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Chevrolet Cavalier Performance



  • hyde552hyde552 Posts: 3
    Could someone checkout the Trans tuner interceptor on the RKsport website for a 2005 cavalier automatic and tell me if it is a worthy investment as far as stronger/smoother shifts, the RK sport rep guy was trying to tell me it could be good for making the car a little better at takeoffs for racing.??????????
  • Yo, I bought a new 05 Cavy. I was thinking about puttin on a CAI. But from what I've been reading. He saying that its worth it, then another sayin its not. However, if I were to put one on where should I put it? and can I make a custom CAI. ANYONE PLZZZ.....
  • darestiedarestie Posts: 3
    I have a stock 05 2D cavalier with a 5spd. A while back someone mentioned putting a K&N cone air filter on the end of their stock intake arm. I've noticed how the end however is oval shaped. does anyone know if there is an adapter I can buy. or can the K&N filter fit right on. Thank's
  • Yo I noticed the same thing. I think you can put an Air Filter onto the end cap. The filter sould adjusting rubber on its back with a clamp to clamp onto. I mean I dont know, let me know if you can do it. AND THERE MIGHT BE AN ADAPTER...
  • had that problem with a 98 Z24, was told by the dealer that a "partial" tune up was needed. Which means cleaning out the throttle body. I have not cleaned it yet, but it has not stuck again. It first happened about 3 years ago.
  • gimmpygimmpy Posts: 1
    i have a cavy 01 and i am tired of the pathetic sound she makes i need to add sum growl to my girl.... so if there is any in expensive way to give her sum growl lemme kno
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    I'm not a big fan of coffee cans, but maybe a ram-air intake and a hi-flow catalytic (or just a cat-back aftermarket muffler like from Flowmaster or Ansa) shouldn't set you back too much.

    You want to be careful about noise. What sounds nice at idle or low speeds can drive you nuts hour after hour on the highway.

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  • does neone know if i can put a cobalt ss engine in my cavy ?
  • or will it be cheaper to get 99 2.4 and build it up to where i can put a supercharger on that one?
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    Cheaper getting a 2.4 and building it up. Trying to transfer a SS into a Cavalier, you will also need to change out the PCM also. Too much work and too expensive. Use the money to build up a 2.4
  • where is the best place to look for engine performance parts? I want to get pistons, cams, cam gears, lifters, roller rockers, a crank and, etc.
  • cavpatcavpat Posts: 1
    For the intake. There's an oval metal ring inside the end of the stock intake arm, pull that out and you can make the arm round to fit your filter.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    This forum is strictly for modifications and customizations, so I'm going to move your post to our regular

    Chevy Cavalier Forum

    see you there!


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  • Hey, I drive a z24 with a 4t4oe. Does anyone out there make a performance built replacement for the 4t4oe, I've checked B&M, but they only make performance automatics for older cars and chevy v6s and 8s. IF YOU HAVE ANY RELEVANT INFORMATION, please reply to this post. IF YOU WOULD RATHER RIDICULE ME FOR CHOOSING AUTO OVER STANDARD, than please read below, and don't bother replying.

    Long have automatic transmissions been shunned, but they've dominated racing for a long time. Now, of course, top fuel dragsters don't even have transmissions, and some classes of racing require a manual, but many racing cars use [highly modified] automatics, or so called "sequential manuals" which are nothing more than an automatic that lets you select the "gear".
    The pros of a manual transmission are they are more easily modified to handle more power, they typically (as is the case with the cavalier) have better gear ratios, and they are cool and fun. Let's not get into the issue of numbers, since while more gears has its advantages, 4 is really all you need (3 works, but is admittedly outdated).
    The cons of a manual is that they are suseptable to driver error, and they all but require that you disengage the clutch to shift gears. This momentarily interupts the flow of power to the wheels.
    An automatic transmission may not have the same ratios, and it is far too pedestrian for some young folks eager to have a cool ride. But it does all the thinking for you, almost never makes a mistake, and shifts out of one "gear" and into the next instantly, with little or [frequently] no power interuption.
    To credit the 4t4oe, its ratios are quite snappy, and it will hold its gear to redline if pushed. It can also handle more power than most people give it credit for.
  • Does neone know where i can get good performance parts for a 2.4 twin cam. I'm mainly looking for internal mods though like pistons, cams, and stuff like that.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    What sounds nice at idle or low speeds can drive you nuts hour after hour on the highway.

    ... and keep local noise ordinances (and your neighbors) in mind too please.
  • What are the 5 bigest engines i could drop into my 98' cavalier?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,456
    You can put anything you want in there if you have the money. V-10 Viper, no problem, just takes cash. But seriously...... If you mean an easy bolt-in type of thing, I dunno, you'd have to do some research. I don't recall anything that fits. Most people with this type of car will work with what they have. Anyone got any ideas for him?

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  • take a 2.4 twin cam and bore it out and put a cam in it and then procharge it, along with all the other minor neccecities. thats what im tryin to do but i cant find any good catalogs to order out of for the parts i need
  • is it possiable to put a V6 engine in a 97 2door cavalier LS..if not what about the 98 Cavalier engine into a 97 Cavalier? i found a nice supercharger for the LS 98 and i wanted to know if the swap was possiable?
  • I bought a 2002 2.2L Cav about 2 months ago, used. I want to start modding it, but don't know where I should start first. What do you think?

    I'm also wondering what a good price for air intake is and what kind I should buy.

    Sorry if these questions are already answered, but I don't have much time to sift through everything! :D

    Thanks- Jacob :D
  • Hi, is my first post in this forum. I am fixing a Z24 (96), 2.4 lts. DOHC, 12.5:1 pistons, Secret cams ,aluminium flywheel, steel headers, AEM pulley kits, and some other things. Well, i want to buy a 4.30 RING AND PINION because the track is very short but when search for it in the web i find many places offers RING AND PINION for many GM applications but they dont offers by model (Cavalier), they offers by number of bolts or size, example: GM 8.5 10 Bolt Ring and Pinion , ¿Do you know the number of bolts the Cavalier have? or better ¿Anybody know where i buy the 4.30 RING AND PINION?
    Thanks for your help, and sorry my english
  • To my knowledge you cant change the final drive ratio in this car they dont have ring and pinions. When they say 8.5 10 bolt they are referring to a rear out of rear wheel drive vehicle. Sort of like a turbo 350 is a transmission a 10 bolt is a rear end.
  • Here try this link
    link title
    Also link title sells the gm performance blower for your car.

    Here are a few more

    link title
    link title
    link title
    link title
    link title
  • hey where did u go to find that supercharger for that 98 cavalier?
  • you can buy the cobalt ss engine with the super charger complete from gm
    by the time you by a 2.4 and supercharger you will be close in price.
    if you are swapping a 2.4 into a 2.2 pushrod you will have to change the pcm any ways.
  • you will also have to consider what trans you have the isuzu 5spd if fairly weak.
    the final drive spider can't take the abuse. the supercharger kit is recommended
    for vehicles equipped with the 5spd getrag trans.
  • Flowmaster are just ignorant sounding. I have dual flowmaster on my sunfire gt.
  • Hi folks, can anyone tell me where I can locate online the wiring diagrams for the Chevy Cavalier 2005?
  • Hey guys just wandering if neone has an aftermarket tach in a 99 chevy cavalier, or if neone can tell me what wire of the motor i should splice the white wire off my tach into the directions told me to splice it into the white wire off the coil pack but then my tach has a slow reaction. any comment would be helpful thanx
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