basis of start of negotiation. Carsdirect usually gives avg. "decent" price. So if you can get $1-$2k below this price with negotiation.

    Current GLK350 with ton of decent options, it comes to
    MSRP PRICING: $46,255
    INVOICE PRICING: $43,782
    Target Price: $40,782
    Pricing as of 7/23/13 in zip code 21045

    Im looking too :D
  • Got this:
    GLK350 4matic 2013
    White/beige MB-tex
    Premium package (didn't need panoramic roof, but got it)
    Multimedia package
    Heated front seats (didn't need either)
    total - $46,985
    paid - $38,950

    Pleasanton, CA
    I had some choices, but the dealer wanted to sell and I wanted to buy!
  • Looks like an awesome deal!

    Any special incentives received? Such as USAA, MBCA, Loyalty/Conquest, etc.?
  • No other incentives.
  • lfulfu Posts: 2
    Great deal! Is the price $38950 before ttl?
  • lfulfu Posts: 2
    Hello leadfootow, is the price before tax or after? Thanks for your help.
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