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Infiniti FX45 Infiniti FX35



  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    I couldn't agree with you more on the issue of fuel efficiency. I guess they can adopt the technology from Honda. The Honda Odyssey is a V6, it shuts off three of its cylinders when cruising to increase fuel economy.

    Also I thought the side mirrors could be bigger and also tilt down when backing up like Acura. :D

    Other than those minor issues, the car is great, except for the fuel economy.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Just for curiousity, what possible reason can you dislike such a feature?

    I didn't say I disliked it; however there are many posts on this forum and other forums discussing this feature. I have read where many do not like it at all. My point was that no feature will be universally loved by all and ones that are must haves for particular individuals will factor into the purchase decision.

    Frankly I kind of like the feature, but it is not by any means a must have for me. So the FX's lack of it didn't stop me from buying it. :shades:
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    I couldn't agree with you more on the issue of fuel efficiency.

    FYI: I am averaging about 18.5 mpg in mixed suburban driving in my '04 FX35 Sport w/ Tech.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    FYI: The Honda Odyssey has a 3.5L V6 engine that puts out 20 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. I know that the Infinity has 36 more horse power than the Odyssey. However, I personally can live without those 36 horse power in the Infinity if it can average in the mid twenties. :)
  • wottowotto Posts: 6
    Any Questions on the FX35, simply go to, click on [contact us] and email them your question. They will reply to you within a half hour or so.
    To answer your question they just told me 2006's FX35 should start getting to dealers from late oct. to early Nov.
    Infiniti is the only car company that has ever replied to my email questions.Can't wait for delivery of my 2006 FX35, the changes from 2005 are few but I think worth waiting for.
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    How can anyone compare and FX to a Honda Odyssey? Two totally different vehicles aimed at different market segments. IMO the FX is a sports SUV built for DRIVING and not for people looking for an alternative for a family hauler. So you get the gas milage for what you are paying for. Yes, its a little on the low side but if you need better gas milage then you always have the minivans ;) .
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Of course the handling and all the other attributes that make up an SUV differs from a minivan. However, I was only comparing engines, not cars per say. :P
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    And the new Oddysey has a very strong engine. Took one out for a spin and it is fast. Not like the FX which is entirely different, but one of the fastest mini vans out there for sure. Yes, the gas consumption on the FX is bad. I got 9 miles per gallon on a four mile drive to work last weekend. Of course, that had all to do with my heavy foot as I was getting in some "fun" factor before working... Otherwise I get an average of 16/18 in the city, 21 on the highway.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Here are the changes, as announced by Infiniti:

    Infiniti FX Premium Crossover SUV

    The FX is again available in both FX45 and FX35 designations. The all-wheel drive FX45 comes with a standard 320-horsepower 4.5-liter DOHC V8 (based on the Infiniti Q45 powerplant) and includes 20-inch wheels and tires, leather-appointed seats and a sport-tuned 4-wheel independent suspension. The FX35 features a 280-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 and is available in all-wheel or rear-wheel drive. All FX models utilize a modified version of the advanced FM (Front Mid-ship) platform, enhanced for SUV duties. The FX continues to offer the advanced Lane Departure Warning system.

    For 2006, FX gets an exterior facelift with new grille, bumper, wheel design and three new colors. In addition, all 2006 FX models add numerous standard features, including a 300-watt Bose® audio system, RearView Monitor, Advanced Air Bag System (AABS) and more. The 2006 FX35 adds leather seating surfaces with heated front seats, 10-way power driver’s seat with power lumbar support and 8-way power passenger’s seat. Additional features include driver’s seat memory and power tilt/telescope steering wheel. And the FX45 adds the Premium Package contents as standard features for 2006.

    Enhancements to the 2006 FX45/FX35 include:
    · Premium Package contents are now standard on FX45:
    - Sunroof
    - Auto on/off headlamps
    - Aluminum roof rails
    - Cargo net and cover
    - Universal Garage Door Opener (UGDO)
    · Standard RearView Monitor
    · Standard Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone system on FX45 models
    · Standard leather seating surfaces, 10-way power driver’s seat with adjustable power lumbar support and driver memory, 8-way power passenger’s seat (FX35)
    · Standard power tilt/telescope steering wheel (FX35)
    · Standard 300-watt, 11-speaker BoseÒ audio sound system with 6-disc CD autochanger, MP3-CD playback and steering wheel audio controls
    · Heated outside mirrors (FX35)
    · New center console design
    · New Electroluminescent gauges
    · Added Wheat interior color
    · New aluminum and wood trim finish (FX45)
    · New front grille and front bumper design
    · New 18-inch (FX35) and 20-inch (FX45) wheel designs
    · Revised suspension tuning with new shock absorbers
    · Three new exterior colors – Liquid Platinum, Serengeti Sand and Orange
    · Advanced Air Bag System (AABS)
    · Available satellite radio with choice of XM or Sirius
    · New Run-Flat Tire Package
    · Hands-Free Package with Intelligent Key available on FX35 models (standard on FX45)
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    Yes it is true that the Odyssey is fast and has a nice engine. If I were in the market for a minivan the odyssey would be on the top of my list. But there is no fun factor in a minivan. :)
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218
    Comparison between,
    Acura/Honda 3.5-Liter, 24-Valve SOHC i-VTEC® V6 Engine versus Infinity/Nissan 3.5-liter VQ V6

    NOT, I repeat NOT
    Honda Odyssey (Minivan) versus Infinity FX35 (SUV)

    capish? comprende? ;)
  • Bought FX35 three days ago. Chose it over 45 for two reasons - regular fuel vs high test, and fuel consumption. I also chose NOT to get sport package on 35 after driving with and without. - car with 18" wheels handles extremely well - However, when going over rougher roads, you really feel it with the 20" wheels -and it really doesn't handle any better.
    I had had reservations about snow ability , and discovered that the 18" wheels with the right tires does great - Therefore, I'll probably get bridgestone snow or Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G052 all season .... haven't made that decision....yet . I got touring and tech package, satellite radio (didn't want it, but....) at dealer invoice + a few hundred; along with the 1.99% financing. why lay out 43k (including taxes) up front when I'm getting overall about a 6% return on my investments??

    After three days, no regrets - the fx35 replaced a well used 96 nissan pathfinder with 116k on it. The pathfinder was the best car i've owned in the past 44 years - I was more than willing to stay in the family.
  • now i'm confused. every feature you've listed for the 2006 model, with the possible exception of the wattage on Bose, I have on my 2005 fx35.
  • nmpnmp Posts: 19

    Can any owners comment on the long-term reliability (50K and over) of their FX's? I am seriously thinking about dumping my VW Passat V6 (46K). Nice care, but at 45K, things began to break (horn, turn signal, CV boots). I'm curious of how the FX series stands up to real-world, long-term driving. Thanks.
  • crikey,

    Thanks for this list. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can I ask where you found this? Did you simply email Infiniti or was it on the Infiniti website somewhere?

    Most of the 2006 changes are for the positive and should make for a better vehicle. The only thing I am concerned about is:

    · New front grille and front bumper design
    · New 18-inch (FX35) and 20-inch (FX45) wheel designs

    As I said before, I currently LOVE the exterior look of the FX35 with the 20" sport package wheels. I just hope they don't screw up the looks and keep the changes moderate. If not, I guess I'll be looking for a 2005 model instead.

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    All enhancements are listed here. Here are some sample pics of the 2006 model:


    Note that the cursed seat controls are no longer on the innerside of the seats.

  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    now i'm confused. every feature you've listed for the 2006 model, with the possible exception of the wattage on Bose, I have on my 2005 fx35.

    Hmmm...actually the wattage of the Bose did not change but it can now play mp3 CDs. If you have every feature listed for the 2006 model, then maybe you have a 2006 (J/K). :) The difference, I think, is that the features used to be options and are now standard. (I know, I know, marketing speak...)

    I know, for a fact, that Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone system and RunFlats were not available in previous models, even as an option.
  • fx35awdfx35awd Posts: 218

    These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    No problem, there are more here.
  • ffb13ffb13 Posts: 181
    i own an fx 35 awd and recently delivered my daughter's new honda odyssey from fla. to conn.
    the honda is a nicer riding whatever versus the fx.
    the fx is more of a sports car/sedan/suv/go kart.

    the honda is a pure minivan ,easy to drive and pleasant. not a car that involves the rider.

    would i buy a honda over the fx...................maybe. must be getting old.
  • Here are my thoughts on the 2006 updates...

    Interior -- Improved. The dash seems better laid out, although I am curious as to what the center dash will look like if you don't get the navigation. They have also moved the seats controls from the edge of the seat, which irritated many people.

    The big thing from what I have read is that the RearView camera, to aid when backing up, is now standard across all FX models. This is a great feature, especially with the blind spots this car has.

    As stated earlier, many of the Touring package contents are now standard. Leather, the 11-speaker Bose system, power tilt/telescope wheel, etc. However, they did not carry over 2 of the most important Touring options -- the sunroof and the Homelink universal garage door opener. I rely on the Homelink in my MDX and really need it. And, I gotta have a sunroof. So, it looks like Infiniti will force me to get the Touring option anyway. :mad: The Sports package is the same as before -- 20" wheels, darker grille and tinted headlights/taillights, aluminum roof rails instead of black, aluminum foot pedals, etc.

    Power -- 5 more horses and 6 more lb/ft torque in the FX45. The FX35 is unchanged.

    Exterior -- I can't tell any difference to the head-lights, tail-lights, or the bumper. The chrome strips around the windows and at the bottom edge seem to be for the FX45 only. This is probably there were too many people complaining that their FX45's looked like FX35's when equipped with the 20" wheels. I don't see much difference in the wheel design either. Almost all of the exterior changes are very subtle.

    However, they have changed the grille. The grille on the 2005 model had 4 bars. The grille on the 2006 model has 5 bars. They have put a bar on top and one on bottom, "framing" the grill. And then have put 3 bars in the middle, in between the "frames".

    I'm not sure if I like the new grille or not. I really like the old grille. I didn't see the difference at first until I looked the 2006 & 2005 side by side. At first glance from pictures, I don't like the grille changes. We'll see what it looks like in person.

    There are 3 new colors and I am very curious and interested to see "Liquid Platinum" in person.

    What does everyone else think of the changes to the 2006 FX?
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Power -- 5 more horses and 6 more lb/ft torque in the FX45. The FX35 is unchanged.

    This could be the same power output adjusted for SAE J1349 AUG2004.
  • slummyjslummyj Posts: 57
    I don't yet have anywhere near 50k on my '03 FX, but I had a '99 Passat. It finally got to the point that I said if one more thing breaks, I'm getting rid of it. One more thing broke and that did it. The FX is so much more reliable-it only has gone in for oil changes.
  • clpurnellclpurnell Posts: 1,087
    I am probably close to the highest mileage I have a tad over 46k miles on it. I did notice one thing as I was driving in this morning it seems like one of my speakers has fried. that honestly is the only mechanical/electrical failure i have had in the car. The only other issues I had was a squeky seat/center console and the hatch recall. this thing is still super tight does 85 like it is standing still. and takes curves like a sport sedan. i had to get it repaired from a run in with a parking structure support and man did I miss this the FX.. I did have my navigation unit replaced but that had more to do with a software bug if your maintinace warning is on and you back out without accepting your screen will go black. But it is a software glitch as the new unit has the same problem. On a reliability scale I would rate the FX an 8. i won't say higher because I am concerned about some of the high dollar technical pieces as they could be very expensive to replace if they failed. But the engine/trans/ac etc seems like it could go well past 100k miles with no problems. Next year I have a tough decision get another FX or an M sedan either way i don't lose.
  • nmpnmp Posts: 19
    Thank you for your 50K (or any K) feedback. I test drove an FX35 without the sport's package - for good or bad in downtown Chicago. The ride on ravaged downtown streets was no worse than my 2002 V6 Passat with 17" 225/45 Pirelli P-Zero Neros. I was really surprised since reviews/message boards have said that even without the sport's package the ride is firm. Hardly...the ride is actually quite "Germanic".

    Equally surprising was the pep of the flies. I was prepared for a decent pull, but this thing is very quick. The V8 must be a kick, but the V6 is all I will need at $3 a gallon.

    As you all know, this thing can corner. It can also track with a precision that is quite surprising. I did mostly city driving with a short stint on the highway.

    Equally "Germanic" is the how I view the FX as a sports wagon...the space in back really lacks enough utility to be considered an SUV, Infiniti marketing geeks be damned. However, I don't view sports wagons as bad things...My dream car is an AMG E55 Wagon...the one that will smoke a Corvette while a seating 5 in comfort with all their luggage. I think the FX series is an affordable, reliabe version of the AMG super wagon.

    My only disappointment would be the exhaust note in 1st gear. Yes it is sporty...but stuck mostly between 1st and 2nd in the city or in highway traffic, it becomes a little annoying (it is not so much sporty as omnipresent). The VW Toureg V8 has a throaty exhaust, but it is not so annoying (its reliability is however). Good thing they are making the 300W Bose system standard.

    I test drove the a loaded FX35 with Tech...I agree that eventually, these electronic toys will be very expensive to replace when the time comes. I don't plan on getting Nav, but if I wait for the 2006, I hope the standard back-up camera/screen is as long-lived as most CRT/LCD components (say 5 -7 years).

    p.s. I concur...if one more part on my passat goes, it is history...hence my test drive today....
  • Externally, not much differnece and didnt really need to be changed as it looked perfect in the fitst place. Do like the new alloy wheels and the extra chrome does look great too. Internally, however, not a fan of that big stilver wheel thing in the middle of the dash. It does get rid of all those buttons that it had but now it just looks as stupid, looks to me like a big toy thing! The auto stick too, prefer the 2005 style, this just doesn't look as sporty as the 2005 and this is a sporty car. Would love to see one in black 2006 model as the 2005 model just looks fantastic. Anyone seen the black wallpaper on the Infiniti site and you'll know what i mean. Infiniti is meant to be coming to the UK in about 2007 but i think plans have been put on hold because they havn't got a disel engine yet and otherwise, they wont sell. I first saw the FX on a holiday and New York and thought WOW, that is the best looking SUV that i think i have seen. Actually seen an imported one in black and it looked quite big but it was in the distance. How does the FC compare in size to something like and X5 or Murano? Must get the FX when its launched over here. Everything else except the Murano is a boring or stupid shap!
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    Interesting. I grew up in Italy and frequently visit my family there. I only saw one FX in Rome and it had Belgium plates. I agree, as gas costs about $6 per gallon in many parts of Europe, unless the FX carries a diesel engine it will not be sold in Europe. As it is, it is a gas guzzler here in the U.S... if you drive it with a lead foot, that is... and $3 a gallon is beginning to hurt.

    Nevertheless, I LOVE the car.

    The FX appears to be about the same size as the X5 or Murano. From afar it seems smaller because of the tapered back, less boxy, especially compared to the X5.

    Ciao, Jon.
  • Having read in lots of magazines and websites, lots of other people have seen the FX too. Everyone asks "what is it?" and "will it be coming here?". People do notice this car and really want it to come to the UK. Every X5 or XC90 on the road here is a diesel! However, there are plenty of Cayennes on the road now and all of these are petrol, so i think that the FX buyer is now the sort of person who owns a Cayenne. The FX also doesnt semm like a proper off roader because it doesnt seem to have much ground clearance or space. Is it not very spacious in the back? If it is only the size of something like a Corolla in the back! Then it wont sell for that reason too!!
  • dantedante Posts: 92
    The FX does not have a large cargo bay like more truck-like SUVs. It is fine for me (fits three golf bags, even four). Which is all I care about. Plus, if you put the seats down, the cargo area is very large. My wife has a Volvo xc70 cross country which has a cavernous cargo bay so we use that car for heavy lifting.

    The FX is NOT an off roader. If you want an off roader, then I would look at the Toureg, Land Rover, Cayenne, Jeep, etc... The FX is a sports car on steroids. Stricly road use.

    And it rocks! Jon.
  • Thanks for the reply Jon!
    How much does the FX share with the Murano? Is the FX basically the same car but just more up market than the Murano? I know that the Murano has the 350Z engine and the FX35 the engine in the G35 coupe, is that the 350Z engine too? I read somewhere that they dont share the same platform though, is this true?
    Also, can the FX seat 3 across in the back OK? The Murano is spacious in the back and my mum is interested in it but is put off by people thinking that she drives a Datsun! So, would you all recommend the FX over the Murano? Off-roading not important to us at all!! We just want, good equipment levels, good performance and for it to be spacious and stylish. We like the Touareg and the RX. The X5 is nice but where we live, EVERYONE has one! I'm from the Manchested United Football club area, wealthy people who live here all drive the X5 and the Range Rover. So, we dont want to follow the crowd and get the X5, its so dull too now, looking very dated and has been doing for the past few years! Don' like the ML because MB dealers here are runnish!!
    Thanks for any helkp in advance!
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