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2013 Acura RDX



  • nobonobo Posts: 305
    Someone needs to come up with a switch or something to make the Nav system "think" that the vehicle is in Park. I'm thinking some electronics "whiz" could make this happen.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,308
    I was just being humorous. I actually thought the voice dialing issue was specific to the tech package also, but it sounds like you get that with the base car also?

    I have never had a car with built in bluetooth, so I would not have any benchmark to compare it to. or obviously, no obvious need for it.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,308
    I always wondered why they just don't integrate it into the passenger airbag sensor? If that says there is an adult (or fat kid!) in the passenger seat, then let the navi update on the fly.

    At least my Garmin does not care what I am doing. Change it any time!

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • @nobo

    I agree that the locking out the Navigation system when the car is moving is an annoyance, but as a safety matter I can at least understand the logic, even if I may not agree with it. I know there are other comments on this blog that get into that issue.

    In the case of the very poor voice dialing in the 2013 RDX, the problem is just the opposite. Acura is taking something that was simple and safe and making it complicated and potentially dangerous. I would love to hear from some programmers or software engineers, but it strikes me that this is just lazy coding by Acura or its supplier. Even if it's technically "necessary," sacrificing straightforward voice dialing for the added features is just stupid. What driver would give up straightforward voice dialing for being able to fiddle with the a/c or radio by voice?
  • Well, I guess I'm 'happy' that it's not just my lack of familiarity with the Tech package. :blush: Have had the vehicle just a few days(coming from XC60 before Sensus) and sure find it easier(so far) to skip the voice commands. I'm sure I'll warm up to the Tech system...DW absolutely loves the audio package and, for me, Basia never sounded better ;) . But, I've got a ways to go before I can wrangle the voice command thingy. I'm trying to 'forget' the Volvo nav set-up so I can work with the new package. I will say some of the nav features are pretty slick.
  • I am a brand new owner (a few days) of a 2013 RDX AWD with Tech. I have no problems controlling the navigation while I'm driving. I changed the destination to this and that (using both voice command and pushing buttons) while I'm driving. I also was able to make phone calls via my connected Iphone while driving.

    Aren't my findings contradicting all the posts here?? Am I missing something? Are these posts talking about something else? Did Acura already tweak things??
  • @clint1970, #196

    Welcome to the Edmunds forums. I can't speak to using Nav while moving, but my principal issue is with poor/cumbersome/dangerous voice dialing through the 2013 RDX. Can you tell us more clearly how you're using your phone system? What buttons are you using, and in what sequence?

    I have an iPhone as well. It's possible on an iPhone to work around the Acura system and use the latter only as a speakerphone, but that kinda defeats the purpose, no?
  • I am using a "Droid" phone. See Post #184 by "roadrunner" for sequence of events. One can speed up the process by pressing the talk button before each system prompt. This forces the "beep" avoiding the systems prompts, but does not reduce the number of steps. I have tried numerous methods to reduce the process which was 2 steps in my 2009 RDX Tech. My wife's 2012 MDX also uses the 2 step method. What also make the 2013 RDX worse is only 20 numbers can be transferred from the phone book to the voice tag phonebook. The previous RDX & MDX allow the transfer of 50 numbers.
  • roadrunner56roadrunner56 Posts: 9
    edited August 2012
    @ttwilliam, #198

    Thanks for your response. No offense to you, but I don't know if your answer makes me want to laugh or cry. :) If I understand it, your method adds three ADDITIONAL button pushes in order to at least shorten the painfully SLOW time of the standard method Acura recommends. Good idea on the slowness issue, but I'm afraid this sounds at least as distracting -- and therefore dangerous -- as the standard method, if not more. AFAIK, before pressing the talk button as you suggest, the driver has to wait a second or two to make sure the prior command was heard and processed by the system. Quite a bit of aural choreography, no? And personally, I'd have to take piano lessons first!

    Again, I want to emphasize that I don't mean to be critical of you. This is a ridiculous situation Acura has created, and you're just sharing the best workaround you've found. So thanks for that. It must drive you CRAZY that your wife's 2009 RDX is so much simpler to use for voice dialing!
  • tiaunntiaunn Posts: 2
    I just bout one and love it. I traded in my 2004 RSX with 105K miles on it, loved it but i got tired of squeezing the kids in the back, so it was time for an upgrade. And the 2013 RDX was a perfect choice. I did my homework and it beats just about everything in its price class.
  • I do have the 2013 RDX, but not the tech package. I don't have to go through all these steps to make a phone call. It's not perfect by any stretch, but I just say "call home" -- not "dial by voice" or whatever.
  • That is the way it should 2009 RDX Tech was simple to use as is our 2012 MDX Tech. ACURA will lose sales if they don't correct the problem. And the navigation is just as bad. Recently had a destination problem and my wife could not re-program the navigation system while we were in motion & it was too distracting & time consuming to do it by voice recognition. The system is a joke and hopefully ACURA will come up with a software fix for those unfortunate enough to have purchased this turkey.
  • I have the 2013 RDX, no Tech pkg, 6k to date. I love the car and the hands free dialing, I just say call home, work , wife, girlfriend etc. No problems even with my Queens accent. As far as NAV, my $200 TomTom works equally well.
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,308
    I (well, my wife gets it) just picked up a base model last night. The salesguy did sync her iphone for us, and we practiced receiving a call. But, have not tried to really use it yet to make a call, so will have to play with that this weekend.

    and our Garmin works just fine too.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • Well, we are still having the same issues with voice dialing on the 2013 RDX with Tech package. :( :( There doesn't seem to be any fix except to get an RDX without Tech. That is a sad state of affairs. And a big warning to anyone considering the Tech package. Don't do it -- unless you love gadgets more than convenience, and unless you don't mind being distracted for a while every time you make a call.

    Save your money and your sanity and get a Garmin.
  • I've had the AWD with Tech package for about 2 weeks now. I have no problems with the voice dialing nor the navigation. It might not behave exactly how one wants or is "used to", but I don't think it's that big a deal. In general, making/receiving calls and controlling the navigation is decent enough, although maybe not perfect. I highly recommend the Tech package. BTW, we love all other aspects of the RDX so far as well. Lack of AC vents in the rear seat is our biggest complaint.
  • I'll agree about the voice activated system...I'm still learning it, but it does what I want so far. I'm a button-pusher anyway...just an old dog, I reckon. Our Scottie-girl will miss the rear seat ventilation, also. Haven't taken any long trips with her yet.

    I will miss the 12v outlet in the cargo area...all the Volvos had that; but my biggest gripe so far is the horrible console compartment cover. While it's large enough and almost tall enough to be an arm rest, it opens about 60% and blocks my right arm from being able to reach in comfortably. The lid should be able to open to a full horizontal position, fully out of the way...and it could double as a tray or extra cup holders IF they wanted to copy one of the Volvo designs from a few years back.
  • @clint1970, post #207.

    Of course, everyone is entitled to his own opinion about the Tech package on the 2013 RDX, but two aspects of the current voice dialing seem to me to take this issue beyond the realm of just opinion. First, the greater number of steps in making voice-dialed calls means greater driver distraction and that's just a decrease in safety that can't be ignored. Not to mention that the greater number of steps also introduces more points of failure in the process, necessitating yet more steps and more distraction if any of the steps fails. Second, it's important to keep in mind that the new, more complicated voice-dialing on the 2013 RDX Tech package is a retrograde step. Acura has made voice dialing easier in the past, both on Tech packages and in the current 2013 RDX models without Tech. Now, we're going backwards! On a basic and important function in 2012, on $40,000 luxury car, where the Tech package alone costs about $4,000, going backwards is just unacceptable.

    Again, you're entitled to your opinion, of course, and you may think the decrease is safety due to distraction is acceptable and that a backward step in voice dialing is not a big deal, but I hope you'll agree that these issues go far beyond the "gee, I wish the RDX came with white leather" kind of issue.
  • I agree with you 100%. Add to that, the voice tag phonebook maxes out at 20 numbers compared to the previous 50 numbers. I have used factory OEM, after market hands free systems and more recently Bluetooth since the early 1990s. I don't recall any being as ridiculous and difficult to use as that in the 2013 RDX Tech. Except for some nit picking items, I would give the vehicle a 10 out of 10 rating. With the new Tech Bluetooth system I can only rate it as a 5. In this day in age communications for business is by far more important than changing radio stations and heater settings via voice recognition, and in that aspect the 2013 RDX Tech fails miserably.
  • @ttwilliam, post #210

    LOL! It's true after all, misery loves company!

    I have been really shocked at the muted response the bad voice dialing on the 2013 RDX with Tech has been getting. By now, I would have thought there would be an uprising of dissatisfied owners. Maybe this will come later as the new Tech package gets rolled out across Acura's 2013 product line. Let's buy some popcorn and watch the fireworks!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 26,308
    now I am curious to try out the voice dialing on our (5 day old) base model. We have phones synced, but no voice tags stored (at lest according to what the car tells me when I push that button). Will need some time with the owners manual this weekend.

    this is our first integrated bluetooth, so auto dialing is new to us. So fear we have received calls, and made them out via the phone, and that works fine.

    and not everyone trys to conduct business from the car, so it is not as big a deal for some as it is for others.

    2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • I suppose it is a bit more frustrating to those who A) Live and work in their cars and 2) Those who have had superior communications systems in previous vehicles. Personally, I can't think of more than 20 numbers I need on 'speed dial'...certainly not 50 ! I reckon a client list might produce those kinds of numbers, but, again, I'm not conducting business in the RDX. Coming from a pretty screwball Volvo 'Tech' system in the XC60, I find most of the features of the RDX system satisfying. I still REALLY don't like the console cubby cover...not one bit!(Stupid little shelf ;) ) . I'll agree that voice control of the HVAC is pretty silly.
  • In purchasing a new vehicle I'm torn between the Volvo XC60 2012 and the RDX 2013. Since you are coming from an XC60 I'd love for you to be candid about a comparison between them. I test drove the XC60 for about 40 miles today and found that the suspension left a lot be desired. This car did not have voice dialing available to use which left a hole in my test driving experience. I believe the safety and safety features are better the XC. Am I wrong? New incentive as of today on a 2012 is 5 years or 60,000 full warranty. Did you have repairs frequently? Any information about your experience is appreciated.
  • lena, it was a bit tough 'leaving' Volvo after 7 of our last 8 vehicles being Volvo(an RX330 in '06). The 'city safe' features on the XC60 are interesting, but not a requirement for us. BLIS is meh, IMO...the low-speed auto-brake 'might' come in handy, but I never needed it in 3.3 years/56000 miles. I seldom use cruise, but adaptive cruise is interesting on the open highway(part of Tech package, now, I believe).

    So far, the suspension in the RDX is tighter, yet more compliant. On one particular entry into our neighborhood, the pavement transition is approached at an angle and the RDX is so much smoother across the uneven pavement...very noticeable, no 'shudder' with the RDX. The RDX feels tighter and smaller, but is virtually the same footprint and interior volume. We 'lost' a few hundred pounds by going with FWD instead of AWD(like our Volvo).

    As I've mentioned over on SwedeSpeed, there are some touches I miss in the RDX, but also some improvements vs the XC60. No rear-seat ventilation or cargo 12v outlet available in the RDX. Except for the capacious console compartments, the RDX has fewer/smaller cubbies for 'stuff'(sunglasses, multi-tool, flashlight, etc...all have a place, just not quite as convenient, IMO). The rear seat-backs lie 'flat' in the RDX, but the floor is uneven because of the design...not a big deal, but the XC floor is dead flat for larger items.

    I would absolutely choose the V6 in the RDX vs the 3.2 Volvo, but the RDX loses vs the T6(especially in the R-series XC). The RDX has plenty of power, but the 300 or 325hp in the Volvo is impressive(turbo boost vs n/a in the RDX). So far, the RDX is getting 10% better mileage is combined driving. I expect the highway mileage to be quite a bit better.

    The purchase deals on the '12 XC60 are pretty slick, especially if Volvo is still picking up the first four payments($1800 max). The lease deals aren't quite as attractive, IMO; I 'saved' over $5000 in up-front cost on the '13 FWD RDX w/Tech vs a pretty comparable '12 3.2 Volvo. The key is in the residual value on the lease where Acura is way ahead. IF you are purchasing a '12 XC60 and holding on to it for 4+ years, then the deals currently offered are not bad at all.

    How's that for NOT answering your question? :blush: Both are fine vehicles...Volvo has the performance edge if you want the T6 and especially if you want the R-design. Hard to beat that 300+ hp turbo! I 'barely' miss it and many days don't call on that kind of power at all. ;)
  • To continue my story and address a couple of questions, here goes. The warranty 'bump' is a good spiff IF you plan to keep the vehicle. The standard warranty is 4ys/50K miles. More important, dollar-wise, is the Safe & Secure offer of all maintenance being covered by Volvo for X years. That adds up to quite a bit if you were to use dealer service to maintain your Volvo. The maintenance interval is 7500 miles on the '12, so they would be covering a half-dozen or so, depending on the current plan. That's in the range of $2K for 'by the book' maintenance over those years. Better than a poke in the eye. ;) Maintenance-wise, we had few issues; BUT, we did have three batteries during our three years. When a battery dies on the XC, the whole vehicle is door nuthin' ! Might have been isolated to our vehicle since I haven't heard of others with the same problem.

    Safety-wise, the gap between Volvo and the other quality marques has closed considerably, IMO. Darned near any vehicle you would consider has a 5-Star safety rating. Doesn't mean some of the additional Volvo features aren't useful, it's just that it's not the 'steel cage' Volvo vs the 'tin can' imports any more. As I've mentioned in other posts, the voice-dialing feature is one I can live without, although the RDX sure has some nifty goodies built into the 'Tech' package. How often you'll need a Zagat rating to help find a restaurant, I don't know. ;) DW and I both like the Nav in the RDX much better than the XC, but ours was a '10 and Sensus has changed the Volvo nav experience.
  • We have a 2013 RDX that was delivered on June 30. We noticed today that the outside mirror on the passenger side is wobbly and doesn't respond to the controls. The mirror housing is ok, but the mirror itself seems to be loose. Anyone else had this problem? This is the second time we've had to take the car back to the dealership--the first time was to have a section of the rear hatch weatherstripping attached.
  • kkjmkkjm Posts: 4
    I've a 3 wks old 2013 RDX. Do not have the wobbly mirror problem. But noticed water residue near both the drain outlet on the left and the right side of the sunroof after rain. Do you also see something similar after rain?
  • No, I haven't noticed any water residue. But we're in a drought; I will watch for it the next time it rains.
  • Drove through an absolute frog-strangler the day after I picked up ours. No leaks, no wobbling mirror. Can't say I've found any 'defects' in three weeks and 700 miles. ;)
  • kkjmkkjm Posts: 4
    Hi - I don't mean leaks into the car. After rain / or car wash - then open up the sunroof, can you see water residue around the trench (front left and right) leading to the drain hole (front left and right). Thks.
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