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Toyota 4Runner



  • XREAS is a dynamic system that has all 4 shocks connected. It helps "flatten" out the ride and keeps the swaying down to a minimum. You can really notice it on twisting mountain hiways or transitional moves.

    Air suspension simply jacks up the rear end when towing and carrying heavy loads to level out the suspension and distribute weight.

    You cannot get both, I don't think
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    X-REAS is available with the rear air suspension.

    One other small advantage with having the rear air suspension is that it can make loading easier by lowering the vehicle (although it is only about a couple of inches).
  • The XREAS is good for minimizing rocking and rolling, and the air susp. is good for heavy loads/towing. So if Im not towing (ever), then I dont really need the air susp..............true? If its a major extra $$ option, then I suppose I dont really need it......
  • Yes. Toyota made the air suspension for towing. If you don't tow or carry extremely heavy loads, then the air suspension would be a waste of money.
  • I certainly DONT need that, but I'll take the REAS shocks..........
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I think that if you want the Nav, then Combo #2 applies, which includes both X-Reas and Air Suspension. You probably can find one separately, but it will be harder as most 4Runners are preconfigured to either Combo #1 or #2 (with regional variations).

    The Air Suspension is also helpful for heavy loads in the cargo area, but unless you carry lots of heavy stuff, you probably don't need it.
  • 18fan18fan Posts: 147
    I am new to SUV's (now drive a car) and would like to hear your opinions:

    I am currently looking at a used 2000 4Runner SR5 4WD with 26K miles and the 3.4L V6 engine. Would you all recommend the 4Runner? What kind of gas mileage could I expect? (I drive about 80% city & 20% highway). Are there any maintenance, defect, or repair issues I should know about before buying this vehicle?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • With 80% city, I am going to guess around 15mpg.
    The 2000 4Runners are bulletproof and there are no issues with them that I have heard.
  • jfegerjfeger Posts: 38
    My Toshiba Tecra TE2100 laptop power supply is marked as follows:

    Input: 100V-240V~ 1.2A-0.6A 60-60Hz
    Output: 15VDC 5A

    So I guess I am doing 120Watt's max on this guy, but more like 90-100Watts based on the middle ground.
  • ANyone know of changes for the 05's? 3rd Row seats and NAV together would be wonderful, but are there any major changes? I know Nissa has a completely new Pathfinder coming out and the design looks hot...........I can wait if necessay as I dont need to buy right now, unless my 1987 Maxima wagon craps out on me during the winter (2nd car, not primary!)........
  • Has anyone encountered any problems with this suspension?

    How is it off-road?

  • bryancosbryancos Posts: 282
    Check out this site for a rear hatch antenna bracket that'll allow you to mount the antenna at the rear near the tail lights w/o scratching/marring the paint.

    SS204A Hatch/Door Jamb Mount. Mounts inside jamb of rear doors and hatches on mini vans, SUV's. Adjustable Swivel Bracket. For antennas up to 4 feet. $14
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    I haven't personally had any problems with X-REAS. I've taken it offroad a few times, and the vehicle was quite adept at handling easy to moderate trails.
  • alfster1alfster1 Posts: 273
    I haven't had any problems with my X-REAS suspension. It is a great option and I definitely recommned it over the regular suspension.

    I have done a little off roading (nothing too serious yet) and haven't encounter any problems. The X-REAS Suspension, according to the brochure, is meant to improve on road handling, so there probably isn't much improvement to off road ride or handling.
  • I have been a longtime fan of Toyota LC and I was wondering if the current 4Runner V8 with full-time 4 wheel drive is as capable as the land cruiser in fighting rough terrain and snow and off-road adventure trips ? I am not huge on off-roading but just interested in being able to take off-roading and snow covered trips. THe land cruiser until 1999 had rear and center locking differential and in 2000+, they switched to auto-sensing setup that is tied with ABS system. SO, what do you guys think ? How does the 4Runner measure up ?
  • The locking front/rear diffs(were an option) and solid front axle on the LC. That would be the best off-road Toyota of the last decade. The Tacoma with locking rear diff is also awesome off-road.

    The current 4Runner and LC are equally capable off road. I believe the LC has slightly more ground clearance. I believe the 4Runner has the next generation TRAC as well as the DAC/HAC features which the LC does not.

    For your uses, the 4Runner is better. More HP, more torque, better MPG and equally capable for your uses.
  • Thanks for the information, I appreciate it.
  • You indicated that your new 4Runner has Rear Air Suspension. My dealer just told me that this option is not available on the 2004 4Runners. He claims to have done a search in the Mid-Atlantic area several times and can get X-REAS on the Limited V-8, but not Air Suspension.

    Would appreciate information re your sales region, dealer, anything else relevant. I have a large horse trailer and think air suspension would be desirable for towing. Thanks.
  • Has anyone put in an after market satellite stereo into a 2003 4Runner? Not much room on the dash for the XM unit. My local stereo guy thought that the sunglasses holder would be a good place for the car unit. I am reluctant to change out my factory JBL 6-CD changer unit. Any ideas?

    Also, has anyone had any trouble with the back hatch becoming stiff and difficult to open?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Check out XM & Sirius Satellite Radio for some aftermarket ideas. There's also a Toyota 4Runner Accessories discussion and Toyota 4Runner: Problems and Solutions that may have something helpful in them.

    Try the Search This Discussion button in the various boards too.

    Steve, Host
  • gutiguti Posts: 10
    I have ordered a 2004 4WD V8 4Runner from my local dealer. It had to be special-ordered because I insisted on having the rear-air suspension. When you order the rear air suspension option, XREAS comes with it.

    My guess is that your Toyota dealer is reluctant to special-order a vehicle for you and would prefer that you buy one that is more easily available. I believe dealers have a certain number of special orders they can place, and they prefer to use that quota for higher margin cars.
  • Why can't I get price quotes via e-mail or phone?? I've tried several local area dealers and all they do is sweet talk me over the phone and send me questionairres to fill out............even after I've sent my desired model and options to them. This is why I don't like car dealers and the sales people that work there......................Not everyone can take days off and travel to all the dealers......................
  • mplouf.

    I agree with guti, this dealer is not willing to take the time to find the vehicle you want.

    Do you live in the northeast? When I was searching over two month's ago I found six 4Runner's with air suspension within 100 miles of my home in South Jersey. The problem was finding my preference of exterior and interior color choice and then finding a dealer willing to sell that vehicle at an agreeable price. I paid $500.00 over invoice, some dealers wanted as much as $2500.00 over stating that this was a rare SUV to find. Do not believe everything the dealer says!!

    Go on the Internet and search, some dealers list options, others do not. I either saw in person or test drove the following 4Runners with air suspension. In South Jersey, Cherry Hill Toyota has one in Strato Mica, Toyota World of Lakewood has at least one in white. Yesterday I was at Toyota of Turnersville picking up the tags for my 4Runner and they had two, an 04 in blue and a 03 with 5000 miles.

    If you purchase a left over or demo 2003 be sure it has thaw weight distribution hitch that will pull 7300 lbs. For your needs you 'do not want' the 5000 lb. hitch that is flush mounted on the back bumper. And most drawbars for the ball mount will not fit the 5000 lb. hitch, (contacts the spare tire) a big error for Toyota.

    Use the phone, find a dealer that that will work for you. I know that Gateway Toyota in Toms River offered to order from Japan if they could not find what I requested. And the dealer can preference a vehicle, a process I really do not know much about but if an available unit is on the cargo ship and your dealer requests it, you may have it in 4 - 6 weeks. Mine took a month.

    On - build a vehicle. Option combination #B has Rear Air suspension w/X-Reas and many other options for $5865.00. Of course this includes navigation that I fine very worthwhile.

    Toyota of Turnersville preferenced mine, I picked it up with six miles on the odometer, nice way to begin you ownership. They are easy to work with, but you will have to talk a little to get the $500.00 over invoice.

    Good luck.
  • Why can't I get price quotes via e-mail or phone?? I've tried several local area dealers and all they do is sweet talk me over the phone and send me questionairres to fill out............even after I've sent my desired model and options to them. This is why I don't like car dealers and the sales people that work there......................Not everyone can take days off and travel to all the dealers......................
  • addresses:

    If you find a 4Runner without options listed but has a MSRP of $43,559 - $43,700, you have a plus 99% confidence this truck has option combination #B that includes air suspension.
  • My recently purchased 97 4Runner SR5 has the aftermarket Securikey+ remote entry / security system installed. The remote is combined with the key and has the FCC# ELVAT6B on the back. Apparently, it is made by Audiovox and installed by Gulf States Distributors in mid-1990's Toyotas.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any instructions to tell me how to use it or how to turn off the blaring horn if you open the doors without disarming the system using the remote.

    I've searched the 'net for instructions, but can't find any.

    Does anyone have the instructions or know where I can find them?
  • I appreciate the feedback. You've given me a lot to work with.
  • You are very welcome.

    I am about to load up my 4Runner with Christmas packages. And with 4 large boxes of canned goods, I will have a couple hundred pounds of gifts and food in the back. The auto leveling air suspension will adjust for the weight and keep the vehicle at the same height. Really a nice feature.

    O.K., I'm off to help Santa in my high tech 4Runner sleigh. Ho..Ho..Ho
  • I was wondering if anybody knows what kind of tints( for the front driver & passenger windows) would match the manufacture's tints on the back. I recently had the front windows tinted medium, using a smoked tint. But it doesn't really match. The back tint seems to be more bluish-gray. All the window tinting places around here only have the bronze or smoked films available. The bronze I know will not match. The smoked from the outside it looks o.k.(can tell a little), but from the inside you can really tell the difference.
  • My wife and I just purchased '04 4Runner Sport Edition in Titanium Silver. This will be our 3rd 4Runner.

    Did anyone research aftermarket DVD navigation systems for the '04 4Runner?

    Please share any installation, use, and operation experiences.
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