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Pontiac Grand Prix GXP 2006



  • gtogmgtogm Posts: 31
    I used to run my cars, including a GTP for the first month on factory oil, then switch to synthetic and I never had a leak or oil consumption problem at all.

    LS2 Vette motor, also in GTO, SSR etc dictates Mobil 1 Synthetic ONLY! It comes from the factory filled with Mobil 1. The oil fill cap has the mobil 1 symbol on it.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Interesting MPG update, davera.

    In contrast, here are my DIC numbers:

    Miles 1540
    Engine Hours 42.3
    Avg. MPG 19.5 (since last fill)
    Range 235
    Avg. speed 39.2 (never reset)
    Oil Life 81%
    Trip 117.7

    Gas gauge = just below three quarters.

    I would be absolutely THRILLED with 23 MPG. I doubt I will see that unless / until I am able to take an extended ‘road trip’, at more nearly steady speed (cruise control = on) and much less stop (or slow) & go traffic than I typically deal with.

    My Excel spreadsheet shows no significant increase in MPG since new. Throwing out the first fill (Apparently, my delivery dealer filled the tank ‘fuller’ than I typically do, resulting in calculated 19.81 MPG) I see 17.09, 18.70, 19.67 (no weekend driving) and 18.72.

    That third fill happened to be the first fill that included no weekend driving, where much of my “running around” (low speeds, near 0 cruise, lots of acceleration – to 45 or so and then brake for stop lights) sort of driving occurs. I happened to be out of town all last weekend. The 19.5 indicated right now will likely drop to well below 19.0 over the weekend. In fact, the 3 miles or so I drove at lunch, after checking these numbers, dropped it from 19.5 to 19.2. And I am NOT standing on the throttle at every opportunity. Just driving ‘briskly’.

    My normal driving is primarily commuting, and I am the only driver. There is rarely anyone else in the car (no additional weight). Unless I take a trip out of town, this commute consists of approx. 22 miles from outside the I285 beltline to Mid Town Atlanta early enough that traffic is typically moving pretty well. All but the last 2 miles or so is at 60 to 80 mph. The last 2 are on surface streets. The commute home is a bit slower, as I cannot leave early enough to miss much traffic. I usually drive 3 to 5 miles of surface streets at lunch. And on weekends I again do largely surface street driving, errands, etc. Rarely even on a highway unless I leave town.

    Gas mileage is not quite what I had expected, so far. I don’t think it rises to the level of a disappointment, but I had expected that in my normal commute, where I had consistently been 20 – 21+ mpg with my Lincoln LS (heavier, 3.9L V8, 5-speed manumatic, higher rpm at cruise) I am seeing 18.0 to 19.7.

    Again, I am not exactly disappointed (5% worse fuel economy will not kill me), yet I expected with a 27 mpg highway EPA estimate (my Lincoln was rated at 24 – and city was the same as the GXP at 18) and a commute that includes a fair amount of 65 – 75 / 80 mph driving, particularly in my early morning inbound trip - would result in slightly better mileage, rather than slightly worse. I have not yet had an opportunity to drive any significant distance outside the Metro Atlanta area, with cruise control set. Nor have I driven it in light traffic, with cruise control set, for any significant freeway distance.

    It appears to me that (from observing the Instant MPG Display) DoD requires several very specific circumstances to occur before engaging. Basically a steady speed and little variation in ‘load’. As would typically only occur when utilizing cruise control on a fairly level freeway. The slightest uphill and / or the slightest application of additional throttle appears to instantly disengage DoD (if engaged) and also provoke some degree of TCC unlock. Both / Either drop MPG dramatically. (A topic by itself.) And I have not yet had any opportunity to drive any significant distance under those conditions.

    I expect that if all or nearly all of my driving was surface streets, I would likely average only 15 or so.

    Possibly, some of the apparent disparity between EPA and ‘actual’ is going to be addressed:

    Some interesting points made in these articles.

    But I am speaking here only of the apparent difference between my previous car (EPA rated worse) and the GXP, in as close to identical driving as one is likely to encounter in the ‘real world’ . . . Seems odd to me that I now attain somewhat lower MPG in my commuting, rather than higher. Since in my (roughly) 17,000 miles per year, at $2.30 / gal. ,the diff. between 20 and 19 mpg only amounts to about $2.00 per week, I think it is merely interesting. And something that I don’t understand. I do hope that when I am able to take a ‘real’ Road Trip, with some steady 70 – 80 mph cruise, it does achieve 25 mpg or so. (16 gal. times 25 = 400 miles, with a reasonable reserve.)

    I will certainly post here when I do take a real ‘road trip’.

    Still, I am achieving many 'smiles' per gallon . .

    - Ray
    Just my 0.2 gallons worth . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • gtogmgtogm Posts: 31
    I cross shopped GXP and GTO, Rental car looks, avg to below avg build quality and backseat turned me off on GXP. GTO has GM's best interior, seats as said by many and rides nicer then GTP, absorbs bumps then going over them. It's more then just perf. $33k for a 400hp car is quite a bargain!! After that is the base $45k Vette. If GM made a 2 door GXP I may have more seriously cross shopped it, less of a rental car image. Furthermore, Consumer Reports TRASHED the Grand Prix when it was redone for 2004. It is one of their lowest rated sedans. Stiff ride, poor fuel economy, tight-hard backseat. At least they gave GTO, avg marks.

    GM's best cars are GTO, Corvette, Cadillacs, many have agreed with that.
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Simple Question..Why are you in this forum?? You drive a GTO, NOT a GXP.. I wouldn't (nor would any of us GXP owners) expect you to approve of our cars given the fact that: A) your car looks like a BLOATED Cavalier.
    B) GXP's have a huge following in such a short time.
    C) obviously you dont need a back seat.
    D) we paid (on average) 4k less for a car with 3X the content (hows your HUD?? Heated Seats? 4way Lumbar? Cross Drilled Rotors? DOD!!!!, 18" Forged wheels??) I could go on but I believe i made my point.
    In conclusion go talk to the other 3 or 4 people that bought a GTO (Cobalt SS is better looking, isn't that sad??)
    There will always be a faster,better, "NICER" looking car ( How about the new Mustang, 300 HP, just as fast, 1000X better car than GTO in every way)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Everyone is welcome here, there is no requirement that someone own or even like a vehicle which is under discussion.

    What IS a requirement is that comments not turn into a personal confrontation.

    Obviously different cars exist in the world because people have different tastes. That doesn't make people wrong and it doesn't make people right - it just shows that people are different. We are all entitled to our opinions just as we are entitled to express those opinions in a civil and respectful manner in these Forums.


  • daveradavera Posts: 13
    When I was at 1500 miles my mileage still did not come up much. In fact I was dissapointed as it was about 19 as well. It seemed like this last tank made the difference. I would like to attribute it to break in. I have turned off the auto climate a little bit more this tank. It's been really hot here so I haven't driving much in the daytime, waiting more for evening. I am trying to think of all the factors that may have contributed to the mileage increase. I know that engines and the whole drivetrain tend to loosen up a bit with time. I am hoping that is what it is and not just a driving habit that changed. Maybe the A/C has a lot more to do with it. I have run it this tank but not as much as before. Above 20mpg would be great. I gave up a GTP and an LS1 Trans Am for this car, and so far I am not dissapointed in it's performance and practicality. I got the best of those 2 cars in one. Great gas mileage would just be a bonus.

    My GXP
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    There's no reason for GXP owners to bash the GTO. Or vice versa. We're both Pontiac owners! If I needed to replace my Aurora as my "winter car" I would seriously consider a GXP if I could afford it. Probably the best Grand Prix built to date (I've owned 2, a '91 STE (mine) and a 2001 GTP (wife's). I read this forum to keep up on the car... never know when I might end up considering one.

    Want to clear up a couple of GTO misconceptions without turning this into a "GTO vs. GXP" debate. I don't feel that these cars compete (RWD coupe versus FWD sedan), as much as the GTO competes with Mustang, G35/Z, low-end BMW, et. al.) and the GXP competes with the Charger, Maxima, et. al.

    1) Over 25k GTO's sold in the past year and a half, despite the first 8 months of few cars, $5k-$10k dealer markups, and no incentives. The GTO is a halo, rather than a mass-market car - only 12k of them available per year. They sold so well last month (almost 1500) that there were fewer than 400 available on dealer lots - hence the removal from the GM "Employee Pricing" promotion.

    2) Mustang vs. GTO - looks are subjective, Mustang GT's are $29k+ equipped the same as the GTO and that's before the $2k+ ADM on the Mustangs - and the GTO's were available for $30k and change during the employee pricing. The GTO outperforms the Mustang in every category, and the Mustang's interior pales in comparison to the GTO.

    Again, I don't want to turn this into any comparison/argument between vehicles from the same manufacturer - just don't want to see unsubstantiated bashing of either car. FYI, one of the guys at GM responsible for the Grand Prix GXP was also the next-gen GTO product manager...

    Back to reading about this car,

  • ocmike3ocmike3 Posts: 232
    I'm holding off judgment on the EPA estimates until I've put a couple thousand miles on the GXP. I've owned a lot of vehicles and my experience with GM is that they have always met or exceeded the EPA estimates. I've also noticed the break in is a bit different on various engines. I saw better mileage with each tank on my Canyon, but our 2001 Denali didn't show a good increase in mileage until 1500-2000 miles. After that the engine seemed to hit it's stride and I consistently got 17-20 mpg Hwy running 65-70 mph. (EPA 16mpg)
    I can't say as much for the Volvo, Subaru, Dodge or Toyota....
    as for the GTO vs. GXP debate... these cars don't compete, I do think the GTO interior and seats are superior, but the GXP is the GTO my lifestyle (and wife) won't permit! I'm looking at putting a dash trim kit into the GXP to make it a bit more enticing. :D
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Do you have any links to GXP stats (tech info as to performance etc.), I noticed you knew the final drive ratio is 2.93, how did you find that info out? If your able to help, thanks, I just bought one & can not find anything other that that Motor trend article that has limited info (Front Rear All wheel drive test)
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    “Do you have any links to GXP stats”

    Edmunds ‘terms of use’ prohibit me from answering, but now that I have my GXP, I have confirmed the final drive ratio with observation of RPM at various MPH

    And the on line order guide (that does mention the different final drive ratio for the GTP / CompG for 2005) makes no mention of a different ratio for the GXP.

    No other major automotive magazines have published a test. With all the ‘new stuff’ being released as we approach the traditional Fall season, I am guessing the GXP is not going to be ‘sufficiently new’ to warrant full reviews.

    - Ray
    Who will post (legal) links when found . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • image

    I don't know of any other links right now, but if i find it I will be sure to post it up. One thing though, I thought a Nav system was in for the GXP, what gives?

    Meybe I missed something? :confuse:
  • brianr1brianr1 Posts: 19
    I just got the "LOW FUEL" and could access all the DIC functions after hitting the reset (or enter button). The range just shows low, but you can still see the odometer.
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Thanks for the link, thats the actual site where I first heard about the GXP, before that I didn't know it was available. All the reading I did said it wasn't ready until Sept/Oct.
    As for the NAV, I opted for the 6disc changer ( Have NAV in my XUV), with my wife & 2 kids I only use the GXP around town, thats why I have an SUV, for long trips. If you don't have the luxury of owning another vehicle or portable GPS, NAV is a must have if your into cool gadgets. Or you can pay 34.95 a month for On Star's unlimited directions & reservations(have both in XUV, Nav helps but not with everything).
    I also read that there is a PDA that has a built in GPS NAV with suction mount & antenna for around $540.00, thats another alternative, right now i'm shopping for a PDA thats how I found that out.
    After having the XUV for about a year now, It's a real hassle changing the C D's all the time(believe me, my wife doesn't let me forget about it!) So i'm hoping that by the time (July 2007) rolls around they put the changer thats in my friend's Escalade into all the GM trucks so that problem gos away.
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Please, if anyone finds any articles besides the Motor Trend comparison of FRT vs. REAR vs. ALL wheel drive please post it here if possible so we can read more about our GXP's, I can't find anything in depth (road tests or other comparisons) let alone dealer literature (05 Grand Prix doesn't even list a GXP)
  • brettgxpbrettgxp Posts: 8
    I'm a proud owner of a 2005 GP GXP. It's fully loaded except NAV + 2 coats of McGuire's Gold Class Wax and 1200 miles.

    I saw a 2006 GP GXP at a dealer lot tonight. No big exterior changes, though they did put the 1/4x1/4 inch chrome GM badge on both front fenders near the front doors at about the same level as the GXP badge. It looks kinda cluttered. This badge looks good on the 2006 G6's but I'm not impressed with the looks on the 2006 GXP. Otherwise the exterior looks the same for 2006.

    The interior had many changes. First, all the cooling/heating vents had a thin chrome plated perimeter piece around them that where about 1/18th of an inch thick. The interior door levers are no longer chrome plated, they're a solid/brushed silver look. The plastic around the door levers also has a chrome plated perimeter about 1/18th of an inch thick. The interior door handles have a solid/brushed silver plate on them. The silver plastic on the steering wheel has been changed to chrome plated plastic with all black Tap-Shift buttons. The leather around the steering wheel is much softer with tiny holes in it, almost like bicycle grips. This same material is used on the transmission shifter. One tacky change, they put a passenger airbag on/off indicator right above the radio. This really stands out! That's all I can remember about the interior. I can't remember if they changed the gas/brake pedals or not. I think they should have upgraded the pedals in the first place, they look really cheap compared to all the other performance upgrades the vehicle has.

    Everything under the hood looked the same. I didn't notice any repositioning of anything. I did notice that the vehicle still suffered from the dreaded speaker hiss that many of us have including me. I would have thought they would have fixed it for the 2006 model year. Hopefully GM will have a fix soon. I didn't get a chance to drive it to see if it had a howling noise from the wheels or whatever it is. I drove another 2005 GXP on the lot and it suffered from the same howling noise as mine. Plus a dealer told me another 2005 GXP had the same howling noise and the buyer put 20 inch rims on it and the howling noise went away.

    Anyway, I'm still in love with this car! I drove a 1997 Corvette on Saturday and I honestly think my exhaust on my GXP sounds better! I plan on posting my MPG after I have 3000 miles. Later.
  • justgreat47justgreat47 Posts: 100
    interesting comparison between the gxp and the ls. two important points to consider regarding the comparison: 3.9 is significantly smaller than a 5.3 and will have a large contributing factor to the bottom line numbers. second, and this is harder to gauge, the gxp is fwd and that design has in inherent advantage over rwd when it comes to power application and fuel economy: there is more parasitic loss of power in rwd than the fwd. again, it's hard to put a number on it but fwd will help the f/e numbers. jackg 90 seville 97k
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    “I drove another 2005 GXP on the lot and it suffered from the same howling noise as mine.”

    Can you be a bit more specific regarding this noise?

    I drove 3 other GXPs before driving (and buying) the one I now have. I did not hear anything I would describe as a ‘howling’ in any of those vehicles.

    What speed(s)? Change pitch with speed? Same in all gears? Howl like a fan belt? Like a wind / open sunroof noise?

    Just curious.
    - Ray
    No extraneous noises noted . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Do you like the new feel of the steering wheel or the way ours id? About the interior, sounds like they dressed it up with that tacky chrome trim around alot of the interior components, I have that on my XUV & its just another place for dust & dirt to sit.
    Did they have any literature on the GXP yet?
    I also like you like the sound from our exhaust better than anything out there. pontiac always did a good job tuning exhausts, on the Highway you can only hear it when you lay into the throttle, that really makes you appreciate modern technology
    Why the heck would GM put those badges in such close proximity to the GXP emblem?
    Thanks for the sighting, now maybe my local dealer will finally get one.
    Does anyone know how many 05' GXP's were produced??
  • brettgxpbrettgxp Posts: 8
    I hear the noise at >45mph. It sounds like a howling noise and is a function of speed and wheel movement. Those noise varies in pitch. I believe it's coming from the rear. It almost sounds like a tire is out of balance. Though I did have all 4 wheels/tires road force balanced and the noise still occurs. It doesn't sound like a wind or open sun roof noise. If you brake hard you can hear the howling noise wind-down really quickly. You can really hear the noise on concrete pavement as opposed to tar pavement. I have narrowed it down to possibly the tires, maybe I have a bad tire. Though, I can hear the tire noise from the Potenza's and this howling noise is totally different. Plus my dealer said the tires are fine. Maybe it's a function of the rims and brake rotors/ calipers. There's a excess amount of space inside the wheel around the brake components and the plastic shrouding around the wheel well is quite substantial and there is no opening for air to escape. I think maybe some air is getting trapped in there and making the howling noise. I may try taking the plastic shrouding out of the wheel well and seeing if that helps. It may help distribute the air around and in the wheel much better. Any other ideas.
  • brettgxpbrettgxp Posts: 8
    I have to admit, the new material around the steering wheel is very nice and has a good feel. The chrome is tacky. I'm still happy with my interior. I'm glad I don't have to deal with that GM badge on the fender either. I have some 2005 GP GXP literature from my dealer, I can email it to you. I don't know how many were produced but I'm sure that GM bumped production for the 2006 GP GXP's due to sales of the 2005's.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    "Does anyone know how many 05' GXP's were produced?? "

    The 'official' Pontiac numbers have not been released.
    Typically reliable sources suggest 1,000 to 1,600 2005s.
    Interesting (to me) that the most I ever saw in a GMBuypower search of up to over 200 miles from Atlanta was 21 or 22. Now only 1 near Atlanta.
    - Ray
    One of 1,000 to 1,600????
    2016 BMW 340i
  • brianr1brianr1 Posts: 19
    I was thinking 2005 production was more like 500. When trying to find mine from Austin, Gmbuypower searches to over 800 miles (almost all of texas and some of Louisiana) gave only ~15.
  • brianr1brianr1 Posts: 19
    Well, with the dash kits available from and clubgpstore, we could make the 2005 interior look more like 2006. The brushed aluminum wouldn't look too bad but I'd like to see one in person.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,953
    Chicago + Detroit searches both now, still show 50 2005s - and I believe that 50 may be the most GMBuypower will display. So there could be more.

    Some dealers in these areas show as having a half dozen or more.

    The distribution was not geographically uniform, by any measure. My sense is that dealers in some Norther States (likely due to the FWD) ordered more than those in more temperate climates.
    - Ray
    Happy with 1 of 800 or 1 of 10,000 . .
    2016 BMW 340i
  • The noise you hear is the sound of the air moving through the drilled rotors. The sound will be much louder when braking at low speeds, since there is less road noise and other vibrations to muffle it. The only way to eliminate the noise is too put non-drilled/non-slotted rotors on the car. But've got a hell of a lot better braking from 100 - 0 MPH then you would have with traditional rotors. Welcome to the world of factory TUNER cars!!!

    -Proud owner of a Blue-Green Crystal 2005 GXP
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    If its the fold out brochure I already have it, i'm looking for more detailed info than that (GM really dropped the ball on getting the info out there on this car, how about a commercial??)
    Do you think that the new steering wheel & shifter knob will hold up on those who are rough on the wheel? I know that I was surprised that they would chance a "softer" feeling leather wheel given it's history of deteriorating over time as opposed to a more user friendly "hard" leather wheel.
    Off the subject for a minute but I found out that our GXP's are pretty quick al right, I was cruising along a highway where I live today (trying to keep above 20.0 MPG) minding my own business, when this 97-04 C5 vette tries to pass me & show his passenger he's the man, well it didn't go that way, from about 40-90 MPH ( & believe me he tried hard) he couldn't do it. I know this car would get whipped by a 6spd C5, but, he also tried to take me at a stop light right after ( changed lanes like a maniac to get behind me) Green light I eased out to see if he still was trying to "be the man" & he was so i hit it at about 15-20mph & the chase was on, I couldn't look at the speedo (HUD off) until I backed off but it read 105mph that was when I caught a glimpse of his front fender in my periphrial. At the next light he & his friend were staring down the car pretty good (couldn't see me through the tint) he motioned to me so I opened the driver window & he goes," Hey what the HELL is that? A GXP with a V8? Is that a stick?" My reply the usual ,"Ya, Ya, NO!" He tells me his friend in the passenger seat has a 04' mustang GT 5spd, now his friend took over & says that he runs this C5 all the time (C5 runs 13.2's @ 105MPH or better) & could never hold him off for that long, both ask what it runs, I tell them I won't know for another 2k miles( I'm not running it until Sept/Oct) but its supposed to run 14.3's. The driver laughed & said his(meaning his friend's) mustang gos 14 O's I think you'll be surprised when you go. Anyway this car won't be a secret for long , lookout guys the sports car nation will be looking to embarrass you, make sure you don't act like a fool, if you get beat, BADLY, don't run again show the respect, but, if its close, do us all proud! & whoop em next time. & by the way I have no points on my license & pick & choose when I drive that way,before anyone starts shooting their mouth off, sorry I actually reverted to my teen years, but MAN it was fun (I only run at the track up to those speeds)
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Must be bigger on the east coast, Only showing 23 in these states, New York, New Jersey, PN, CT,MA,VA, D.C.VT
    Thats a lot of people for 23 cars! In the range of about 20 million if not more!!
  • brettgxpbrettgxp Posts: 8
    Do you have the same noise with your GXP?
  • billgxpbillgxp Posts: 13
    I have been reading the posts here for a few weeks and find the exchange of information to be good. As far as published info about the GXP goes, I agree that it is hard to find. I read High Performance Pontiac and Pontiac Enthusiast. HPP tends to be geared more towards the older models versus late model cars. Pontiac Enthusiast website indicates the September/October 2005 issue will have an article on the 2005 GP GXP including info about 14.2's at the track. I have not received mine yet but most Barnes and Nobels carry it.

    I am a GM guy without question. I have owned 80 GP, 87 and 89 Firebirds, 94 GP GTP, 02 TA, and now a 05 GP GXP blue green crystal fully loaded with nav sys. I actually traded the TA for the GXP after test driving two 2005 GTO's. The TA and GTO both were a blast to drive but the GXP offered many more features at a much better price. The TA was officially rated at 325 hp so I didn't give up much power on the trade. The GTO is also a great Pontiac, but I felt the GXP was an excellent car and more suitable for a daily driver (trunk on GTO is 7 cu feet). I bought the GXP in mid-June got the employee discount, $2000 rebate, and $750 GM Card bonus cash in addition to the GM dollars accumulated on the card.

    I agree with the opinions that GM needs to do a better job in getting the word out about what they have to offer. They sure didn't do much to sell Firebirds and Camaros the last few years they built them and they certainly could do a better job getting the word out about the GXP's.Hopefully this will improve as they restructure.

    By the way I feel the seats in the GXP are okay, they could be better and I plan to get a dash kit in a few months. I have about 1000 miles on the car and no problems, I don't hear any howling.
  • gxpgtodanmangxpgtodanman Posts: 210
    I just got a GXP company car and just traded in my 2002 GTP Coupe on a GTO. Too bad GM doesn't advertise these cars. They are both great. My previous company car was Comp GTP. I have personally owned 2 Grand Prixes new, 1997 and 2002 Coupe GTP.

    Good run with the C5, but he should have clearly beat you. Although the passenger added an additional 150 - 200 lbs weight to his car. Unless he didn't know how to drive or wasnt' fully trying at first? Or you got the jump. C5 is 1 second faster in the 1/4 mile then GXP. 350hp vs 303hp, C5 is 300 lbs lighter then GXP. Good run to put him in his place, ha!

    GXP makes a nice sleeper, most don't realize there is a 303hp V8 under the hood. Same with my Goat, most don't realize it's a 400hp vette motor under there either.

    Pontiac did advertise the Grand Prix itself a lot, just not GXP yet.

    I just hope the trannies hold up in these cars. That was the weak link in my '97 and '02 GTP. Both were heavily modded where I was running high 13's to low 14's. I used to beat Stangs all the time, it was funny to see the look on their face when my GTP beat their V8.

    Interior is improved in GXP over my CompG. For me I will not be modding it since it's a company car. Oh well. The only problem I am having is I'm not getting anywhere near the 27 EPA highway on the GXP. I do a lot of highway driving for my company. I think I have my foot too much into it for the DOD to kick in? Probably it. It is getting worse mileage then my V6 GTP did.
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