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Jeep Wrangler



  • cklausingcklausing Posts: 16
    Well, the cheapest fix is to put up some sort of baffling behind the speakers. For the fronts, you can get pre-formed enclosures that go in behind the dash speakers. For the soundbar, you can get something similar and/or use some poly-fill to tighten up the sound. As for increased base, I don't know how much this will help.

    As for the factory speakers, they were the first things to go for me. The soundbar speakers were easy enough to replace, but the dash speakers aren't "standard" in their method of attachment, so you'll either need to find some brackets to provide a standard mounting, or build your own. I took the second route, because I was not able to find anything locally, and didn't want to wait to try and order something (I reallized my problem after I'd already ripped out the existing speakers).

    In terms of the actual head unit, I decided on going with a Rockford Fosgate CD/MP3 player. There were two reasons for going with CD/MP3 ability. The first being that with the way the Wrangler rides, I would occasionally get skipping in the CD player. The buffering used for MP3 playback totally removes this problem from the picture. No matter how bumpy the ride, the music plays smooth. I've yet to have so much as a single skip while playing back MP3s. The second being that I like to leave my Wrangler open, rather than locking it and providing a reason for a thief to cut the soft windows/top trying to get in. As a result, I don't want to leave a cd collection out for the taking. I can get 10+ audio CDs of music onto one MP3 CD, and I just leave that in the head unit, and take the faceplate with me. Lots of music one a single disc is a wonderful thing.

    I chose the Rockford Fosgate unit because it was well-rated most everywhere I went, and because of the controls being very easy to use on a bumpy ride and without looking. The volume knob is a real knob, and it is also used for all the sound-tailoring settings. The preset buttons are slightly small, which is the biggest annoyance I've noticed. The scan/seek/track-change buttons are fairly large, and are right next to the volume knob and very easy to access.

    The display is really bright and large. Very easy to see on a sunny day with the top down. Only real compaint is that the deck doesn't have ID3 tag support for MP3s. It's a standard DIN unit, so a mounting bracket is needed as well.

    As far as the order of improved sound quality:

    1:speaker upgrade (put in Infinity speakers)
    2:head unit upgrade
    3:poly-fill in soundbar

    Of course, that is just the opposite of the ordering based on cost:)
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
  • Hi-

    I'm new here and have been thinking about getting an 02 soon. I am trying to determine what is really different between the X and Sport, aside from fog lamps, full doors std., and a tilt steering wheel. I haven't been to a dealer yet, so this is just what i've gathered on my own.

    So here is my question- I don't want full doors or tilt, but do want the fog lamps, which aren't an option on the X (from what I can see) - The fog lamps don't justify the extra 1300 dollars to get the Sport- How difficult is it to add fog lamps after I buy it?

    Also- I live in Chicago, want the soft top, but curious how cold it gets in there during the winter.

  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Just get some decent headlights.

    Go here and ask for Cibie E-Code headlamps.

    If you go with a higher wattage bulb, get the relay/harness.

    and read the faq:

    don't forget to aim them:

    see also:

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I still haven't figured out how to put more than maybe 3 links in the same post without getting an error. You were going to look into that. Any luck?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The thing I looked into was trying to get past the 115 (or whatever) limits on the character length limit of a URL. Unfortunately, there isn't any easy way around that - BUT - works!

    Regarding multiple links in a message - just enter < br > or < p > (without the spaces!) after each link and it will produce a line break in the text. I am not sure why it's not automatically being done with your links. How, exactly, are you entering the links onto the page now?




  • cklausingcklausing Posts: 16
    I believe the model is RFX9000. It was their first entry into the CD/MP3 market. Since then, I know they've released a few other models which include better line-out options, but other than that I don't know what the major differences are off the top of my head.

    I picked it up near the middle-end of last summer, and at the time the number of "good" head units in the CD/MP3 catagory were few. The Kenwoods were having problems with quality control, the sonys were laughable at best, and the only two that I saw that were worth really considering were the Rockford Fosgate RFX9000 and the JVC SH99. Actually, the SH99 was blowing the doors off of everything, but I sadly couldn't find a local dealer and at the time wasn't feeling like taking the risk of ordering something I couldn't check out first-hand. Eventually one of my friends picked up the SH99, and he loves it. It is honestly a bit more feature-rich than the RF, and if you can get past the fact that it is made by a company that is not renowned for their car stereos, the SH99 really is a superb head unit.

    So far though, no regrets. I got everything I really wanted, and none of the stuff that I didn't really need.
  • Just worked on a major sludge problem caused by failure of PCV system. The rubber gromit at the back of the valve cover is prone to swelling and clogging. This connects the vent tube that goes to the intake manifold. Gromit looks fine on top but is disintegrating underneath. You should be able to remove the black tube and easily push down a rod through the hole 1 inch till you hit metal. Check it out.
  • yellowmanyellowman Posts: 209
    Hey all

    Well after months of putting it off, procrastinating, and working on the design, I finally got my custom spare tire cover made. As you may recall, I wanted to advertise for my company when driving around town. I purchased a Bestop vinyl spare tire cover from Quadratec for $19.95, then took it in to a local flag & banner store. They told me that, due to the large diameter and shape, they didn't have the equipment to stretch the cover properly to make it flat for printing purposes. Therefore they decided to print my ad on a separate round piece of vinyl and stitch it to the spare tire cover. I used Adobe Illustrator 9.0 to create the graphics (which consist of mostly text with a big yellow happy face and a line drawing of a lunchbox). It took about a week for them to do, but the finished product looks pretty damn good!! It's very smooth and shiny so I'm not too worried about water messing it up. The stitching overlaps some of my artwork, but you can't really tell from 5-10 feet away. Also you can see the outline of the material if you look closely, but again it's not something noticeable from a viewer's perpective from within another car. One thing to keep in mind if you're going to do this - do not make your artwork stretch all the way to the edge, because it will start to bend outward due to the curvature of the tire. I left a one-inch gutter and I'm glad I did!

    Anyway hope this helps anyone thinking of doing a custom tire cover. Oh, the total price for the custom printing was $260.00.

  • For now I think I will leave the head unit like it is to discourage theft. I live in Memphis and it seems to happen ALL THE TIME here :-(

    I will take your advice and upgrade the factory speakers though. Do you think that will get enough bass into the picture or will I have to opt for a one of those powered subwoofers like a Bazooka tube? I am not looking to wake up the neighbors... but as it is now I have no low range coming from the speakers at all and at high volumes it is very distorted. that is the main reason I want to upgrade. Thanks in advance!

  • cklausingcklausing Posts: 16
    In my honest opinion, I don't think you'll probably end up with enough bass to make you happy. Depending on your speaker choice, the amount of change you get will vary, but you should get some improvement. Problem is that the standard speaker sizes used in the Wrangler and just not really adequate to get good bass out.

    If you are willing to do a bit of cutting, I know some people have been able to fit 6-1/2" speakers into the soundbar by trimming just a bit of the enclosure. This should definately improve things over just doing a straight upgrade to better 5-1/4" speakers. The ones in the dash though are pretty hopeless. Those things seem to distort at any reasonable volume no matter what you put in there. Almost better off to get a bass-block and use the front speakers only for mid-range/highs.

    Another thing to worry about is the amount of current the factory head unit can supply if you are worried about getting distored bass at high volumes. That most likely adds to the distortion as well as the limitations of the speaker.

    If you want "real" bass, you'll probably have to end up going with some sort of additional bass tube. Swapping in new speakers and adding poly-fill to the soundbar did increase the amount and tightness of the bass at lower volumes, but I still get distortion at high volumes. Really noticable in the front speakers, not as much so in the soundbar speakers (though it is still definately there).

    This is also VERY dependant on the frequency range in question. My stuff seems to handle mid-bass just fine. The really low stuff though still reveals the problem (which is what I'd expect trying to recreate it using a 5-1/2" driver). I'd suggest doing the factory speaker swap first along with the poly-fill, and seeing how that upgrade handles the music that you listen to. Depending on your musical taste, that may be enough to make you happy. If you listen to a lot of electronic music or hip-hop/rap/anything-in-this-genre frequently, you'll almost definately want to start looking for some sort of stand-alone sub setup.
  • cklausingcklausing Posts: 16
    Well, it's been warm and sunny for a couple of days straight now, so this morning I decided it would be the perfect time to take the doors off for the first time. All I can say is that I'm dreading watching the weather because I just don't want to hear that it might rain and that I'll need to put them back on! I figured I was going to enjoy the whole doorless thing, but I had no idea how much so.

    Nothing really important to say, just really excited about the whole new level of happiness I've reached with my Wrangler. Doors off is going to be the standard so long as the weather is willing to play nice.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Our day was sunny, very windy and cold. Still no snow. But that's good, since the Wrangler is now sitting in Bakersfield waiting to get the exhaust manifold fixed. Like I thought all along, it's cracked and won't pass the smog test (sigh). Guess that $500-600 touch is going to put off the new roof for a month or two (which the frosty weather we're having would have anyway)! Price to fix is dependent on how many screws break off! I guess I can't complain - this is the first major repair I've had in 94,000 miles.
  • sbspencesbspence Posts: 16
    You'll be just as happy with the "X" model, as with the Sport. You can take the extra $$ saved and start your mods! ;) I also live in Illinois and have no regrets about this (my second) soft top Wrangler. The new sailclith tops are great! They really do work wonders in both warmth and sound isolation. HTH!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Now you know why I was so excited about the "doorless" thing. It makes a HUGE difference in the fun of driving the Jeep, huh?

    Must be nice to live in a place where you can go doorless this time of year!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    "The thing I looked into was trying to get past the 115 (or whatever) limits on the character length limit of a URL.

    Regarding multiple links in a message - just enter < br > or < p > (without the spaces!) after each link and it will produce a line break in the text. I am not sure why it's not automatically being done with your links."

    I think it is a combination of the 115 limit and multiple links (it thinks they are all one link?).

    "How, exactly, are you entering the links onto the page now?"

    Copy and paste.
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