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Toyota 4Runner



  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Rear air suspension is NOT optional on the Sports. That feature is only AVAILABLE on the Limiteds and is not standard.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    Do you read your mileage or calculate it?
  • --TruckTrend magazine seems to be doing a long term test of a 4Runner. They appear to be very happy with the Dunlops so far. The tire performed well in their big suv comparison especially in the sand dunes on a Sequoia. Regardless of all the posts I have seen against the Dunlop Rover At, I like the tire for street and highway use very much. The balance on it is perfect, no shimmy at speed. Grips well and no theatrics when hauling down to a rapid stop. Very quiet and dosen't seem to track in the highway grooves. Been great on trips in wet and snow up to Big Bear. Have had it up some tough washes in Death Valley and SE Nevada. Worked great in the Dunes up near Kelso Ca, same place MotorTrend does its sand testing. I have had ZX Turbos and Supra Turbos with high performance tires. I like this tire for what it is. The Revos seem to be making people even happier. Only thing is they are not suited for off road travel. Take a ride up Cottonwood,Galena or Hanaupah Canyon in Death Valley and you will get concerned about the sidewalls real fast. Desert asphalt at its finest! Single sidewalls on the Dunlap and Revo or any other tire means a rock or sharp stick will eventually cut it real easy. For my use the best compromise seems to be the "C" rated 3ply BFG AT Ko. When I went to look at the Revos the dealer asked where I drove off road and immediately recommended 3Ply tires. But that is the fun of it, everyone has their special needs and preferences. If it wasnt that way it would be so booooor-ing.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Pat84 wrote: "I'm not that concerned with gas mileage . I just try to drive smoothly. I feel when commuting, I save some wear and tear on the 4Runner."

    I, for one, am in agreement here. In my humble opinion, one of the surest ways to prematurely wear out a vehicle (even a 4Runner) and/or its key components, is to routinely drive it in an aggressive or "abusive" manner. This would include frequent jackrabbit starts, hard accelerations, speed shifting/down-shifting, severe braking, hard turns, oversteering, etc. The routine practicing of such habits will more quickly wear out tires, brake components, suspensions, front-ends, etc.; as well as being very hard on the engine and drivetrain. If you wanna play, then be prepared to pay, big time-- especially once your vehicle's warranty expires.

    I don't drive like an old woman, nor do I drive like a testosterone-crazed adolescent maniac. When the situation calls for it, I enjoy kicking my '03, V8 4Runner Limited into afterburner; but I don't routinely drive this way. In general, I prefer to employ smooth, gentle accelerations; as well as smooth and non-jarring braking and steering, because this improves fuel consumption, vehicle longevity, and ride comfort. The 4Runner is a truck, not a sports car.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    I calculate my mileage -- I don't trust the computer as I've found them to be optimistic in other vehicles.

    Regarding the Dunlops, they aren't bad in the dry and rain, but they suck in snow. I'll probably get some dedicated snow tires before next winter.
  • themanqthemanq Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 SR5 V8 4WD. I have noticed a low-pitch humming noise (also a slight vibration from the gas pedal) from the drivetrain when accelerating from about 1500rpm and the noise/vibration goes away at about 2000rpm, no matter what the speed. Has anyone else noticed this noise and how did you fix it? Thanks.
  • hlronhlron Posts: 113
    I should have noted in my post ##9741 regarding tracking the MPG on my 2004 V-6 two wheel drive since I purchased it in January that I too calulate it, it is not based on the readout at all. So, my average of 18.11 MPG (mix of city and highway)based on 3,936 miles is calculated, based on my gas reciepts and gallons used. As a side note, I filled up Wednesday evening (April 21), went on a 340 mile trip (mostly freeway)Thursday and filled up again Thursday evening - the calculated average for the trip was 20.6 MPG (by the way, the readout read 22.4 when I filled up; as others have noted with theirs, my computer readout is a bit optimistic - but it is good for a general guide while driving around; like a watch that is five minutes fast, it still gives a reference of how you are doing). /Ron
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    2003 SR5 V6 4X4 getting 18.3 MPG combined city, hwy, & offroading. The mileage has increased 2/10th's since the weather warmed up some. Vehicle has 6000+ miles, but MPG has been consistent since the day it was purchased.
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    No Toyota of mine (and I've had quite a few) has ever cost me big time. I don't drive irresponsibly but I also don't "think" about driving nice and easy either.
  • dillondillon Posts: 16
    Just got my 04 SR5
    Wondering if anyone has suggestions as to what mileage point is the best time to use synthetic oil. I have been told to start at 10k by a few, and others say right away at the first oil change?
    Also, anyone have any thoughts on the quality of the napa gold oil filter and the green air filters?
    Thanks in advance,
  • toyboxxtoyboxx Posts: 150
    If you switch to synthetic I can't see why it would matter when. I did at around 8k but that was because it took me some time to get my Amsoil.

    I would stick with Toyota OEM oil and air filters. They are the highest quality and can be had inexpensively at

    Don't forget the cabin air filter, that gets really dirty and is filtering the air you breath.
  • glb2glb2 Posts: 14
    04 SR5 V6

    I've changed my oil @ 5000mi but can't seem to get the MAINT light to go off after following the manuals instructions. Will some please walk me through this? Thanks
  • bmw323isbmw323is Posts: 410
    I just had to reset my MAINT light today at lunch time. I beleive the instructions are in the manual on about page 112. Anyway, turn the key "on" and set the odometer to the total mileage readout, not the 'a' or 'b' trip settings. Then turn the key off (when you can pull it out of the ignition). Then hold down the odometer reset buton (the top one). While holding the reset button turn the ignition key to the 'on' position (when all of the gauge warning lights come on). The MAINT light flashes, then stays on for a second or two, then goes completely out. At this point you can release the reset button. This should make the MAINT light go out. If not, try repeating these steps again. Hope this helps.
  • my2centsmy2cents Posts: 20
    Join the club. There are many others who have experienced what you describe. If affects both V6 and V8 configurations, so I have to conclude its driveline and not engine or transmission. In my case I can say its very irritating at ambient temps. below 32 degrees. At 40 to 50 degrees its annoying, 50 to 60 degrees I can detect it, and around 65 to 70 degrees ambient temperature its gone. The machine runs smooth as glass. So I have to say its HIGHLY temperature sensitive in my case. Tolerances in the drive train must be so tight that they cant make it work at all temperatures. There have been some posts mentioning a possible fix but it hasnt happened yet. I took the truck in and had them document my complaint. Of course they said they could feel no vibration now. I will have to wait til next winter when its about 0 degrees and bring it back in for another test drive with the dealer. Good luck.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    FWIW, I own an '03, V8, AWD 4Runner Limited, with over 15,000 miles logged, and I've yet to experience the problem you've described, at any ambient temps. so far.

    I'm not sure if this has any relevance, but at each 5000 mile oil change/lube, I make it a point to remind the service shop to be sure to lubricate my 4Runner's propeller shafts, slip-yokes, and U-joints with lithium grease, etc. While they have always assured me that this is a routine part of their lubrication service, I still make it a point to have it in writing on the service invoice. (I also now use Quaker State Full Synthetic motor oil, and while it may be just my imagination, my 4Runner seems to run even smoother and to have more "effortless" power-on-demand.)
  • kullenbergkullenberg Posts: 283
    I did a fairly comprehensive pre-delivery inspection of my 2004 V8 4X4 Sport today. I have to say, what an awesome vehicle. There was absolutely nothing to write up. The tire preas. was even correct. There was no drive line vibration. The dealer is even going to loosen the lug nuts and torque them to spec. The 4Runner is replacing a ML430, and the 4runner is a better vehicle by a huge margin. More power, better mpg, handles better, and presumably, will be more reliable (it's a Toyota!). This vehicle was a special order, as I wanted a basic Sport model, with the side curtain air bags, and no sunroof. That's how it came. Can't wait to take delivery.
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    Hello and welcome! Congratulations on your new 4Runner!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I think the swirl gizmos are snake oil. More in The accessories to improve mileage and extend engine life board.

    Steve, Host
  • beercoll1beercoll1 Posts: 88
    The numbers I provided are all calculated, not read from the dash display. I do not trust the dash display. Regardless of my travels, the numbers seem to gravitate to 17.3 MPG, 29 Avg MPH.
  • coolpop36coolpop36 Posts: 65
    I just picked mine up last weekend and have been enjoying it immensely ever since. An awesome vehicle, without question.

    I have an 04 Limited 4X2, Pacific Blue / Taupe, NAV, XREAS, moonroof, side curtain air bags, and factory spoiler. The Pac blue color looks fantastic on a bright sunny day.

    So far, after one week and 690 miles, no rattles, squeaks, vibrations, funny noises, nothing but quietness. I traded an Infiniti G35 for this truck, and the Infiniti was truly a POS - the driver's seat moved, popped and clicked, there were rattles and squeaks galore, and the body groaned and creaked. Incredibly annoying and disappointing. This truck, however, is solid so far. The 6 1/2 month wait for the special order was worth it.

  • Thanks everyone for their mileage input. I'm just trying to get a feel of the ownership experience of the 4Runner thus far. Enjoy!
  • First of all, a genuine/sincere "thank you" to everyone on this board. I've picked up a TON of super background info about the latest 4Runners/etc by reading thru literally thousands of previous posts... this board is phenomenal for the info that can be gleaned from it!!

    This may end up sounding silly/pathetic - but here goes anyway (and besides, this might be less embarrassing than my calling up my Toyota Dealer service dept on Monday!).

    I just bought and drove home a new 2004 SR5 V8 3rd row backseat 4Runner yesterday (hurray!). I've been driving a 1992 SR5 4Runner for the last 12 years since buying it new back in 1992. I absolutely love the 2004 so far (as I did and still do the 1992!)...

    The 2004 is an incredibly impressive vehicle. The V8 is truly inspiring. Trust me, if you had been driving a 1992 V6 with 150hp, you would be dancing/prancing in the streets as well with the V8. Though I do desperately miss not having a manual transmission anymore... that's one of the biggest things I'll miss from my '92. :(

    OK, here's my question...

    I've been pouring over this new one in my garage (besides also driving it around of course!) becoming familiar with all the controls, adjustments, checking the tire inflation, etc, etc - and yes, even reading thru the owner's manual - all 407 pages! This baby is a LOT more complicated/complex than my '92!

    Late this afternoon, I decided to spot check the oil level just to be thorough - but here's the deal - I went to pull out the doggone oil dipstick and this thing wouldn't budge. I started to get ready to really yank/pull on it - but thought better about doing that and started wondering if there might be some sort of trick to it - like twisting it or something then pulling the dipstick out (???). I really did feel like I was already pulling way too hard on it as it was (to no effect) and deciding to back off a little bit and think this thru...

    I did go back and triple check the owner's manual and it simply says to just pull the dipstick out...

    Sooo, I suppose I'm just asking if it's really supposed to be that difficult to pull out the doggone oil dipstick on these V8 iForce engines?? Or am I just being overly sensitive/careful with the new one. (I've certainly never had this on my '92. With the oil cap yes! But not with just pulling the dipstick out!) The engine wasn't hot or even warm at all when I tried this on the new one so perhaps that might have had something to do with it (??) [and I do know to normally check the oil only when the engine is warm], but I would appreciate any feedback on if this dipstick can be that stubborn to pull out - or if there are any "tricks" to it.

    Just when it dawned on me to try calling my Dealer's Service Dept, I realized they had closed a couple hours earlier. So, any input/feedback on this would be sincerely/honestly appreciated!!

    Tom from KC

    PS And thank you again to everyone that has made this board such a wonderfully rich, fun, and helpful source of valuable information!
  • kheintz1kheintz1 Posts: 213
    My '03, V8 4Runner Limited's oil dipstick pulls out quite easily. I think you would be well advised to relax and leave it alone for now; and to bring your vehicle to your dealership at your earliest convenience. Let us know how you make out.
  • dillondillon Posts: 16
    Can someone recommend the frequency to change the cabin air filter and where is it located.
    Is there an aftermarket(green)that is of better quality? I have bad asthma and could use the best.
    Also, does anyone know the correct torque on the lug nuts for the sr5?
  • kheintz1, thanks for the reply...

    It's working fine today/now - the oil dipstick that is! I drove the 4Runner around quite a bit today and tried the dipstick when I got back (with the engine nice and warm). It came out without too much difficulty or inordinate amount of pulling. It was a little bit of a bear getting it all the way back down/in - but that eventually worked fine as well... new owner jitters I suppose! :) :) thanks again!

    PS This new 4Runner is taking a little getting used to - I keep wanting to push in the clutch with my left foot (like my old '92)! But all is very well and I am very impressed/happy with it!
  • highlander7highlander7 Posts: 177
    The remote keyless entry system on my 04 Limited has over a 250 foot range. It wasn't until the other night when walking to my truck that was almost 300 feet away that I pushed the remote just to see if it would work at that distance... and it did. Must be the location of the antenna or an improved remote system? My wife's 03 Avalon is good for maybe 30 feet, my 02 4Runner was about 50 feet. I have had many cars with factory remote entries and never had this much range. Has anyone else noticed this? Advantages are you can locate you vehicle in a parking lot or set off the alarm if necessary from many feet away.

    This is just another feature that has me extremely pleased with this outstanding vehicle. 6200 miles and NO PROBLEMS, this truck is near perfect.
  • mgabel2mgabel2 Posts: 37
    EXCEPT: if you are far from the truck and you tinker with your keys, you can unlock it and not know it because it's so far away. I'd rather it not be so sensitive. I do know it would lock on its own after 30 or so seconds, but thats's 30 seconds that it's unlocked in a parking lot without you knowing it while someone else could know it.

    [And, twice I opened the rear window without realizing it and came back to the truck and found it open.]

    Otherwise, at 3100 miles, my 04 V8 sport (with side air bags) is just wonderful.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    dillon, the 2003 repair manual says 83 ft-lbs for the lug nut torque on the 4Runner. I doubt that it's changed for 2004, or that it's different for 16" and 17" wheels.
  • for scoring perfect marks in all quality categories in 2004 JD Power Initial Quality Survey!
  • aaaedgarpoeaaaedgarpoe Posts: 107
    Does anyone know if its possible to lower it a few inches to reduce its tendency to roll-over? Any idea on how much it would cost?

    Hope they soon improve it so less people are killed and put in wheel chairs, and have the faces damaged, the necks snapped, their kids hurt, and so on from these roll-overs.

    Rotten milage, to boot. You would think if Ford has a hybrid SUV comming out Toyota would (Lexus doesn't count since thats a luxery item). Bravo Ford for bringing an inexpensive SUV with great mileage to market.
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