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Jeep Wrangler



  • yellowmanyellowman Posts: 209
    I guess one of my old SAT words just popped into my head when I needed an adjective to describe ol' tsjay on his b-day.

    I see him as an older, wiser, Jeep-mentor (and general car-care guru) because his was some of the first information I read about when I started looking at this board way back about a year and a half ago, a couple months before my own Jeep purchase. I was initially really impressed with the fact that he actually scanned in his invoice and posted it on his web page, complete with coffee stains and all! I said to myself, now *this* is a guy who pays attention to detail! (twylie's another one, among many others here) His posts have been quite useful to me and I even remember someone suggesting that he should be nominated as President or Chairman of the Wrangler board! If there was such a thing, I'd certainly vote for him. Venerable indeed! Happy b-day again, tsjay.

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    If my posts were useful to you, then I am a happy camper. The posts of those before me were very useful to me, so if I was able to pass along some info, that's great. It's a shame that most of the old crowd that was here when I became part of this group are gone now.

    You get that nice yeller Jeep off the pavement yet? Ya gotta try it sometime! :)

    When are you going to join us in gill's chat room again? It has been AGES!


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • appstate88appstate88 Posts: 40
    Thanks for the advice on the Tuffy console. You have given my several options I hadn't thought of. I will let you know what I decide to do.

    When we went to buy my wifes Wrangler, we didn't really care whether we got the Sport or the Sahara. Pam had to have the 6 Cylinder and air. I insisted on Cruise.

    So when we went to buy, the Sahara they had on the lot just happened to have everything we needed.

    But the key to getting a good price is not to want it too bad (Which is really hard with Wranglers!) I did the negotiating, not because it is the manly thing, but because it wasn't my vehicle. So I was very willing to walk away.

    I have to say though, my wife did a very good of acting disinterested even though she was dying for her Sahara!

    So, long story short we got it for $50 over invoice minus a 500.00 rebate. And we bought it about this time of year, which is good for lower prices if you are willing to buy off the lot.

    Hope this helps!

    BTW, my wife is from Whidbey Island!

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Yesterday I had the oil changed at the DC dealer in the town where I work. I asked if they had the part for the second recall, the one concerning debris build up between the intake and exhaust manifolds on the 4.0 engine. They had it, so I had them take care of that while I was there.

    I had the ignition recall job done about three weeks ago or so, and now I am through with those recalls.

    The mechanic probably spent about 30 minutes on the ignition recall job and a little less than that on the manifold shield.

    One advantage to living in this area is that the service departments are kind of laid back, and they don't mind customers hanging around right where the work is going on. I was able to look over the guy's shoulder during each of these jobs.

    The "fix" for the manifold debris build up problem is just a flimsy metal foil shield that they install. The throttle linkage has to be disconnected and also the rail for the fuel injector wiring. I think there were just two bolts that had to be taken out plus the throttle linkage being disconnected.


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • quikkagquikkag Posts: 24
    As I've mentioned before, I live in Houston. Summer heat is beginning to set in and it has me wondering. When I had a Miata, I could put the top down even in the middle of the summer as long as I cranked the a/c to blow cool air on me. Can anyone in a similarly hot climate comment on the effectiveness of doing the same with at least the sides and back off of a Wrangler?


  • madman390madman390 Posts: 72
    Quikkag--Houston? My wife's folks live in Spring; she's there visiting them now. I'll be there later in the summer/fall. Small world.

    Anyway, to your question. I am currently in Tampa, Florida, where the temps have been in the 90-95 degree range. I've had my top and doors off for a while until the rains came. I can tell you that the A/C helps, but only when standing still, and only if you have your doors on and windows up. Once moving, there is so much air "turbulence" that you really don't feel the A/C. Now this is in the middle of the day, with the sun beating down on you. What helps greatly is having your top up (even with the windows out), or even better, having a bikini top. It seems that just a little bit of shade will cool you off immensely.

    Just my opinion, of course. Enjoy Texas!

  • quikkagquikkag Posts: 24
    Thanks for the info, madman! I intend to go with half doors, and I've been debating whether to go mainly with the top up, but sides and back out or buy a bikini top. If the bikini provides more airflow, I'll go that route. The comfort factor (temperature-wise) weighs heavily in my decision. For the most part, this will be the only vehicle I drive. I really want to go open air as much as possible. It largely defeats my purpose if I have to keep the vehicle enclosed for the a/c throughout the (long) summer.

    Another question: how effectively do the seat covers resist water? If I have a top on, but sides open, and it rains while I have the Wrangler parked at work, will I drive home with soaked seats? And will I be able to take the carpeting out so it won't get wet when it rains?

    madman, when you're here later in the year, will you have your Jeep here?

  • twylietwylie Posts: 619
    The cloth seats are pretty water resistant if you get some rain in the sides while driving, but if you're going to be parked, it's best to flip them forward all the way and they'll stay pretty dry, even with half doors (I speak from experience on this one!). We ran all of last summer and 2 months so far this year with no top, just a bikini and duster. I added the windjammer and seat heaters for a long trip we took, and everything was pretty cozy. The bikini does a pretty good job of keeping you from baking in the 90+ degree days. It also will keep the dash pretty dry. My thought is I'd rather the bikini ($40) take the abuse of going off and on rather than subject the more expensive soft top to the punishment. The bikini also takes up much less room, and can easily be thrown into the back. The downside to running a bikini only is getting caught in a downpour. Rain will collect on the bikini and then run into the cabin while making a turn (assuming you have the upper doors out). It is fun to see other drivers pointing and laughing at you while you get wet in the rain. My neighbors now have another reason to think I'm nuts. The carpeting pulls out very easily.

  • madman390madman390 Posts: 72
    Yes, I'll have my Jeep in Houston. I've also found a few places to go off-roading (nothing too extreme) in the area.

    Again, as far as the tops go, if it's raining, or threatening rain, and you don't want any water at all, it's best to keep the top up, and the A/C going. It works very well (as does the heat in the winter). But like I said, the bikini will give you some shade and definitely cooler than without. Although it is definitely more "comfortable" with the A/C, nothing can compare to driving top down and doorless!

    About the seats, you asked about seat covers. Are you talking about after-market seat covers, or the ones that come with the Jeep? The vinyl seats on the SE are actually better at resisting the water than the semi-cloth seats in the Sport or Sahara, although they get much hotter (and colder). The Sport seats are sort of water resistant, but they will absorb water and get your butt wet when you sit in them. Having the back windows out (all 3) is not too bad in the weather if you have your driver and passenger windows up. As Twylie said, folding your seats up will help keep them dry.

    As for the carpet, if you even order it, it is very easy to take out. It is held down with plain old velcro. I yanked mine out in a matter of minutes when I took my top and doors off. And put it all back in when the rains came (top, doors, windows, and carpets).


  • quikkagquikkag Posts: 24
    twylie, madman, Tom, and bigkahuna, thanks for answering my questions. I really appreciate it. The community on this thread is terrific.

    About the seat material, are the Sahara trailcloth seats better at resisting water than the Sport's Nomad cloth? I was told that the trailcloth wears much more quickly than the Nomad cloth. Any truth to that?

  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Do you guys know how long it has been since I kept the same vehicle for 18 months???

    Let's see...

    2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GT (bought new in March 2000- traded in on Thelma Jane December 8, 2000) 9 months

    1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (bought new Feb 1999 and traded in on Grand Prix) 13 months

    1995 Ford Explorer (bought used in November 1997, traded in on Grand Cherokee) 14 months

    1994 Camaro Z28 (bought used, and can't remember the month that I bought it, but I only had it about a year)

    1996 Cavalier Z24 (bought new Dec 1, 1995, and traded in on the Camaro about a year later)

    The story goes on, but I can't even remember all the trades. I can remember all he vehicles, but not the dates.

    The point I am trying to make is just this: I HAVE FOUND WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR!

    I LOVE MY JEEP! :)


    Have you hugged your Jeep today?
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    You know, when you get to that last payment (whenever it might be, for me 5 years) you'll have about the same post! I know what you mean. If I were to win the lottery tomorrow (well, Saturday) the only thing I might do (besides dumping the Tacoma) would be to perhaps trade my '98 in on a new one.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Anyone have an answer to my previous post about mirrors or mirror movers?
  • Hi Everyone-

    I was hoping to get some input on what you guys do for the above topics.

    I have a soft top, so I'm not looking to secure items in the Jeep, just secure that the Jeep doesn't get stolen. I didn't get the factory Sentry key and am looking for a good aftermarket alternative. Does anybody have a good reccomendation for the Club, or something like that?

    I'm due for my first oil change in the next few days, and was wondering if anyone uses synthetic oil, such as Mobil 1 - is it worth the extra money? I plan on keeping her a long time, so I'm willing to invest in it if it's worthwhile.

    K&N Filter- supposed to give a little better mpg, which I could use. Any ideas?

    Tire rotation- I'm looking to get my spare rotated in so it doesn't rot away on the tailgate (can't use a cover b/c I have a bike carrier on) -I have heard that it is NOT a good idea since I have Trac Loc and the tires need to be exactly the same size, etc. I have about 2700 miles on the tires, so I don't know how much they have worn down.

    Sorry for this being so long- if you've read this far, I appreciate it! Thanks in advance for the great feedback I know I'll get.
  • madman390madman390 Posts: 72
    Sorry, what was your question again?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    #5460 of 5542 paint questions by anonymous02 May 30, 2002 (02:27 pm)
    Just wondering what to do about peeling grey paint on steel wheels of my 1997 Sport. Will any grey paint work?

    Also, what about the mirror brackets? It seems to be some sort of white metal (zinc?) underneath, but I don't like the look of the metal, so want to paint it black. I might just use some rustoleum.

    comments? ideas?
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    I have a 1997 TJ.

    Want to remove doors.

    What is best option for mirrors?

    (I am cheap, and $25+ S&H seems high to me.)

    It seems that one could fashion something using some round stock, the door hinge hole, and an inexpensive generic mirror. Has anyone done this? Have any suggestions? Pictures?
  • bamatazzbamatazz Posts: 311
    Got my hoist installed today.. wasnt too hard
    But that hard top hanging from my garage doesnt look too safe to me. I am gonna have to figure out a way to make it a litte more safe. PLus I cant figure out how to get it down now..I Prcticed SEVERAL times before loading the hard top, now with the hard top on the hoist I can get it down. Ohh well im sure I will figure it out.
    Tsjay..Is synthetic oil REALLY that much better?
    I really dont see how its does that much good.
    Seems if you stay on schedule with changing it the regular ole stuff will be just as good.
    Ive got the mirror relocation brackets. I will work on installing them later. That hoist BEAT me today.
    Then Next month will be overhead security & CB radio.
    Dont ya just love jeeps?

  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Thanks for the web site - I know that there are more girls than just me out there who want to 'wheel! Wish I wasn't heading to Washington this summer, but there is always next year...

    I would agree with bamatazz about the oil. If you want to change every 3,000 or so miles (like I do) then it doesn't really matter, as long as you use the appropriate type of oil for the weather (found that out the hard way when I used the wrong oil and my Mustang had all kinds of problems when it was cold). If you are going to change less frequently, then switching to synthetic is better. I used ordinary oil in my old Nissan, changed it at Jiffy-Lube every 3,000 miles and the engine was still in excellent condition when I sold it at 290,000 miles (tranny was gone for a second time, but the engine was good). I've been doing the same thing with my Wrangler and while I've had the exhaust manifold replaced, the brakes and rotors need to be done and the A/C needs servicing, the engine is running great. I haven't put many miles on it recently (got the Taco fixed) and don't want to drive much until the brakes are done, so I only have 102,000 miles on it.
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