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Suzuki Forenza Troubles



  • shareee28shareee28 Posts: 2
    OMG all that is happening to me right now. My 2007 Forenza.
    Drivers inside door handle snapped right off one day. Thankfully still under warranty at that time.

    Now transmission slipping. Hoping it just needs flushed. Whatever happened with yours?
  • I have a 2005 Suzuki Forenza (48k miles) which has had most of the problems listed (i.e struts, check engine light nightmare, gas, tires, etc).

    My most recent nightmare happened just a little bit ago when I was driving home and the car DIED while turning the corner. The lights on the dash remained on, but the steering and gas did not work. I was able to pull over and put in park. I let it sit for a couple minutes and re-started it just fine. Has this happened to anyone? Any idea what happened? I'm a bit freaked out to drive it now.
  • I have a 2004 Forenza, it has been a gem until it hit 60k, I had the steering light explanation mark issue for two years, took it to CarX in Illinois and also Midas in AZ. No one could figure out the problem. I take my car in every three months for an oil change and am a little fanatical about my cars (and I am female!) At 60k, had a hard time turning the steering wheel, was told I had a leak in the steering wheel column, and this had to be replaced ($800.00). My 76 year old father says he never heard of such a thing and insists I got ripped off. I also had the check engine light issue before with the gas cap seal when the car was new. This was resolved. Now I have the check engine light issue again. Brought the car to Midas in AZ (as there are only 3 Suzuki dealers now in all of AZ-I just moved to Phoenix, AZ last year). I just had a battery replaced (after 6.5 years, 1st time-pretty good for AZ!), and my CEL light came on after this. Midas ran the codes and told me I needed to replace the spark plugs and wiring (std 60k maint) to the tune of $250.00, after doing this, the CEL came on a week later and then went off after 2 days. The CEL light is now back on again and has been on for 5 days. I am taking to Autozone to have them read the codes to me and then I will figure out what I have to do. I also had the timing belt replaced and the water pump (std 60k) and with the battery replacement, have alread spent $2200.00 on this car in August. The engine also revs up when just sitting, it is kind of jumpy when sitting at a stop light on some days,but not others! Does anyone know what this new problem might be? I asked Midas about it, and they have just ignored me. I also asked them to unplug the battery and replug it, as I have heard the CEL can come on once you have the battery replaced. I am a little freaked out at this point, as I can't afford any more repairs in September! . Does anyone have any similiar stories to share, or advice? I will let you know what Autozone tells me about the CEL code. Thanks!
  • K just got this car october of 09 used and need a power steering pump and my freaking engine light came on and flashed on and off for a few seconds going in bewtween lancaster and columbus last night. It now does not flash but goes on and off and told the code it pulled up has to do with compression. Any ideas? I am a single mom of a five year old, the pump alone is costing me 130$ I can't afford this please
  • Hi Kelly,

    I had a 06 forenza standard. The power steering light always came on no matter what. Just make sure that you have power steering fluid in the reservoir and you will be fine. The check engine light will always come on. I know have a 05 automatic LX forenza. and my light always comes on. The code tells me I need a new Catalytic converter. I'm not doing that. Somewhere there is a short, a wire that is exposed under your hood. If you can find it tape it up and the light should stop. Let me know how it works out.

  • My door handles also broke, I was informed my car is also out of warrenty, so they wont fix them. I have had multiable problems with this car. I have contacted Suzuki, but was told there is nothing they can do, magin that. I have also we all get together and make some calls but was told "you cant suggest a class action lawsuit on this site" so I guess there is nothing we can do, but drive it and pay lots of money or invest in another car. I drive a 2006 Forenza also.
  • thanks but its my engine light on. Now i have clear liquid right under the middle of my car. assuming water pump what do you think?
  • I have an 04 Forenza bought it brand new.. The door handles were part of a recall that i only found out about because i went to the dealership to get a gasket replaced because it was leaking oil from the top. in the 6 years I have had this car i have had to replace both front window motors the O2 sensor the transmission (now broken yet again) and the whole motor because the head gasket blew out on it and the Catalytic converter (there r 2 of them in this vehicle) so in my opinion the car is junk and should be recalled completely and give us all a refund
  • I have a 04 suzuki forenza and i am trying to hook the heat back up in my car. but i cant find the wire in the dash to hook it back up.... help me....
  • own a 2005 suzuki forenza it only has 55000 miles had to have wires repair for headlights had the struts replaced at 18000 miles now they say they need it again my sister owned a 2008 she was having so many problems with hers she bought hers new so she filed lemon law on them and got her money back for what she paid on it she had the transmission in reverse by it self she had a lot of engine problems my husband had to call corporate office to get the lights fixed they would go out and would not work he gonna call the corporate office again about the struts they have went they are suppose to life time warrenty on them also there was a recall on them so if your headlights go out and dont come on have them check the wiring harness behind the speedometer
  • edioedio Posts: 1
    Hey man!! My doors handle in the back also broke. Where did yours broke? Because I dont know how to fix either.
    I had to fix the rear brakes as well last week.
    Are you satisfied with that car?
  • my drivers door handle broke but depending on the year some of the door handles were on recall just call the dealership. If i remember correctly the new handle only cost me $20 including them installing it. I say only $20 because I have spent about what I paid for this car just to fix all the problems which completely sucks I will NEVER EVER IN MY WHOLE LIFE (I still have alot of life left I am only 33) EVEN IF IT WAS THE LAST CAR COMPANY IN THE WORLD own another Suzuki I would rather walk all the way around the world than to buy another Suzuki
  • by the way I just noticed your post and I had that problem. Hubby tried to install a new radio. Unless u have one of those mini cameras that they use for surgery there is no way that u would be able to reconnect it u have about 3 CM of play room in there we spent about 5 hours trying to fix it. we took it to the shop they had it reconnected in about 5 minutes didn't stop them from charging us 30 minutes of work time. If the clip on the back of the knob broke well then that will cost u $100 for a used center console since the knobs don't come off. I found that out because some one tried to pop mine open and broke the know where the cable attaches so if mine were running I can't switch where the air comes out of unless I replace it. (transmission out for 2nd time not fixing this time)
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The Forenza is actually a Daewoo Nubira (which in its previous generation was actually sold here as the Nubira). Daewoos were never known for their reliability, and they were at best one of the also-rans among Korean manufacturers.

    GM at the time owned interests in both Suzuki and Daewoo, and rather than let Suzuki sell its own good products here, made some sub-par Daewoos, poof-tada, into Suzukis by tacking a Suzuki label on them. Anyway, GM still has a relationship with Daewoo, but not any longer with Suzuki. Volkswagen has a small (20%?) interest in Suzuki these days.

    Suzuki makes some excellent cars and is a great success story in Asia, but has trouble getting any traction here with the small lineup for sale in the USA. Currently, the SX4 models and Kizashi are "all Suzuki," fun to drive, and quite reliable. The "Suzuki" Equator pickup is actually a Nissan. Anyway, if I were you, I would swear off any Daewoo product for the time being, and give little Suzuki a break.
  • My check engine started coming on 3 months after i bought car bran new off lot(42 miles on it). I began asking then what was worng with my car. I have been told nothing jsut a fuse(80 to fix). Then was told its no longer under warranty. Need computer upgrade(80). THen was told thaat to fix my check engine light( no codes every should up that they coulod tell me baout) would cost me 345.00. Now i have finnally taken it to a differnet repair place and have been told its my cam shaft sensor and i need a theromostat. I have at this point recieved a ticket(116) due to expired tags because mt car can't get inspected with the light on. :mad:
  • who ever you are dealing with at the dealership is full of it! I'm a competent diagnostic technician and can tell you that there is no fuse that will turn the check engine light on, exept the engine fuse which will also cause the engine not to run. These computer upgrades are nothing more than a scam for a lack of proper diagnostics. Suzuki dealerships have been using this non=definable statement to cover up the fact that their cars have problems they don't have the expertise to fix.
  • suzuki forenza 05' 74000 miles

    I have had this whistle for weeks after replacing the air breather box cause the plastic holding it on the intake broke, replaced intake manifold gasket and it did not remove the high pitch squeal/whistle it definetely is not the belts because the sound comes right around the distibuter area and and spark plug area. its so loud it echo's and really hard to pinpoint the origin would this be vacuum leak and covered under the powertrain 100,000 mile warranty it goes away not completely though when engine heats up more to normal operating tempature worse when just start up and cold... also I think its reducing my mpg to like 23 mpg.. or so any ideas, anyone with something similiar have it worked on and fixed im pulling hair here to find it
  • dealership thinks its the EGR valve gasket after spraying with brake cleaner whistle went away, and dealership can duplicate I've ordered the Gasket and going to replace it myself looks like 4 bolts should be easy pz
  • Battery good, spark good, fuel pump good, just change oil will not start on its own will start with starting fluid and it will stay running some postings touch on this some does any one have a new suggestion? top half of motor replaced last spring; bent all the valves in two seperate directions sitting at a traffic light, and mechanic stated the timing was dead on!
  • brendaegbrendaeg Posts: 3
    I have a 2004 Forenza and was a dream until about a year ago. Only have 58,000 miles on it. Had the cracked gasket problem last year. Lost my headlights a few weeks ago and found out there was a wiring recall for this, so I had that repaired. A week later the ENGINE LOCKED! Needs a new engine!!!! Luckily still under the 70,000/7 warranty so they have to replace it. But about 1 month before this happened the Check Engine light kept coming on and going off. At first I thought my gas cap needed to be replaced because this can cause this to happen. Well, I guess it was THE WARNING for ENGINE FAILURE!!! I HATE SUZUKI!!
  • forenzafoolforenzafool Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza, and have had to replace all of the struts. I see now that other people are having the same issue. This shouldn't be happening already. Suzuki needs to recall these struts or give out refunds on this crappy car.
  • lj913lj913 Posts: 2
    I have an 06 Forenza and nothing but problems. I have a blown head gasket and cylinder #4 misfire. Seems like a lot of people have the gasket problem. I read somewhere on here about a 70k/7 year warranty. Does anyone know anything about this?

    I bought the car in 08 and i remember it having engine trouble and it turned out it was some sort of factory defect. They supposedly fixed it by now in 2011 I am unable to drive the car at all. I have taken good care of this car and I still owe on it. I am having to take the bus to work and walk everywhere. Any advice anyone can give me would be great. And I really don't know that much about cars. I have gotten 3 estimates to fix it and they have all said $1500 to $1850!
  • lj913lj913 Posts: 2
    Oh yeah and my passenger door handle broke too! What a piece of junk this car is. I wish I would have known. I owe $3900 on it and I can't even sell it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,461
    There's a 7 year/100K warranty on the drivetrain, yes, but I haven't read their warranty and don't know what is included/excluded. You'd best check this out with the dealer.

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  • brendaegbrendaeg Posts: 3
    Yes it is under that powertrain warranty, but it's 7/70. Thanks. I worry what will be next.
  • I am financing a Forenza, 2007 but not even a year into buying the car, my transmission is slipping, tire pressure light has been on since I got the car, now the airbags is going bad. When I called the extended warranty people nothing is covered, and there is no recall on anything. Suzuki has one of the worst websites and its customer service STINKS!!!! No one wants to respond or offer a good solution to any problem you have. They can have the car it is not worth my money.
  • brianm14brianm14 Posts: 1
    The plastic air breather box (the box that sits on top of the tube containing the throttle plate) was lose, becuase the plastic fingers holding it in place cracked. I've rigged up a make-shift fix using a tuna can and rivets, but where can I get a box at a decent price??????? I am seeing all sorts of prices, sing above $400.

    Any help will be appreciate


  • leelalgrleelalgr Posts: 2
    I have Suzuki Forenza 2007. It's Check light comes on. I took it to Dealer. They charged 200 dollars and said Break Light switch is bad, and they fixed it. After 4 -5 days, the Check light is coming back On again. What should i do ? I am afraid to drive it ?
  • leelalgrleelalgr Posts: 2
    I have Suzuki Forenza 2007. It's Check light comes on. I took it to Suzuki Dealer. They charged 200 dollars and said Break Light switch is bad, and they fixed it. After 4 -5 days, the Check light is coming back On again. What should i do ? I am afraid to drive it ?

    Any help is appriciate.
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