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Dodge Caliber Engine Problems



  • dont know if u fixed your problemwith the ticking. I too have a 07 caliber with the ticking sound. it was my altenator pulley. so i switch out the whole altenator and it was fixed. my new issue with the car is sometimes it is slow to start as well as when driving the interior lights especially the ones on my gauges flicker. It seems like it is losing power or there is shortage of power. Can anyone help!!!!! TY!!
  • Took 2010 Caliber in for a recall on the gas gage and was told that there was a crack in the frame inbetween the driverside front and passanger door. I was then told that it was from hitting a pot hole and that it would not b covered under the warranty. Mind you, I bought this car at the end of April in 2010. But because there is 30,000 miles on it, the warranty was voided. So, instead of allowing me to pay to get it fixed, they forced me into a 2011 Dodge Caliber and stuck with the payments for it. Not sure what to do. I reside in SC and we don't see to many pothols around here for it to crack my frame, especially inbetween the doors on the driverside. If I would have hit a pothole, I would have had to break something else like the axil rod, etc...
    Any suggestions on what to do???????
  • kabannahkabannah Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2007. I am at about 72,000 miles. My engine light comes on and I go to have it checked and they also tell me it is the fuel sensor and I did not tighten my fuel cap tight enough. When I drive in the city I hear the knocking noise but if I am on the highway it goes away. I do not know what to do. Have you gotten any information on this?
  • bearschtbearscht Posts: 1
    So I bought my 07 Caliber in Jan 08. I have had no problems with it until about a month ago. I was taking my boys to school and the check engine light came on, I took it to a garage and had their computer hooked up to it. They told me it needed a tune-up and that spark plug #3 was misfiring. I was told that it would be alright to drive it. Shortly after being told this, a couple hours later, there was a terrible knocking coming from my engine. I took it to another garage and was told the same thing about it needing a tune-up and was told that should fix it. I changed out the spark plugs and replaced the pcv valve and still had a nasty knock. The knock seemed to get worse in 2nd or 3rd gear than when it was just idling. The today, to make my day just wonderful, I went to start my car and it refused to start. Had the battery checked and found it was dead. While checking the battery (they keys were not in the ignition in fact they were not even in the car) the auto door locks were trying to activate. At this point the battery cables were NOT connected to the battery. After cleaning the terminals and reconnecting the cables, tried to start it to see if maybe there was just a bad connection, and the windshield wipers came on, but no one touched the switch for them. Has anyone else had any issues like this? I am worried if I put a new battery in these possessed car it will fry the new battery as well.
  • kebatchokebatcho Posts: 1
    Okay so my caliber was having engine issues. It would start up but all the lights inside would start flashing and would get up to 25-35 mph and then just die on me. When I took it in to the local dodge dealership they told me that the ECM and harness is what needs to be fixed. They said the ECM was covered under warranty but the harness would be 1100$ to fix because it looked like it had been soldered in attempt to fix it. The car has never been in the hands of someone who "knows about cars" always a professional and the only thing I've ever had done to it was a new battery and to have it looked at for this problem. Has anybody else had this problem with the harness and if so what did you do to keep from having to pay that much money to get it fixed. They said that they could replace the ECM but with out fixing the harness it would just burn through another ECM and create more problems. It was bought brand new in florida by my dad and then given to me in 09' and has been used but not enough to create a huge problem like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated :confuse: .
  • dlatinidlatini Posts: 1
    I too have a 2007 Dodge Caliber. When my knocking engine noise started, it was around 75000 miles. I have had it to the garage several times for that. Well, when it comes back with no answers, there is always something new. I now have a flashing check engine light when we first start the car and when it is completely stopped. The light when hooked to a computer says that it is a Cylinder #2 Misfire. It was suggested to change the plugs and ignition coils so I did that. Still having issues. Just got it back from the garage and they say that they still do not know the issue. Any suggestions would be great. Ready to get rid of this car but it is almost paid for.
  • amster1amster1 Posts: 1
    I have an 07 caliber, has been great until this morning. I went to start it and it acted like it was gonna start then didn't. The engine light then came on but it started after the 2nd attempt. Now It will not gain speed. I can floor the gas pedal and it literally takes several minutes just to get up 10 mph. I don't know much about cars but 10 mph flooring the gas is not normal. Any thoughts on what it might be cuz I don't wanna go to a dealership with no direction, I'll get way screwed outta my money that way. :sick:
  • Anyone have any problems with the 2008 dodge calibers catching on fire. I was driving mines as normal down the highway... it only had 90k miles on it.. all of a sudden i start seeing smoke coming from the cigertte lighter... next thing i know the smoke turn into fire and lucky i pulled off the road into a rest area and yelled for help got out the car and the whole caliber burn up... what would you do in a situation like this .. because im thinking about going agaisnt dodge but its so hard for me to find a lawyers.. bc they only want to help people that has been injuryed and no one was hurt. As far as insurance goes they tried to get me and say i wasnt covered and i could have sworn i signed up with direct depsoit but they have no records of it and i check my last stated and no money had came out.. so i understand i may be still stuck paying off a car, also i contact dodge to have them come look at the car and they told me since there wasnt a recall on my model and the car fax was good wasnt nothing for them to do about what happen... but i feel like this if i havent had no mechanical work dne to this car nothing like this should happen.. everything in this car is factory... can someone help me out here
  • when u get a change read my post and let me know what u think i should do
  • rikki1rikki1 Posts: 1
    I had this issue with my 2002 KIA. I was driving home and the power door locks went up and down by themselves the whole drive. I had to boost the car frequently as the battery would not hold a charge. A new alternator fixed the problem. However I also had a bad ground.
    Drawing to much power without charging causes issues with battery and alternator. (ie using the chill zone or stereo while the engine is not running at the beach for the day)
    The issue with my car may be totally different but maybe not. Worth a look!
  • I have also filed a NHTSA complaint about my Caliber stalling out at intersections and at other times when the car is in neutral. So far nothing, and Dodge is just as slick as snot with all their answers.

    Here is my all time favorite Dodge answer from somebody named Brandon (would not divulge his last name) in their corporate office:

    We know it's dangerous, and it's still under warranty, but we just can be throwing away parts to fix it.

    I will NEVER buy another Chrysler or Dodge. They make junk.
  • My daughter owns a 2007 caliber with 90k on it. In april, we replaced the alternator as it left her stranded on the highway. Then yesterday she was going back home and had her cruise set going down the highway and all the sudden the cruise kicked off and her car would not acclerate. Once she got stopped she couldng go forward but could go in reverse. After she sat there for awhile with the car off, she could then go forward but only up to 30 mph, then the car started to act like it was going to stall on her. Got her to a gas station and she waited for us, she had the car running when all the sudden it shut off with out touching the key. We tried to started it and nothing, we then put a jump pack on it and it started and showed everything was charging..Also when she was able to drive it there was a bad noise if she went over 30, but after jumping it the car starte shifting normal. Any suggestions or anyone else having issues like this....
  • My 2007 Dodge Caliber is doing the same thing. We were told that the power steering pump has gone out. Did you ever figure it out?
  • I've had the same problem with my car at least 12 times and it's only a 09 not even 60k miles yet. When I took it to Dodge they told me I need a new alternator as well as a new ecim and t the ecim is what's making my car stall.
  • come now, not all dodge and chryslers are junk. i bought a neon against my will. it was a 2004. i never liked them because ive heard so many issues with people that owned them. My baby lasted 3plus years until someone rear ended me. totalled it because its a unibody. however, that car gave me NO ISSUES whatsoever. there are plenty of dodge vehicles out there that are not junk. really. i just bought an 11 caliber, and i can see where some of these issues yall are talking about are going to happen. i dont want them to happen but i can see it. my car eats gas real bad. and it shouldnt for a four cyl.
  • Callie, thanks for the advice.

    My dealership re-iterated the Doge corporate line that they do not "just throw parts" at cars to see what is wrong. That means the car keeps stalling at intersections, RR crossings, and the like.

    Right now my Caliber (37,000 miles on the odometer) is in a dealership in another town because the transmission went out and they have to break it down to see what's the matter. I will pass on your information about the stalling out.
  • Maybe because you can't speak English, no one can understand you. Most here can't. What is an "alternado" exactly?
  • Well, at the tender age of 37,000 miles, the transmission in my 2010 Caliber went out, and the entire transmission had to be broken down to find the culprit -- defective bearings.

    Even the Dodge-Chrysler dealership doing the repair had serious issues with the corporate folks at Dodge who insisted to the dealership that the transmission was not covered under the Powertrain warranty. It took more than a few telephone calls to educate Dodge that 37,000 miles and 18 months is mathematically less than 100,000 miles and five years.

    I passed on the information from this board about how a bad alternator was the reason for other people's stalling problems. With any luck that problem may be history.

    To paraphrase Robert Duvall, "I love the smell of lemons in the morning."
  • It's the piston I had the same thing happen to mine at 87000 only cylinder 4 misfire when I took the engine appart the piston rings were caked onto the piston to confirm do a compression test on all the pistons you will see they are not at optimal compression and #3 will be really low. I rebuilt my engine at that point and one year later the oil pump went out and ruined the engine again now I am replacing the engine with a 2011 and hoping for the best
  • vanstephvansteph Posts: 5
    edited June 2012
    I had this problem for about 2 years. After many trips to the dealer (and many other proposed solutions) they installed a new throttle box in February 2012. Haven't had any problems since.
  • vanstephvansteph Posts: 5
    Well, I should have known better than to say "there were no more problems." The stalling began again last night. Taking it back to the dealership. To paraphrase Michael Corleone: "Every time I think I'm out, it pulls me back in." Will post more when I find out anything.
  • vanstephvansteph Posts: 5
    Problem persists -- I'm thinking it might have something to do with the powertrain control module (pcm). Has anyone had any experience with the pcm being the cause?
  • gerry31gerry31 Posts: 4
    Dodge issued a recall on some of the 2009 Caliber pcms for a defect that "can cause the engine to stall and result in a crash without warning."(Dodge Safety Recall H330).

    I still have some stalling issues on my Caliber. To paraphrase Quentin Tarantino, What's on my mind right now ain't the coffee in my kitchen, it's the unreliable Dodge Caliber in my garage.
  • djdeanodjdeano Posts: 2
    I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T. Recently the key fob stopped working. Had it checked, it still sends a signal but not to car. When I shut off the car and pull the key out, open the door, it starts beeping and says the key is in the ignition. Can anyone tell me why this is? And what my fix may be?
  • 08caliber08caliber Posts: 1
    I had this same problem: they found that the wheelwell wasn't sealed properly behind the drivers side tire and water was coming back into the car. Once this was sealed correctly I haven't had any problems for the last 3 years.
  • At about 70k miles I needed a new alternator. Had it replaced. Seemed to resolve the problem. That was 3k miles/3 months ago.
  • haighthaight Posts: 1
    So my wife bought this thing that dodge calls a car. ( she bought it before we met ofcourse). Everything worked great on the car until I came into her life. Go figure. Starte dwith one wheel bearing. Then it turned into 3 more. Then full control arms with ball joint s ( twice). Then a starter. Just when we thought the car was good for a while ( until its usual mantainence ( ball joints, tie rods that kind of stuff). But clearly I was wrong. Now the front end has to be done again ( did it about 10k ago). Then the struts went ( all 4). But the worst problem is that it randomly stalls.( not just a stall though it will turn off andwont start up for about 20 minutes).Thats how it started. Now it got to the point where it wont start at all and its sitting in my garage. Had it to several dodge dealerships and the only thing they can tell me is that the components of the car are talking but the computer isnt responding. Now I have worked on all of my own vehicles but refuse to touch this crap. They keep sending me off. But now to get it there it needs to be towed. Now I have checked all the usual problems. The fuel pump and wiring, the harness under the battery, the ignition, all the wiring from inside and out. Can someone please help me cuz we have 1 year left on this car for payments and I have given up hope with dodge. P.s sorry for the life story
  • Haight-Mine has had the same problem and we replaced the computer! Now we are trying to see if maybe the alternator is the problem , sounds far fetched , but I'll try anything at this point!!
  • I have had nothing but problems with my 07 caliber since day one. I even wrote a long letter to Dodge about my issues where it became apparent that no one at Dodge had the slightest care in the world to try to make things right.  I posted my letter online for everyone to read.  I scanned all my work orders and will upload them all as well.  I have replaced everything from the transmission to nearly EVERY part of the front end suspension.  My blog isn't too hard to remember:
    I came across this forum while trying to diagnose another issue that surfaced which is a loud rumbling when i shift into reverse,  & then stays when i am still holding the break and shift back into park.  (It goes away when I bring the rpm's up) Any hints to point me in the right direction is appreciated. I am going to start with cleaning the throttle body. 
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