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2011 Ford Escape owners are reporting



  • we noted a neighbour who has a ford white van, is having the same problems. His work truck wont go into reverse.
    Ford is down playing this problem, until enough people complain. Perhaps made in Asian countries is NOT a good idea. bring the work back to North America.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The bad news is that the Asian countries now have the lead in technology used to make the most FE vehicles. Obviously we have great need of that technology at the moment so we must cater to their wishes, buy/build Asian.

    Meanwhile we will continue building BIG-[non-permissible content removed] high PROFIT pickup trucks.
  • I noted that in the major manufacturers. Here in SW Ontario, Canada, a LOT of big [non-permissible content removed] trucks, does not seem to mind the higher gas prices here...$1.27/quart! or liter.
    I noted on my escape, assembly & built with pride in the USA, components globally sourced (aka cheap), off shore! No wonder my tranny is on the fritz. My neighbour business van, is a Ford, and its starting to have Tranny problem. 34,000km.
    I am supposed to have a 6spd, V6. I count only, 5 speed.
  • wenwewenwe Posts: 1
    :lemon: This is my 3rd Escape and sad to say it will most likely be my last. It has been nothing but a headache since I purchased it. Before I even made my first payment I was at the dealership with complaints and issues with the car. It revs up into 2-3 gear, the wipers would not work, the car would not start for a brief minute or two, and the radio would not turn on. All this within a month of purchasing it. Of course I am a girl and they are trying to tell me they can't find anything wrong with the car and I have been insistent that this car is going to do me in. I have told them that it is a LEMON!!! I have brought it in to the dealership a handful of times and I am so frustrated, that I have had it with them. The first time, they said there was nothing wrong per hooking it up to their computer. The second time, they still said there was nothing wrong but they changed the starter. That made me ask many questions due to they told me nothing was wrong. If nothing is wrong, then why change the starter. These days the radio does funny things sometimes, but the car revs constantly and when it does it scares the heck out of me. I loved my other two Escapes and never ever had a problem. The two that I had were a 2005 and 2008. I got them both from the same dealership, but the 2012 is from a different place. When you buy a new car it is supposed to be exciting and not be a constant headache. After reading all of your entries I am even more depressed than ever. My plan is to try and attemp to contact Detroit. They had an article recently about problems with the Ford Taurus and had a number to contact them in Michigan. Good Luck everyone with your SUV's!!!
  • I agree! I noted the 2012 is not dif from my 2011, minor cosmetic changes. I am still unsure about the tranny. I offered a suggestion to ford dealer about the computer needs a new program, that was sloughed.
    As mentioned in previous posting: Globally sourced parts (read: cheaper the better, like Apple), assembled with pride in Kansas!
    you have to go to the regional manager to get any action IF your not satisfied with local dealership.
    my daughters 05 Sunfire tranny (GM) runs better than my 'brand new' Ford Escape.

    they used to be made at the Mazda plant years back.
  • I have a 2011 2.5L 4cyl that I leased in April 2011..It also has been nothing but a headache with the trans (literally, when I hit my head on the steering wheel after it jumped gears.). Same thing, dealership was playing with the trans mounts?!?!!?!? I don't care.. I'm about at the point I'm gonna drive it into the Detroit river. I work at an auto parts store and almost all the people who have Escapes that are the 2.5L have the same problem. My dad worked for Ford and I've always owned Ford cars. I'm probably going back to the Mustang after this as it's also made 2 miles from my house. UGH
  • printerman1printerman1 Posts: 68
    we had that problem with our 2011-6cyl. The escape literally lurched. Its a software problem.
    keep an eye on it! we than had a loud clicking problem when changed from park to drive.
  • dymples69dymples69 Posts: 1
    i have a 2012 ford escape that i have had not even 3 months now and i am having major issues with the vechile. the engine revs and the motor is extremely loud. Today the lights on the dash flickered and then the steering decided to not work causing me to hit the back end of the vehicle along the wall. I am very upset that I have a new vehicle that should not be having any issues and I am not comfortable driving it now that this happened today. I had a 2004 escape and never had any of these issues, I go and get a new suv and now have these issues. Is anyone else having steering issues? I also feel when driving the engine seems to want to hold back and jerk.
  • Yup, mine is doing that now, and I think the rear track bar (or control arms?) are creaking. It sounds like its going to fall apart. I just rolled over to 15100 miles... I'm fed up.
  • post it on facebook, twitter. Public embarassment is great. Go to, send them an email.
    ours here came back at
    your could be different,,and they follow up.

    sounds like a tranny problem.
  • did you return to the Dealership where you purchased-
    did you talk with the person you bought the vehicle from
    did you and that person visit with the service manager

    I was a Ford Service Manager-
    if a person approached me with an issue and an attitude that would be one strike
  • whether a call centre, or in person, Do not approach with attitude. you will get no wear. they sold you the car, but its under warranty. Use your common sense when talking to the dealership.
    They will not hand hold you.
  • gtashjiangtashjian Posts: 1
    I am having many issues and have done what you listed. It is the Ford dealership with the 'attitude'. A hole in the driver side seat on a 27,000 dollar car caused by a piece of metal sticking out and a frayed headliner are 'how the car is made'. How do I deal with that 'attitude'. The fact that you use the word attitude and talk about strikes against customers IS the problem I am having with my Ford Service Manager who has the same attitude.

    I miss Saturn :(
  • not uncommon! check another dealership. Parts are malaysian, but assembled with pride in Kansas.
    the point: you dont have issues, you have problems.
    contact service manager, if not go.
    ask the for boss..
    work your way up the food chain.

    When the work is done, go over the car with a fine tooth comb. I amuse my daughters when I do that, but it works. All sort of screw up excuses come out of the salesmans mouth.
  • sounds like you feel you bought a lemon and want your money back

    if you feel the dealership and service manager aren't treating you like a normal customer post them
  • nellinelli Posts: 1
    I purchase my 2011 Ford Escape in February of this year and I have had to call roadside assistance two times in the last 3 weeks. My car will not start, I had the battery checked and they tell me it's 100% good also I have had the starter checked. The dealer told me that my battery is dead and they had to charge it up and it works. Well I believed it and it last only a couple of weeks and went to start my car again and it's dead. Has anyone had this problem? It only has 40k miles on it and after reading the reviews I am really not wanting to keep this car. Please help me if this has happened to anyone else.
  • I have the same...mine was tranny!
    if it soundsl ike it is groaning when starting, thats the battery.
    the starter has a clicking sounds...the brushes are trying to connect.
    some dealers are bad, some are, well, helpful.
  • shadescapesshadescapes Posts: 21
    edited July 2012
    can you go out and disconect the negetive battery cable- then in somewhat dark can you slowly lower that cable so it almost touches the battery terminal- you should see a spark perhaps

    another thing I'd suggest- do you have a volt meter- set it on 12 volt DC- touch or connect the two wires to the battery and read the volts- start the vehicle and read the volts- turn on your headlights to bright- read the volts

    if your battery is dead- charge it

    something to ask- did they check the charging system- did they tell you what it is with and without the full lights on

    let me know
  • 1016remey1016remey Posts: 3
    edited August 2012
    I feel your pain....I leased a 2012 Escape in May, I have 2500 miles. It has been at the dealer 4 times for attempted repairs. I have issues with my steering (tight/resistance), car wandering while driving and the steering wheel off centered. I placed a call to the Ford Customer Relations.....waiting to here. I think I have a LEMON!
  • Yes, my steering is very tight/resistance, my vehicle wanders while driving (feels like driving a boat), and the steering wheel is off center. I purchased my Escape in May and have about 2600 miles. It has been into the dealer 4 times and the problem continues. I am very frustrated and concerned about the steering. I called Ford Customer Relations to report the problem.....waiting to here back. Worried I have a LEMON.
  • Go to Ford the us! go through the web. Then go to facebook. These boys check to see what the masses think of their products.
    If the vehicle wanders, when you take your hand off the steering wheel, thats an alignment problem or bad tire construction. They have had problems with the OEM manufacturer of the tires & the bearings. Everything for the escape is made in Asia. BUT assembled with Pride in Kansas.

    Considering its a $30K purchase, I would hope the service manage & owner would be most diligent in earning customer satisfaction, OR just tell them, you go to the newspaper. Public embarrassment does wonders.
  • I have a 2011 Ford Escape I have owened for 16 months and it has 27,000 miles on it. It has been back to the dealership twice for no power and not wanting to change gears. The first time I took it to Ford they reset the transmission because they could not find anything wrong with it. The second time 9/5/12 I got a call from the rude service manager telling me that my transmission fluid was black and had a foul oder and needed to be flushed. So I asked him why on a new car did the fluid need to be flushed. He proceded to tell me that it was because we lived in the mountains and the fluid breaks down when sloshed around. I called another Ford dealership and spoke to their service manager and he told me he had never heard of that. Really just wish ford would fix the problem!!! Or recall it. :sick:
    look for the link to email. something like:

    I did this awhile back, and they WILL call the dealership.
    but you tell them how ticked you are with the current service.
    they DO have problems with the tranny.
    rough shifting (lemon aid guide calls it, gear hunting), it literally slams the escape.
    plus the aircraft cable they use can break.
    Contact ford, but you still have to go through the dealership..and yes the guy at the other dealership is full of bull. This is NOT an uncommon problem
  • Just found this conversation - my sister purchased a 2012 Ford Escape in December 2011. From the beginning, she too would have a dangerous "pause" in the car while accelerating to enter a high-speed highway. This continually happens. The car at the present time has less than 4,000 miles on it.

    Many trips to the dealership told her that they would not admit there was a "problem" and, therefore, was nothing to fix. She contact Ford in Dearborn, MI and spoke w/a customer service person, which eventually resulted in her visiting another dealership ending in the same frustration. A meeting was then set up for her with a Ford "engineer," and a Zone manager of some type. They took the car for a test drive, and the engineer also experienced the pause/hesitation, though he did not include that fact in his report. Nothing, she was told, could be done. It was suggested by the dealer that she trade it in at a substantial financial loss.

    She then contacted her State Attorney General's office who directed her to the Better Business Bureau. They have a unit located in VA that handles difficult automobile cases. Most auto mfrs. participate. She was set up for an "arbitration" hearing with an "arbitrator." It was during this process that she learned that the "engineer" had not reported having experienced the pause/hesitation during his test drive.

    The "arbitrator" concluded that, since the car actually was equipped with a modified MANUAL transmission that had been adapted to automatic usage, this type of hesitation/pause was normal, as if it were a manual transmission. Her claim for relief from Ford from this dangerous situation was denied by the "arbitrator."

    Incidentally, at no time, including when the car was purchased, was she informed that this was a manual transmission conversion. She certainly was never made aware of the fact that, due to this, there would be idiosyncrasies in the operation of the car.

    Unfortunately, BBB does not require these auto "arbitrators" to be experienced with auto mechanicals, so his conclusion, was IMO not professional. His response says that his negative decision was based on the fact that Ford said the car was "designed" to operate that way because of the MANUAL TRANSMISSION ADAPTATION.

    I guess Ford has to wait for enough people to DIE as a result of this dangerous defect before they will take any action towards correcting it.
  • Wow. Kinda funny how they changed the transmission for 2013!! I hate to hear that your sister is having issues also. This really suck!!! I don't think I will ever buy another ford after all of these issues. I have emailed ford twice and their response to my second email was to calm down and be patient. Really calm down and be patient I have a 19 month old son that rides in this car everyday. Yesterday the car was making some kind of ticking noise and vibrates like a vehicle that takes desiel. Yeah I am waisting over 28,000 dollars on a car that is a piece of junk. Kinda makes me sick!!!! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    It appears to me that the symtom you are describing started with the '99 RX300's "abolition" of the transaxle line pressure accumuator to improve FE and is now in use industry wide.


    abolition wwest hesitation
  • they are not issues (thats politics), the real world is PROBLEMS. we have had more problems with malaysia trannies for our Ford Escape 2011. The solenoid started clicking VERY loud.
    the whole truck was bounced when shifting.
    we appoached, got action. I placed a nasty comment on FB Ford, and twitter.
    I wrote to the local media. You have to embarrass them. Its a corporate and

    NO you will not calm will notify the media, and your congressman...Ford made a lot of profit last year, 30 billion. no you do not calm down.
  • Your description fits the 2013 Escape also. After slowing for a turn during a test drive, then trying to accelerate during the turn, it acted like the engine died or the transmission was in neutral. After pushing further on the gas pedal for 2 or 3 seconds the system abruptly engaged and took off like a rabbit. I almost ran up on the opposite curb. It happened again on the same test drive in the dealer's parking lot. I almost creamed one of the cars on the lot. Oddly enough, I experienced the identical situation on a new Nissan RAV4. The salesman admitted he had had the same experience. Transmissions must come from the same source. Truly a dangerous situation. Neither vehicle will ever see the inside of my garage.
  • we had ours in 3 times. The cable for the gear shift, a clicking sound when changing from Park to Drive (solenoid), and lunging forward (they changed a component).
    NOW, ready for 70,000Km...the heat fan does not engage @ #1, #2..but works on #3, & #4.
    Off shore parts do not work..and of course, its out of warranty. Thank good ness for Youtube..
    the component that runs the fan is behind the Glove compartment.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    SOP for most modern day automatic transmssions, result of widespread adoption of real-time control of ATF line pressure.

    Re-acceleration after a brief coastdown period will often result in 2-3 second delay in rising engine torque.


    hesitation abolition wwest
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