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Toyota Avalon Audio Questions



  • Thanks. Is that the IPOD2CAR interface? If so, does your CD changer still work? Do you receive song information in the information center?
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,666
    Yes, its the Ipod2car. The CD Changer functions as usual. No you do not receive song data, it just reads disc 1, track # (goes up everytime you skip a song) and the time indicator just toggles back and forth between 1 & 2.

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  • Thanks. I will check it out tomorrow.
  • ovallerovaller Posts: 1

    I had the same problem but I found a local place that will recone the subwoofer for $40. Their website is Good luck!
  • manav82manav82 Posts: 16
    I own an 07 Avalon touring without NAV. I am having a problem with the display turning off and back on while driving. This happens on its own and all I am doing when this happens is listening to a CD. Usually after this occurs I lose the ability to adjust the volume or any audio settings (bass, etc...). The only way to regain controls is turn car off and back on.
    I have the XM Direct kit for Toyota and an Alpine Amp/Sub installed (done by Crutchfield). Any ideas? Thanks
  • beeman4ubeeman4u Posts: 34
    I have a 06 Avalon XLS without the Manufacturer navigation system but I have the JBL Syn. System. One year has passed and I must admit, I'm overall very satisfied. A few months in, I was experiencing the annoying dashboard squeaks but they are long gone, 20K miles now. My wife is now considering I get the Navigation system. I know there are portable models on the market but I am one for esthetics and was considering upgrading with the navigation system option model that is/was offered with the car in 06. I am not sure if my display window will need to be replaced or not, but overall does anyone know if this is even possible? And if so, what's the est cost; with and without the dealer installation. Thank you
  • manav82manav82 Posts: 16
    How did you get rid of the squeaks? I am experiencing the same problem.
  • cms1528cms1528 Posts: 45
    Unrelated Question for you, How is the amp/sub working out for you. Did you install it in the trunk or another part of the vehicle. I thought of dropping an amp/sub combo into the trunk but wasn't sure how it would sound.

    I have the factory JBL system now and I feel the bass is fair at best. Thought I would kick it up.
  • My wife is wanting to get a 2007 Avalon Limited.

    However, her and I are both sound quality freaks so we plan to replace whatever system comes in the car with aftermarket stereo and navigation systems. (No matter how 'good' a stock stereo is advertised to be, they always fall well short in terms of sound quality when compared to top notch aftermarket stuff.)

    Has anybody here replaced their stock Avalon stereo with an aftermarket system (Alpine, Kenwood, eclipse, etc.)?

    I am afraid that with all the systems (stereo/nav/climate control) being integrated into the one display, we may encounter problems when trying to scrap the stock system.

    Thanks in advance.
  • jwadle1jwadle1 Posts: 3

    I have a 2005 Limited with NAV and something has been "bugging" me since I got the car.. There is no vlume indicator.. When I turn the volume up or down, nowthing shows up on the screen... is this because I have NAV?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Well, this is for the benefit of anyone who researches this subject and comes across this post.

    Yes, you CAN put an aftermarket stereo in a 2005-2007 Avalon IF you don't have one of the two JBL systems in it. This from the people at who say that because the climate controls go through the stereo, you need to get a special harness so you can RELOCATE the factory head unit (to the trunk or wherever). Then feel free to put in an aftermarket head unit, etc.. They say if you have the JBL system (with or without Nav system) then you are out of luck, no aftermarket soup for you!

    It really is crummy the lengths the auto manufacturers are going to in order to try and force people to buy their lousy stock stereos. For all the ballyhoo, the JBL system is a piece of garbage :lemon: just like nearly every other stock stereo. For $5,000 (the cost of the JBL with Nav & XM) you can get a Pioneer AVIC-N3, plus a great amp plus some decent speakers and get it all installed. It will have far superior sound, many many more features (like XM-NavTraffic, iPod integration, mp3 capability, etc.) and will leave you the option of future upgrades as well.

    Fortunately, for every 10 roadblocks the manufacturers put up, the aftermarket industry figures out a way around 9 of them. The car companies just love charging $5K for a stereo they buy for $300. If they would just put decent equipment in to begin with, then everyone would win.

    Oh well, thus endeth the rant.
  • beachfishbeachfish Posts: 97
    Well, the JBL in my '06 XLS beats the heck out of the 6-CD system in my '02 Forester. I can even hear it over the constant ringing in my ears. I like the XM radio too. The NAV is a take-it-or-leave-it thing since I can read a map and find my own way.

    It doesn't hurt that I got the car for free when my parents moved to assisted living. Free= move them, clean out the house and 63 years of stuff they accumulated while married and various other things I would have done anyway.

  • It may very well sound better and even good to your ear. I wouldn't have such a problem with stock stereos if they either:

    1) Didn't pimp them as "audiophile" or "concert quality". Those are just lies, pure and simple. Even an audio neophyte can clearly tell the inferiority of those sytems when given the chance to hear the real deal. They try to charge like they are great, they are just not though.


    2) Didn't try to force the consumer into getting their gear if they want to buy the car. It's like: "if you want an Avalon with decent electronics, you HAVE to buy our overpriced stuff."

    The JBL with Nav would be a decent value at $1,500, but at $5,000 it's highway robbery. At $5,000 without any alternative, it's highway ARMED robbery.

    To me, the most gross exaggeration is the Shaker 1000 that comes in some Mustangs. OK, 1000 watts of PEAK power = roughly 500 RMS (average) power. But that's at one ohm which therefore is the equivalent of 125W at 4 ohms. Now figure that power is pushing eight speakers including two subs. Assuming the subs get half the power (at least, I would hope) that's the equivalent of 10W per speaker at 4 ohms. And they talk about it as if it is some big, powerful system. The Avalon stereo is 12 speakers at 360W and is probably 1 ohm just like the Mustang.
  • smuooksmuook Posts: 35
    I completed my instructions for a IPOD connector/Sirius receiver hardwire for 2007 Avie with JBL and no Nav. I'm very happy with the results... uses the USA spec IPOD interface and rca inputs for Sirius (not FM modulator). Everything hides away to keep it out of site when parked.


    You can download here:

    Link to Download
  • manav82manav82 Posts: 16
    They are both in the trunk. A 12" will slide pretty much all the way back. Sounds great. You will probably want to get dynamat otherwise too many rattles. I am using 1 apline type x with an alpine mono amp.

    Make sure to have the Amp mounted to the seat and not the box. My initial install had it mounted to the sub box and I had to undo all the wiring so I could take it out to get the spare tire.
  • well, we ended up having to buy a car with the JBL system because we couldn't locate (or order) the Avalon we wanted without it. So we took it to world-famous SpeakerWorks in Orange, CA and they pulled it off. Tough job, but it looks great and sounds better.

    So to anyone interested in doing it, they just have to relocate the JBL head unit somewhere like the trunk. Also, they have to make a custom trim piece to make it look good as nobody makes them for that car. This is the tricky part and to be honest, you need a good shop to do it. CHOOSE YOUR SHOP CAREFULLY! Odds are, it will get a bit pricey because this is not something discount stereo shops will be capable of. This piece alone took 8 hours to make @ $75.00/hr it cost us $600.00. Overall, they system we put in cost us about $9,500 but it has iPod, satellite-linked traffic navigation, 5-channel amp, two pairs of Boston Pro-60's ($600 per pair), DVD, 12" Alpine type R subwoofer, HD radio, Bluetooth hands free kit, lots of dampening and noise reduction. Of that about $3,000 was for installation.

    Here is what it looks like:

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,666
    That is one nice looking piece. I know a lot of Avalon owners wish it looked like that from the factory (lose the door). It looks as though your interior is black which would signify a Touring model. When I was shopping for my '06 I couldn't find a Touring with JBL anywhere within 400 miles of southern NJ. The JBL was a must have for me, so I ended up with an XLS. I am quite the audio buff, but lease my cars and have gotten away from the car audio scene. The only custom thing I did to my car was to have the Ipod adaptor put in and it was the best thing I ever did, I cannot understand how 34K car didn't have it. Anyway, if you have more pictures taken and have a minute would love to see how they did the amp and sub.

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  • andy122andy122 Posts: 1
    Has anyone found a way to add an AUX jack - with or without full IPod functionality - to a 2007 Avalon with navigation, but without satellite radio? I'm also looking for a good Bluetooth adapter.


    Andy from NJ
  • rselbyrselby Posts: 1
    I have been searching for a long time for an ipod adapter for my 2005 Avalon w/nav. I may have found one. The only set-back is that it does not support text, but it does let you operate controls by the ipod or radio and it also works with factory installed nav. (so they say) Here is the address. Good luck, Rick
  • Well, if you get a hankering to go hardcore audio, you might try something like the Rockford Fosgate 3.sixty. You can add amps, subs, ipod, etc. and tune it so it sounds as good as an aftermarket system. Actually though, there are better units on the way from JBL and Alpine that hook up with your factory equipment and do all the tuning for you but still let you go with aftermarket amps, speakers, subs, etc.. :shades:
  • Hello,

    I own an Avalon 2001 XLS. The JBL with the 6x CD-Changer doesnt work anymore - it just stopped working suddenly. Everytime I want to load a CD, it tells me "Charger full", although its empty. I called a local Toyota dealer and they told me that they repair will cost between 200-400$. My first question: Have you guys seen this problem? Do you know how I can fix it myself?

    I surfed around on ebay and found a radio that is costs about 300$. It says that the radio is amplified and I need an external amplifier as well. Do I already have the amplifier in the toyota? I have no idea about these things.

  • Hello,
    I own an 06 Toyota Avalon limited, I also have the Sirius receiver installed. Question is ... why is the audio display limited to approximately 10 characters in all modes of Audio (FM & SAT)? Regardless of whether the vehicle is stopped or driving, the character amount never increases, despite there being plenty of room for the additional display ... Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a solution for this problem ?

    Thanks everyone.
  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,666
    "Is there a solution for this problem ?"

    Yes, get Toyota less paranoid lawyers. The RDS display on FM is the same way.

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  • obadeaobadea Posts: 2
    I have a Limited 07. Does anyone know if the stereo from the 08 would fit with the MP3 capabilities and the Bluetooth??
  • You can go to Toyota official web site and they list both MP3 and bluetooth capabilities under their stereo specifications for various trim level. Here is the link:
  • obadeaobadea Posts: 2
    I was asking if anyone would know if the 2008 stereo would fit in the 2007... since the 08 supports MP3/WMA and bluetooth.
  • Hi,

    I owned a 07 Avalon Limited that comes with JBL system. Two weeks ago, the CD player was jammed while ejecting disc. After turning the power off and on, I still couldn't eject existing CDs or load new ones. I tried pressing the "eject" and "load" button simultaneously as recommended by a forumer. However, it didn't work. As suggested by another forumer, I removed the fuse (audio system) from the fuse compartment which is found at engine compartment) and put it back again. Viola! it works again. Saved me a trip and $$ to the dealer.
  • I have a 2000 Avvy XLS and can anyone guide me on what i need to do to play music of my choice on CDs inside my car. I tried burning a couple of mp3 songs into .cda format using my nero CD burner and then tried to play them in the car. But the CDs I burnt wouldn't play and I got Err1.

    My CDs which I got from the store (having the same format .cda) play flawlessly in the car. Can someone tell me what could've gone wrong ? does the burning speed ( i used 48 X) has got to do anything here ?

  • tjc78tjc78 JerseyPosts: 6,666
    My best suggestion to you is to burn the CDs at the slowest speed you can (4 or 8). Toyota's CD changers seem to be sensitive to this. My 00 Solara, 03 Av and now my 06 Avalon all responded with ERR 1 or skipped through the disk if I burnt over 16X. I usually now just burn everything at 8 to be safe.

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  • Man ! you were just spot on tjc78...I reburnt the same tracks on the CD at 8X and lo...the CD changer was able to play them !

    Thanks a ton for your advise

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