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Hyundai Elantra Real World MPG 2012



  • Thats a nice sticker, to bad most of the consumers fail to read the fine print, because it doesn't apply to them, The numbers in bold are the ones that count as far as their concerned.
  • Took the car to the dealer and they pressed the reset button and drove it 15 minutrd and said i was getting 42mpg... I tried to explain that it will drop off shortly after. My trip to philly proved it to me. I started out 40+ and by the time i reached philly with the car on cfuise contril i was in the mid to upper 30's. By the time we drovr back we were at 33.

    Please excuse the typing. Im on my phone
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    Did you drive around in Philly at all or was it all highway?

    What was your speed to (and from) Philly? What was the traffic like--did you have to stop or slow down/speed up much? Weather? Did you do any passing or maintain a steady speed? Any differences between trip to Philly, and from Philly?

    I see this kind of thing a lot.. I'll drive on the freeway to a city, get really good mpg on the highway (if I watch my speed, traffic is flowing, weather is OK), then hit my destination and drive around town for awhile and I watch the average mpg drop. Then I get back on the highway to go home and it recovers somewhat, but not completely.
  • I just a flash from my dealership in East Texas that fixed my MPG. I was getting bad then good then, the really bad, the lowest I have gotten is 26 calculated by me, and after the flash I've been able to get 42 I'm ecstatic
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    '12 Hyundai Elantra owners. After 12 glselantra got the flash from the dealership his ghastly mileage improved from a low average of 26 mpg to 42 mpg. Wow! :surprise:

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Ok, so when was this flash done? And would it be for only GLS Elantras or all Elantras including the Limited? I had my 1st service done on my Limited late last month, and I was told that all the codes were up to date and that nothing was changed, and that my car was operating normally, yet I'm still getting below average mileage even though I have noticed a slight increase due to slightly warmer temps where I live.

    If this flash update was done very recently, and if the results are true, why doesn't Hyundai roll this flash out to all the cars that are on the road?

    I just want some answers.
  • Good news about the update, does anyone know if it is at all dealers?

    Also was the 42 mpg on the computer or calculated ? I find that my computer is normally off by about 3 mpg.

    What kind of driving was on this tank of gas? Mostly highway, mix, ect...?
  • I don't know if it was specific to gls models or all I just got yesterday and averaged the 65mph highway trip for 35 miles, I calculated it myself, Ive been driving alot of city after I filled it up yesterday and thus afternoon I will take another highway trip for 50 miles I hope to get the 33 combined. Hyundai probably does not want to admit there computers are faultty and the reason why everyones MPG is real good or really bad, kinda like Ford's update for their focus powershift transmission they released a couple of months ago.
  • I just finished a 118.5 mile trip with 30% city and 70% highway. I filled up the at the same pump, the same way, and got 40.1 MPG, the computer said 37.5 though? My average speed was 43, where the last one was 40 MPH. Also, the car seems to run smoother, and has more power. It doesn't downshift from 6th to 5th, on most hills ( my route is 60%+ hilly) my average speed on highway was cruise set to 65-70. I had to go thru 16 miles of heavy traffic also. I recommend everyone to check with their dealership and have them put the new ECM REFLASH, CLEAR CODES AND RESET ADAPTIVE LEARNING AND ALL ( according to my ticket of what they did) oh BTW I only have 6900 miles
  • read my other post
  • TSB-11-01-069, this is the TSB, that has all the info on it. It not only covers 2012 Elantra GLS, but also cover all Elanta models, (GLS & LIMITED) for the 2011 & 2012 model years. The only difference between a GLS and a LIMITED is the interior trim(leather/cloth) and the tech. pkges. They all have the same NU engine, 6spd manaul/ automatic. Might try checking with the dealer about that update. Not all of them require the PCM flash.
  • I work at a Hyundai/ford dealership in the service department and own a 2012 Elantra. It frustrates me when so many people bash this car. I worked for another hyundai dealership four years prior then i switched to the ford Franchise. Why you ask? As most people know we get paid on a commision basis. I work half as hard to make the same amount of money as i had to woth Hyundai. Why? Hyundai has a better warranty and require less maintanence or repair than most domestics.
    Another thing people think is that their vehicle is covered bumper to bumper for 10 years. Let's be realistic here people. do you think everything will be covered under your warranty for ten years and only pay 19-20k? I can tell you that everything you will need to know is in that owner's manual in that glove box. Iv'e had ridiculous questions about thier warranty. Is oil changes covered? an object went through the grille and damaged the a/c componenets. With the problem with the a/c the customer said she was going to sue hyundai for the repairs because that part shouldnt be in that location and it was poor engineering. Wow every vehicle that has been massed produced with a/c has had the condesor in the same exact spot.
    With all that being said, Hyundai still has the best warranty. 10/100k Covers engine (as long as you actually do your oil changes) Transmission (as long as it has been maintained) engine seals, water pump, oil pump, cv axles, front wheel bearings, transmission seals,
    No other domestic will offer you a 10 year warranty. why? their warranty repair cost would be too significant.
    I have LOYAL customers that come in and have no issues with their car. One inparticular uses his 2009 elantra limited for his job and has acumulated 215,000 miles. this is his fifth hyundai by the way. All which he sold inspected with over 300,000 miles.
    Everyone thinks Getting your car maintained and serivced at a dealership. You walk out the door paying 50-75 a crack at jiffy lube and have someone that was previously employed as a fry cook at the burger joint across the street work on your car. Typically you can get a synthetic blend oil change and tire rotation and an inspection from a Hyundai certified technician look over your car in between 30-40 plus tax.
    As far asactual repair cost you will pay a litle more at a dealer, but there is a reason. Say you have 50k on your car and you needs brake pads Dealer might charge you 225-300 depending on location. A side shop will tell you we will give you lifetime brake pads nstalled for $99.00. Well now your at thier shop and they noe tell you that your calipers, rotors and brake lines are shot and the only way your going to get those lifetime brakes is to get your brake system up to thier Standards. But 15k later your pads are worn down and need to be replaced again. sure they will give you those $10 brake pads but you have to pay to put them on. hmmmm wasnt a very smart move now was it.
    For a check engine light we genraly charge $90 to check it out. "$90? wow autozone will look at it for free" Guess what that'sall they will do is look at it. plug in a scanner print you the code and tell you ehat it could be. Now you ran backand forth to the part store multiple times and wasted hundreds of dollars it get this check engine light off. It couldv'e been something as simple as a computer update and you would have beenout of the door for $90. You pay the money and you will know EXACTLY what is wrong.
    Something most people dont realize is the Service Advisor that you meet when you drop off your car is actually what his title is, an advisor. He will help you make the right decision on what you should do for your car based on your time and budget. I myself like to put myself in your shoes. i will tell you what you need and what you can put off and what's not necessary. Thats is how you build a relationship with a customer no take thier hard earned money and run like most people think we do. Also that survey you recieve after you pick up your car is how he keeps his job. Say you picked your car up because the part had to be ordered for your car and it wont be in for a month you give the dealership a bad survey. Guess what you might have just costed that man behind the desk his job for something that he nor the dealership had no control over. In my place of employment a bad survey like that will cost me $500 a month for three months. Not fair but it's my job to make sure your happy. Remember those peopple behind the desk are people too they didnt build your car or work on it and they get just as upset as you do when things dont go like they should. If you come in and treat the man behind the desk like a human being i promise you that they will go out of their way to help you. most service advisors take care of 15-25customers a day. it doesnt sound like much but when you have to plan corrdinate and hope the parts are in stock, hope the technician is in a good enough mood to take care of you if he likes you and not put your vehicle off for someone else's.
    Finally mpg Hyundai didnt put that 40 mpg tag on that sticker, the EPA did. And if your lucky enough to have a state that doesnt pump their fuel with ethanol you might get close to it. Ethanol is like the difference between top shelf and bottom shelf liquor. you think it is doing good for the environment but if it causes you to burn more fuel in a ZERO emissions vehicle what are you gaining? It's another way for oil companies to boost profits. Look i drive 11.5 miles a day 10 of it is interstate and i average 26-27 mpg. Sometimes better if i use a different gas station. I will tell you i jut dont hear gas mileage complaints about the Elantra. I get complaints about all new cars. And for those of you that think that there is soe magic reflash that is going to restore your gas mileage your wrong. Hyundai does not have any tsb's in any such subject. What is done it they reset the adaptive values of the ecu. What this does is Delete your driving habits and history out of the computer and restore it back to factory settings. We do it any tie a sensor, transmission engine etc is replaced. What really frustrates me is when people say they are going to sue. Really? Can you find something elseto complain about in your perfect little world. Sue yeah thats the answer just drive the cost of those new car up so you can have some extra chaneg in your pocket. Kind of what health insurance companies do get a little noepay alot later. Below is the onlyEPA Gas Mileage Estimates
    Here is all the information from the Hyundai technicain website in regards to mpg.
    With the cost of gasoline being near an all time high, many customers are paying much closer attention to their gas mileage. As a result of this, some of them may believe they're not getting the gas mileage they should, or what they saw listed on the window sticker (EPA Label) at the time of purchase. This article will attempt to
  • That tsb if for a heater pipe fitting and inspection and or replacement for a 2012 elantra produced betweed October 5 thru October 11th 2011.
    Here is the link. uid=MD008&sid=818991770&page=1&chkSearch=Y&OrderBy1=&OrderBy2=&view_type=
  • Bad idea to continue filling up after the pump stops. it will contaminate the evaporative emmisions system and be a costly repairs because its not hyundai's fault you didnt read you gas cap
  • quality if fuel. if it is a small gas station the fuel stays in the tanks longer. it accumulates water. reduced mpg also ambient temperature and road conditions play a crucial part as well
  • your transmission is programmed to shift into the next gear as quick as possible. lower rpms better mpg. if your dont feel that it shifts to your liking slap the shifter to the right and control the transmission how you see fit. i hope this helps .Eco mode retards your exhaust timing and advances your ignition timing to reduce engine power and fuel consumpstion.
    I'ts been stated many times before Hyundai didnt post the 40 mpg mark on the window sticker, The EPA did. The answer is it's not a performance vehicle you either drive it like miss daisy or put the pedal to the metal. It Shares the same transmission as the tucson, sonata, accent and veloster. If they put it in all those vehicles it must be doing something right
  • Thanks for the info, I got that TSB from the NTSB website, but all it gave was a TSB #. Sorry about the mistake.
  • I have 11,000 miles on my 2012 limited and I can tell you I do 70-30 highway/city driving. Research the factors that affect gas mileage and it will really help you maximize your MPG. When they test these cars it's done with one driver and a complete empty car. Now all of us drive our cars with people, stuff in the trunk, etc. Trust me every little pound makes a difference in how much gas you use.

    I usually drive my car on hilly interstates with 4 passengers and luggage, drive from 65-70 mph and I get 38 mpg. I do have times that I get some gas that doesn't seem to burn as well so I get a little worse at times so you have to be consistent on where you fill up your car. Now on my MPG, I can tell you this since I read gas mileage drops for every 5 mph over 60 that you go...I tested that. I used to drive 75 on the interstate and got 33-34 mpg. Now I drive below the speed limit in my state and I have increased my MPG 38. I'm a data analyst so I really watch this stuff since I drive so much so the data does not lie. When you really watch how your drive and properly maintain your vehicle, extra stuff in your car you don't really need; you will do far better on your pocket book. I don't keep my golf club in my car when I don't need them, that's like having an extra person in the car hurting my mpg. Look at it this way, it's like asking our bodies to carry heaving boxes up's more weight so it takes more work to move the same distance.

    Now for town driving - just too may factors in my opinion. stop and go is just how it is. I have found my elentra gets better around town mileage than my mazda 3 did. I get around 31-32 now matter how I drive it. Unless you have a hybrid, you just have to be realistic here. I think a lot of times we don't notice how hard we take off from a stop light because we are all in a hurry to get some where. Taking off consumes the most fuel.

    All in all - I think the elentra gets as advertise on MPG. But if you are really having problems with the MPG have a dealer technician run a diagnostic on the car, it might need a slight adjustment that is hurting your gas mileage. Use the great warranty they carry!
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    David: Thanks for the informative post from an experienced tech that actually worked on Hyundais. We bought a 2012 Sonata GLS 2 months ago and the car is great. 65-70 MPH yields 36-38 MPG and even at 75+ it gets 33. City MPG all over the board due to varying conditions, but close to EPA.
    I agree with your comments on dealer service and warranty. I feel the warranty is worth a lot and will definately get the oil changed every 3000 miles to protect that warranty. We also got the Assurance guranteed trade in value in 12/2011 that is not available on all the cars in 2012. 67% after 30 months is pretty good backup if you wanted a new or different Hyundai.
    Our 2.4L 6-speed auto trans shifts very well and does have the programming set up to upshift faster than downshift for MPG maxxing.
    Great cars for the money and with that warranty the Sonata was no brainer. The highway MPG is close to the Elantra but not the city.
    Thanks again for the facts and professional view.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    edited February 2012
    Great comments in a real world view. See my previous post to David's comments. We see exactly the same changes with speed on or 2012 Sonata. Max MPG at 65-70 using Shell or BP (Amoco). City MPG only 22-24 due to added weight of Sonata. We also avoided the low profile tire trap and run the 205x65 HR16" tires at 35#. A little common sense and paying attention to details results in maximizing the MPG and at $4/gallon and headed up thanks to the oil companies business plan of wanting to pay more for imported crude to make 6% of $100/bbl vs. 6% of $35- oh well!
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    Had to fill up twice in past 2 days.

    First tank was about 30% hwy/70% city. 30.20 mpg (227.7 miles and 7.540 gals). Computer est. 32.0 mpg and said I averaged 28 mph. Did the highway driving with 2 adult passengers.

    Second tank was about 75% hwy/25% city. 34.15 mpg (186.5 miles and 5.461 gals). Computer est. 37.6 mpg and said I averaged 51 mph. Did about half the highway driving with 1 adult passenger.

    Weather was cold and windy, mostly in the 30 degs-40 degs for 1st tank. 2nd tank all in 20 degs. Had ECO on entire time. Used regular unleaded (non-ethanol). Tried to use cruise control for maximum amount of time. Drove at posted speed limits. While some of the hwy at 70 mph there were also portions at 65, 60, and 55 mph.

    I find the AT fascinating. My tach shows about 1500 RPMs for 25 mph (4th gear, direct drive 1-1), 35 mph (5th gear), and 45 mph (6th gear). The manumatic shifting feature has an override, so I can't put the car into 5th at 25 or 6th at 35 mph, even though I wish I could and the car has enough torque to keep it going nicely on level ground. This car really seems to max out FE in the 40-60 mph range, in 6th gear (the deep overdrive), but the FE craters from standing start to 25 mph. So lots of stop signs and stop lights will kill FE. And I see a noticeable dropoff after 65 mph. By time doing 70 mph FE dropping fast.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    This car really seems to max out FE in the 40-60 mph range...

    I've seen the same thing on nearly every car I've driven (for which I've measured fuel economy) over the past 20 years or so. 50-60 seems to be the sweet spot from my experience, although it's possible to get very good FE at lower speeds too if the tranny is geared for it. For example, at 35-40 mph in my Sentra with CVT the engine is turning at only 1100-1200, so I can get good FE cruising at those speeds. Except I never get to stay at those speeds very long since that would be in-town driving, so there's stops/starts.
  • My 1st tank of gas 2012 GLS AVERAGE 29 mpg . The 2nd tank same thing,half way through reset went 25 miles on highway 60 mph criuse control got 40 + enough said!!! The key word is AVERAGE!!! Case Closed!!!
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    The April 2012 issue of MT has a 7-car test of economy hatchbacks with manual transmissions and the Accent won both the test and had highest FE achieved, and Rio came in last. The FE numbers achieved were interesting:

    Accent SE: 32.4 mpg achieved (30/40 EPA mpg)
    Yaris SE: 32.3 (30/38)
    Fit: 31.0 (27/33)
    Rio: 30.8 (30/40)
    Sonic LTZ: 30.6 (29/40)
    SX4 Sport Back: 27.8 (23/32)
    Mazda2: 27.0 (29/35)
  • The keyword here IS average and people are having a hard time getting the average they should be getting. I just hit 3000 miles on my Elantra and have yet to get anywhere close to 40mpg except when the reset is it. It will steadily fall WHILE driving at a controlled speed of 55mph. In 30 miles of continuous driving with no stops or steep inclines the mpg would go from high 30's to 35.

    When I picked up my car from the dealer after they failed to find any issues with it a lady was there to pick hers up as well. Same model and she was getting in the teens for city driving which is what I was getting when I drove around rockville one morning but that was my only experience with 'city' driving. She complained that she traded in her 98 Toyota for this but was getting worse gas mileage.

    Prior to meeting her I had asked the Adviser if they had other people with this issue and they responded with no. Either the testing procedures have changed to allow for better MOG ratings than in the past or this car just does not get the stated averages.

    In a 6 day work week with a total of 24 highway miles at 55mph daily roundtrip and 1 miles total of getting on and off the ramp (1/4 from house to highway and a 1/4 mile from highway to work) we cannot stay above 32mpg average. This is using mild acceleration and cruise control. Now for those who say this isn't enough time to warm up the vehicle I have tried letting the vehicle warm up longer before leaving and just idling causes the mpg to drop and in 3 days of doing this the average mpg had dropped to 29.

    You have to be an idiot to reset the computer and take it on the highway and say that you're getting 40mpg because it reads that at the beginning. When reset they all read high until an average can be given. The problem is that people cannot seem to get anywhere close once more than a few miles have been put on since the computer was reset.

    The service adviser told me the mechanic was able to achieve 41mpg in 5 miles of driving on the highway so nothing was wrong. First, I have no idea how they did this unless he reset the computer while at highway speed and not from the shop or he would have never got that rating since I haven't. Second, when I started up the car it read 27.8mpg average. I find it hard to believe that this computer is actually reading an average accurately if you can go from 41mpg to 27.8 with only a short distance from the dealership to the highway.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 298
    This idiot reset the computer MANY times to get the instant MPG under varying conditions. Highway means ALL highway NOT city/highway mix.
    The comment about MPG going down at idle is very enlightened; using fuel without traveling any miles would equal 0 MPG. seems to me that would impact your average MPG also. The instant MPG is a great way to learn your vehicle and also to maximize your MPG experience. ALL city = minimum MPG. ALL highway = minimum MPG. Mix of both equal something in between.
    We have the 2012 Sonata that has the same computer software - what cool cars - they can even lear which is more than some of the operators!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,934
    This is interesting in that the Accent and Rio have the same powertrains and are close to the same weight. So, why did the Rio get lower FE than the Accent? One reason might be if the Rio had the 17" wheels; Accent's are 16".
  • "The keyword here IS average". That means half of you will get mpg lower than the average.!
  • g2iowag2iowa Posts: 123
    I think the results vs EPA estimates are most interesting for the 4 cars with the highest highway estimates. Consumers see the "40 mpg" in all the ads and think that is what they will get, forgetting to pay attention to the more important city and overall estimates. The MT results achieved in their tests come close to the combined estimates, and notice how they are about a whopping 8-10 mpg LESS than the "40" highway number (and about 6 less for the Yaris' 38)! So instead of thinking 40, buyers should really be thinking about 30-32 mpg overall. That is realistic and achievable for most owners.

    Accent SE: 32.4 mpg achieved (30/40 EPA mpg)
    Rio: 30.8 (30/40)
    Sonic LTZ: 30.6 (29/40)
    Yaris SE: 32.3 (30/38)
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    I think most of the complaints are coming from people that can't achieve with any kind of regularity any of the estimates city/highway or average. Especially when cars that they drove before did achieve their respective EPA estimates. I don't assume that most consumers expect to get "40mpg" as an average as I just don't think they are that stupid or uninformed. From what I've read, they realize that the 40 is a hwy number. But when they drive very conservatively at 60mph on a flat expressway and can't get more than 35-36mpg something appears to be wrong.

    There may be something wrong with their individual vehicle which does not reflect the vast majority of the car's out there. That's why it's really hilarious when the know-it-alls post on here that they "get what they are supposed to get" with their car so that means the people that are complaining are either stupid, can't drive or are lying." They never consider that a few cars may not be performing as they should.
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