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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • Hello Mr Roatsey,

    Count me in!

    Eugenia Porello
  • After being told @ 112K miles that the heat shields were lose but there was nothing wrong with the tranny, having been the victim of a hit and run while waiting for the tow truck when the transmission quit on the interstate and being REALLY ticked spending over $3,100 to replace the transmission, I'd be more than happy to get further information on a class-action lawsuit. Please count me in!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    As we generally do not permit the solicitation of lawsuit action in the forums, nor do we recommend the posting of email addresses (as noted in the post box - we can't stop anyone from mining it), please use the email address in your profile and make it "public" to other members if you wish to contact each other directly.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Same problem with my 2003 Matrix manual transmission going out at 84,000. They refused to take on any responsibility when I called Torrance. Count me in on class action.
    ted brodek, Atlanta
  • Seems you are cutting yourself out from a lot of fun!
  • Please include my car in any class actions with Toyota.
    I have a 2004 Matrix (5 speed manual) with 41K and the clutch has been getting worse over the last 6 months. The low gears do not seem to have as much slipping as the higher gears. Lately, the clutch will slip when you try to apply any acceleration on the roadway.
    I realize I need to take this in, but being unemployed makes we not want to hear what it may cost. It would be great if this forum can bring about results for the unfortunates’. Thanks.
    Otherwise, it has been a fun car to drive. I did wreak a tire on a spring pot hole (low profile tires) and found out how expensive these tires are!
  • I am a little disappointed in the lack of progress with the Toyota manual transmission dispute. I have done extensive research on - the NHTSA complaint website - and have found very few complaint entries concerning this issue whether it be with Corolla or Matrix vehicles. TOYOTA WILL DO NOTHING UNLESS WE ALL DO OUR RESPECTIVE DUTY CONCERNING FORMAL COMPLAINTS.

    Have you called Toyota at 1-800-331-4331 to file a complaint?

    Have you filed a complaint with

    I have received NOT ONE email correspondence concerning the supposed filing of a class-action law suit against Toyota after repeatedly emailing the person who said they were going to speak with an attorney weeks ago.

    I am willing to compile a legitimate list of names of Toyota owners with the same transmission issues and post them on the internet. I will create and host a website that will list these names including make, model and VIN numbers of the vehicles in question. Hopefully the negative publicity created by this website will force Toyota to do something about the transmission problem.....what do we have to loose at this point?

    If you'd like to be involved in this project please call me with your information:

    Bryan Shepler - 802-485-7761
  • marjomarjo Posts: 28
    I'm surprised as well. My first post was Oct 2007, #81. Now we're are up to message #345 and nothing has been accomplished. I am in Canada but still filed a complaint on the US NHTSA (the 4th one of 18 under powertrain:manual trans), ODI ID Number : 10208057. I would still love my $2000 back if possible! Still enjoying my Honda though. Got rid of that car but still have the VIN. It is also in the file number above.
  • A slipping clutch is not related to the problems people are having with transmission bearings. I don't think you could be part of a class action suit. Ignoring a slipping clutch could soon get you stranded.
  • feng1feng1 Posts: 1
    Our '05 Matrix clutch went out at 65K. Toyota not interested in doing anything. People should beware of their clutch. I found out the clutch was slipping under pressure while trying to get onto Highway 101 in CA and nearly getting run over by an 18-Wheeler - car stalled out. This is dangerous.
  • Bryan,

    I would like to talk with you and will call you? Here is the message I recently posted which is closely related to what happened to you:

    #25 of 26Re: Matrix engine and steering failure [richardi1] by robincm Oct 09, 2009 (9:08 pm)Save | Reply

    Replying to: richardi1 (Feb 15, 2008 7:56 pm)

    "On October 7th, 2009, I experienced a very similar situation to what Richard described. In my case, my 2007 Matrix lost engine and steering power in the middle of the freeway while I was on my way to work. Thank God I was only traveling 40 or so miles per hour because of traffic; if I had been traveling faster, I have no doubt this incident could have resulted in injuries and/or fatalities. Did I mention there were four other vehicles involved? After investigating the incident, my insurance company told me I'm not at fault because the car stalled. The CHP and highway transportation personnel at the scene also told me it looked like a mechanical problem. My car was towed to the local Toyota dealership and they've had it since that date. I have received a phone message from Toyota service each day, near the end of the day, telling me they are testing my car, their computer reports aren't showing any problem codes, and they need to keep working on my car. Finally this afternoon, around 4:00 p.m., I received a call from the service manager who told me "there is nothing wrong with your car", "come and pick it up", and (by the way), the daily rental car fee clock is ticking. To top things off, I was told by service I would not be charged for a rental vehicle and have no intention of paying them one penny. Toyota is taking absolutely no responsibility whatsoever for this situation, and I have decided I will not drive the car again because I believe it is unsafe. This is a warning to other Toyota customers...Beware!"

    Here is an update on what I wrote above:

    We went back to the Toyota dealer and were told the car is in perfect condition and there is nothing wrong with it. This report was given to us by the assistant service manager. The person who was with me asked to see a report showing us what the dealership did to check the car and what the results were. We were given a copy and realized the only things Toyota did were 1). Ran a computer report which they claim showed nothing was wrong with the vehicle, and 2). Test drove the vehicle. They never even checked the transmission, fuel line, battery (whatever else) that may have caused the problem. Toyota did offer to let us leave the Matrix in their parking lot because I stated that I am not comfortable driving the car because I believe it is unsafe. I also will not take the car back to try and pass it off by selling it to someone else. I am looking into all of my rights. I believe this is a potentially very serious problem and people's lives are at stake. PS. We weren't charged for the rental car--Thanks so very much, Toyota!
  • I don't believe in joining the ranks of those threatening a lawsuit unless I have very valid concerns. Well, I do. I was in what could have been a potentially life-threatening accident when my Matrix stalled on a major freeway (please read my other posts for details). I am not only concerned about myself--I am also concerned about the others on our freeways who may be hurt or killed because of what appears to be a serious problem and a smoking gun for Toyota. Toyota is telling me nothing is wrong with my car and are washing their hands of the problem; this is based on their computer printout results. We all know computers can fail, and in the event of such a serous problem, my car should have been thoroughly and completely examined. I refused to drive it home, and it's still sitting in the Toyota parking lot. We are looking at a big loss because we spent $20,000 when we purchased it. I am interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit because I can't ethically or consciously sit back and do nothing. The money is important but warning others about the problem is much more important.
  • My manual 2003 transmission also went out but with about 72,000 miles. We took out the original and put in another used transmission. That one started to show signs of problems and we decided to take the original transmission to AAMCO to get it re-built. They found that one of the bearings was shot and replaced others that were showing signs of wear. Now we are at about 150,000 miles and are having the SAME EXACT problems all over again! If I had known that I would have to replace the transmission every 70,000 miles, I would never have bought this car! Of course, we were just outside the warantee when the first incident occurred and now we're out several grand in repairs.!make=Toyota&model=Matrix&e- d_makeindex=.f0d9b0e seems there is a class action suit in the making. Toyota should have taken care of this one before it came to that! I have always bought Toyotas because they have been so reliable . . . next time maybe I should consider a Honda or a Nissan... or... another make.
  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to hear about your ordeal...
    Did you read message #345?
    Apparently that's the way to go if we want results..

  • Mine is an automatic and at 115 thou miles its being replaced.My last Toyota.
  • No dont buy a sorry [non-permissible content removed] Matrix
  • Occasionally when going down hills, while applying brakes, the transmission will downshift and the rpms shoot up to 4 or 5 thousand, is this a feature in toyota's auto trans??
  • Another victim! I have a 2003 Vibe with 5 spd manual transmission that experienced catastrophic transmission failure while driving down the highway. 110,000 miles on the car. Mechanic said the bearings disintegrated causing extensive damage in the transmission. $3200 to replace it with a used one with 44K on it. After reading these posts I'm reluctant to get it fixed but feel like i have little choice. I filed complaints with, Toyota and Pontiac. If you have been victim of this faulty transmission, PLEASE take the time to file complaint at We could have easily been killed when the transmission blew. Toyota needs to step up and take responsibility for their inferior product.
  • Hello, I filled a complaint with Toyota and also tried to fill out the claim at that website. There seems to be some kind of technical problems with their site... when I hit "second page" or continue to second page, it doesn't go anywhere... thus never finalizing the claim...
    Have you had similar experience? Any suggestions?

  • hi everybody

    The 5 speed trans on my matrix 07 have the same trouble and I have only 140,000 km...
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