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2011 Ford Escape owners are reporting



  • usa1fanusa1fan Posts: 68
    edited October 2012
    Modern fuel injected gasoline engines generally 'tick' anyway- the fuel injectors make the noise. Diesel engines are direct injected (fuel injected at *very* high pressures directly into the cylinders- what makes them make their characteristic sound). So are the newest gasoline engines, in the name of fuel efficiency. Regular fuel injection (*not* direct-injection) happens in the intake manifold, not in the cylinder itself. Direct injection requires much higher pressure, to overcome the cylinder pressure, and as a result the injectors are much noisier (louder 'ticking') than older fuel injection systems. So your ticking / vibration 'like something that takes diesel' isn't unusual, since the fuel is delivered the same way as in a diesel engine. That you don't notice it more *is*. ;)

    Our 2.0l 2013 is pretty smooth considering the technology, but when it lowers idle speed when warmed up, to around 700rpms, it also has noticable (though not extreme) vibration. Once I hit the throttle, the vibration goes away. This vibration isn't uncommon, even for older cars, at very low idle speeds- again, a tactic to save fuel (lower engine speeds at idle = less fuel being burnt).

    So, while you may or may not be experiencing something out of the ordinary with your Escape, get used to these general characteristics, as they're all part of the technology used to make our cars more fuel efficient.

    Ironically, as wwest has stated, even the tranny hesitation isn't uncommon, just worse in some vehicles than others. My 08 V6 Malibu LTZ with 6-speed auto occasionally exhibited similar symptoms, and my daughter's 2006 VW beetle 5-cylinder / 6 speed auto was far worse, jerking you hard when it finally decided to go!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..tranny hesitation..."

    I already described the 1-2 second "re-acceleration" delay.

    usa1fan's post brought to mind the "secondary" type of tranny "delay" due to the lowered torque coupling of the torque converter. As a result of modern day high percentage of time use of the lockup clutch there is less need for a "robust" TC. So we now we have TC's that need more "wind-up", engine RPM, before "drive" is engaged.

    That's also why many modern day car's have the "hill roll-back" prevention feature, no longer enough torque coupling at idle to hold the car in place stopped on a slight incline.
  • Figured out how to "solve" the issue. Took a $5k loss and traded the hunk of junk for a 2012 Honda CR-V which drives like a dream. That was my first Ford and will be my last.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Unless you bought a stick shift CR-V there is little reason to believe it doesn't have the same "features". Both "features"(***) have a seriously positive impact on FE so they have been widely adopted throughout the industry.

    It might take quite few drive cycles to nomralize all the appropriate parameters but after that you may very well find yourself in the same boat.


    1.) Real-time control of ATF line pressure, line pressure drops to nil except for shifting.

    2.) Torque converter less robust, virtually NO coupling at/near idle.
  • I've driven the CR-V for over 10,000 miles now and not once has it exhibited any type of shift hesitation. The Escape had a shift hesistation every single day, first thing in the morning.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Oh, sorry that one is the result of the ATF volume being too low when cold, satisfactory volume once warmed. Penny-pinchers, again, but with a bit of FE (weight) thrown in.
  • that control the speed of the heater fan. #1, #2 do not work
    dealership is aware of this problem. Mine is out of warranty, naturally.
    The part is $40..
    tried youtube, no help.
    Its starting to get cold here.
  • post it on facebook, plus write to Ford. I am having a blower switch problem.
    and its not uncommon..#1, #2 on the dial does not work. but #3,4 work nicely.
    fortunately its easy to remedy, with a screw driving. Check you tube.
  • that make this suv a pain where I should not have them. Tranny problems (software, solenoid), heater blower switch solenoid went (easy repair, but naturally out of warranty), now the hinge that holds the visor is loose, new part $20. Never had this many problem when I ran GM Montana (100,000 miles) no worries. The dealership in Watford was great.
  • ricardo960ricardo960 Posts: 1
    I'm curious if anyone else has noticed this. I am 6'2" and I like to drive with my left leg pulled up next to the seat. But, Ford installed the front seats on a platform that is about 1" above the flat floor. As a result, I cannot place my foot flat on the floor with the seat placed back far enough to allow me to drive comfortably. It is uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this issue? It's like this on every Ford vehicle except for the Edge. I grew up on Fords and cannot drive them comfortably.
  • printerman1printerman1 Posts: 68
    send an email to ford. embarrass them on FB. I am 6-4", 220..and yes I am uncomfortable..
    Ford seats have changed since off shore got Escape is 2011.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    I've noticed this too, but it's not an issue for me being only 5'8" and able to find a comfortable position for my feet when driving. If it's such a big issue and you can't drive a Ford comfortably, how didn't you discover this problem during the test drive and why didn't you choose the Edge?
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    It has nothing to do with "off shore" being involved. It's Ford's command seating design. Anything in any car that's built by an outside supplier is built to the specs of the manufacturer. Other than stamping body panels, Ford assembly plants are just that, a plant where they assemble parts from suppliers.
  • mingo1mingo1 Posts: 5

    I own a 2012 Escape powered by a V6. It is a flex-fuel vehicle, but I have never put E85 in it. E85 is selling for $1 a gal less than E10 regular. Has anyone used E85 in a V6? Technically, it should be fine, but is it really OK to use? I know the mileage will go down, but at a $1 a gal saving should be beyond the break even point.


  • point made..why did you buy it, if the seating is THAT uncomfortable..Unless you go to a guy that specializes in car seats.
    Keep in mind, car seats have not changed in 60 years. they are still manufactured for people of 50s & 60's build and weight. My wife is 5-2 and she is comfortable.
    I used a store bought cushion and rolled up towel for my back.
  • tim156tim156 Posts: 308
    edited June 2013
    Actually, seat architecture has changed a lot in recent years. I first started reading about newly designed Ford seats with the 2010 Fusion, check out this article on seats in the 2013 Escape. - -about-ford-seat-engineering/
  • mnmom123mnmom123 Posts: 1
    Bought the 2011 Ford Escape 2.5L used in Jan 2013 with 69000 miles. Had the same issue a lot of had with the PCM needing to be "reprogrammed" since it was having trouble shifting. May 2013 after having the vehicle for 4 months and less than 2000 miles the transmission failed (at a stoplight of course-would not stay running when put in drive). "Found metal in valve body and solinoid screens" and was told tranny needed to be replaced or overhauled. It was out of the 60,000 mile warranty and because it was only 2 years old I didn't purchase the extended warranty (in fact the dealer even told me-it's only 2 yrs old what can go wrong?). Has anyone else had this problem? I still feel sick knowing I paid a lot for the truck and now owe even more to put in a new transmission on a 2 year old vehicle.
  • get media coverage.
    FB. and other so called media
  • markus5markus5 Posts: 102
    If the $1 represents more than 30% off the cost of the E-10 gasoline you would normally be using, I say give it a shot. I tried using the e 85 blend for a brief time last summer but the savings were not apparent. At that time E-85 was about $3.25 and regular was about $3.65
    I bought a 2010 V6, Certified used Escape AWD . It is capable of 29mpg on the highway if not pushed. This would be a bit more than I had anticipated. It is a good cruiser, but is kind of noisy in certain conditions.
  • for all the hype, and the expense Ford put into altering their engines. and we have to pay for something that wont work. No wonder Ford exec get the paid the big money.
    Here in Ontario, Canada, I have never seen E85 gas stations. The Ethanol ie. Corn never worked proper. Tankers that haul gas, tell me, its heavier to haul than normal gas. Therefore, cost more at the pump
  • I am having a problem with my 2011 Ford Escape. I put in the key to start my car but it is not starting. The electrical stuff comes on and the radio but it is not starting up. My husband changed the starter and thought that would fix the problem but it is still not starting. There is power going because he checked but something is wrong where it won't start up. Has anyone else had this issue. Any comments or help would be very helpful.

    Thank you.
  • breas1995breas1995 Posts: 1
    Hello Halle2,
    I have a 2012 and I am having this issue with my vehicle. We have had 2 Ford Rangers that worked well so I decided to but the Ford Escape. This is my 2nd ford Escape and I will NEVER buy FORD again! It is like over night I started having these issues where my car won't start and there is nothing wrong with my battery. Ford should be ashamed of themselves for putting our such a chappy product, no wonder people buy 100% foreign!
  • I have a 2010 Escape with the 2.5 cyl. Loved it, until I hit 120,000 kms.Engine light was showing misfire cylinder #2, valves 2 and 3 burnt out. Needed to get the entire top end redone, $2600. Now it idles eratically at lights and lurches as it trys to keep from stalling. There is a flaw! I had the extended service package so only Ford maintained the vehicle. Great car to look at but thats about it!
  • i GUESS THE WORST PART IS..... THE CAR DOESN'T IDLE PROPERLY ANYMORE. At lights it almost stalls as the rpms fluctuate up and down.
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