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Jaguar: Problems and Solutions



  • aliabadialiabadi Posts: 4
    i put a thicker oil and it helps a bit, not much.
    Please let me know what you found.
  • ghraiaghraia Posts: 11
    I recently requested that Jaguar refund purchase price of our 2006 XJ8L in accordance with the lemon laws. At 3000 miles, it started crackling and popping noises from the front suspension and has steadily gotten worse. It has been in the dealer's shop for over 60 days and they have made 4 unsuccessful attempts to repair it. The dealer gave us a new XJ8L just like ours to drive and at 2500 miles it started making similar noises. It appears that this may be a Jaguar design flaw, but have not seen any postings with similar problems. The car also has a lot of tire noise transmitted through the front suspension, much more than the 05 model we drove prior to purchase. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?
  • I have a 2002 xkr. The top wont open. Fluid leaked through the center top speaker like crazy. Now I cant open top to look at problem. Anyone know how to emergency get the top down?
  • aliabadialiabadi Posts: 4
    This lifter noise is still there.
    i am gussing that the timing chain tensioner opens when the RPM is around 1500. Thightens the chain which results in eliminating the valve lifter noise.

    The sudden noise is also related to the chain that rubs on the tensioner and guides.

    What do you think?
  • ghraiaghraia Posts: 11
    Here is a follow-up to my original post regarding my buyback request. Jaguar wrote me a letter saying they would look into the matter and reply within 30 days. 30 days was July 27 and still no reply. My dealer, Hampton Jaguar, Columbia, SC, says they have not been contacted by Jaguar either and at this point cannot help me. So my car sits in their shop. It has now been out of service over 100 days of the 270 days I have owned it. Looks like I am going to have to hire an attorney.
  • connie5connie5 Posts: 5
    Why haven't you contacted Consumer Affairs in your state to get name of Lemon Law Attorneys? You should not be dealing with the 30 days in the Lemon Law, a Lemon Law Attorney will take your case free of charge. My 2006 jag is making a knocking noise when turning corners, is that how it started with you?
  • ghraiaghraia Posts: 11
    Thanks, good advice. Yes, started as a kind of crackling noise from the front suspension at about 3000 miles. Steadily got worse.
  • mylemon2mylemon2 Posts: 21
    How are you making out with your Lawsuit? Please keep me up to date. I have tried for many months now to "work it out" with Jaguar without having to take them to court, but jaugar is totally unreasonable and they have put me through a living hell! This has been the very WORST customer "service" experience I have ever had in my life!! They have made it very clear to me that they have no intention of terminating my Lease for a car that I know is unsafe! And, they REFUSE to exchange my car for another! All they want from me is my MONEY for a car that I will NEVER drive again!! Now, I WILL sue them! Jaguar had always been my dream car, but I would NEVER buy or lease a Jaguar again!!! Jaguar does not deserve my business after the way they treated me!! I recently flew on U.S. Airways and they ripped a zipper on my suitcase and several items fell out and were not recovered. I put in a Claim, and in less than 30 days they paid my Claim, AND wrote me a beautiful personal letter of apology, AND included 2 coupons for up to $100 off on 2 future airline tickets. Now, THAT'S customer service!!! Would I fly U.S. Airways again? You betcha! Jaguar has never as much as made a verbal apology for all of my problems and inconveniences and accident, let alone a witten letter! They do NOT deserve my business!!!
  • ghraiaghraia Posts: 11
    Another update:
    Got a fax from Jaguar saying they would give me a new car or, If I chose, would refund my money as prescribed in the Lemon Law. I chose to take the money since the loaner I had started making the same noises, and another person here seemed to be having the same problem. Funny that there do not seem to be similar problems with the 04 & 05 models. However, all the 06's I have driven have more road noise in general transmitted through the front suspension. Maybe they changed suppliers for some components in 06. Anyway, I am conflicted about the whole experience, since other than this problem, I really loved the car. I will say that other than being a little slow, Jaguar and the dealer have been really good to work with.
  • jaguar09jaguar09 Posts: 12
    I know how you feel and I have a meeting with my attorney tomorrow to discuss the case. Let me know if you live in the Atlanta area because my attorney may want to speak with you.
  • mylemon2mylemon2 Posts: 21
    No, I don't, but keep me posted, anyway. And I'll keep you posted. I know of another case of sudden acceleration against Jag also going on now. Maybe jag will get the "message" that they have a defect! Keep hammering at them! I know I will! Good Luck.
  • mylemon2mylemon2 Posts: 21
    Did you have to get an Attorney to fight for you in order to get Jag to make this offer? Or, did they make this offer in response to your personal complaint? How long did this whole process take until you got this fax?
  • connie5connie5 Posts: 5
    "Service action S124" - 2006 xj8 letter states if ignition is switched off quickly with brake pedal applied, message to control prevents control unit from entering "sleep" mode, which can discharge the battery. Sounds like it may accelerate because of the following: Jag advises that before you get this fixed here is what to do: When turning off vehicle, select Park position, set the PARKING brake, then release the foot brake and then shut off engine!!!!!
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    They made the offer after written complaint and study of service records. Took about 40 days after first letter, but car was in their shop about 100 days. This was a specific problem that they could identify, but could not repair.
  • connie5connie5 Posts: 5
    I had Jag service action number wrong,it is S724, which sounds like an acceleration problem.
  • I've had repairs done in the last week, the manifold hose was cracked and the valve cover gasket was leaking. The guy repaired all of that and the car is running well, but now the check engine light is on. He put it back on the machine and the code P1401 comes up which he says is a sensor, but there are so many sensors he doesn't know exactly which one it is. I don't want to take it back to the Jag dealer because they think I own a money tree, never to spend less than 2k each time I take it there. So I've resorted to a trust worthy mechanic who has done good work on all of my other cars. He has worked on jags too but this code has him baffled. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what sensor this code is pointing to. I guess one could say that this is a lemon too, I've spent over 7k with jaguar in the last year to keep it running. I don't want to return to jaguar. Please help.
  • I have a 1998 XJ8. This car has a valve lifter noise at start-up. After I rev the motor to about 1500 rpm there is a sound as if a solenoid or switch is kicking in. After that engine is quiet. (I am wondering if one or both variable valve solenoids might be failing). Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I have flushed the engine twice and have changed the timing chain tensioners recently. I also have installed Original Jag Oilfilter and have played with putting thin or thich oil. no significant change. Thanks.
  • I just bought a 2000 s-type jaguar. Went to start it today and the message center said 'boot open'. If anyone knows what this means, please share the info.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,450
    The sensor that indicates whether your trunk is open or not is activating, either telling the truth or lying, we don't know.

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  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I've created a couple of new discussions out of two recent, open threads here:

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