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2010 Chevy Equinox Problems



  • rvm819rvm819 Posts: 7
    My 2010 Equinox with the 2.4 Ecotech engine was fine for the first 70k miles. Since then it's been all down hill. It started pinging about six months ago and since then I've had a belt and idler pulley replaced and a new fuel pump. Now this week I took in in for what I thought was a computer upgrade to remove the spark knock, and now they tell me it needs a new timing chain. I'm now at 78k miles and like you ready to trade for a Ford. I thought GM had improved quality, but the Ecotech engine is not an improvement!
  • I got a call from the service agent this morning. Nothing came up in my diagnostic and the tech drove it for almost 15 minutes and nothing happened. I was told it was a "very happy car".

    Funny, it's not happy when I drive it! Yesterday it was so unhappy, I sat on the side of the road with the engine shut down to idle (by the car) cause it was overheating.

    Hate my Chevy.
  • eugene11eugene11 Posts: 8
    Perhaps you need to take a copy of a few pages of this forum to educate your dealer on similiar Engine issues with 2010 Equinox, their personal dealer experience may not have dealt with the issue before. JMHO
  • jpol4jpol4 Posts: 3
    This is a follow-up to my earlier posting #1245. I took my equinox to a 3rd dealership who immediately recognized that it didn't sound right. They replaced the high pressure fuel pump and "the timing chain tensioner with pump chain and tensioner" (per work order). They had my car for 4 days and it now sounds like a new car. All was covered under warranty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but for now...hooray for Champion Chevrolet! My best advice, if you can, keep going to different dealerships until you find one that will listen to your concerns. I hope this information can help someone else who may be going through a similar problem with their car.
  • foster904foster904 Posts: 9
    Okay, so the dealership changed out the pistons and returned our Nox, but it will be going back because it still has the chatter.
  • rvm819rvm819 Posts: 7
    I am also following up on a previous message #1365. After my timing chains were replaced last week, the spark knock problem has been corrected...finally! The engine is also much quieter and it runs like new again at 78k miles. I took several pages of this forum to my dealer, so it does help to guide the dealer toward a solution!
  • andyusmc1andyusmc1 Posts: 4
    We have had a continuous problem since about 20k miles. Bought it new. Had a ticking in the engine back then. It was the timing chain they replaced it. Happened again another timing chain related problem, again fixed.Happened again in Fl on vacation. dealer says nothing wrong.They said we were low on oil, of course no message on the dash and we were within 1000 miles of our next oil change due per our sticker.And we change oil every 3k not 5k.They changed the oil we drove home knocking got worse. Took it back to dealer, they fixed it again. Well now at 63k miles again knocking ,had oil change two days ago,service person says tailpipe is black your burning oil,had 300 miles to go before oil change was due,the dash display read 69% oil life left. Taking it in today after reading all these posts I am scared that I dont have an extended warrantee just the 100000k powertrain . Will let you know.Wish me luck
  • kzk8brownkzk8brown Posts: 12
    I only get 21. mpg whether I travel long distance or local. maybe 22 30.1 is excellant. I think something is wrong with my 2010 nox.
  • Today my 2010 Equinox shut off when driving. Tach and speedo went to 0 and power steering was gone. Took me a minute to realize the car had actually fully shut down when it was running good earlier. I was slowing to a stop at a stoplight, wanted to get into the right lane and accelerated to make the lane change. The transmission bucked hard and I assume that is when the engine died, I didn't realize for a few seconds since I was coasting a stop and didn't need gas or steering. When I tried to straighten up in the lane is when I realized the power steering was gone and then noticed the car was off. The car started up just fine after that, but obviously this isn't a good thing to be happening.

    I've done a little research and found that the PCM on the '06 Equinox has been faulty on numerous occasions and there are forum posts for this exact issue, only on the '06 model. This makes me inclined to think it may be the PCM on my '10, but I'd like to get some feedback from other 2010 owners that have had this problem before I take it to the dealership to get the PCM replaced.

    If you've had this problem or have any information to share on the subject I would very much appreciate it.
  • dcinohiodcinohio Posts: 4
    I have had this same issue and speaker replaced and I still have the noise...I also notice this more when it is hot toward the end of the day. It is very annoying and drives me nuts. I have owned my Nox two years and have had the fuel pump replaced twice and the timing unit replaced and now this....I am beginning to wonder if I have a lemon. I will have the insulation checked and see if this helps...lets keep our fingers crossed. I travel a lot and the radio is a must....thanks.
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    I have not had an issue with the speaker since they insulated the door skin. We traveled to the Smokies a couple of weeks ago and I averaged 31mpg. Driving some of the back roads I believed I picked up the faint noise of some spark knock at about 1700rpm and 15 mph under load going up a steep hill.Probably wouldn`t have heard it but we had the windows down. Will take to dealer. I believe there is a tech bulletin out on this issue. Have not had any other problems . Now have 27000 miles on car.
  • dcinohiodcinohio Posts: 4
    I have also had the same first the dealership told me that it was normal for this vehicle. I was not happy. Took it to another business to get my oil changed and they refused to change my oil...that there was something wrong with the engine...that the noise was not normal. I took it to another dealership...White Allen in Dayton Ohio. They recognized the sound immediately changed out the timing unit and this resolved the issues. I had already had the fuel pump replaced twice before. I get decent gas mileage on my Nox...usually around 32 -33 mph on highway. I travel for work so I am constantly monitoring my mileage.
  • nailsgirlnailsgirl Posts: 13
    My engine replaced too. Now my gas milage went from 32 mpg to 25 with the new engine. Now what?">link title
  • nox77nox77 Posts: 12
    I had that happen twice. Dealership thought it was the PCM, then replaced a gear, then the timing chain...this went on for a year, everything being under warranty. I eventually got a new engine from GM when I had 67,000 on it. I had it back in just days, and all is good.
  • nox77nox77 Posts: 12
    Ask your dealer to consult with a GM technician. Mine did, and I got a new engine at 67K. I have 71K now and no problems. A friend of mine did too. Not only did she get a new engine, the dealer bought back the car and gave her the same terms on a new Nox, but she got a 6 cylinder this time. Smart woman.
  • dcinohiodcinohio Posts: 4
    Ok when we checked out the was about every 8 inches on the door skin. Went ahead and had it filled in with insulation to see if this resolves the issue. Keeping our fingers crossed. I will let you know how it goes. Fyi...I have over 66000 miles on my Nox.
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    I have a 2010 4 cycl Equinox and at first my wife loved it . Now with 24m mile on it it stays in the shop. My latest problem is oil comsumption . I also think it was from when it had a fuel leak that went into the crank case. I am using over 1.5 quarts per 2000 miles. Dealer said they hadn't hear of this but I know they have. Can anyone tell me if there is any chevy bulletin out there that I can show them. Also car makes a treible noise if you go ver any bumps.
  • kzk8brownkzk8brown Posts: 12
    I too would like any and all bulletins issued by chevy concerning the oil consumption. My repair guy is doing the oil consumption test now on my 4 cylinder 2010 nox and so far has burned 1 quart per 1000. miles. He also claims there is no bulletin. Hard to believe as this looks like a stantard complaint. In addition, some one posted that they have recieved a Class action suit notification concerning the 2010-2011 nox. Would that person or anyone esle forward information?
  • I had to have an oil consumption test done as well. I was burning/using 1 quart every 1000 miles as well. Several times I took car in for oil change and there was no oil on dipstick! and that was only after 5000 miles. Dealer told me it's standard that it burns that much oil in between oil changes. I don't think so!
  • teenwolfteenwolf Posts: 1
    I had the same issue. My 2010 equinox has 47000 miles on it and it had a rattling noise coming from the engine. We made the appointment to have it looked at but it overheated on the interstate before we were able to get it to the dealership. Once the engine was looked over, it was determined that it was a blown head gasket. So far this car has had a faulty airbag, a recall on the washer fluid heater, and now a blown head gasket. :sick:
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    I really don't know what's going on with the oil in my Nox. First change, free by dealer, oil was full before drained. Second oil change, by local mechanic, also full before drained. Two thousand miles later, I'm down 2 quarts, so I take it back to local mechanic, who adds two quarts. I take it to dealer who runs a consumption test and finds no problems and changes the oil again and asks me to drive for 1000 miles and bring it back if the oil is down. He also shows me on the GM computer, where it states that 1 quart every 2000 mi is acceptable. So I've driven over 1000 miles and my oil is full. Both the dealer and local mechanic use the same grade dino oil, but when the dealer fills it, there's no burning. Weird!!
  • smc8888smc8888 Posts: 25
    Next time when the dealer changes oil, take a measurement immediately before driving off the dealership. I suspect (no prove) that they overfilled the engine to compensate possible loss.
  • dcinohiodcinohio Posts: 4
    Latest update on the static/buzzing noise in the speaker...once we fixed the insulation this resolved the issue. I admit I was a skeptic but it was worth trying since nothing else worked. Thank you Kynox!!!
  • kynoxkynox Posts: 18
    Glad it worked. I have had no further trouble with the speaker.
  • I have a 2010 equinox and the one major issue I had was my trans went out at 42k miles. Granted I am EXTREMELY hard on my car...I put roughly 35-40k on a car a year (I bought this car in April of 2011 with 10k miles on it, I now have 53k as of today). Previous to my nox I owned a 2002 Chevy Blazer and let me tell you that truck was a CHAMP. I don't have the oil consumption issues I mainly see complaints about, though I do have the speaker rattling issue I've seen posts about. Every vehicle has its issues....the Toyota with the sticking gas pedal, the Dodge with the transfer case problems, Chryslers tend to have electrical issues, Ford is just plain all around terrible; every brand has its quirks. Chevy is a solid brand. I'm sorry you're having so many problems. If your nox is really a lemon, try a Traverse :D
  • jpol4jpol4 Posts: 3
    I went through the same issue with my oil. All the dealership wanted to do about it was the oil consumption test...did it and it showed nothing was wrong. I took my car to an independent oil changing shop who said there was no oil on the dip stick. However, when then drained the was almost full. They couldn't explain why the oil wasn't on the dip stick.
  • rocketentrocketent Posts: 60
    I checked the oil at the dealer and everyday for 1000 miles, looking for some reason to take it back to the dealer, but it's still full.
  • foster904foster904 Posts: 9
    Called the dealership and they replaced the pistons, still had the same chatter. Called them again and spoke with the Service VP. He said they pressed the issue with GM and GM said to replace the engine. A brand new engine was installed and now sounds great. Although it was a pain in the rear to have to keep taking my car in to the shop, the dealership was always professional and friendly. If anyone cares, the dealership is Nimnect Chevrolet in Jacksonville Fl.

    The only recommendation I can make to anyone else that is having issues, if your dealership won't help you, find one that will.
  • jlg44jlg44 Posts: 12
    I checked my dip stick after I got home and let the car sit for an hour. The oil level was pass the full mark. So I called back and told tech . I have noticed that you have to let the car set for awhile to get a true reading on the oil level.
  • bradley2bradley2 Posts: 11
    Sorry to say but after attempting to be a patriot & GM/Chevy man with strong multi-generational family ties to the company this Chevy Cruze recall for stupid under-carriage fire hazard is the last straw that broke this camel's back. In addition to that my Cruze (2011 LT) had bad hood paint job/crease out the gate, lousy fit & finish and additional recalls/service advisories including a failed thermostat, etc. and a wicked rattle from driver side pillar among other things. Also my 2010 Chev Equinox had multiple problems with less than 50k miles including a passenger rear window motor failure, a lumbar driver seat automatic motor failure, rattles galore, speakers that hum and moan, and more. That on top of prior Malibu gasket failures and yada yada yada have given me no choice. Bye bye GM, have a nice life. PS the dealers were great but the design, engineeering and manufacturing flaws doom them too, I fear and no marketing gimics can overcome that. I am a patriot and a loyalist, but I am not stupid. Watch for my next posting about a FORD or heaven forbid, an import. PS my 2006 KIA Spectra 5 now "owned" by my daughter with 150k+ miles and no coin invested other than brakes, tires, oil changes and timing belt runs like a top. Go figure.
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