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Jeep Wrangler



  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    To try to increase power and mileage I will install ignition upgrade system with a chip upgrade. All I can due is hope that these upgrades will improve mileage.........

    Save the money for gas, the ignition system on the Wrangler provides a way more than adequate spark. A 'chip' may give you a little more power at full throttle, but it'll be hardly noticable unless you drive at full throttle most of the time.
  • rp05rp05 Posts: 20

    I know what you mean about calling the dealer, Thursday is my day to call. Hopefully it has a vin # and is rolling down the line. I'm also still trying to sell my car to bolster my down payment. After I bought that car it's value plummeted and I swore I'd never buy new again, then I went looking at some used Jeeps and just happened to see the Unlimited and that was it I had to have one.

    What color and options did you get and which hoist did you order.

  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Mtngal seem to get the best gas mileage here. Because of variations in setup and of various tolerances, 4.0 Wranglers will seemingly get between 10 and 20 mpg with most falling somewhere in the middle.

    You can't get an accurate mpg figure without knowing the accuracy of your particular speedometer/odometer, and also keeping accurate check of the amount of gas used. You need a GPS for the former and a notebook for the latter. You also need to make the calculation over as high a mileage as possible, at least a couple of thousand.

    For the record, my '99 4.0 auto gets 14-15mpg, mostly with an empty passenger seat, and with the a/c always on. Tire size is 31".

    For anyone interested, the H1 now gets 13mpg (diesel), mostly with a full passenger seat, and a/c is never on. Tire size is 37". :P
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Will mentioned that he was planning to keep the lift small on his Jeep so that he would not void the warranty.

    Mods cannot void a warranty. They CAN cause specific items not to be covered, if the dealer can show that the mod caused the part or parts in question to fail.

    The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act protects consumers against dealers who would attempt to deny warranty coverage because of modifications that are unrelated to the failed part.

    Now, some mods could cause premature wear of factory parts, so when you install such mods, you do so at your own risk as far as the parts that could fail because of that mod. But, you certainly are NOT voiding your whole warranty.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Yes, a small lift may cause warranty problems on items like the drivetrain and suspension, but there's little else that should be affected.

    A lot depends on the attitude of the dealer. A sympathetic one will be 'blind' to small mods, while another may look for any and every excuse not to provide warranty service.
  • jpk257jpk257 Posts: 43
    I have had my unlimited for a few weeks and have put 600 miles on here. So far I have averaged in the mid 13's. I am hopeful this is going to get better...

    Within the first few days I upgraded the tires from the GSAs to 31" Revos and I would highly recommend them.

    Good luck with the new jeep.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Congrats to all our new Wrangler owners! I know that some people predicted that the Unlimited would never sell when it first came out, and it's wonderful to see how many (like me) have taken to it.

    I really think the reason I get such good mileage is that I have such an elevation change (5800 feet difference between home and work) AND I drive slower than most people around me AND I'm driving stock Wranglers. And when I hear there's been a major accident on the freeway just north of work (like tonight), rather than try to make it through the gridlocked streets, I go to dinner and wait for them to clear it before I even think about moving the Jeep. The last time I spent an extra hour on the freeway wading through an accident my gas mileage went down to below 16.

    I put Dueller AT tires on the Sport and loved them for the first year or so. After they were worn about half way I found them to be about the same as the Goodyears. I've now got the BFG AT tires on it and I'm very happy with them. They still don't have much wear - since we got the Unlimited it doesn't get driven very much. I'm thinking of going with them on G.G. (the Unlimited) sometime this summer. The Goodyears are showing quite a bit of wear but at 38,000 miles on them, I'm not surprised.
  • embeedueceembeeduece Posts: 260
    City vs. Highway? In Los Angeles County it couldn't matter less. Everything's stop and go. Mostly stop. Suffice it to say my mileage is lousy. Manual tranny; I keep her maintained and inflated. Still get around 13 mpg, I think. But it's cool, 'cause I'm only paying $2.60 a gallon in gas.

  • gsyoung1960gsyoung1960 Posts: 52
    A few questions...

    1) Why would you recommend the 31" Revos?... Better ride?... looks?

    2) What did you do with the old tires? Sale them? If so, how did you advertise, and how much did you get for them?

    I'm getting an unlimited in a few weeks, and considering the same thing, just concerned that the ride will be worse, and I'll be eating the cost of the new tires I'm replacing.
  • dude 2.60 is wicked expensive in vermont it is like 2.17
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591

    I have no experience with the Duellers, but I did run BFG All Terrains before switching to BFG Muds due to all the wheelin' I do.

    I highly recommend those BFG All Terrains. I assume you would have no need for mud tires? My BFG All Terrains were showing no measurable wear after 6 K miles, when I replaced them with Muds. I think they are a super good-looking tire, and they handled and rode extremely well.

    Just remember, whichever tire you get, be sure to properly inflate them. People tend to WAY over-inflate tires on Jeeps. Remember, the weight of the vehicle is a BIG factor in determining the optimum inflation pressure. Just because the maximum pressure rating on the sidewall of the tire may be stated as 50 psi, that does NOT mean that you run them anywhere near that pressure on a light vehicle like a Jeep. I ran my All Terrains and am currently running my Muds at 28 psi.

    There have been posts in here on the subject of tire pressure, so if you want more info, search on "inflation" or "psi."

    Some tire stores give pretty nice trade-in allowances on those factory GSA'a. If you look around, you might find a deal. You could get things set up with a tire store before you even take delivery of the Jeep.

    Good luck.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Tom is right. The Rubicon Express Budget Boost with spacers and longer shocks is a good, inexpensive way to go for a small lift. I considered it on my 1997 SE, but given the fact that my springs are pretty shot, even with a 4cyl and soft top, that I chose to go with a full suspension upgrade. I went with OME (Old Man Emu) out of Australia. Their suspension upgrades (they don't call em lifts for some reason) will give me between 2-3" of lift, but with my aftermarket bumpers, homebrew trunk, rocker guards, gas skids, and the winch I'll be putting on, I'll probably end up right in the middle there somewhere.

    The ride quality is reported to be as good as, or better than, stock and it will provide good articulation when I run with Tom up at Turkey Bay, which I hope to do again soon. These lifts are pricier, but you can find decent prices online at various OME distributors, like, out of Wichita, Kansas.

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    "...'cause I'm only paying $2.60 a gallon in gas." Ouch!

    Mike - have you ever thought you live on the wrong side of the hill? I can fill up in Lebec at $2.35 before heading down the hill to the land of your $2.60 gas. Last time we went to Costco in Bakersfield, the gas was $2.32. I don't even bother looking at the prices of gas in West L.A. around work any more.

    By the way, a while ago there was discussion of range. I don't really know the true range, because we stop every day to get gas. Because we live in a high hazard area, we never leave the cars parked at the house with less than a quarter tank of gas. With a daily commute of 150 miles, and such a difference in gas prices, it's better for us to top off every morning.
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Yep, that was the first thing I bought as well. I bought Huskys for the front, rear and back of the Jeep. Great investment. I usually just vacuum them out and wipe them down with a wet cloth. You can see the passenger side mat to the right in the picture below:

  • What do you mean high hazard area
  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Hey Keats. Presently storing it in a friends barn. Then a funny thing happened. I remembered that my son-in-law runs a rigging business.Duh. He is going to suspend it from the ceiling until winter. I am happy that I waited and did not sell the top. This forum always helps. My advice to new Jeep owners- consult this forum before doing anything drastic. Experience is the best teacher. Have had nothing but rainey days so no practice with the roll. Its interesting that I am worried about a crink in the windows. I drove a 1949 Willy for years with no top and a transistor radio duct taped to the dash as my sound system. Now I am worried about some crinks in a window???? How times change. Go Easy, John
  • jimlw2jimlw2 Posts: 122
    Hey Ron,

    Thursdays have been my "call-in" day, too.

    I bought a Honda Civic for my last new car hearing how great resale is because Honda rarely does rebates or low-financing...well, it took me almost a month to sell it and I had to keep lowering the price until I started getting action. The price I finally accepted took me to over 34% depreciation in 3.5 years of owning it...seems to be a glut of them on the market which is odd considering that everyone should be scrambling to buy them with today's gas prices going up. That depreciation is more than I took on a Chevy Monte Carlo I sold in 2000 after about same number of years of ownership. I think there's a lot of very nice condition used cars in the market but be'll find a buyer.

    I fell for the Unlimited due to some "Just Add Water" advertisement insert in a magazine. It just hit me how much I love the look of the Wrangler and took me back to my roots of wanting one when I was in my early 20s.

    I've ordered Stone White 'E' Package w/ Automatic, Security Group, Side Steps, Dual tops, and locking fuel cap. I ordered the hoist from but don't have it, yet.

    Good luck selling your car and hang in their bro' during the waiting period.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    prone to wildfires and such... and with all the rain soCal has had this year, it could get really interesting in the upcoming months as all that taller growth dries out - ripe for a lot of wildfires.

    If I recall, after the 98 El Nino weather, the grasses were REALLY tall and the following summer/fall brought a LOT of wildfires. I know I was cutting our yard/weeds ALL the time.

  • lion220lion220 Posts: 3
    I have a soft top '00 wrangler sport and someone broke into it last weekend. they sliced about a foot long T shaped hole above the drivers seat. I am in wonderful ithaca ny so it rains all of the time. does anyone have any idea how to patch this up until i can afford a new soft top. also what is the best after market soft top to buy...the one with the flip back sun roof looks nice...finally where is the best place to purchase a top...the jeep dealer wanted 1300 for the whole operation.


  • koolbreeze2koolbreeze2 Posts: 252
    Hey Keats. Saw the post on your Husky liners. Does the back liner work with the rear seat in or does the seat have to be removed and the liner taken out when the seat is put back in? That does not sound right but I think you know what I mean. Thanks, John
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    Hi, John,

    The rear mat works fine with the rear seat down or up. To give you an idea of the dimensions, to install it, fold and tumble rear seat. The liner extends all the way to the folded seat. Then you can simply put the seat back down. The rear liner also has a raised lip around the hole for the seat belts. The only downside to the rear liner is that it covers up the footman loops. So you're not able to "dog" down cargo.

    I know what you mean about be worried about crinks in the window. I keep telling myself, hey it's a Jeep...but I like it to be perfect, still.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Just buy a Bestop Replace-A-Top and DIY. Under $600 easy. The dealer is REALLY trying to gouge you...
  • lion220lion220 Posts: 3
    is it hard to replace the top yourself?
  • jpk257jpk257 Posts: 43
    1) The revo's get much better traction on wet pavement, are quieter and definitely look better.

    2) I traded them in. The tire store gave me $50 each for the GSA's. It was pretty expensive to replace 5 new tires, but to me it was worth it.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Replacing a soft top is as easy as:
    1. Unscrewing the cloth from the header over the windshield bow
    2. Unsnapping a few snaps
    3. Undoing the velcro around the rear bows.
    4. Install new

    You do NOT need to replace the hardware, just the fabric. Go with a Bestop Sailcloth Replace-a-top. It will fit the factory hardware with no problems at all and you have the thicker fabrics found on late model Wranglers.

    You can get Bestop from a variety of sources like JC Whitney, 4wd, or Quadratec, who has an instant rebate going right now. Here is a link to the black replacement top.Blakc Bestop Replacement Top.

    If you shop around you can find em probably a bit cheaper still. But, IMO, Bestop is the only brand I'd go with.

    If you want to patch it, according to Bestop manuals... they can be repaired with Bondex iron on patches. Patch it from the inside and follow the instructions in the Bondex packaging.

    Hope this helps,
  • keatskeats Posts: 412

    All the major Jeep parts places carry a wide range of tops, but I think either Acme or 4 Wheel Drive Parts offers those extended charge plans, you know, where they charge your credit card of an installment period. That might absorb the blow. I have heard time and time again that the Mopar top is much better than any other top. It is made by Bestop, but it is made to Mopar specs. It fits betters, operates easier and is not as loud. I have a couple of buddies that recently replaced their tops with Best Tops, one went with the cheapest Best Top replacement top and the other went with the Bestop Sail Cloth. The sail cloth is much quieter, but it still flaps more than my Mopar factory top and doesn't seem to fit around the doors as well. You can usally find new Mopar tops on Ebay in the 6 to 700 dollar range or you can try They have the cheapest prices on factory equipment that I've found on the net...good luck!
  • lion220lion220 Posts: 3
    Is the sunrider not a good top? Thanks for all of your help i will begin looking immediately
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    For all the folks buying new Wranglers, I want to alert you to the best addition I never remember I have: seat risers. Starting in '03, Wrangler seats changed and were lowered an inch. I'm about 5'10 and I could barely see the end of the hood. When I was in a buddy's 1999 Wrangler I loved how much better the visibility was. So I ordered a set of Buchanann Seat Risers. He offers them in several sizess. I went with the 1", which I found to be perfect. Here is the link if anyone is interested. Randy is a great guy to deal with.

    Seat Risers
  • gsyoung1960gsyoung1960 Posts: 52
    jpk257, thanks for the info...

    I too am looking to change out my tires, but didn't want to get anything that would cause the ride to get rougher, or cause more noise.

    And, as I was expecting, the cost may be expensive, so I didn't want to spend money to get better looks, but degrade the ride.

    Anyone else have experience changing out their factory 30" tires, for 31"'s? If so, what make model tire did you get, and how did you get rid of your factory tires?
  • keatskeats Posts: 412
    At one time I heard that the Sun Rider was actually designed for folks who had hard tops only...a buddy of mine ordered one and sent it back because it requires some drilling of holes for the Sun Rider feature to work. In principal, though, I think it is a really cool top.
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