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Ford Explorer - My Ford Touch issues



  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    On a 13, that's unacceptable, in my opinion..... Bluetooth is essential in my state - you can drive with an open bottle of Jack here, but if you talk on a phone with your hand, you get the chair! I'd have to give that car back, somehow....
  • cageordiecageordie Posts: 4
    I had a rented Taurus with 3,000 miles on it two weeks ago, it was delivered to Budget in May. It had all the bells and whistles but that still had problems. It lost the iPod when it was switched off for a few hours. I used it with Bluetooth Audio but it had to be re-selected each time I got in the car. The only way to fix it once was to literally pull over, switch off, get out, lock the doors, get back in and start again. Each time it lost the Bluetooth audio it reverted to AM radio. Often the central display didn't show Bluetooth as a source but the instrument panel display did, so you had to select Bluetooth on the steering wheel then change modes on the main panel so that it would finally catch on. This is still a poor system and isn't getting fixed very fast.
  • ksmith333ksmith333 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the comments. I agree. Dealership is owned by a good friend so they are trying hard ot fix but getting nothing out of Ford so far. On idea so far is that some app I have on my phone gets updated and throws it out of "sync" pun intended. Frustrating
  • cageordiecageordie Posts: 4
    edited June 2013
    I am an engineer with appropriate experience, but I won't throw my credentials around. I drive a lot of rental cars, in the last year Jeep, Chrysler (same electronics), Ford, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Chevrolet/GMC, Nissan/Infiniti and probably some others. In that time I have always used the same LG VS920 phone (Verizon LG Spectrum). The systems have all had quirks and imperfections, except the Infiniti which worked perfectly with iPod and phone. This isn't a problem with the phones. I feel sorry for the dealer having to try to deal with this like it was a working part that broke, the problem is in the Microsoft software in My Ford Touch. MS has a desktop attitude to software, and that attitude is not adequate in realtime embedded software (which is what the electronics industry calls this sort of thing). I deliver incredibly complex systems with 80 processors in each box, they all have to work 100% of the time or Verizon can't make calls any more and we don't get paid (our payroll processor uses our product). If we have a serious bug we fix it within days. I can not imagine how Ford can let these issues go on for years.
  • shopshopshopshop Posts: 9
    I have had all the problems for years...clock, gps, shut downs etc using iphone 4s. Every time I go to dealer to get any work done i just say "and sync desn't work". Just talked to Ford and they told me that connecting the phone via the sync USB connection is causing the problems and that a software fix is "on the way" but that this fix wont be out until after iOS 7 is released.
  • shopshopshopshop Posts: 9
    I personally believe the Microsoft stopped updating the system and that Ford has no internal knowledge of the system in order to fix it (if they even have access to code). The problems with the software are so obvious...for one thing the data is not isolated from the OS. This is why when you reset the system, instead of just resetting the OS but leaving your data intact, it blows everything away. Also as you point out, any embedded system clears all memory at shutdown so there is no corruption of the system. Sync/MFT on the other hand becoms corrupted over a number of can kinda see it happen as it gets slower and slower and finally crashes.
  • ksmith333ksmith333 Posts: 6
    Thanks for the update. hopefully fixed some day. I have either been with most features but have phone or no phone and all features for 6 months now.. if anyone hears of some fix other than Ford, I would appreciate the advice.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    On idea so far is that some app I have on my phone gets updated and throws it out of "sync" pun intended

    Actually, there may be something to that. Before my second upgrade, if I had both my phone and my wife's phone synced to the system, it would blow it up. Finally took mine off and left hers on (since it's primariy her car), and it worked fine. After upgrades, not a problem anymore.
  • guruguyguruguy Posts: 1
    Microsoft only offers the Windows CE part of the operating system of MFT, Ford hired their own people to program MFT - they didn't pay Microsoft to do this although I am sure they wished they did at this point. Microsoft has never made updates to the system, Ford has always been the one to blame with all the issues here.
  • cageordiecageordie Posts: 4
    Ah, good, an expert. So as an expert in embedded operating systems, even toy ones nobody trusts, like Windows CE... aka wince... you'll know that the Bluetooth and USB stacks are usually components of the O/S. So there's enough blame to spread around on this one. Or are you a MS insider? Did Ford really buy third party Bluetooth and USB stacks? So why does it keep dropping USB and Bluetooth connections? I have little respect for Ford's attempts at high technology, but they are not solely to blame for this one.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    One version of the story I read is that Ford used a third party to code (at least partially) Sync and/or MyTouch and had to bring Microsoft in when the contractor didn't get the job done.

    In any event, the system isn't going away because people want it and it sells cars. And the software will continue to be tweeked and changed and massaged, just like iOS or Windows or just about any application out there.

    I do admit I'm still using WinAmp version 2.64. :D
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Whomever is issuing the patches or updates, they work and have now completely resolved my issues with MFT. It no longer crashes, freezes and syncs up just as it should. Very satisfied with it now.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Good to hear. Windows 8.1 has been stable too.
  • Not bad. Two years and crashing the value of an overpriced, overhyped and total lie I bought in good faith that Ford ignored. ThanksFord.
  • Hi all! Just stumbled across this discussion while searching for something else. I work in a Ford service department. I'm often frustrated by issues with SYNC and MyFord Touch. There is some good news though. The latest update to the software (Version 3.6.1) seems to chase away a lot of problems. To see if this applies to your MyFord Touch, check your software level: touch the settings icon (gears) at bottom center of home screen, then touch the Help tab, then touch system information. Look at the line that begins with CCPU S/W Version:. It will look something like this: CCPU S/W Version: 4.26.11346_Product. If the 5 digits before the underscore are less than 13371, you need the latest update. For the record, your particular vehicle might not be covered by warranty for this, but you should be able to download this file from You just copy the files to a USB flash drive, stick it in the USB port in the car and follow the on-screen instructions. It takes about half an hour. I hope this helps! Let me know your experience. If there is a problem getting the required file, I might be able to post it here if that's allowed.
  • All who have followed this for some time (me for 8 months). They finally admitted that there was a problem with My Ford Touch and Iphones. I just had upgrade about 2 or so weeks ago and have had no problems since then. Bad news is that even dealers were upset that they could not get straight answer out of Ford for so long

    But good news is that it appears to be fixed at least on my 2013 Ford Explorer
  • The majority of MFT users that have problems have Smartphones. The number one cause of issues is phonebook content on these "Smartphones". When MFT is reading the phonebook and encounters Emoticons, dashes, slashes, parenthesis, brackets and other characters that should not be used to spell a name or multiple entries of the same contact than it does not know how to deal with them and the system hangs. This hang is causing the entire system to be slow. The problem is aggravated when having Auto Download phonebook set to on, as at every phone connect MFT is checking the phonebook and further causing system memory issues due to phonebook read problems.

    I agree 100% that Ford needs a software fix that will not hang when encountering these issues. However Ford has no control over what users have in their phonebooks.

    The fix is to clean up your phonebook. Only have characters A thru Z and # or & or '. For doctor spell it out do not use "Dr." basically keep it simple. Spell hard to pronounce names phonetically.

    After phonebook is cleaned up you must reset MFT and phone before pairing back up to MFT.

    Delete Sync pairing from phone and reboot phone or take off battery if possible.

    Power reset MFT by removing either vehicle battery cable for a minimum of 5 minutes. When System is back up after re-connecting battery cable perform a Master reset through MFT menu. Go to Settings: System, scroll to bottom of page: Master Reset, answer yes to both pop up questions. A master reset is only successful if the screen turns off then comes back on at the Home screen. Reset typically takes 2 to 5 minutes. If reset is not successful, resetting to defaults box goes away but still on same screen, than try again. If still not successful take to Dealer.

    Now pair phone to SYNC and allow phonebook download. Go to phonebook screen on MFT, when it shows phonebook download complete then go to MFT phone Settings screen: scroll to bottom: Manage Phonebook: Set Auto Download to off. You can use this same menu to delete and re-download phonebook to upload any changes.

    If you do not want to fix your phonebook than follow all other steps but do not download phonebook to MFT. MFT will work and you can make and take calls, but Voice calling by name will not work.

    If any phone with issues is paired and phonebook downloaded it can cause issues for the whole system no matter which phone is currently connected. The only way to fix it is to Power and Master reset MFT again and not download a messed up phonebook.
  • ohenryxohenryx Posts: 285
    I’m not real sure who “sterodan” is. I note that he just joined this site 8 days ago, makes me wonder if he is doing PR for Ford.

    At any rate, his contention that the majority of problems are related to smartphones does not appear to be supported by the facts. I just bought a brand new F150 on Saturday evening, September 28th. I have put about 3 miles on the truck (from the dealership to my house). And I have NOT, repeat NOT, connected a smart phone to the system. All I did was try to connect a flash drive with MP3s. It required me going under the hood and pulling a battery cable before this piece of junk would play music from the flash drive. And when I tried a different flash drive, guess what, yes, that’s right, I had to go under the hood and pull the battery cable again.

    And I will go further – the contention that it is your fault for having special characters in your phone book is 100% bogus. I have been writing and debugging software since 1968. If a piece of software that I was responsible for blew up when it encountered a “special character”, I could and would fix that problem in one day. That’s right, one day. (Recognizing special characters and skipping over them is not rocket science, folks.)

    Now it might take several weeks, or in the worst case, several months for quality assurance to test my changes and release them to the end users. But these problems (Ford Sync) have been going on for more than 4 years.
  • Who I am is an independant Vendor that specializes in Ford Audio , Video etc.
    I handle Factory warranty issues for Ford dealers. I also do upgrades like adding Headrest DVD Systems and Navigation etc. In no way am I doing PR for Ford. I just want to help people. In fact my helping people can cause my business to make less money. If SYNC has no issues and no one comes to dealer to have it fixed than I have less work to bill for.

    I never said only Smartphones cause issues. Did u pair any phone to the System before using a flash drive? Phonebook content issues apply for all phones. Also I have seen many times where customers use flash drives that have security software or other executible programs on flashdrives along with music. When we remove these and only put on supported music they work.

    Lastly I agree that Ford could and should write better software. My purpose of posting was to use my knowledge of SYNC to help people get it to work with the current state of the software. Also there are many things that could have contributed to SYNC not working when u drove it home. Like battery went dead on lot and improper jump start caused lock up, other customers testing vehicle paired phone with issues like Emoji in phonebook. As stated in my original post some issues can not be remedied without full power and master reset of SYNC.
  • I can't believe that anyone would willingly fork over 35-40k if they knew at the time of the sale that the system does not work properly. I didn't see a sign on my 40k Explorer Limited saying " everything works except -----?" Nor did a salesman or manager tell me about it when they were fully aware if the problems. So I sold my Ford and got a new Toyota. The highlander limited was the same price. Oh yes, and everything just plain worked. Sorry Ford and all of your empty promises I feel like you lied to me in 2012 and it looks like it continues. And yes,I have an iphone 5 and loaded the new up day and it worked. Everything just works , and that is all I ever wanted. The dealer tried very hard to fix my Explorer. Changed a ton of parts. Almost like he " Jacked up the radiator cap and pushed a new Explorer under it"
    Good luck Ford owners.
  • Since i got the latest update that fixed the phone issue, everything has worked perfectly, just like it is supposed to
  • dmers1dmers1 Posts: 8
    Our 2008 Mercury Sable has about 130K without much problemn, except basic maintenance. I know we have version 1.0 MySync and it is very crude and slow.

    I feel Mulally is part of the problem. He refuses to open up to the upcoming Apple iOS 7 and keep the slow Microsoft system in the Ford/Lincoln cars. I think he is doing this in order to get a sweet deal from Microsoft as a new CEO.

    Also, he could be using Garmin (with 1 lifetime upgrade fee) for GPS vs. the $200.00/year upgrade map DVDs that Ford currently uses.

    I also, am not a believer in Consumer Reports biased auto evaluations, though I do like to read the 5-8 year customer complaint summaries for each model to watch for trends in repairs and mechanical issues.
  • My 2013 Explorer Sync System shuts down every 18-20 minutes on a regular basis. Malcolm Cunninghan, the dealer, has had car several times, but not repaired. Does anyone else have a similar problem?

  • So I made the mistake of purchasing a used 2011 Ford Explorer. It has had nothing but problems all the way around. The power steering locks up while you're driving (been told nothing can be done unless it happens while they are driving it). Now the MFT is not working...and you know what the Dealer told me......"the only way it would stop working is if someone physically punched the screen". Are your kidding me!!!!! I am a 54 year old women, do you really think I would punch the screen....although I felt like punching him!!!
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