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F150 with the 3.5L twin turbo eco boost



  • dieselonedieselone Posts: 5,727
    Yeah, 1/2 tons in general just don't have the cargo capacity to handle the pin weight. That pretty much limits you to a light 5th wheel.

    I don't think I'd want to pull much more than 8k lbs on a regular occasion with any 1/2 ton. That's probably the point where a 3/4 ton is the way to go. Now if you don't tow far a 1/2 ton probably would be fine.
  • I am about to order a F150 ecoboost. In reading the comments about mileage, it looks like I need some information for configuring a max mileage truck that will do little to no towing. When we travel it is on interstate at 75 to 80mph. How can I find the best way to set up the drivetrain?
  • I've been talking to the calibrators as well as development and the fact of the matter is you DON'T need the 373 axle ratio, the 355 is more then adequate. The 373 will provide more towing power but will penalize you at highway speeds. You should be able to tow as well as get good fuel economy even at 70miles per hour with the 355. You'll also want to consider the electric running boards and mirrors when ordering as the electric running boards provide a lower step threshold for entry , however, definitely allow more mud and debris to hit the side body when retracted. Also the maximum trailer tow pkg forces you into the 373 axle and the larger mirrors also have some impact on fuel economy as well as WILL NOT allow you to fit through a 9ft door opening without tilting them in. I've actually tilted mine in for clearance and leaved them there so I can access my garage daily.
    I 've also learned the 3.7 engine may take longer than anticipated time for break-in . Anticipate a minimum of 5500 miles during which time your mileage may not meet the projected figures on the window sticker.
    It appears from your note you may be considering a two wheel drive platform. Ours is a 4x4 Super Crew which with 373 gears which is a little aggressive. While the bigger mirrors may appeal to some customers, I'd opted to not have them given the choice. As for pulling, it'll do the job!
    Oh, by the way, order a set of rear wheel liners, Ford decided they're not required. The cost is a mere $100.00 bill,money well spent.
  • The saga continues with the Platinum F150 4x4, short bed crew still only delivering 13.6 city/16.1 highway. Combined mpg averaging a deplorable 13.4 , 3.5 mpg less than the EPA or Ford have projected. This vehicle has accumulated 6800 miles but not without cost. A staggering 300 miles per tank then projected. I'm still awaiting follow-up by Ford engineering but to date, 5 1/2 months and no resolve.
    Note: This unit has max trailer tow with the larger mirrors but that IS NOT the root cause.......
  • Harley, hate that your bummed about your mileage. Research EPA calculations. You will find out that they use a base reg cab eco engine. Highway is 50mph no wind.

    I believe it's stated right on the sticker in small print.
  • I A S S U M E that your issues with water ingestion are behind you and that you are now driving without concern. The issue of water ingestion was addressed by a re-flash that should minimize this concern. If you have not had this performed then it would behoove you to take it in for service. There is an update that should minimize this event.
    I would, however, be interested in knowing what platform (ie: F150 ,4x4, axle ratio 373, etc.) you are running as well as (what you plan to tow (ie: weight trailer,etc). I am monitoring comments on several forums to see what other owners are experiencing. As for the tranmission event I have heard of another with this same failure mode. Was your transmission issue resolved.?
    I agree that the Eco-boost has the muscle in all ranges to do the work but have poor fuel economy numbers to report which leave me grossly disappointed.
    Currently driving a Super Crew 4x4 ,with 373 gears can only support 13.8 cty/15.8hwy and average tank to tank fill up of 13.8/14.0 mpg overall.
  • I appreciate your comments and will keep you posted regarding trailer towing as well as fuel economy in all ranges. So far I agree with many comments that the Eco Boost platform will surprise many non believer including many diesel owners but so far I am still challenged with those in several other forums who state they are getting 20/21 hwy with the Super Crew platform and 373 gears.
    Having performed many drive ratings on both car and truck platforms, I cannot support claims of 16cty/20.5hwy and am currently engaged in further analysis regarding what distinguishes one Eco- Boost from another that exhibits great fuel economy..
    My own SC 4x4 only delivers 13.8cty/15.8hwy with an average tank to tank of 13.8 mpg PERIOD!!
  • I have not experienced the problem again...whether it was the recall work I had done or that I haven't driven in the same conditions, I don't know. But, it has performed flawlessly. I don't recall having transmission issues (it's been a while since my original post) but I think everything was related to the truck going into "limp mode". I have the Supercrew, 4x4, 3.31 axle ratio and average 15 mpg combined. My weekly commute is about 200 miles, 25% city, 30% back country roads, 45% highway. I have averaged 19.5 on the interstate at 72 mph. I don't tow anything. I have noted that the trip computer is pretty accurate where my gas mileage was always overstated on my Chrysler products. I hope this helps.
  • Response and Update
    to (dieselone,kipk, mike4474)
    While there have been several postings in multiple forums noting great fuel economy with the F150 Eco Boost platform, I believe it's worthy to note that not all owners boast the same results. Even though there were campaign adds (Ford), brochures and EPA publications noting phenomenal mpg projections, it's worth noting you need to fully understand what the drivers are evaluating.
    Key to all statistical finds are the platform, trim levels, axle ratio, and habits of each driver. While I too was mesmerized by projections of 15/21 and 17 average overall, all is not what you read.
    In anticipation of purchasing a rig that would deliver good fuel economy when used as a casual driver, the plan was to be able to pull a load when the occasion arose. So far the best I've seen city has been 13.8/16.0 hwy with an average tank to tank of 14.0mpg
    By all means DO NOT let it idle, DO NOT perform jack rabbit starts, and DO NOT buy inferior fuel. All of these variables will result on poor fuel economy.
    To even expect to get (ie 14.0cty/18.0hwy) as you might anticipate out of the average gas platform without turbos is unrealistic. As stated before for those advertising 15/22mpg their not driving a SC 4x4 with a 373 axle and maximum trailer tow package.
  • Lol@ anyone buying Chevys now. Their trucks are good looking but outdated tech. Old engines that are not direct injected, and still using 4 speed automatics. Wait until the 2014 Silverado comes out.

    I would love a twin turbo ecoboost f-150. I'm sure mileage will improve after break in and all the bugs have been fixed in the first year models.
  • My experience w/ the 2012 Ecoboost F150 is ~ 16 to 17 mpg in predominately city driving w/ mostly 3 to 5 mile trips taken to and between job sites throughout the day. I get up to 435 miles DRIVEN on the tank before I fill up , with plenty of miles to spare according to the computer on board. Highway driving has-been up to 20 or 21 mpg on trips to California even w/ the occasional zip up to 90 mph passing other vehicles uphill
  • I bought my ecoboost last about a year ago. When I first got it I was getting amazing mileage. going down the road at 70 mph, cruise control and flat and level, I would get 22 mpg, at 80 mph yielding 19-20 mpg. I had an oxygen sensor go out (actually twice this happened in 6 months). They changed them both and my mileage went to hell. Each set made it worse. Now, I'm getting about 11 to 12 around town. I used to get an average of 16 mpg mixed with some freeway and city. I never reset the mileage trip for 7000 miles and averaged 16 mpg for 7000 miles. Now that average is 13 mpg. I lost 20% on my mileage. I am no longer a happy camper with my 4X4 ecoboost. I would do better with a normal 6 liter engine and do better hauling my heavy trailer. That way I would do better hauling and the same without a trailer.
  • I fear the calibration is not clean enough to set a fuel clip or MIL when the HEGOs are changed and out of range. While I have suffered with poor fuel economy 14 cty/17 hwy, since delivery, three attempts to review codes surfaced no issues. I agree with your statement and believe the vehicle is too temper mental to something as significant as a HEGO replacement. What is equally disappointing is that after trying to work with Ford engineering, they stuck their head in the sand and refused to give the dealership any direction. Communications with Ford Customer Relations I was actually told by Ford's representative to contact the Better Business Bureau. Talk about "Surprise and Delight!"
    Re: Previous F.S.E./F.R.A.C.A.S. Engineer FoMoCo
  • Should you learn anything to improve your mpg I'd be interested in knowing what you find. I personally will resolve this issue but am discussed engineering will not step up understand the root cause. Previously I was on a committee with the Blue Oval assigned to resolve such issues but I have not been able to solicit ANY engineering support and was in fact told by Customer Relations if I was unhappy to contact the Better Business Bureau. Can you believe it, I was told by Ford's representative to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau?!
    Stay in touch.
  • I took my 2013 Ford F-150 Super Crew King Ranch Eco boost back to the dealer and complainded about the gas mileage. I drive 3/4 highway, 1/4 city. The dealer drove the truck for one hour at 60 MPH and said it got 16 MPG. It will get better milage after it is broke in. I traded a 2011 with the same equipment same engine King Ranch and, it got 20 MPG from the very start. When I traded the 2011, it had 54,000 miles. It was still getting 18 MPG and I was driving it more in the city than the 2013.
    I raised hell with Ford and said who is going to pay for the loss of gas mileage during this break in? They sent me free oil changes for 45,000 miles, 5000 mile intervales. I change it every 4000 miles!
    I'm looking for a differant truck! This was my 5th King Ranch I love the way it drives but with gas costs, its not worth it!
  • Would love to talk off line if it could be arranged......
  • hogrunnerhogrunner Posts: 2
    edited February 2011
    My 2011 F150 super crew with full tow package 3.77 axle Michelin tires on 16 inch rims has been a good truck. I haven't towed more than a horse trailer at around 5500 pounds so far, but bought it for a 30 foot sailboat. Never obtained the sailboat though! No bed cover or camper shell.
    I was running highway miles around 17-18 1/2 at 65 to 75 mph but had seen up to 20 if I would do 55 miles an hour with a slight downhill from Arkansas to New Orleans without a tow.
    Most of my mileage is short trips around town and this will be around 13 1/2 to 14 counting about a mile and a half of dirt/Gravel road and stopping for two gates daily. Without the idling and the gravel I think 15 would definitely be possible. Territory is flat to slightly rolling.
    At just under 9000 miles my air conditioner belt shredded and ruptured the oil filter leading to a total loss of engine oil.
    Just over 10,500 miles my check engine light was coming on.
    I previously had noted ticking at idle from the engine around 2000 miles which continued. The dealer said it might be coming from the fuel rail/injectors.
    After the light came on I needed a new catalytic converter, shield, and intercooler. They also made an adjustment got rid of the tick. I noticed a decline in mileage that was for the last 1500 or 2000 miles or so and so far on the highway I'm restored to 18 mpg at around 60 to 75 mph from where I dropped to about 16 mpg if not less.
    All of this was covered under service bulletins.
    Currently the intercooler is on national backorder, so there must be a pretty large problem with the situation. I read on previous post around page 11 of the water buildup that might be affecting some of this problem. I don't know if they are making any modifications as part of the service bulletin. This might help some of you that started out with good mileage and developed bad mileage as I did. Incidentally when the oil pressure was down I shut down the engine immediately before the automatic shut off occurred and before any overheating was indicated in the radiator coolant temperature. I have had no transmission problems at all.
  • Forgot to add, mine is a 4 x 4.
    OEM tire is 17" on alloy.
  • GMC uses direct injection, also uses a 6 speed automatic, so does Chevy. I prefer to wait and see what the turbo v6 does after 3 - 4 years on the market. If they can avoid catching fire like the 6.0 I might consider getting one.
  • godspeedgodspeed Posts: 2
    Ford truck marketing can sell ice to Eskimos, that's what make them #1. Before I purchased my heavy duty pickup I followed F series and noticed all of the bed shake on not so smooth roads. Then I test drove a F Series I noticed how many were in the service with their cabs off the chassis. I wanted the biggest belt buckle on the road.
  • citosimscitosims Posts: 1
    as i began to read this I was trying to remember posting this but now i see someone else has the same problem and complaint as i do. I also had a 2011 FX4 overall average never went under 18 the 2013 FX4 seemed to be better at first but at 360 miles cruising at 75 it lost power and almost died I pulled over check engine light went out and seemed fine until i noticed my mileage dropped to between 12-14 Have you noticed your tail pipe sooted up? mine is horrible but the dealership says everythings fine im about to lose it
  • ipad3ipad3 Posts: 2
    I'm on my 2nd Toyota tundra, not a single problem. My 5.7 can haul pretty much anything.
  • 32v32v Posts: 1
    Excellent and thank you for posting this. The fuel mileage is calculated based on Gov. EPA requirements, not Ford Engineering to blame here but those that do not read the fine print and Ford Marketing....fine print is their decision. I have a 2013 fX4 fully loaded ecoboost with tow package and the closer to 50 mph the closer you get to their ratings. When I bought my truck I did read the fine print and did not have false expectations, if you need a truck this is a great choice, if you need to whine about fuel mileage and don't need a truck, you need to ask yourself some questions...not ford engineering.
  • I'm really happy to hear that but unfortunately, could not pull a camper in a Ford camper club using a Tundra! :shades:
  • It's always nice to hear what the customers say but unfortunately, there's a lot of opinions surrounding a lot of hype. Fact is that Ford has some issues with the calculations being displayed on the I.P., and the advertisements regarding highest tow rating vs best fuel economy are BLURRED. 3.5 and 3.7 power trains ARE NOT one and the same yet you will see adds that clearly lead the consumer into false expectations. Also recognize that it takes considerable break-in time given the design of power trains today as actual engine run time and highway may take up to 20,000 miles before you can really get a feeling for what your truck may deliver in MPG. Don't blame the gov. for testing and the EPA numbers. The government VALIDATES MPG, not the other way around. Also note the projected MPG does not reflect vehicle specific builds so should you opt for a larger axle, wheels, towing mirrors, etc. you can anticipate a reduction in MPG. Also, DO NOT expect a lot of support from the Ford network as engineering has done little to support the dealerships and they are frustrated too when it comes to problem vehicles!
  • Read 241, I share in your frustration!!
  • It's been awhile and more miles accumulated, however, some minor changes, ( Read #241). With respect to fuel table mapping that was done along with three MAJOR attempts to clear understand the calibration and vehicle build. Form the last writing until now an additional 8,000 miles now totaling 16,384 and the mileage is more stable, however, I've come to learn that there is task force to address some other vehicle lines due to public demand. Unfortunately, due to the truck volume, versus TGWs, Ford is not willing to address I.P. calculations. I still think the engineer('s) who have ownership in the I.P. display should be fired!.
    At 16,384 miles my rig has improved, up about 2 mpg city and highway with times if I wash, wax, and kiss her before taking it out she'll get incredible fuel economy. This does not, however, my me SURPRISED and DELIGHTED; as a consumer I feel I got hosed receiving no help and assistance from engineering. At $48,000/$58,000.00 a copy I really expected more customer support.
  • I'm not sure who you represent but my goal was a rig that would CLEARLY live up to the expectations. You're talking to someone who supported F.R.A.C.A.S. and power train engineering and have owned in excess of 265 cars. A brief survey of the customer base will find there are mixed reviews. Some consumers are achieving up to 2.2 mpg hwy while others are laboring with getting 13.8./14.0 city. There needs to be a taskforce pulled together to address the problem vehicles. F.R.A.C.A.S. was such a team internal to Ford and if properly implemented could address these vehicles. Moreover, addressing the fuel economy issues would surface the key components causing the problem as well as create customer satisfaction and create repeat customers.
  • ipad3ipad3 Posts: 2
    How heavy is your camper? I have a 2200 lbs camper on my 5.7 Tundra and pulling a 20' north river Seahawk which weighs 5500lbs and I'm doing 70mph up a steep hill. Hmmm sounds like you drove the first generation tundra instead of the 5.7. I average 11mpg from Portland to Priest Lake Idaho with camper and boat. Otherwise, I get 19-20.8 mpg with 3 guys in my truck from Seattle to Portland with scuba equipment.
  • I think your tow buggy is fine but there is a new dimension that comes with pulling 7500/8500lbs. While the power train may deliver the goods, transmission over heat can become your worst enemy. This is just one reason I was forced to switch. As for my disappointment with the eco-boost it primarily stems from advertising. As my rig brakes in the mileage has improved and may even has deliver the projected MPG in time, however, break-in has been slow. Have I seen 20 hwy at 72 mph, yep! Towing in general with a payload is 9.0 / 11.5 but it does not labor. Will it handle hilly terrain, Yep! Empty general mpg varies from 14.8/ 16.8
    Depending on the route and speed 19.5/ 20.8 can be expected but the eco-boost with a 373 axle above 72 suffers with a severe decline in mpg.
    Recognize if you add 3000 lbs to your work load, the Tundra might act a little different... I'm not suggesting the eco-boost is the answer because given it to do over I would be looking at other options but it does accelerate and will tow 9000/11,700 lbs without question.
    Just the facts.....
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