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Nissan Armada Brake Problems



  • I have a 2004 Armada I bought new in 2005. 08/2011 was the first time my ABS VDL SLIP lights came on as I was braking, along with a horrible grinding noise with my brakes. I was going about 20 mph and attempted to stop. My braking was impaired, and if I touched the brakes anymore, my foot would go to the floor. Not knowing what to do, after trying the brake several times (which was more grinding noises) I shut the car off, waited a few minutes and started with no further issues until 10/2012 when the exact same thing happened. This time I was going 40mph on a 4 lane highway. I reported it to my Nissan dealer. They told me I had to drive it in when this was happening. I told them I live 40 minutes away and that I would not be driving 10 feet not being able to brake properly. They offered no other information, saying they had not had any similar complaints. Then 04/24/13 & 04/30/13 the problem reoccurred. On 04/24/13, I was driving 40 mph at the time that I attempted to brake. On 04/30/13, I was right by an Autozone when it happened. They read the code while lights were on, and said the code was 1179. Again, the same lights were on, and again, they turned off after restarting the car. I called Nissan service who told me again that they need to read the code with lights on. They stated 1179 "meant nothing to them" because it wasn't done at a Nissan dealer. I called Nissan Consumer affairs who said they didnt know anything of this problem. Was told to bring it in next time to Nissan, even if lights were off. I was to call them back and tell them what happened and what was recommended.

    08/18/13 reoccurrence of same issue while driving downtown Chicago in stop and go traffic. Brought it in with no lights on to Nissan Service (who have said I need the lights on to see what was wrong). Now all of a sudden they are telling me I need brake booster and to reprogram ABS = $1100. That should correct the problem, should is what they said at service. Not what I've read on the Internet.
    I have read it could be the brake booster, could be just a ABS software issue that just needs an upgrade, a delta sensor, etc. Seems like Nissan is throwing parts at these vehicles without truly figuring out this very sporadic, terrifying problem! I called the Nissan dealer where I originally purchased the vehicle. They tell me I just need the brake booster replaced. Called a third dealer, they stated I just needed the ABS reprogrammed.

    So, called Nissan Consumer Affairs, who had closed my previous complaint since it was a few months. Didn't know anything about this situation. Recommend doing what dealer that diagnosed it says, even though I was questioning what the real fix was and all that I've read online. Told me Nissan wouldn't pay for the fix. I told them I didn't care what the cost was, if it truly will fix the problem. I demanded to talk to a zone service manager and was told I couldn't. She said she would and call back. While waiting for her call back, I had it happen twice in the last week. The last time, I had 4 children in the car with me.

    09/03/13. Nissan consumer affairs returned called, stating know nothing but just go ahead with repair. Refused to give out any supervisor or contact information. They provided NTB 06-040, which says to reprogram the ABS, not anything about the brake booster which is what I was told to replace. I asked if they could reimburse diagnostic fee and I would go elsewhere. Refused to do anything.

    It's parked in my driveway, luckily it's a 3 rd vehicle. Nissan needs to recall these vehicles!
  • Hi, I have read all the posts of pretty much the same thing happening to my (out of Warranty) 06 Armada (70,000miles), however I may be slightly luckier at the moment. My lights started coming on the dash 3 weeks ago when I took off fast-ish (but not fast enough to actually skid) and reset once engine was off, I have no braking problems though, or none I can feel. We just did Disney and back in Thanksgiving traffic so feel for a lot of you here but am also terrified in hindsight of what could have happened. Did anyone have just the light problem without the crunching noise. Did it lead up to a brake failure? They are coming on much more frequent and even slow take offs now.

    No idea where to go from here as its not yet interfering with running of the vehicle. I also notice the class action lawsuit one member mentioned is 2 years old but no update.

    Thanks to the forum though as will print off the entire thing to slap in the face of the first service guy who pleads ignorance to the issue. I think I will also do as suggested and record letters /emails sent to Nissan Corp about the issue in case an accident happens in the future.

    I was told that I needed new tyres badly (when the last engine light came on) and that it would wear my brake pads and rotors quickly if I don't, which I don't think is quite right and they discovered a steering fluid leak which cost me $1000 which again I can't confirm if I needed or not but am now not comfortable even taking it to the dealer after reading the dog chasing tail posts here.

    Will ask husband to look at pads this weekend (we did discs and rotors a couple of years ago but only now realize this is a Nissan error and thought just normal wear out)

    I did have the recall engine control module relay replaced just recently does anyone think it could be connected?
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